marginalisation of white Africans

By | June 12, 2014

via Zim’s marginalisation of white Africans – NewsDay Zimbabwe. 12 June 2014 by Vince Musewe

In the Zimbabwe we want, the only advantage to any Zimbabwean citizen must be through their hard work, business acumen and morals; definitely not through race or political connections.

Vince Musewe

In an interesting conversation with a Zimbabwean white couple recently, I was rather intrigued at how they described themselves as Europeans while they referred to us Zimbabwean blacks as Africans. Isn’t it rather sad that our social conditioning during colonial times still lies deep and hidden in our subconscious and continues to blind us to who we truly are?

In my opinion, our true potential lies in us as proud Africans, regardless of our skin colour, working together to develop our country for posterity.

As far as I am concerned, Zimbabwean whites born and bred in Zimbabwe are Africans. There should, therefore, be no distinction on our heritage. We need to reject the colonial stereotype that continues to separate us.

On the flipside, a significant number of black Zimbabweans also do not consider white Zimbabweans as Africans and this continues to fuel distrust and unnecessary division.

This, of course, has been the work of the older generation of our politicians who grew up in Rhodesia. It has served them well to keep this distinction and, therefore, to have an “enemy”.
This has been to the massive disadvantage to our economic development particularly in agriculture.

I must also admit there are some white fools out there who are still deeply racially prejudiced and bitter, but I want to believe they count a few.

A large number of white Zimbabwean Africans, as I call them, whom I have met, are genuinely loyal and committed to this country. This is home to them. They want to see this country develop and prosper. Unfortunately most of them have been calculatingly marginalised by Zanu PF.

In fact, the irony of it is that some of these whites are even more committed to Zimbabwe than some of our black politicians who are mostly in there for selfish reasons and not for country first.

What continues to surprise me, is that the estimated population of white Africans in Zimbabwe is a mere 30 000 compared to 13 million blacks, but still there seems to be this fear by government to fully include and engage them in our economic activity as Zimbabweans.

As far as I am concerned, they no longer hold any significant
racially-based economic advantage as they did before given how they were dispossessed of their land properties and are now therefore disadvantaged.

That cannot be good for our country.
I do not see why they cannot go back to farming if they wish; we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I understand we have 39 million hectares of agricultural land in Zimbabwe; surely there is plenty to go around and then some?

Attending an indigenisation discussion recently, I learnt that the Act seeks to advantage those who experienced disadvantages prior to 1980. That’s okay, but how about those that experienced disadvantage after 1980? We as a country, both black and white, have experienced serious disadvantage since the coming into power of Zanu PF in 1980.

I want to argue here that more Zimbabweans have suffered disadvantage under President Robert Mugabe than under colonialism given that today, 50% of our population is less than 35 years old and are mostly unemployed.

Add the estimated three million Zimbabweans who have left the country and don’t forget the estimated 1,2 million farm employees who lost their jobs from the land reform project, the list goes on.

The fact of the matter is, therefore, that all Zimbabweans need to be empowered so that this economy may recover and we can create a normal functional society.

I think that indigenisation should be reframed and rather be about the “localisation of ownership” so that we may develop this economy together particularly in the resource sector. This localisation must mean that Zimbabwean citizens, regardless of race, must own our natural assets and apply them for the benefit of the country.

I remember reading the inauguration speech of a famous Prime Minister who stated in 1980 that racism is wrong whether practised by blacks or whites. He happens to still be our President today, but sadly his term has really been about racism and marginalisation of white Zimbabwean Africans.

I really don’t have the patience for a few white racists that still breathe amongst us. I also don’t care much about black racists who whine about the past as if it happened yesterday and use it as a weapon of exclusion and exploitation.

We really ought to create and inclusive agenda for economic revival where our skills to add value become more important than the colour of our skin or the colonial labels we use.

Let us get white Zimbabwean Africans busy and take advantage of their skills and experience and not use indigenisation as an excuse. Let us maximise local and not racial ownership of our economy because our future generations can only benefit from it.

On the side of whites in Zimbabwe, it is important that they begin to label themselves as Africans and not Europeans because this unnecessarily feeds into the racial stereotype and marginalises them in their own country. They must also accept that we are equal to them.

In the Zimbabwe we want, the only advantage to any Zimbabwean citizen must be through their hard work, business acumen and morals; definitely not through race or political connections.
Zimbabweans come first!

Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You may contact him on


72 thoughts on “marginalisation of white Africans

  1. The Mind Boggles

    Well said Vince , racism of any sort is unacceptable in today’s world , however people can call themselves what ever they like , does the term Afro American offend anybody?? I don’t think so!! How about the term Euro Africans for white Zimbo’s , surely today’s generation and future generations don’t care what people call themselves it’s what you call others that’s offensive.

  2. Zimbali

    As usual, Vince, your blog is well worth reading and makes a lot of sense. However, I would question the white couple you spoke to as to how long they have lived in Africa, in particular Zimbabwe. I come from a line of forefathers who migrated to Africa in the 1880’s, I was born in Zimbabwe, I am white but have now lived in the UK for some 24 years thanks to the efforts of the current regime. I am fiercely African and spare no words or effort in making my point to the British folk I meet here. I speak a smattering of Shona “zvishoma chete” and often meet fellow Zimbabweans some of whom are amazed when I engage in conversation. I’m sure there are many who will identify with me. Vince, with your attitude, I would vote for you as our next president! I am waiting to return home.

  3. Bloody agent

    Good on you Vince. Yes most white Africans consider themselves to be just that – African – but they face great hostility from black Africans who are racist. Mbeki agreed with Mugabe in saying that white Africans have no place in Africa.

  4. Gomogranny

    Vince you must be very unpopular with the ZANU regime – this is dangerous talk. Good heavens A WHITE AFRICAN – what an un ZANU idea! We only use these white people when they bring us a gold medal from the Olympics (Kirsty and the Golden Girls Hockey Team) or they win the US Open Golf championship (Nick) or when they have something we can take from them in the name of indigenization!(TOO MANY TO NAME!)

  5. Jrr56

    Many Years ago I had the privilege to have watched Zimbabwe play cricket in the world cup against South Africa in Essex (UK). A large portion of the crowd were Zimbabweans and the majority of them were white. The were passionately pro Zimbabwe and those of British decent regarded themselves as Zimbabwean first and European second. It is Mugabe who has deemed a White person in Zimbabwe as a second class citizen who is unable to do many things he should in the country of this birth! There are racists in all parts of the world though it seems there are more in the government of Zimbabwe than elsewhere!

  6. Rhodie Homecoming

    Only a New Rhodesia will bring the much needed investment and prosperity, with a contented and happy life for all.The Zimbabweans have to realize and accept that they were tricked and deceived into believing the Rhodesians, were their their enemy. They have to realize and accept that they fought and died in a liberation war for nothing.Pull down the Zimbabwe flags, and fly the Green and White of our New Rhodesia, on every flagpole! The Rhodesians will return in their thousands, to re-build the great country that it was!

    1. NBS

      All of us that were born before independence were Rhodesian. Since then I have been proudly Zimbabwean. I love my nation dearly but am bitterly ashamed of what our former liberators (not all)have become. They have tainted their cause. ZPF are a disgrace to this nation but Zimbabwe is NOT ZPF. And ZPF are not Zimbabwe just a sad past of it. Wake up ZPF and become true Zimbo!

  7. moyokumusha

    @ Rhodie Homecoming

    Stay where you are and don’t tarnish the image of the other Zimbabweans. Your type are not welcome.

    Vince, like you I know many ( white ) Zimbabweans and indeed when one looks at the names and contributions made in this forum, we see the passion these people have for our nation and their desire for change and to be treated fairly.

    We are all Zimbabweans and all care. Their are more racist black Zimbabweans than racist whites but that is their choice and they have to live with that, just right now it is the black racists who are abusing the whites for their own benefit and looting. Shame on us for allowing that.

    The white farmers who were displaced were true zimbabweans and did not deserve what happened to them.

    1. Liz

      Well said…….. Just because we are white and left dose not mean we don’t love the land of our birth. We do love it and we miss many things about it…. to name a few, the people in the streets, the wild life, the sunrise and sunsets. Do we still support it yes at every chance we get, cricket, swimming, writers and even mazoe orange bought in Saffa shops. We wish, hope and pray that Zimbabwe will become the Great Nation we all know it could it, with homes, food and jobs for everyone. As yet we cant see it happening. So I wish you all to be safe and blessed till we are all home again.

  8. Mukadota

    Hmm, RH now you are sounding just like mugabe in a white skin:- clinging to things that happened 34 years ago…….. The world has moved on and black, white, brown, green and yellow doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that you love Zimbabwe, chete-chete!!!!

  9. Juju

    @ Rhodie Homecoming

    You are one sick puppy living out there in the “diaspora”. Get over the fact that you couldn’t fit in to Independent Zimbabwe. Whatever the shortcomings of this country and there are many, us white Zimbos will continue to live,work and hope in this land of ours. Never mind the colour of the cat but can it catch mice??

  10. Rhodie Homecoming

    To Moyokumusha and Mukadota. You are right, The world has moved on, but Zimbabwe has moved fast backwards,- no benefit or future for all it’s people since 1980.There are estimated 2 to 3 million Zimbos here in South Africa ,-working hard for white Rhodesians and South Africans, learning new Skills to take home. These are the new Rhodesians wanting all the Rhodesians, black and white to return to re-build the country. ( We know, – we employ them and talk to them.) The City and Guilds courses I taught at the Technical College, provided an excellent Skills training for the students entering the many new Industries opening up in Rhodesia during Ian Smith’s time. Rhodesia was a brilliant economic success,with excellent work opportunities and contentment for the whole population, black and white. Zimbabwe is a total economic failure. Zimbabwe cannot and will not recover! The Zimbabwe Ruins are fast taking over the country! Rhodesia is easily recoverable with the right Government, and a great life for all it’s people!

  11. Doctor do little

    Some very interesting comments here. A lot of us would really like to get on with our lives in a country where the regime won’t let us. During the fuel,bread, and sugar shortages we stood side by side Black White and Brown in queues. I have said in the past as long as we dwell on the sins of our forefathers we will not get anywhere. This regimes Modus Operandi is keep the hate going by bringing out all these problems in our history. They choose to forget that they had the bloodiest history going on the Matabeleland Massacres and the killings of innocent people in the farming communities. They even went as far as killing people who had supported them during their earlier quest for power. That the Black, white and Brown Africans destinies are intertwined is not in question here. If for example 1 per cent of the black population is mobilised to raise hell and make it seem like the population is against anyone with a different skin colour that would equate to about 120000 people. That’s all it would take to get an on looker to think that these thugs have support. My point being that the numbers of people that you see that are being fed and paid by these people to cause mayhem could be about 1% of the populace and because they coordinate their efforts it looks like they have support.Truth of the matter is that the majority at this time and point have more pressing matters like feeding their families and providing accommodation to their families rather than to worry about the skin colour of people who are not the cause of their woes anywhere. Now and again on this forum you get people who want to bring back subjects about how good Rhodesia was and how black people have ruined the country. You have to wonder what the agenda is here because this helps the Mugabe regime to say LOOK WE TOLD YOU SO.The time has come for those that comment to think about what they say if they are serious in dislodging this regime. A little bit tolerance is needed.

  12. John Thomas

    First article I have read by this author that I feel I can identify with. Thank you.

    If you live in Zimbabwe you are interacting with persons of all types. It is best to get along. Nit picking about differences is not a good way to carry on.

  13. Rhodie Homecoming

    Thanks, Doctor do little, for your well thought out reply. It is certainly a great tragedy that the rest of the population, are unwilling/unable to dislodge the 120,000. The best ,and only hope for the future, (excepting an outside military coup, due to total economic, and law and order, collapse ), is that the new Rhodesians, who return home, from here in South Africa, will do it! The longer the delay, the more economically collapsed, the country, will become. But, nevertheless, it will still only take a couple of years, for fast progress and recovery, to be seen and experienced, all round the country

  14. Proud Zimbabwean white in colour

    Rhodie homecoming
    Stay in South Africa you idiot, it hope the ANC find you and kick you out, don’t come back here we are doing quite fine without you, we did not run like you you coward, we “whites” that have stayed have stayed and will come out better for it. Zim will come right, without you and your mates that sit around and have “when we braai’s” stay out of our country for good. Don’t come back and leave us whites here to live as Zimbabweans. It’s easy to sit outside and ruin it for others and tarnish us that want our motherland to work. Please God you and you friends never return, we will rebuild this place with our sweat and planning all us Zimbabweans together black/white/coloured/Asian.who are you to come home when it is fixed ? Burn your Zimbabwean passport, cos that’s all you have got mate your Rhodie passport has expired – like I hope you do soon.

    1. reader

      Proudly Zimbabwean I Agree RH Stay away you ran away when the going got tough, 30,000 of us stayed, we work, live and play with our neighbours and we are building a new Zimbabwe Eventually. Rhodesia is gone and so are you.

      the big thing Vince is when filling forms in the request for race is offencive. I am proudly Zimbabwean 4 generations my children and now grandchildren makes it 6 generations here and when I put African/Zimbabwean it gets cancelled by the beaurocratic clerk and they will put “Euro” just because I’m white, I don’t even know what Europe looks like, now that’s racism.

      RH again stay away we dont need you whenwees here run somewhere else when it get too hot for you in SA.

  15. Tiger Shona

    Rhodie Homecoming, the problem with both the Smith and Mugabe governments are that they made serious errors, that were not acceptable to the fast majority of the population.
    And it does not mean that a black government cannot get it right. Botswana and Namibia are doing pretty well.
    It just means that Zanu PF is useless, and a bunch of thieves and murderers
    To think that Zim will be white run again, is totally unrealistic. It will not happen. We all have to work with and support capable politicians of whatever colour.

  16. Doctor do little

    Tiger Shona This is what real Zimbabweans are about.Some of our fellowmen see what they experienced as a solution. JT rightly tried to tell someone that he needs to move on. Like Scotland was called Caledonia and France was called Gaul Zimbabwe will never be Rhodesia again. That does not mean that we erase our history. It means we ask ourselves why we are here. The answer is clear. Only a fool does not see. This is why so many white Zimbabweans wave the flag proudly when we do well in sports.They have moved on. THE OTHER ONE STILL WANTS TO GO TO GAUL AND CALEDONIA.

  17. bill mills

    Current experience in the United States indicated that Africans and Europeans cannot live together without one or the other group oppressing the other. American Europeans have been fleeing from the American Africans since they started moving out of their previous areas around 1950. Eventually the euros will have no remaining place to flee and then the s*!! will hit the fan. So Mr Musewe, your piece is excessively idealized and hopeful of the future. What is happening in Zim is the future.

  18. Petal

    not only Caucasians are marginalised, the mixed race seem to be experiencing the same with articles on businesses targeted for indigenisation and margiliasation can also occur of ones enthicity

    1. Kunyararakutaurawani?

      Only ZPF top brass and their immediate circles are not marginalized. The rest, of whatever colour or tribe are not just marginalized but threatened with total extinction.

  19. Nkiwane (M'kiwa)

    Pf. Vince camaan! I’m a young white (as those of you who speak Ndebele would know from my user name). But I no longer have any interest in being a “white Zimbabwean” or being connected in ANY way with the Pigs in Mashonaland. Mat’land is far superior as are the Ndebele people. I hope the shifties burn in hell!!!

    When Mthwakazi is created I’ll go out of my way to help even although I’ll likely not return.

    And to all you C10s on this forum, I say “**** YOU!”

  20. Doctor do little

    bill mills…. very destructive. There are no white Europeans in Zimbabwe. They are white Zimbabweans.. Just like the Afrikaner has always referred to himself a WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN. This is what I was talking about. Who in are you serving? Do you also have an agenda? If you don’t believe that we can live side by side EBONY AND IVORY what THE HECK are you doing on this website?????????

  21. Doctor do little

    Nkiwane (M’kiwa) I feel so sorry for you.What they done to you. You have contributed so much on this forum. Suddenly you lose it. I don’t blame you. I think I have also lost it with the above comment to bill mills. My sincere apologies..It is not in my nature, but the situation does sometimes frustrate.

    1. Nkiwane (M'kiwa)

      Perhaps Doc. Perhaps. But the time is here now, to “plant one’s flag” as it were. Show one’s cards! And whatever that “thing” is in Harare, pf, I don’t want anything to do with it.

      I made the mistake of being patriotic before. Never again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

      Now I tell it like it is.

  22. Chaka

    Vince, the topic u have raised is a waste of time. A person is judged by his ID n not by what he says. In SA some Zimbos call themselves Xhosas n the proof is the ID. Check those whites id documents and stop asking them. Leave whites alone.

  23. LUCY

    There are few countries in the world where injustices based on colour or ethnicity have not manifested. Wars have been fought some more brutal than ours. Some are still being fought.Zimbabwe is not unique. To continue to dwell on the divisions, after we succeeded in righting that injustice is not going to make us a better people. There is no way in this global village Zimbabwe is going to be exclusively Black Zimbabwean.
    At this rate even if every farm/ business was taken away from the Whites The majority of the Black Zimbabweans will remain just as poor. That is the fault of our Government with its misplaced priorities.The redistribution has only benefited a tiny fraction of the Black people. We can’t change our past but we can surely learn lessons and move forward.
    If my son marries a White person Im certainly going to want him and his colourful family to feel as at home in Zimbabwe as my Black arze does.

  24. John Thomas

    With all of the history that there is behind us I believe whites have a duty to behave correctly no matter what injustice may befall us. This is the only way to be worthy of the respect that many black Zimbabweans seem to hold for whites even now.

    I have found in many situations where I attend meetings and events where I am the only white person present that black Zimbabweans go very far out of their way to be polite and inclusive and make me feel welcome.

    It is only the ZANU who are different.

  25. Vic

    The White tribe of Africa, those of us loyal to the country and its people are scattered in diaspora, sadly. However we hope that one day things will get better and who knows how many are prepared to invest time and money in that land of promise. Mr Musewe I salute you and hope we can work together in the future.

  26. Former Zimbo

    Born in Salisbury in the 70’s – was a Rhodie, got my Zim passport in the early 80’s – was a Zimbo & proud. Early 2000’s went to renew passport, got “nice” letter from ambassador – you no longer Zimbo, we don’t want you. Country I was residing in, kindly offered me their citizenship, I accepted it, they have been fantastic to me. I am still a WHITE AFRICAN, and will be till the day I die. I still support Zimbo sports teams as primary team. I belong to the”White Tribe” of Africa and will always be African. We have the Zulu’s, Shona’s, Ndebele’s, Tswana’s, Xhosa’s, etc. & the White Tribe. We are loyal and fiecely African. Don’t let anybody take that away from us.

    1. bill mills

      I hate to pop your balloon mate, but there never has been a ‘white African’, nor will there ever be. Grow up!

      1. Umwrong

        The first people designated “Africans” were the Carthaginian colonists of North Africa by the Romans — ie white people.

  27. saundy

    If only Mugabe had emulated Kenneth Kaunda and made all Zimbabweans feel like they belonged we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Remember ‘one Zambia one nation’? I for one used to chuckle at this but today they reap the reward as people in that country all refer to themselves as Zambians first before any mention of ethnicity. Granted KK also ruined that country economically but he wasn’t as racist. As usual it comes down to leadership in the end.

  28. Mahlaba

    ZPF is aware that their racist stance was a disaster on land reform, we are now following the same white farmers to buy their maize in Zambia. Most of these farmers bought the land or their parents relocated to Zimbabwe years and were born in Zimbabwe, so discriminating them was a grave mistake. Where is the logic, if you calling them again to invest when the weevils are still in charge? Zimbabwe will never prosper as long ZPF is still alive.

  29. Ngoto Zimbwa

    Good on you, Former Zimbo.

    What ZANU is doing to our country is beyond deplorable.
    There are many occassions when I ashamed to call myself a Zimbabwean, all because of these evil people.

  30. Expat

    Hi Vince.
    Another thought provoking article, have you thought that perhaps the white couple were just trying to be politically correct,as many of them are when in conversation with black Zimbabweans,they dont know who to trust. As many have previously pointed out it has been stated publicly that the is no place for white Africans in Africa!!!!

  31. Neil Cameron

    As a white Zimbo in the diaspora, I take great pleasure in watching other white Africans (particularly those of the South African variety) squirm when I refer to us all as Africans.
    Oddly many are quicker to identify as “Aussis” or “Kiwis” or “Canucks” if/when they take up new citizenship than they are to identify as Africans.
    The devastating legacy of the colonial era was mental enslavement. The devastating legacy of the struggle against colonialism was mental enslavement to the struggle. Both exotics & natives enslaved by their own mindsets.
    Those shackles are the shackles that must be removed before true progress can take hold.

    Older politicians of the post-colonial era are just as enslaved. Products of their era, with the mindset of their era. That era being colonial. It is that toxic legacy which has tainted much of the attempts at development across Independent Africa.
    New Governments effectively taking up residency in old governments digs. Nothing actually changes beyond the ethnicity of the gang in charge.
    South Africa is beginning to show the evidence of that in the fact that the economic pyramid of wealth has not changed. The same percentage of the population controls the wealth, the same percentage of the population has no wealth. The economics has not changed at all. All that has changed is the demographic mix in the group with wealth and the demographic mix of those without.
    New masters using the same rusty old tools the old ones used.

    Same old tea party, same old war.

    In the meantime, we peasants from Africa, black & white, just continue to get on with the daily struggle of keeping warm & dry, putting food on the table and holding out for a more prosperous tomorrow.

  32. NBS

    Well written Vince. This whole nation needs healing and forgiveness and ZPF try heir utmost to bring just the opposite. We must not be black, white or brown but Zimbabwean. That is God’s heart. the godless hearts of many politicians has brought terrible devisiveness and brokeness and hatred and this is going to be judged by a just God.

  33. Mandevu

    Good article Vince. At the end of the day it is about us as Zimbabweans – members of civil society together.

  34. mike paterson

    I am in the same boat as ‘former Zimbo’ and have the same principals and proud of it.

  35. proud to be white

    Well Vince , answer me this, how long does it take to condition a person ? 10-20-30 years ? . Stop and think for a minute , if your ancestors came from the west then they were referred to as europeans and likewise if you hail from africa then you are an african, and if our Zimbabwe is supposed to be free can people not speak thier minds without fear of retribution ,free means freedom of choice freedom of speech etc.Last question Vince under what circumstances did you meet this couple ? were they drunk or just very old . I for one am proud to be a Zimbabean white

  36. Rhodie Homecoming

    Reply to “Proud Zimbabwean, White in colour”.Your comments are certainly worth analyzing. ” We whites that have stayed, will come out better for it”.- Very good, you have all learnt very important survival skills,to hold your own, and survive, almost anywhere in the world, when most people cannot. “Who are you to come home when it is fixed?”- You are admitting to the deliberate economic and political destruction from 1980. All unnecessary, it only brought misery to the lives of the majority of the population.”Please God, you and your friends never return”.- Are you saying that the 2 to 3 million Zimbabweans here in S.A., learning new Skills, who want to return, must never come back home? They all want to go home when political and economic stability returns to the country.That can only happen with a massive influx of their Skills, to run the Municipalities, Public Works Systems, and re-vitalize the industries, which are still closing, right now.Your comment, “Us Zimbabweans, together, black,white, coloured, Asian is quite correct, but without the Skills, and essential political re- alignment, you will continue to fail! Try and understand the following,- The Zimbabweans here in South Africa, do not care at all whether you call the country Zimbabwe, Zim-Zim, Zam-Zam, or Cloud Cuckoo Land. They just want to return home to a country that will provide very good work opportunities, to feed themselves and their families, and give a happy and contented life to all. Only a totally dedicated multi, racial, Rhodesian Government, can achieve that, by restoring confidence in stability, to attract the massive financial investment to supplement the returning Skilled diaspora! Zimbabwe cannot and will not be able to attract that level of investment, now, or in the future. Only a New Rhodesia can do it!

    1. Proud Zimbabwean white in colour

      Any Zimbabwean is welcome back but Rhodesia is dead, so all Rhodies like yourselves must please stay out so we can live in harmony without half wits like you thinking you are better than us Zimbabweans, that old flag won’t fly again here, stop dreaming. I/we will welcome back any skills, except from fools like yourselves, whom believe you are better than the rest. Hope you are not too cold in SA in your tight faded boxer shorts, veldies, worn out t-shirt and box of smokes rolled up in the sleeve – hate you to get off your butt and do some work, guess you the type who has a domestic 24/7 cos you think it is your right. Zimbabweans off any colour please come home, help us rebuild. Rhodies stay away for good don’t care how clever you believe you all think you are, we can do it without you. This site is called Zimbabwean situation, go read your old when we sites and live in the past.

    2. Gomogranny

      Rhodesia is part of the history of our antion and it shall remain that way. I am a white Zimbabwean born in Rhodesia. I – however will not be consigned to history just yet and will never go back to Rhodesia and I hope to read a history book one day that shows the good and the bad of that time. Just as that history book will also show the good and the bad of what is now known as Zimbabwe. I will continue to work with my fellow Zimbabweans to make our nation proud – we WILL defy this heinous group of people who call themselves “our government”
      Forget Rhodesia unless you love history books – the time to build ZIMBABWE, with Zimbabweans is NOW. Rhodesians are history – go away quietly and read.

  37. Rhodie Homecoming

    To Tiger Shona. Request you list the serious errors, the Smith government made, that justified a liberation war, that brought no good to anybody. (I went to school in Rhodesia , lived and worked there for many years, and was a lecturer at the Technical College.)

    1. proud to be white

      Rhodie Homecoming , why don’t you grow a set of balls and come back now and struggle like the rest of us and try help us rebuild our country

    2. Tiger Shona

      I know how we all felt back then, but what so many black people complained about was the racism. And the fact that all the good jobs for instsnce, were reserved for whites.
      No one is denying that Ian Smith did a great job with the economy.

    3. Ngoto Zimbwa

      Winston Field wanted more dialogue with the African Leaders but Smith and his RF said no, leading to UDI in 1965 and the complete relegation of the black man to second citizen status in his own country under Ian Smith.

  38. Rhodie Homecoming

    to, Proud to be White. If those who fought the totally worthless liberation war, which brought no good to anybody, are sufficiently dis-illusioned by the continuing economic and political decline of the country,- Why do they not have a second liberation war to correct it for the better, this time around?

    1. proud to be white

      WE could never go back there again and no doubt you just talk about it and you never lifted a finger in the previous meaningless war

  39. Rhodie Homecoming

    To, Proud to be White. All that is necessary, to end this discussion, is the admission that they were all tricked and deceived into fighting this totally worthless war, for nothing, ( except the total destruction of their homes, their lives, and their country).

  40. former farmer

    @ Rhodie Homecoming

    You took the ‘ chicken run ‘ and most probably did so in an escorted convoy pre 1980. You chose to abandon your country and country men and women. You insulted those who remained – remember the great saying of the day, we will meet you at messina with a soup kitchen – I do. I despised you then and looking at your contributions here I am still of the same opinion. You clearly have adapted well to the old south Africa and become a true ‘ SLOPIE ‘. Do you remember why we called them slopies and you a ‘ when we’. Adopt a favourite saying of your boeties – ‘ gaan kak ‘

    I took the hand of reconciliation and embraced my nation. Name had changed but the people have not. I have been forced out of my home and place of birth and it took me 10 years before I returned to visit. I have been back several times since to the magic of the Zambezi and Zimbabwean people and I long for the day of normality when I can return and be a part of my country. One thing that strikes me is when ever and where ever I meet a black Zimbabwean abroad or locally, they all sympathise with my plight and express regret. This is a true Zimbabwean attitude and spirit.

    1. Rhodie Homecoming

      To, Former Farmer. Your paragraph beginning, “I took the hand of re-conciliation”, shows total dedication to the country and it’s people, and no right minded person can find any fault with that.- Very well thought out and written! However, “You took the chicken run”,is so very far off the truth here, because it is full of false assumptions that it becomes trash. Best you remove this paragraph from the website1

  41. Doctor do little

    I don’t think anyone has to admit to anything. We look forward. Only a fool walks looking back as you are bound to hit into something that is in front of you. That does not mean to say we do not know what is behind us. We just use it to get stronger. So as to avoid similar obstacles that brought us to this mess.Which country has not fought a war in this world?Are we the only ones that have a Dictator or have there been others ? Are we the only country that has had our homes and lives shattered? Have other countries not defeated evil and rebuilt? If you think that those that don’t agree with you are just going to say Ok he is right even if they think you are wrong then you will sadly disappointed. As we were in the queues together we will defeat this evil together.

    1. Rhodie Homecoming

      Reply to Doctor do little. A very positive and forward looking letter, from yourself.- It could, and should be ,a great inspiration to thousands of others, who are insecure about their future.( Regarding the number of Zimbabweans here, in South Africa, Newspapers earlier,put the figure at 2 to 3 million, but later reports suggest, more than 3 million. Our local Zimbabweans report to us, many more, documented, and un-documented, pouring in across the Beitbridge border, every day.)

  42. Doctor do little

    The South Africa you speak about has a Government that has deserted Zimbabweans black and white. They did nothing when the Farmers land was stolen from them. They do nothing for suffering Zimbabweans.The white South Africans call you a “when we were” as former farmer put it. That is because they stayed and regarded themselves as South Africans. You are also wrong to say my letter should or will inspire anyone. Contrary to that I am inspired by those Blacks and Whites who are trying to move forward together. A lot of them are right here on this forum as you have found out. White Africans are a reality that you and Zanu will have to come to terms with. White Zimbabweans are the same.

  43. exmaica

    In the final analysis it may not be a question of race.
    Maoist thinking total rejects middle class. That may very well be the biggest problem but of course with all the looting and greed thrown in!

  44. Shenanigans

    The separation of race into coloured,black and white can be found on any application form for whatsoever be it private or govt.A non racial attitude must stem from the heart and not be classified in colour which is the INZANY WAY.Only the INZANYS represented by their “Patriot” newspaper think that unless u r an INZANY u have no constitutional right to be called a Zimbabwean.

  45. Rhodie Homecoming

    ZIMBABWE/RHODESIA. There is a serious “point of divergence”, on what I have contributed, and what the readers “take”,from it. It is (probably), agreed by all, that only a multi-racial government, can run the country successfully, and thus be accepted and welcomed, by all of it’s people. Zimbabwe, to most of the outside world, who are interested in African affairs, symbolizes civil war, total destruction of the economy, and economic collapse, ( similar to Somalia, DRC, Rwanda, etc. Rhodesia, to most of the outside world, who are interested in African affairs, symbolizes economic stability and growth, a fully functioning economy, and opportunity, for all.The new multi-racial government of Zimbabwe, ( having learnt its lessons from past history ), – can therefore never provide the massive needs of the country. No major investor, or investors, will ever put their money into it. Yes, there might be some development at a mine, to get more minerals out, but nothing more than that. The exact same multi-racial government of Rhodesia, ( having learnt it’s lessons from past history), – will immediately begin to attract the massive investment needed, to revive the railways,the airways,the roads, all public works, etc, to create a vibrant economy, and provide a great life for all. SUMMARY OF THE ABOVE. It’s all in the name!! Zimbabwe always has been, and always will be a “dead duck”, in the water. Rhodesia – possibly and probably the best investment in Africa! The country has everything needed to make it all work ! Just change the name, and do it!!! Zimbabwe is fast running out of democratic options, to pull the country back on the right track, and this may well be the last and best chance of doing it. The rest of the world that deals business-wize with Zimbabwe, is really not the slightest bit interested in who, or how, the country runs, or even if King Kong, runs it. In the short to medium term, there will only be interest in the minerals, regardless of anything else happening, or not happening in the country. In the medium to long term, South Africa, is already becoming over-burdened, with the increasing number of Zimbabweans, arriving here. They are increasingly being seen to be taking jobs away from the locals, and their increasing presence is now under threat. This can easily result in millions being forced back, across the border.The collapsed economy of Zimbabwe, cannot support them, with the very likely result of widespread looting and burning of shops, throughout the country, to get food. Southern Africa cannot risk this de-stabilitation, and the most likely result would be a military intervention force, from the outside. Much the same as the French Army called in to stabilize the Ivory Coast, and now the Central African Republic. Zimbabwe is proving to the world, that it is in-capable of governing itself. This is all the result of the civil war destroying Rhodesia, and deciding that the Rhodesians, were the enemy! This war destroys the lives of those living there now, and will destroy the lives of their children!! CONCLUSION. – Make a multiracial government work, for the good of all the people in a New Rhodesia!!!, or write off the country permanently!

  46. Petal

    the next country formed should not be called Zimbabwe if someone just mentions the name is is always associated with the going ons of Bob and company – name is something different- lte the name refer to something connected to happiness – feng shui the rubbish that is going on

  47. Rhodie Homecoming

    The White Baas arrives home at the gate in his car. Beep – beep – beep, on his hooter, and Philemon, the garden boy, Madala now, puts the spade down, and still runs down the driveway, with the keys, to open the gate. The baas’s dogs run with him, they also want their freedom, and rush out of the gate. Philemon knows his work well.
    The baas drives in, – and Philemon can still outrun the dogs. He catches them all, locks the gate, returns to the spade in the garden. Philemon learnt his skill well, and has been working for this baas, right from the days of colonialism in 1960, with the Union Jack flying on the flagpoles. The only difference to him, is another flag, an alien Zimbo flag, flying there now! Philemon is a very happy man. He lives with his family in the kaia. They all eat from the baas’s table, and he is paid a pretty good salary at the end of the month, and all the extra handouts he gets from his baas. Life cannot get better than this, for Philemon! What more can a man want? All his needs are met! He was, and still is a Happy African Man! But your Philemon has a very different story to tell. He also started working for you in 1960 doing the same skilled work as his friend. But he heard about Freedom, in the early 1960’s, and he was caught up in the spirit of revolution. He threw his spade down, and was given an AK Rifle. He discovered all power comes out of the barrel of a gun! He becomes completely trigger happy. He must destroy our Rhodesia with the Green and White, – kill and destroy anybody and everything, and all will be yours in the name of Freedom! But the war is over now. He is unemployed and nobody wants him. He has forgotten all the skills he leant from his baas, but he is still trigger happy, and living from one Aid handout to the next. But is he really still a Happy African Man? – Because he now sits on the side of the road, with his finger in the air, thinking about the good life he had with his baas, food and accomodation provided free, and with the keys of the gate in his pocket, and rounding up the dogs, who had found their own freedom, by running out of the gate. Just like his friend, the other Philemon,the gate man, still working for the same baas down the street.
    In South Africa, it is very different!!!! Philemon the gate man, has now been replaced by a remote control, for the electric gate!!! (If the dogs do not get back in time, they get jammed in the remote controlled gate, and their freedom has come to a depressing end, just like those sitting on the side of the road, with their fingers in the air.)

    1. Umwrong


      Like all good Whenwe’s, surely you have encountered the indiscriminate quandary of “for whom was Rhodesia better,” n’est-ce pas? That’s the issue I’m seeing that people have had with your statements.

      Across the balance sheets, it’s undeniable that there are many things in Rhodesia that would lend credibility to the use of the word “better” when describing the Rhodesian state in comparison to its Zimbabwean incarnation, but surely you realise that it was just another variant of the tightly-controlled mess that the nation presently suffers from. That it was a functioning model, in the minds of many, is of little or no consequence even to those who lived in both eras. This is because of the ideologies that are incompatible with the new world which existed in Rhodesia.

      I, for one, detest Rhodes. He took five Zimbabwe Bird soapstone sculptures and decorated Groote Schuur with them.

      Can you imagine Canada or Mexico conquering the United States and using the Statue of Liberty’s torch flame to decorate the private home of the conquering president?

      But, I digress. Rhodesia has many praises to be sung in terms of practical modernisation, but certainly not everyone had a rosy experience. Do the words “qualified franchise” mean anything to you? Would you have us re-live that unfortunate mechanism of domestic law?

      If you peel back the racist fibreglass and check below the hood, you’ll find an engine that didn’t run as smoothly as one would think. Media was tightly controlled, as were protests — and discontent with government was officially nonexistent in the public sphere.

      These are examples the ZANU regime is following.

      If you have something positive to contribute, then do so. Otherwise, you’re in the wrong forum. Rhodesia — less the overt and implicit racism by government — would be nice. But, that’s a hard sell in Zimbabwe in 2014, don’t you think?

      1. Rhodie Homecoming

        Thanks for your comments, – and reference my contribution ZIMBABWE/RHODESIA. “Rhodesia- less the overt and implicit racism by government,- would be nice”. Reply,- I have covered that in terms of, “Make a multiracial government work for the good of all the people in a New Rhodesia”, – and the most likely consequences of not doing it. ” Rhodesia, – a hard sell in Zimbabwe in 2014.” Reply,- Yes, I certainly think it would be a hard sell, and you will need a very dedicated and determined team to convince the people, that it is in their best interests. I am sure you must have thought a lot about it yourself. -But there is no other way out of this political and economic log-jam. Can you think of any other way out? “Can you imagine Canada or Mexico—–” Reply,- Substitute Red China. Are yesterday’s enemy- “Communism”,- today’s best friends in a China, on the move, big time? or- is a nuclear or similar solution inevitable, and when? – Maybe best not to think about this one!


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