8 freedom fighters join MDC-T

8 freedom fighters join MDC-T

Source: 8 freedom fighters join MDC-T – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 12, 2017

EIGHT prominent war veterans and collaborators from Mashonaland East province were last week paraded at an MDC-T rally in Gweru, after they defected to the opposition party, citing neglect by the ruling party.

by Stephen Chadenga

MDC-T organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe, said the war veterans were among thousands of other freedom fighters looking for a new political home after being let down by the Zanu PF government.

One of the war veterans, who identified herself as Kalipa Shunguhadziurayi, told thousands of MDC-T supporters that most freedom fighters and their families were suffering, while a few in the ruling Zanu PF party were enjoying the fruits of independence.

“Our children are suffering and they will continue suffering when we die because of long neglect by (President Robert) Mugabe and Zanu PF. We have decided to do the right thing and join the right party,” she said.

A war collaborator, Regis Musengeyi echoed the same sentiments adding that Zanu PF had a tendency of using freedom fighters during elections and dumping them after.

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai blasted Zanu PF for seeking to monopolise the liberation struggle.

“It was a national struggle yet others say we fought the war so we are a special class,” the MDC-T leader said.

“As freedom fighters, you have done the right thing since you have come back to the people and you must play your part in ensuring the people win next year’s water elections.”

A section of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association has turned its back on Mugabe and vowed not to support his candidature in the upcoming presidential elections slated for mid next year.


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    Tjingababili 10 months


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      Agreed man. There are uncountable “internal war vets” and who are the true war vets. On one hand moist of so-called war vets who actually not true war vets. Yes, many of them might have trained & finished training before dawn of cease-fire; but did they cross from whatever countries that were hosted into Zim, which is where the the war was being fought? Yes, some might have crossed into Zim. But again do they have any single battle to talk about that they were directly involved in ?

      We all know that all so-called war vets will answer above key questions in the positive. But again we know for sure most of those who crossed into Zim never engaged in any battle, let alone shooting a single Rhodesian soldier. The only blood they can boast of spilling was that of innocent black civilians. Yes, instead of fighting the war they were obsessed with murdering civilians on slightest & unproven accusations of bizarre things like witchcraft, selling-out, having a son/daughter reported to be a soldier/policeman, bula, bula, bula ……. That’s, all we saw and witnessed Zanla murderers, now masquerading as war vets, doing. Raping females, especially young women & under age girls was also their distinct trademark. nxaaaaaaa!