ZimbabweSituation under new curatorship – 7 June 2014

By | June 1, 2014

www.ZimbabweSituation.com is under new curatorship from 7 June 2014.

Special thanks to 5 separate groups for having offered resources to take on this community over the last week. Also to dozens of individuals who’ve offered support and services.

Personal thanks haven’t been registered in all cases – please accept unreserved apologies.

A fresh group of individuals have stepped up to the plate.  A strong grouping.  Deeply connected with southern Africa’s past, present and future.  Intimately connected with Zimbabweans, at home and within the Diaspora. Also connected one way or another with Zimbabwe’s past, present and future leadership. The ugly, the bad and the good!

ZimSit continues as a low-bandwidth, non-commercial, responsive forum.

So – we’re “rearranging furniture” on 7/8 June 2014 –  new posts will follow next week.  Don’t fuss if we fudge a bit or disturb some bugs over the next month.

We’re looking for volunteers.  It’s dirty work, it’s unpaid, it’s important.  Apply with full credentials please – CV, references and reasons why.

Long live regular, sincere, warm-hearted Zimbabweans!

Big tick for Zimbos!

Big tick Zimbabwe!

97 thoughts on “ZimbabweSituation under new curatorship – 7 June 2014

  1. andy

    Please please find a way for it to continue, it is the only way that we have to let the rest of the world know what is happening.

    1. Petal

      hear hear Andy and the rest of us Zimbabwe Situation we need you

  2. DL

    You’ve served such a vital purpose for so many years – keeping us all informed about what’s going on in a country we all care deeply about. I’m sure the personal sacrifice has been immense. Thank you for all that you’ve done on our behalf. Your efforts are very much appreciated!

  3. godfrey c

    Thank you guys, you have played your part, its now up to others to take it from wee you have left.

  4. Washumba

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk the struggle have taken too long for them. Like during our struggle some were falling by the wayside like them I am not surprised. The people who start the sruggle are not the ones who are going to rule, check your records.

      1. Malcolm

        I’ll second that! Note the severe speech impediment before he starts to say anything; it is perhaps symptomatic of the questionable brain functionality.

  5. Danza wa Masunungure

    Plz we still need your services. Project not yet completed. Help find a friend to rescue site from closing.

  6. Operation Vote Well

    Defeated by CIOs of course, Zim dead burried situation. What is in there to demand some special skills? Give it to sekuru vaJukwa

  7. The Mind Boggles

    Truly hope you can find someone. I put forward Roving Ambasador

  8. NBS

    Eish! That day will be too sad. Please try and find a way to carry on. Please will someone come in and take over.

  9. Johann

    Opening your site every day for the past many years has always given me a sense of hope that others were watching and waiting for change in Zim. Seeing your site close gives a very real impression that Zimbabwe is now a closed case where the mafia have won. It’s quite depressing..nevertheless thank yo for all the effort you have done. Best wishes for the future.

  10. Oscar

    Agree that this portal was very vital but less so over the last 6 to 9 months. It now has 90% headlines from the Pravda that is mainly propaganda. I can’t help but suspect that the current curator is from the Herald House or Chaminuka Building. We thank the curators for a job well done. May the portal, in its current form, rest in eternal peace.

  11. Tongoona

    The closure of this forum is unfortunate but surely there is someone out there who can take over the baton. After all ground work was laid by the gallant previous administrator. The next administrator will follow a bitten track.

  12. inindini

    wow a really informative site going down , but i think its time someone willing to make profit out of the site takes over so that it includes advertising . it seems as though this is the only way to keep the site going coz if someone else takes over it will be for a year or two and then what and even if the struggle is over we need sites like this to be up giving another veiw of the goings on of zim nation .

  13. Doctor do little

    This is indeed sad news. If no one is found all I can say is thank you to those that have brought us this far. I have learnt so much from all those who comment here and shall miss their comments.

  14. Louise

    I, too, have been so appreciative of this site. I read it every day and rely on it for up to date information. I have really appreciated the time and effort put it to make it happen. I would be prepared to pay an annual subscription if it meant we were able to employ someone to carry the site on.

  15. Trisha

    Very sad news and we are very grateful. What does this mean for your archives which are essential to our story? Will we be able to access them? Perhaps you could reveal all your sources so we can find the news for ourselves?

  16. Tjingababili


  17. Anthony Banda

    Sad to see you leave. But thanks a great deal for the magnificent work you did in keeping the site going this long. It has been a labour of love, sacrifice and tears. With the springing up of a number of online independent news sources on Zimbabwe keeping this site going was always going to be extremely challenging given you were doing this for free. I’m no tech guru but perhaps if by some chance the website keeps going, perhaps diversify content to include adverts and social media links which could be a source of revenue for those keeping the site going. If not it has been a truly wonderful journey…

  18. Dube

    It is devastating for a lot of us that hoped that there would be a day when we could put our real names and say WE have won. I think we all understand the heavy weight these people carried to run this 7 day a week service. Barbara Goss and John Berry you are true heroes. Even if no one takes up the mantel a big THANK YOU.

    1. Jack the rabbit

      Barbara Goss and John Berry we could ask no more. You have done a fantastic service. My life and way of thinking has been changed for the rest of my life. To remind us of where we are would it be possible on the last day to post the comments you liked the most?

  19. Msizeni silwelani

    Sad, and where to now? I will miss this site and “friends” that i met through it, not to mention their humourous but also sightful analysises. ” May God raise an administrator among us” NBS would say. Sad, what else can i say.

  20. Netsai

    The day this site goes there will be champagne flowing at CIO HQ. Not even MDC has been more important in shining the light in Zimbabwe’s dark corners. Don’t let ZANU PF win this battle by default…. PLEASE.

  21. Guti

    Wow, very sad. I have been reading ZimSit since 2000. First in the UK until I came back in 2003. I feel like I am losing my right hand. When the forums arrived (Thanks John) it helped me feel I was not lost and alone in my frustration, disappointment, embarrassment and pride, patriotism, and happiness of being a Zimbabwean. It has helped me gain courage for the future.

    I may not agree with your opinion (Apol, etc ;)) but I will defend to my death your right to your own opinion.

    This old quote above, is I think, the main theme that has slowly been formed in this forum. I will miss the daily laughs and dread of what next the imbeciles that run this country come up with.

    Farewell all.

  22. wensil

    Could the administrators please explain what exactly is involved in running this site. It would be a shames if it closes down because apart from the news the discussions have also been very good.

    It would be good to let this site continue but I and maybe other people would like to know what exactly is involved in running this site before committing.

    Are there any costs apart from hosting? I can see that the site now uses WordPress which is good and easy to maintain but is there anything else that would be useful to know?

  23. pati

    Thanks Barbra. Thanks John. Thanks to all free thinking and free minded people who made this site worthwhile. I wish I had the technological and administrative talent to take over. I don’t. Now my hope is someone out there has and can. Please, all of you dig deep and see if you can help to continue.

  24. C Hallgren

    Thank you for the site and all the work. I fervently hope someone is in a position to continue.

  25. Parangeta

    To begin with – thank you, thank you and thank you again.
    “Cry my Beloved Country, if we don’t manage to save ZimSit.

    My suggestions and comments:

    * As was posted, outline what is involved running ZimSit.
    * Maybe exchange private email addresses to communicate.
    * Is ZimSit’s Facebook page going to continue, it must.
    * Yes, introduce ads, Social Media and PPC, I will advertise.
    * Spend the next 6 days finding a way to extend service.
    * Let us all get involved in finding a new curator.
    * I feel your closure notice was late in coming, we need time.
    * Help us save this Institution, we all have ideas.
    * Keep ZimSit up until we can find you a replacement, PLEASE!

    Again, you guys and girls are the real heroes, giving us all a Forum to post, compliment, rant, observe, read, listen to and sometimes chide one another.

    Don’t let ZANU-PF win this battle, we must find an answer…..

  26. Petal

    without you zimbabwe siutation the battle will not be won.

  27. Petal

    Zimbabwe Situation you have been the voice of the voiceless please do not shutdown- find a way to keep going for those who need you

  28. moyokumusha

    This will be a sad day as we really do need this site to continue. yes things have changed since Barbara gave it up and I ( Like Oscar) became weary that Nikuv or CIO were in control but it was still an important forum for all to express their views.

    thanks for all your hard work

  29. Gondobwe

    Can we enthusiasts of this site do something to save it – I mean monetary contribution wise. Please lets do something to save this site ……..please!!!

  30. SIMBA


  31. Chaka

    June 7 a sad day, a sad day indeed. If something could be done to save this site I would be part of the solution. Thanks so much for your contribution and may God bless you

  32. dbt

    Thank you for a great job done over the past 14 years! Your site has been great and has kept us informed. Please don’t close down!

  33. shumba liverpool

    Oh June 7th…a day of infamy..Thanks guys but I just cant help thinking that doing nothing to save this site is synonymous with how we Zimbabweans always fail to act to save anything!

  34. Tinomunamataishe

    I am sure another administrator will be found.

    To whoever becomes an administrator its important that if they can no longer run the site, tell us with more time so that it doesn’t become a hurried decision whoever takes over. I know that in certain cases its not possible but it would be good if it can be done.

    I will be writing to the current team asking what exactly is needed to run this site but like written above it would be good if this is made known to all of us who frequent this site.

    I think the commenting has been a positive addition but the new team should try to incorporate other people who can help them so we spread the experience around.

    Lets not allow the site to sink.

  35. roving ambassador.

    I will be checking as well to see if its possible to carry on .We do need this site to air our views and fight for our freedom.

  36. Saddened

    My fervent wish is that an administrator is found to continue offering this valuable site to all who love this country. Your contribution has been immense and I wish you every success with whatever you intend doing. Well done & God bless!

  37. Mafatshi

    Best site for happenings in Zimbabwe. Thank you and Great job for those who ran the site. I will definitely miss the free thinkers.

  38. Cde Chooks

    Sad to think that this is coming to an end. Every day for the past 14 years I have opened this site, hoping to see that the tyrant was dead. Hate to see you go before that joyful day has arrived. Anyway, if you must go, I’d propose that Eddie Cross takes over. He’s not doing anything else useful to help Zimbabwe climb out of the pit into which it has descended.

  39. Petal

    whereever you all are please take a moment to pause and release all your negative energy,
    let positive energy flow into your mind let us thank the Lord Heavenly God who made man in his own image and likeness, thank him for people like Barbara, John and Admin Team and the one and only God to send down the Holy Spirit and find a new Administrator will carry on the good work for the sake of everyone

  40. Petal

    some names have been proosed: Cathy Buckle, Eddie Cross

  41. Petal

    some names have been proposed: Cathy Buckle, Eddie Cross

  42. lulubellsmith

    Seriously ZimSit, stop cutting out comments you dont like. The fact is you have no funding anymore. Come on John Berry be rational here. The agenda in Zimbabwe has changed and whether you like it or not its going to happen. I am sure you are going to cut this comment out to, but just like Barbara Goss, sitting in Aus since 1982 running this platform, ZimSit doesnt fit the political framework anymore does it?

    1. munzwa

      Oh yes it does lulubellsmith!!It fits the bill perfectly.. Thank you Barbara and John, enjoy your new vocation and sincerely hope we can find a new admin team.

    2. Parangeta

      You talk drivel, lulubellsmith, where are YOU, sitting comfortably in Canada or England.
      It matters not where the admin is, many sites around the world are admin. from foreign servers/locations.
      We live in a global world, remember.

      If funding is the problem, we can all handle a small membership fee, I will pay it.
      We can also deal with controlled advertising, social media
      and maybe a lottery every so often.

      There are many ways to save this Forum, but I have written twice for the details as to admin and have received nothing.

      I am also disappointed that the admin. let us all know with so little time to make a decision or fins an alternative.

      “Cry my Beloved Country”, if we lose ZimSit……

  43. Phys

    It will be a sad day for ALL Zimbabweans, both out the country and those here. Your Website has been incredible and I cannot imagine starting my day without having gone onto your website, 1st thing, each and every morning.Thank you for your incredible efforts.

  44. protestor


    1. Jack the rabbit

      I don’t know what you are about protestor but you are a clown. No you are not. A clown makes people happy. Soon you will find out how spineless we are. Thank you Zimbabwe situation staff… YOU GUYS ROCK..

      1. Hutu


  45. Kubota Binga

    I am happy to take on this further. Contact me please with details.

  46. LucyTT

    Thank you it has been awesome, surprise me on the 8th of June and still be here

  47. Belinda

    I wrote to ZimSit last year when it threatened to close and offered to continue the site. I was disappointed. My email, explaining my background and requesting more information went unanswered. As a professional based in London and working in economic development, I work with international donor agencies who fund media projects such as ZimSit and know some of them personally.

    I work flexibly on a number of projects in Africa and was prepared to spend time putting together a proposal to raise funding. The lack of acknowledgement of my email sent to two individuals at ZimSit left me wondering if colour is a prerequisite for administering this site. Perhaps its not open to black Zimbabweans? Not all of us are CIO members.

    Given the short notice, I can’t help wondering if the current team really wanted anyone to take over. They must have known for some time that they had to shut down. This time, I am not volunteering my services. The notice is too short to do anything about it. I sincerely hope my letter will be printed – in the spirit of impartiality.

    1. CD

      There are many agents willing to fund anti-Zanu projects. But of late they are thinking twice.Zanu seems here to stay and the ear marked puppets oppositions are in disarray.

      1. Malcolm

        How comforting is must be to blissfully out of touch.

    2. Malcolm

      @ Belinda’s and Trisha’s comments. I understand the sentiments profoundly. It seems, per my appraisal given the scant synopsis, that to break through the ‘old school tie’ syndrome and ‘who-you-know’ culture, you could be up against unsurmountable odds. I know! Here’s an email address “bzs@datransel.com”, and you can contact me, and in an exploratory sense, explicitly regarding the causes and issues you mention (Belinda) some ideas and inroads may suit. I have a section on one of my web sites where I have flighted my protests and opinions using graphics, and had favorable comment and use of my work in film, newspaper and magazine. Perhaps ideas could find usefulness to suit all. If I can help then I will try. My philosophy is that no matter how small each individual voice may be, when added to another it makes for more noise.

      You Spammers and CIO stooges might take note that the contact email is disposable at a moments notice. And I have ‘vays und meanz of finding who joo iz’. So there!!!!

  48. Petal

    am sure the Presidential Elephants and other animals in the wilderness are ever most grateful for your support

  49. dogs

    very sad indeed. thank you for all your hard work in the past.

  50. Trisha

    Belinda made a very sensible and good offer to take it on, presumably when Barbara Goss stopped? Sad that she did not get a reply, how about approaching her again? It seems to me that she has the ability and willingness required. This site is very important to everyone, regardless of political affiliation, we have all learned to read between the lines.

  51. Parangeta

    I hope people at ZimSit are serious and listening!

    1. ZimSitRep_J Post author

      Very serious and definitely listening. Thanks for your support and other comments…much appreciated.

  52. CD

    I suppose the regime change agenda has failed.
    Sorry, better lucky next time.

  53. Mukanya

    “Remember to tell them that you left us in wilderness.”

  54. Heighho

    Thank you for your hard work zimsit. Wishing the new team continued success

  55. Wilbert Mukori

    Zimsit has done a great job in our search for a way out of Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess. I would be honour to help. Let me know what help you need.

  56. David Mutambirwa

    God forbid i am willing to do anything to support such a good course

  57. ngororombe

    Hopefully this new team is nnot an infiltration of the wolves on a distructive mission to, we have faith, trust, security and freedom in this forrum

  58. Dorothy Vahey

    Please give an email address for us to offer our help as volunteers.

  59. Moraig Henning

    Just the most super news that a new team will take over. I search every day for the news we all want to hear!

  60. Mukadota

    Thank you SO much! All your hard work on this site has been the only link with news of our beloved country. God bless you and all who continue the good work.
    Heartfelt thanks!

  61. Petal

    Please take a minute to say a BIG THANK YOU to our heavenly father the Creator of the Universe for answering our prayers. Put your hands together for outgoing team and welcome the new team on board !

    1. Malcolm

      (God buries head in hands in despair and sighs “Why me, every time they use MY name! When will they acknowledge their responsibilities in their own right”!)

  62. Phys

    We need you and our country needs you. Huge thanks to the people who will take up the reigns. The battle continues !!!!!

  63. Nikki

    I am so so happy about this news. Thank you all for saving the day.

  64. Parangeta

    Well done, good luck and success to the
    new administrators and curators.
    We are all supporting your efforts 100%!
    The Forum is a necessary tool to unseat ZPF.

    Keep it up and we will support you all.
    Maybe a small annual membership fee, to help!

    God save Zimbabwe!

  65. Murimi Wanhasi

    Grand opportunity for Murimi to be part of the new team and make valuable input

  66. Zvomukonde

    For me since the new administrators took over.I think the quality of content has gone down. Too many herald article now.Hope the the new administrators will not continue do things differently.


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