Zanu-PF urged to swoop on social media abusers

Zanu-PF urged to swoop on social media abusers

Source: Zanu-PF urged to swoop on social media abusers | The Herald March 6, 2017

Bulawayo Bureau

Zanu-PF politburo member Cde Eunice Nomthandazo Moyo has given the party’s Bulawayo provincial executive a five-day ultimatum to institute disciplinary action against youth leaders accused of insulting President Mugabe through social media platforms.Cde Moyo, who is also the Minister of State for Bulawayo Provincial Affairs, was speaking yesterday following an explosive Provincial Co-ordinating Committee meeting where a motion was also moved to suspend Central Committee member Cde Anna Moyo.

The Central Committee member is alleged to have teamed up with youths who organised a demonstration last Thursday denouncing the party’s provincial leadership.

The protesters allegedly called for the firing of the party’s provincial chairperson Cde Dennis Ndlovu and provincial youth chairperson Cde Anna Mokgohloa saying they were imposed on the people. Cde Moyo, who is Zanu-PF deputy secretary for Women’s Affairs, said some members of the Youth League in the province were facing allegations of insulting party leaders on social media and rebelling against provincial leaders.

She said Bulawayo provincial youth secretary for finance David Muhambi has since been suspended allegedly for insulting President Mugabe on social media while Mabutho Moyo, the Luveve district youth commissar and Munashe Mututsa, the provincial deputy secretary for education were allegedly rebelling against the party’s provincial leaders.

“We are not going to accept this in the province. You should move with speed to take action against these individuals or risk being suspended yourselves,” said Cde Moyo. She said Bulawayo province should act within the next five days.

Muhambi allegedly sent messages to other youths on social media prior to President Mugabe’s birthday bash on February 25, saying he would not lead a fundraising team for the birthday party.

He allegedly told the provincial youth leadership that he could not spearhead a fundraising exercise “for a 93 year old” while youths were starving.

Cde Moyo said Muhambi is alleged to have excused himself from fundraising activities saying he was going out of the country up to March, but shocked the party’s leadership when he was seen with President Mugabe’s children during the bash in Matobo.

She said she did not understand where youths like Mabutho were getting the courage to insult the party’s leadership. The Politburo member said the youths in question threatened the provincial executive saying they were untouchable.

Cde Moyo said the rebellious youths could be getting their orders from some senior party officials who she said risked being exposed.

She dismissed allegations by the youths who demonstrated last Thursday that fuel coupons meant for the President’s birthday bash were stolen.


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    Chatham House 1 year

    Zanu need to give some thought to what they call Social Media. When Zanu sent the Fifth Brigade into Matabeleland to perpetuate a 20 000 civilian genocide – we in the Civilized World might call that Unsocial in the Media. Pregnant women and children bayoneted by Shiri and his brave, gallant heroes. A 20 000 civilian Unsocial Act of genocide is likely to cause some Unsocial Comments towards the supporters and the perpetrators of that genocide – be they Mugabe, Scoones, Shiri, Gono, Munungagwa, Jonathan Moyo, Maphoko, Carrington, Kissinger, or even Thatcher and Malcolm Fraser. This remains an injustice that has not been properly addressed in the Legislature, the Judiciary and the International Community. Zanu and the International Community may think or even believe that they can sweep it all under the carpet or “tear up the top copy” – but they all do this at their own risk. Adversity + Time = Humour but Genocide + Time = Genocide. Pretty simple actually. Zanu and their White Mujiba Scoonsie can parrot on as much as they like because there is no rush – Justice will be done on earth, including Zimbabwe.

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    jono 1 year

    Mugabe is an arse. Oh dear, I guess I have just insulted His Excellency, Comrade President for life, Robert Mugabe BO, VD, ADD