LATEST: Mujuru changes party name to National People’s Party

LATEST: Mujuru changes party name to National People’s Party

Source: LATEST: Mujuru changes party name to National People’s Party | The Herald March 3, 2017

Herald Reporter
Former Vice President Joice Mujuru has today announced that her party’s name has changed from Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) to National People’s Party (NPP).

 The move follows contestations regarding ownership of the ZimPF name after she fired seven senior members from the party on allegations of spying for Zanu-PF.

The seven, who included Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo, hit back by firing Mujuru and claiming ownership of the party name.

Details to follow…


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    Question is: So who fired who in the ZPF in the first place – mean, did Mujuru & her corterie fire the Rugare-Ddymus group; or vice-versa? The answer is now too obvious, but there is a fundamental point to be made on this firing saga, which is: The one who was fired has some explaining to do to her faithful supporters.

    Surely the insistence on being the one o has fired so and so, while one knows the reverse was true speaks volumes about the kind of leader the individual is. This is neither coincidence or trivial. Mind you, this is the same person who continues to claim was never fired from zanu pf. The only difference is, in the zanu pf saga, the individual could not dare to claim to be the one who had fired Mugabe. I am sure simply because of fear of the old man. To this day, this dishonest person continues claim to have resigned from zanu pf. Which is utter hogwash and rather childish, especially coming from someone who could not even have the guts to resign when a very close person is gruesomely killed & set alight by state & party machinery in an obvious case high level sanctioned murder. Clearly this is a leader who does not own up to anything. Of course, we are not surprised the fellow learned from the best (Mugabe) over the years they worked hand-glove. Yes, faithful supporters will always ignore these warning signs yet they clearly reveal the kind of person they are dealing with. nxaaaaaa.

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    What a political scandal?