Mawarire dumps NPP

Mawarire dumps NPP

Source: Mawarire dumps NPP – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 7, 2017

NATIONAL People’s Party (NPP) suffered another major setback yesterday after its spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire dumped the party following his public fight with its leader Joice Mujuru’s spokesperson Gift Nyandoro.


Mawarire and Nyandoro last week exchanged blows at a local hotel over conflicting statements about a possible opposition coalition.

In a letter to Mujuru, Mawarire said he was no longer able to work with Nyandoro, who was recently elected party secretary-general.

“I have made this decision after thorough reflection on events happening in the party, especially the unruly behaviour exhibited by your spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro, whom you are aware has been showing thuggish behaviour even during national executive committee meetings that you chaired wherein he has threatened fellow national executive committee members with physical harm or ‘taking them to the satanic realm’, whatever that means,” the letter read.

Mawarire said he was saddened by Mujuru’s failure to take action against Nyandoro’s alleged “thuggish” behaviour.

The former spokesperson said there was propensity for violence in NPP. He claimed to have been trailed by hired thugs to “deal with him” after his fight with Nyandoro.

Mawarire said although Mujuru had what it takes to steer the country from its current problems, she had to call her top members to order.

According to insiders, Mawarire’s resignation was going to open floodgates for massive resignations from a group of those opposed to Nyandoro and other leaders who were to assume national leadership.

Nyandoro, who was left hospitalised after he reportedly dislocated his calf during the fight, said: “All l can say is I am recovering at home from the knee surgery operation l underwent at Avenues Clinic as a result of a cold-blooded and ruthless kick l suffered at the hands of Jealousy Mawarire in unprovoked circumstances. Let me concentrate on my recovery and if need be, l shall make a statement at the appropriate time and forum.”



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    Isn’t it now clear that key elements in so-called NPP, especially Mawarire, are very much not part & parcel of any democratic agenda. They are mere zanu pf sidekicks, planted, by their master, to infiltrate & destroy opposition movements. Surely, if Mawarire is serious about NPP’s internal problems and the NPP elements’ propensity for violence, why would he not concentrate on cleansing his party rather than throwing unprovoked tantrums at Tsvangi, a leader of MDC_T who really doesn’t not have anything to do with NPP? In any case, if Jealousy accepts that Joice cannot even manage a party as small as NPP, whose only members seem to be just the trio of them – Joice, Gift & Jealousy, how on earth does he at the same timeexpects Joice to be able to lead a coalition that include real & serious political parties of the mould of MDC_T? Nxaaaaaa!

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      James Ketelo 1 year

      This makes someone vomit, at what point can we really focus???