‘Makarau queries Chidyausiku’s portrait’

‘Makarau queries Chidyausiku’s portrait’

Source: ‘Makarau queries Chidyausiku’s portrait’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 7, 2017

JUDICIAL Service Commission (JSC) executive secretary, Justice Rita Makarau yesterday reportedly grilled judicial officers in Beitbridge over their continued use of the late former Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku’s portraits, long after his departure and eventual death.


Makarau made the observation while touring Beitbridge’s recently-refurbished courtrooms where she also complained of heaps of unkempt carpets and old broken furniture.

A source said Makarau raised concern over Chidyausiku’s portrait, which she found hanging next to President Mugabe’s in the old courtroom.

“She questioned why we still had the portrait. She was direct,” said the source.

Contacted for comment, Makarau downplayed the matter, saying she only reminded the court officials to pull it down since Chidyausiku was no longer Chief Justice and had died.

“I did not take issue with the picture, I simply said it was time for it to be removed and to be replaced by the current judge,” she said.

Chidyausiku retired from the bench in February this year and died last month. His former deputy, Justice Luke Malaba was eventually appointed Chief Justice.

Makarau said her tour of magistrates courts in Matabeleland South province would take her to Gwanda, Filabusi, Plumtree, Esigodini and Kezi
Addressing journalists on her first day of the tour on Monday, Makarau said her mission was to assess staff’s working conditions and the state of the buildings they operated from.

“I am touring courts in Matabeleland South and looking at the working conditions of staff. We are also tackling backlogs and these new courts will help in that direction,” she said.

The Danish government has in the past few years helped in the construction of about 30 new courtrooms countrywide to improve service delivery in the judicial system.

She said the new courts were required slight improvements like provision of a safety barricade separating the magistrates from members of the gallery.


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