‘Zim, US to improve economic relations’

‘Zim, US to improve economic relations’

Source: ‘Zim, US to improve economic relations’ | The Herald June 8, 2017

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Zimbabwe will continue to engage the United States with a view to improve economic relations which froze over two decades ago.Addressing journalists after meeting visiting Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of African Affairs in the United States State Department Carol O’Connell on Tuesday, Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa said Zimbabwe continues to re-engage with the country. “We met and we discussed. The discussion was about the whole gamut of issues including relations and the re-engagement issue.

“We discussed the sanctions issue, we discussed American assistance in the health and educational system through USAID. “We discussed and briefed them on our economic reform agenda and the progress we are making on that front,” said Minister Chinamasa.

The United States is also anticipating further engagement with Government with Mrs O’Connell saying that there is an opportunity for further engagement between the two countries.

“This is my first visit to Zimbabwe so I am thrilled to receive a warm welcome and I feel strongly that we had a successful meeting. We are looking for further engagement with Zimbabwe,” said Mrs O’Connell.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been providing humanitarian assistance for Southern Africa in response to the drought affecting the region. Zimbabwe last year was promised $54.5 million, representing 42,5 per cent, of the overall funding promised to Southern Africa.