Mugabe mocked, admired in Ghana

Mugabe mocked, admired in Ghana

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has once again become the subject of social media ridicule as he attended Ghana’s 60th independence celebrations.

Source: Mugabe mocked, admired in Ghana – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 7, 2017


Media reports from the West African country while admitting that the Zimbabwean leader’s presence at Ghana’s diamond jubilee “appears to have brought a lot of excitement to Ghanaians”, social media was abuzz with jibes. Some websites claimed Mugabe was dozing during the ceremony suggesting “by now Mugabe [is] asking for a mattress for the floor as he is snoring already.”

“Ghanaians are attentively watching President Mugabe’s lips, If he say #Fi it will turn to quote right now

Benjamin Lartei (@BenjaminLartei), Mugabe is here to give the Internet another meme.”

Mugabe, who recently turned 93 and will stand as Zanu PF’s candidate in general elections next year, did not escape attention to his advanced age.

“There are a few things you can’t cheat on. One is old age,” another Ghanaian said.

Others, however, showed their admiration for Mugabe: “Mugabe is in town. The only [leader] I want to shake hands with today. I’m want to tap more quotes.” “The only President amongst African Presidents, HE Robert Gabriel Mugabe, welcome to Ghana @60 celebration.# LoveU.”

Yet other Ghanaians feared Mugabe, in power since majority rule from Britain 37 years ago, might influence their new leader Nana Addo to rule for long.

“Where Robert Mugabe dey sit is dangerous oo. It’ll be so easy for him to tell our Prez to learn from him and enjoy power saaa.”

Mugabe was described by the media as “undoubtedly one of the most popular African leaders in Ghana” who gained popularity in the West African country “over some striking comments he made especially with regards to his country’s stance on homosexuality”.

The Zanu PF leader has described homosexuals as “worse than pigs and dogs”.

Mugabe is connected to Ghana in many ways having taught in that country before marrying his first wife Sarah Hayfron, who died of kidney failure in 1992.


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    Mugabe, family and hangers on are on their way back from Accra and will land in Harare at between 5.30 – 6.00pm this evening. They are in a Boeing 767, a large aeroplane that will cost at least US$10000 (ten thousand dollars) per hour to hire. Ten hours flying there and back excluding demurrage will cost some US$100 000 (one hundred thousand dollars). His flight to Singapore and back in the same plane will have cost US$300 000 without demurrage. Why such a big plane?

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    MPN 1 year

    Easy – to take all the stolen money and return with Armani suits, frocks, TV’s etc on a shopping spree. The cargo hold will be full to the brim, except without any food of course – but I was wrong – I forgot about the caviar and champagne!!