My hands are clean: Sandi-Moyo

My hands are clean: Sandi-Moyo

Source: My hands are clean: Sandi-Moyo – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 7, 2017

Former Zanu PF women’s league deputy secretary Eunice Sandi-Moyo yesterday said she is clean while challenging Zanu PF to prove a litany of allegations being levelled against her.


In an interview with NewsDay, Sandi-Moyo, who quit her post in the women’s league on Wednesday, said she was ready to have her day “anywhere” and prove her innocence.

“The small principle is that, he who alleges must prove, so whether I did it or not, ask those who are alleging so. It is up to them to prove. As for me, I have no hard feelings against anyone, I am at peace with everything,” she said.

Sandi-Moyo left the league along with Sarah Mahoka after a series of demonstrations against the pair over allegations of misconduct including theft of party funds.

“Which funds did I steal or abuse? Let those who I took money from come forward and prove the allegations,” she said.

Sandi-Moyo said although she had stepped down from the women’s league, she was still a Zanu PF member with full benefits and enjoying all privileges as stated in the party’s constitution.

“I am still a full member of the party, stepping down from a position does not mean that I cease to be a member of the party.

“I have no hard feelings against anyone and it is their right to allege, but they have to prove it at the end of the day. I will not speak on any of the allegations being raised against me because the party has to prove otherwise,” the Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister said.


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    “……. Eunice Sandi-Moyo yesterday said she is clean ……”. Laughable; isn’t it? Even toddlers know that not even a single person among zanu pf goons is clean. All zanu pf top-brass are filthy dirty – thieves, rapists & murderers are what all of them are. So, Sandi should spare us her puffing & screaming proclaiming clean hands. Does this old idiot know what clean hands look like really? No one of you zanu pf guys has clean hands. Yes, Sandi may not necessarily be the worst among her zanu pf peers, but that does not make her clean all. After all, we all know every lion has its day, same applies to every thief, every rapist, every murderer, etc. So, if your time is up Sandi that’s sweet music to us. Just carry you cross & go to hell which is were you belong. Yes, other zanu pf evil men & women will meet you there when their time is up too. Nxaaaaaa!