Zanu-PF on door-to-door campaign

Zanu-PF on door-to-door campaign

Source: Zanu-PF on door-to-door campaign – Sunday News Mar 19, 2017

Robin Muchetu, Senior Reporter
ZANU-PF Bulawayo Province will soon embark on door- to-door campaigns aimed at mobilising people as the party readies itself ahead of next year’s harmonsied elections.

Speaking during the party’s inter-district meeting held at Davies Hall yesterday, National Secretary for the Disabled and Disadvantaged Cde Joshua Malinga said it was time for party cadres to start mobilising people in preparation for the forthcoming elections.

“This meeting is a way of mentorship. We are here to tell people about the ideology of Zanu-PF ahead of elections. Everyone here is an organiser and we need to educate people by visiting them even going to their homes to mobilise them,” he said.

Cde Malinga said as Bulawayo Province they were going to visit each district, branch and cell to see how far the people have gone in mobilising members ahead of the elections.

“We are going in there to check the strength of the party and how we can address some challenges that are within,” he said.

Members of the Youth League who were recently co-opted into provincial structures following the resignation of their counterparts were warned against being swayed into deserting the party. Cde Rosemary Thebe from the Women’s League said strength and proper organisation should start with the main wings, adding that if the party was organised with sound leaders then the youths would not lose track.

“We will not get youths rebelling if the leaders lead by example, we have to continue leading them in the right direction and we will have them under control. Let our works speak for themselves as the leadership and we will have even more people joining the party,” she said.

Meanwhile, youths from the Lookout Masuku District in Bulawayo have embarked on a road patching exercise in their district.

The leader of the project, Cde Timothy Rwizi, said they started the project in order to improve the state of roads in their area.

“The roads are very bad at the moment, they are infested with potholes and we decided to patch with the little resources that we have rather than sitting and doing nothing while the roads continue to lose shape,” he said.

Cde Rwizi said they were sourcing ash from the Matabeleland Steam Laundry and have started patching roads in Sauerstown.

They are being assisted by a local resident, Mr Ephraim Nyoka who has provided a truck to ferry the ash to the different sites they are patching.