Support for Jonathan Moyo gathers steam

By | June 12, 2014

via Support for Jonathan Moyo gathers steam | The Zimbabwean. 12 June 2014

Members of the 263preez team are continuing with their strategy to destroy Zanu (PF) from within, despite President Robert Mugabe’s scathing remarks about their presidential candidate Jonathan Moyo at the weekend.

According to a highly informed source in Mugabe’s cabinet, the team has a three-pronged strategy – securing the support of the army, putting their people in place in many parastatals and roping in opposition political parties.

He said the team has upped its efforts to garner support within the armed forces. “They are targeting the Chief of Staff Administration at Army Headquarters, Major General Trust Mugoba, as a key figure in getting the army onside,” he said.

“They are seeking support on the basis that Mugabe assumed leadership of Zanu (PF) without a congress when he out-smarted the late Ndabaningi Sithole to take the reins.”

He said other military personnel targeted by the team included Brigadier Generals Michael Chaminuka, Anselem Sanyatwe, Howard Matombo, Ronnie Mutizhe, Evaristo Dzihwema, Thando Madzvamuse, Josphat Kudumba, Onias Masuku, Jephta Munongwa and Colonels Philip Kupe, Kingstone Kazambara, Phillimon Dikinya, Seletcher Mushipe, Sambulo Ndlovu, Freedom Tsodzai, George Chinoingira and C. Jiyane.

The cabinet source said the team had done its ground work very well and managed to win the hearts of a lot of middle-placed military leaders.

Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and the commander of the defence forces, General Constantine Chiwenga, had been duped into believing that they had the support of the team, said the source. He also named a former Zimbabwean ambassador to South Africa as having been instrumental in creating confusion through setting up secessionist groupings – including the Mthwakazi Liberation Front.

The MDC led by Welshman Ncube, Zapu and the renewal team led by Tendai Biti that recently broke ranks with the MDC-T have all been targeted to assist in the destruction of Zanu (PF) from within, said the source.

“The group has been working hard behind the scenes to have their people in all parastatals in order to have a parallel government that keeps them posted every day on developments on their way up the ladder to take over power,” said the minister.



31 thoughts on “Support for Jonathan Moyo gathers steam

  1. Doctor do little

    A very weird revelation. Why would this group give up the names of all these people to a nervous Zanu pf? I’m taking this one with a pinch of salt.

  2. BaMatipa

    Very sorry reporting. Journalism has surely gone to the dogs. This is taking us for granted way beyond acceptable limits. This is a stupid story meant to turn Zanu Pf on these people. We are quite aware of this kind of reporting where reporters are used to fight other people’s wars by hiding behind unnamed sources that do not exist. Shame on you!

  3. John Thomas

    If there is a single fact in this article I cannot find it

  4. tsutsu

    Jona may be a tactician, unfortunately he is in the wrong bus, who in their right mind will vote for zpf in any election.he can only win by rigging elections as usual.

    As for Save, he needs to be reminded that he is not the president yet and should not relax and think that the crown will come knocking on his door like manna from heaven.He seems to be devoting a lot of his energy to the so called ‘cockpit fights’, that is history now. zpf factions are the only ones that seem to be strategising about how to get us to the next level, the opposition mdc-t is just taking it easy as if we are already there.

  5. Dube

    A lot of innocent people died this way during the war. Some one would brand you a sellout and tell a few lies here and there and those that were in the bush took action.

  6. Wethu

    This sounds like a story one hears from a drunkard in a bar.

      1. Goriati

        Vakuru don’t be so naive. Just go to the Herald of September 14 2013 and see that most of these names are in that issue.

  7. LUCY

    Never heard of 2/3 of the people mentioned. Had to do a double take on my calender just to convince myself this isn’t a fools day prank. Inclined not to belive any of it.

    Besides if ZPF didnt know about the plot…now they do so what is the point of this article?

  8. Onyonyoo

    General Theory of relativity in polotical sayensi.”EVen if Zanu stands against a donkey mbongoro!.. inongodliwa kawufela”. I told you the P’fessor is not nutty but a Polotical Sayentist
    In science you conduct calculations and power abhores vaccuum.
    Batyeleng bafana bebukalaka,batola bathsi langa batengesa.

    MBOVANE YAMAHLABEZULU iyahloma iyahlasela
    LUCY, the intention of this article is to inform you that a new polotical party has been formed called 263preez. Alakasha! “aderwise Ushisa mpama washa mpama…….8978667445356880

  9. Moses

    Another baseless conspiracy theory ? ? Are you sure ? The military will take over in less than a year. But which group

    1. Onyonyoo

      both groups can take over. I can calculate which one will.So Moses chill and watch these spaces.

  10. Rogers

    Utter nonsense. The journalist who bought this story was sold a dummy. Mari yakashata or is it the lacks of it.m


    oh my God. Was Jonathan telling you all this. Doesn’t make sense to risk some men’s lives by careless reporting. This is preposterous and reprehensible to say the least….It’s cheap lying and posturing.


    Stop this nonsense reporting. It gets us nowhere and causes hate and murder to happen unnecessarily nxxxx

  13. Bazur Wa KuMuzi

    True Bruno green staff mixed with what we used to call umligazigone. Outdated strategies of blackmailing people. Zanupf is being surely destroyed by looting that is now setting its members aginst each other as the loot gets drier and drier in some places. They are even fighting over access to varungu vanoudzwa kuti uya kwandiri ndichakupa protection. Zapu and MDC- led by Welshman are said to be agreeing with Jonathan MOyo because he is of their tribe! Biti is now denouncing Tswangirai so he must be linked to a surreptious project of destroying Zanupf within! Hallucination or mbanje influenced imagination?

    1. Onyonyoo

      A least you can see the true theory of relativity. All those graduates are alumni and related not trebalism, unless you are suggesting that Biti is Ndebele also or alien or both.

  14. Ngoto Zimbwa

    The one truth here is how Bob out-smarted Sithole in his takeover of ZANU.
    Treachery breeds treachery and history could be repeating itself.

  15. biend

    shallow article,lacking in stigma,no direct quotations,just dubious government sources,no research,this sounds like a compostion written by a Grade 3 Pupil,in short its boreing and perhaps lacking in truth

  16. willo

    What a folk tell.I wish I cud read it to the end.Sounds like u r the editor of Mbare people’s paper.


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