BCC turns to individual community groups for road maintenance

BCC turns to individual community groups for road maintenance

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has turned to individuals, community groups and companies for road maintenance work, pleading with them to volunteer rehabilitating roads under an adopt-a-road concept.

Source: BCC turns to individual community groups for road maintenance – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 3, 2017


The city’s road network continues to deteriorate due to age and lack of timely maintenance owing to resource constraints.

A recent survey showed that nearly 80% of the city’s road network requires heavy rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Recently, a city man died in an accident after he was thrown out of the vehicle he was driving after it hit a street light pole, moments after he had swerved to avoid a large pothole. Reports said the car rolled and landed on his head, killing him on the spot.

City fathers said such incidents could be avoided through the adopt-a-road concept, which they believed will also save ratepayers millions.

“To prevent further deterioration of the network, the engineering services department proposed to introduce the adopt-a-road scheme.

“The scheme is intended to help to maintain and beautify sections of the City of Bulawayo’s road network through community members volunteering to sponsor and/or undertake road maintenance and rehabilitation works at no cost to BCC,” part the latest council report of the engineering, housing and services committee reads.

“The scheme would save Bulawayo ratepayers millions of dollars every year while providing participants a great opportunity by giving back to their community and be leaders in promoting civic responsibility and community pride.”

However, volunteering to undertake road works did not mean owning the rehabilitated road.

“In response, the director of engineering services explained that the adoption is for the maintenance of the road only at their expense and not ownership. The road remains the property of BCC. There is no restriction on the use of the road by other city residents.

“An adopted site may be one kilometre or as agreed between BCC and the applicant(s). The adopt-a-road scheme agreement shall be for a period as agreed with between Bulawayo City Council and the applicant(s).

“However, council shall look favourably at an adopt-a-road scheme for two years or more.”