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Dispute Over Where Zimbabwe Diamonds Fetch More

via Dispute Over Where Zimbabwe Diamonds Fetch More 11.05.14 Now that rough diamonds mined in Zimbabwe‘s Marange region can be legally sold in Europe, the question of where they should be sold in order to achieve the highest prices is a matter of dispute, Rough and Polished reports. Since the European Union removed the names of Zimbabwe officials… Read More »

Who will resolve Zimbabwe’s housing issues?

via Who will resolve housing issues? – DailyNews Live by Helen Kadirire  11 MAY 2014 The issue of housing for all continues to be a pipeline dream for Zimbabwean citizens —34 years after attaining Independence. Housing schemes across the country have been involved in various court cases with some being sued for promising a Utopian dream that… Read More »

Zimplats refinery on the cards

via Zimplats refinery on the cards – The Standard May 11, 2014 by Kudzai Chimhangwa IMPALA Platinum’s subsidiary in Zimbabwe, Zimplats, is consulting with government and other stakeholders on the establishment of refinery facilities in the country, an official with the company has said. Platinum mining companies have submitted their refinery set up plans to government in… Read More »

Zimbabwe’s Emerging Tobacco Queens

via Zimbabwe’s Emerging Tobacco Queens – Inter Press Service By Jeffrey Moyo May 11 2014 Madeline Murambwi sits behind the wheel of her brand new Toyota Land Cruiser, threading her way through the traffic in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. She’s on her way back from the tobacco auction floors where she just pocketed thousands of dollars. “Tobacco farming is a… Read More »

Jonathan Moyo hypocrisy on Baba Jukwa

via Jonathan Moyo hypocrisy on Baba Jukwa  Nehanda Radio May 11, 2014 By Itai Dzamara One of my principles remains that we should never tolerate attacks or victimisation of any fellow journalists, regardless of differences we may have. For that reason, l find it wholly despicable that Jonathan Moyo and his acolytes are on an elaborate mission to… Read More »

Journalists to sue website over Baba Jukwa story?

via Journalists to sue website over Baba Jukwa story  Nehanda Radio May 11, 2014 Two South African based journalists have said they are going to sue the New Zimbabwe.com news website over a story claiming that they are the ones being behind the popular but faceless Facebook political character Baba Jukwa. The page currently has 405,881 followers and growing.… Read More »

Betraying the Future – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 10th May 2014

via Betraying the Future – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 10th May 2014 May 11, 2014 Everyone who wishes Zimbabwe well must be worried at indications that Zanu PF, desperate for money to keep afloat, is preparing to mortgage the country’s natural resources to secure a Chinese takeaway. We at the Vigil urge the many MDCs to at least… Read More »

Defamed Zimbabwean ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila wants six-figure payout

via Defamed Zimbabwean ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila wants six-figure payout May 11, 2014 by Michael Inman Canberra Times A freelance writer who defamed the former Zimbabwean ambassador could pay up to $200,000 for claiming the envoy stripped in front of embassy staff. Jacqueline Zwambila’s legal team is expected to bankrupt Panganai Reason Wafawarova – who says defending himself has… Read More »