‘Attract housing sector investors’

‘Attract housing sector investors’

Source: ‘Attract housing sector investors’ | The Herald March 1, 2017

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent 
Local authorities should play their role in reducing the housing backlog and correct the anomalies created by illegal land barons and cooperatives, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has said.

Addressing delegates at a three-day strategic plan review workshop in the capital on Monday, Minister Kasukuwere called for robust measures to be put in place by local authorities to attract foreign and direct investment in the provision of sound and durable housing infrastructure.

He said it was imperative for stakeholders to understand that only his ministry was mandated to coordinate in the provision of housing delivery.

“Limited resources for the delivery of social services have affected infrastructural development and social service programmes,” said Minister Kasukuwere.

“It is, therefore, imperative that resolute efforts between Government and its partners are made to identify linkages that will result in quick wins through enhanced public private partnerships.”

The remarks by Minister Kasukuwere come ahead of a Shelter Afrique Conference to be held in Zimbabwe in two months’ time, to be attended by 44 member States in Victoria Falls.

The conference will provide a platform for the sector to attract investors in the area of housing delivery.

“Let us do the best we can and be accused of having done something than not doing anything,” he said.

“How can we be defeated by cooperatives? Local authorities should go on an investment mission and attract investment in the housing sector. The duty to develop our country is in our hands.”

Minister Kasukuwere said last year his ministry managed to reduce the housing backlog, as more land was availed through the establishment of new cities where hectares of land were ring fenced for housing development.

He said regularisation and sanitisation programmes were being pursued in Harare South, Harare North, Epworth and Gimboki South in Manicaland.

The incessant rains, Minister Kasukuwere said, had wrecked untold havoc on general infrastructure countrywide.

He called on engineers and town planners to showcase new rural housing developments that would change the face of the rural set up.

Minister Kasukuwere said the disaster risk management and preparedness remained Government’s priority, as evidenced by its response to the El Nino-induced drought, which saw food insecure households being assisted with grain last season.

Over the past few weeks, Cyclone Dineo-induced floods have seen infrastructure being destroyed, especially in the southern parts of the country.


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    mik 1 year

    Don’t you get it? There will be NO foreign investors until you racist thieving zanoids are no longer in power. Even the chinese have turned their backs on you. Idiot.

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    Morty Smith 1 year

    Kasukuwere is as mad as a hatter. With his record of handling other peoples money nobody in the private sector is going to risk their money with any project that has his fingers anywhere near it. That he seems not to be aware of this should be taken as a sure sign of low IQ.

    I know he is keen to pluck some more low hanging fruit, but alas for him he is known far and wide and people have learned to keep their valuables out of his sight

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    The money that individual Zimbabweans have in their pockets right now if brought together in a pool of funds can also make it possible for them to invest into housing themselves. The beautiful houses they built on bogus cooperatives’ land proves this. Home seekers only need to improve on critical areas like first and foremost putting the burden of running cooperatives upon themselves not on others and having professional administration of cooperatives that involves standard management practices like strictly regular audits of finances, going for tender when acquiring materials, recruitment of properly qualified personnel like estate agents, engineers .