Zanu PF must stop this madness

Zanu PF must stop this madness

Source: Zanu PF must stop this madness – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 1, 2017

RECENT disclosures by War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube that the ongoing Zanu PF internal fights were destabilising ex-freedom fighters, posing a security threat to the nation should not be taken lightly, but must compel the party to self-introspect.

Comment: NewsDay Editor

President Robert Mugabe should move fast to resolve the hot succession question as a matter of urgency because failure to do so will likely lead to an implosion that would have far-reaching consequences, not only for the ruling Zanu PF party, but for Zimbabwe.

One wonders: Can a divided political establishment be able to rework the non-performing economy at this rate? Isn’t it wise for Zanu PF to resign or forge an alliance with the opposition to stem the economic tide if they cannot turn around the country’s fortunes?

We believe Dube’s frank admission during a question-and-answer session in Parliament that the discord within Zanu PF cannot be ignored should be taken seriously by the party leadership if it expects a smooth leadership transition.

It’s not a secret that at 93, Mugabe is now in the twilight of his life and this is the time to put the Zanu PF house in order, given the influence that he still wields.

The time bomb is ticking away and if it’s not detonated in time, it’s going to explode in someone’s face and the consequences will likely be nasty.

Elsewhere in the Sadc region, we have witnessed smooth transition of power as liberation war stalwarts hand over leadership to the younger generation with little, if any, challenges.

The last thing that Zimbabweans want is destabilisation in a country that has largely been peaceful and stable over the past decades.

We would urge Zanu PF to urgently and seriously address its in-house problems before it’s too late for the good of the country and its future.

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association, for many years the bastion of Mugabe’s power, has been urging the nonagenarian to step down and make way for a new leader. Their concerns are justified given Mugabe’s age and all the problems associated with old age.

It must be appreciated that in every relay, you pass on the baton to the next member when you have reached your stretch. This is a very simple life principle that if applied not only in Zanu PF but the governance of the country, we may as well be guaranteed some stability.

All that is happening in Zanu PF, with huge consequences for ordinary Zimbabweans, starts and ends with Mugabe himself, and he should not be surprised when the people do the unexpected at the next harmonised elections.