Rogue traffic cop nabbed

Rogue traffic cop nabbed

Source: Rogue traffic cop nabbed – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 6, 2017

A POLICE constable stationed at Mamina in Chegutu Rural district was last week arrested after a random check at a roadblock resulted in a daylight chase at the 100km peg along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway, NewsDay has learnt.


According to an internal memorandum gleaned by NewsDay, a Constable Shambare, force number 077110P, was arrested on March 31 at about 1pm by Police General Headquarters (PGHQ) internal investigators on routine checks.

The team comprised constables Mabwe, Chihombori, Chingururu and the defaulter Shambare.

Shambare, according to the memorandum, was seated on the other side of the road at the roadblock, raising eyebrows among the internal investigations led by a Superintendent Chinyan’anya.

Inspector Thuthukani Moyo and a Constable Kunyetu, who were part of the team, crossed the road and went towards the defaulter, but Shambare took to his heels towards the nearby Messina shops.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Clemence Mabweazara had promised to provide details of the arrest, but was reportedly in meetings when NewsDay tried to verify.

“The duo chased the defaulter, but on realising that the gap was closing, the defaulter removed his police brown shoes and threw away some official books that included retention book number 12/17 and roadblock book.”

Shambare was arrested after he sought refuge in a nearby shop and tried to throw the money at the shopkeeper, Brenda Dunga (27), at Messina shops, Chegutu.

“The duo then arrested the defaulter and recovered $126, which he had thrown onto the shop floor.

“Upon cross-checking, it later turned out that the $126, which the defaulter had thrown onto the floor, comprised of $95, which was accepted in retention book number 12/17 for pages 6217824-833 and an extra $31 that the defaulter could not account for,” the memorandum reads.

Shambare was accordingly charged under paragraph 35 of the schedule of the Police Act Chapter 11:10 “Acting in an unbecoming manner or disorderly manner or in any manner prejudicial to good order or discipline or reasonably likely to bring discredit to the police force” and is being held at ZRP Chegutu.

Police continue to struggle with rogue members of the force caught on the wrong side of the law and in particular corruption at the numerous roadblocks and checkpoints across the country that continue to raise public anger.