Chombo debts directive haunts Nyanga council

Chombo debts directive haunts Nyanga council

The decision by former Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo to write off debts owed by ratepayers just before the 2013 elections is still haunting Nyanga Rural District Council, which is now failing to provide efficient services to residents.

Source: Chombo debts directive haunts Nyanga council – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 10, 2017


Nyanga council chief executive officer Zefania Jaravaza told a public hearing organised by Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee in Mutare yesterday that the directive saw the local authority writing off debts of over
$500 000.

“We are faced with many challenges because residents just stopped paying rates. Those who were loyal and paying rates on time just stopped and they said council was not being fair, but this is still haunting us because of service delivery,’’ he said

“We are still trying to engage ratepayers by proving that their money is being put to good use. In our district we are known for good service delivery.’’

Jaravaza also said he was not happy with the government move allowing the Lands ministry to collect taxes from A1 and A2 farms as this was also impacting on development of councils.

He said the ministry was not remitting funds for development to local authorities.

“A1 and A2 farming areas need more service delivery as there are no schools, clinics and roads,’’ Jaravaza said.

“The existing roads are meant for a few people. But now many people are living there so there is need for road maintenance and construction, but the ministry (of Lands) is not remitting funds they collect to us.’’

He boasted that Nyanga was one of the best-managed local authorities in the country before mocking Harare as a “dark city” as most street lights there were not functioning.

Nyanga council treasurer Blessing Sithole said the local authority was channelling only 36% of its revenue for salaries.

“We don’t owe our workers money. Our net salary bill is $32 000, but our cashflow is not what we want it to be,’’ he said.


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    Joe Cool 1 year

    All sensible people are withholding payments in anticipation of the 2018 debt write-off.

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    matthew 1 year

    this is very hectic .i need to support the writer truly Nyanga was one of our best road .if we look at the dust gravel road that scretches feom nyamaropa to chiwarira via chapatarongo ; the road are gullies .the buses and cars a battling to cross a bridge . The bridge befor we reach chapatarongo secondary sch is i a dead point .The bridge is completely with sand . i wonder if the DDF is still existing or its a name . I wonder why The NGO they use the road they dont mentain the road . The local police they charge find bt they cant see cars are made old by these bad roads . Zimbabwe leadership is betraying us … us if u want ur support Not happy all leaders in Nyanga