A nation of educated idiots – Vince Musewe

via A nation of educated idiots | The Zimbabwean 14.05.14 by Vince Musewe

I have never seen a nation so stuck in denigrating its own for no reason other than that they have dared to be different. I have never seen a nation that complains so much and yet is unable to come together and do the right thing without persecuting the character of those who have dared to try and take our country in a different direction.

There is nothing wrong with Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma challenging the status quo, and we should applaud their bravery. There is nothing wrong with Morgan Tsvangirai as a hero who has contributed significantly to creating democratic space in Zimbabwe.

I have much respect for what he has done and how, out of the millions of cowards, he put himself in harm’s way to challenge Mugabe. He deserves all the accolades and must be declared a national hero in his lifetime; we are tired of useless dead heroes being declared heroes only on Mugabe’s whim.

But our challenge today is how we can take Zimbabwe on a significantly different and new political trajectory? We must create a new narrative; that is our responsibility – not Tsvangirai’s alone.

This new narrative must be based on the principle that Zimbabwe belongs to all of us – nobody has an exclusive right to it. Second, this new narrative is based on the need for us to continually renew our leadership so that nobody ever plays the big man again. We do not want to ever be complicit in creating a dictator in any form or shape whatsoever. This also requires leadership accountability at all levels of our society.

The third point is that our new narrative must be inclusive of all Zimbabweans in creating a new state. This includes those outside our borders. Fourth our society must be based on the universal principles of freedom, equity, justice and the right to pursue ambitions without being limited by the state.

Fifth, it must be based on the maximisation of our potential as a country and the restitution of past injustices against all those who have suffered or been dispossessed.

Isn’t it therefore right that anyone of us, regardless of their position in our society, who behaves contrary to our narrative, must be subject to sanction? Our society must learn to focus on the issues – not on personalities – because none of us are perfect. However we must respect and duly honour those among us who at least stand for what is right.

We all know why we are where we are as a country. We allowed one man to dominate us and do as he pleases with our lives. We accepted that we are underlings and that we can be abused. That mentality needs to stop.

I have spoken to many Zimbabweans about the MDC-T issue and most truly believe that only Tsvangirai can remove Mugabe and that Biti and Mangoma are wrong to challenge him. What rubbish!

I want to encourage Biti and Mangoma to be steadfast in these times. Nobody has the monopoly of political power. I have also noted that whenver one decides to take a new path, one cannot expect the multitudes to applaud and immediately follow. Leadership is a lonely journey only to be taken by a few of us who have the conviction and the courage to do so.

One thing we must learn is to create choices for ourselves. We need more strong political parties with a new approach to our problems. We need new thinking and new language. For goodness sake, let those who have the conviction come forward and let us not pull them down. Ultimately we will all be the winners.

Now these two gentlemen must prove to us that this is not all about them but about putting Zimbabwe First. We must hold them accountable to the standards we now expect: utmost dedication to the cause of freedom for all, selfless service, an inclusive approach, accountability and smart thinking on how to get our economy out of trouble.

It was Gandhi who said first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

I will respect and support any Zimbabwean who believes in democracy and does not think that they are the only ones with the answers and therefore entitled to lead us. I will respect any Zimbabwean who dares to be different and challenge this status quo, as long as they stand for what is right; our freedom and our right to self-determination.

Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You can contact him at vtmusewe@gmail.com

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76 comments on “A nation of educated idiots – Vince Musewe
  1. grace says:

    Correct heding but unfortunately you became typical Zimbabwean phd syndrome yourself when you thought they think rubbish by supporting tsvangson. You would want everyone to dump Zanu and mdct and support Mbiti And drums. What you lack like the majority of zimbas is the unity and love
    of one another and shun divisions all because of our belief that a useless degree makes one a better leader. Have a unity of purpose as a nation and be open minded.

    • Roving Ambassador says:

      Grace, I would kindly advise you not to unite with and love ZANU. Its is definitely an abusive marriage.
      Thanks Vince, The creation of a Grand coalition to unseat ZANU a great idea even if we break up afterwards who cares. True leadership will evolve out of it hopefully. I would advocate for a committee composed of all vested groups, civil leaders,churches, business, labour,diaspora, chiefsand minorities. There will be a ratating chair.
      Level the playing field.
      Remember ZANU does not like organization.

      • Makotsi says:

        The difference between darkness and light is that in darkness thrives the devil who does not wabt Zimbabweans to enjoy their hard won freedom. The Tsvangirai and company can only be Lucifer’s heroes for what they have done fo zimbabwean society is equivalent to what the devil has done using Americans in Iraq,Syria, Libya and so forth Zimbabwe indeed will prosper whether its enemies like or not. The MDC is a den of lunatics who lack self believe to fail to realise that Zimbabwe is an African space for the indegines.

        • Don Cox says:

          “the devil who does not wabt Zimbabweans to enjoy their hard won freedom.”

          Zimbabweans do not have freedom. The government has independence, but the citizens are not free.

          Admittedly there are worse places than Zimbabwe — North Korea, for instance — but no Zimbabwean can relax and talk about his “hard won freedom” until he has won it.

  2. mandy says:

    You really make yourself the biggest idiot Vince of all Vince. So far you have courage only to attack Tsvangirai with no similar effort at Mugabe who has brought this country to what it is today. Could have wanted to say more but words simply cannot describe you.

    • Ruramai says:

      Mandy, those who have valid arguments simply state them without resorting to insults. The fact that you disagree with Vince does not make him an idiot.

  3. Siphiwe says:

    Zimbabwe is bigger than everybody in it nomatter who you are. People must forget about these political party issues and concentrate on Zimbabwe nomatter which party a person belongs to. People are being used to fatten the pockets of the so called big people and fighting for them and yet suffering. Zimbabweans let’s join together and fight for Zimbabwe and not for individuals. With God nothing is impossible. We have been used enough. Rhodesians who were there that time died and left Rhodesia but only the name Rhodesia died except the country. The same applies to Zimbabweans. NO-ONE IS BIGGER THAN ZIMBABWE.

  4. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    Vince if Biti and Mangoma were serious about unsitting Tsvangirai why didn’t they do it constitutionally rather than wake up from the bed and say Mr. President your time is up. That is anarchy which is not acceptable in any democracy. I don’t think a similar scenerio will be accepted in Biti and Mangoma’s party. Otherwise we will have people challenging each other daily. Unless if they can incorporate it in their constitution that there shall be no congress and anyone shall challenge any position at anytime, at any place regardless of a quoram. Then I will join that party and many more will probably do so.

  5. Hutu says:

    The first time Vince has written POLITICAL RUBBISH.A nation of educated idiots – Vince Musewe Is this what you call us? The definition of an idiot “A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against …You my friend should consult your dictionary before you open your mouth. You laugh at us?

  6. matombo chiremba says:

    You are such a failure Vince because you are so biased in your analysis! If this is your idea of democracy, you must think again. All are not worried that Mandela was ANC bigwig for more than 40 years before uhuru and before he was first head of state of RSA but that Mugabe has been head of state in Zimbabwe for 34 years!!! Put your thinking cap on. Democracy demands that you orderly change your leadership at Congress and not anytime, anywhere by anybody, this makes you an anarchist or supporter of power hungry Biti and Mangoma. This will not get you anywhere except joining Welshman’s league – and SHAME!!!!

  7. Tino says:

    Do not trouble yourselves with economists.Their job involves speculations and speculations.They work with models, which are far detached from reality.Vince himself knows the law of numbers in economics.So does he not believe in large numbers to defeat Mugabe by following the people’s favourite who is Tsvangirai?The world over economists give speculations and yhink people must act in a certain way.No.
    What do you have to do in your educated sense to stop Nikuv ? Too much space given to individuals to air their views will make them think they are super thinkers, while they are the uneducated fool, who point the arrow at the goat while the jackal is laughing in the hill.Poor Vince.No spine.

  8. Tino says:

    Chamunorwa, thanks for a good note.I don’t think Biti and crew will allow unconstitutional changes if they form their own party, but they want to do it.

  9. Benny says:

    What is Biti and Mangma’s new approach to our problems,new thinking and new language,if I may ask Mr Vince Musewe. Does breaking from your former party signify these issues you are raising? Biti and Mangoma are failing to articulate how they differ from Tsvangirai especially so as they use a coup to take over power. We have seen breakaway groups such as that of Ncube who never added any value to our body politique. Pple want Mugabe to go first and they see in Tsvangirai and not Biti and Mangoma as there real challenge to Mugabe. Even zanu pf knows that, so pple see Biti and Mangoma as a distraction meant to delay their freedoms from the octopus that has clung to power like glue. If Biti and Mangoma had better ideas, which we have not heard yet except that we want to remove Tsvangirai, then they should have found takers, but becoz they have failed they will not find takers

  10. Bystander says:

    Thank you for such a brilliant & introspective piece. Its time Zimboz look in the mirror & see ourself for what we really are instead of the myths & arrogant self portrayals that we so dearly behold…

  11. Wezaka says:

    Vince wakurasika wo papi nhai we. Aah!! Svoda mhani.

  12. Mlimo says:

    I think the point Vincent was trying to make was that democracy encourages a multi party state so having a few political parties is healthy rather than be dominated by or two parties.

  13. nyoni says:

    Vince has his opinions and we all have our own to. While we waddle like lame ducks whinging about a useless Zanu what are we all doing about it. Are the people in Libya or Thailand less then us? Yet they are fighting for their rights. Yes we are cowards and that word is one I hate .

    • makotsi says:

      Like a true idiot , you have opened your mouth with your mind shut. What Zimbabwe needs are men and women who are to serve and not destroy it. You mindset is a recipe for disorder and disaster.

  14. blackhammer says:

    ——-My head is still spinning. After the 2013 defeat he kept coming up with gem after gem of pure writing. His writings of Zanu’s governance or lack of it. After such a sucker punch from Zanu he raised hope again and we started feeling refreshed again. He had to build such a climax before he dropped the bombshell. Maybe he wanted to soften us first but why announce or accept that his law firm was representing Gono in whatever dispute the men in Zanu were at each other’s throats for? Hey, it is a ‘free country’ but I always thought there are certain lines which are hard to cross whatever cheque is laid in front of honourable members. Then suddenly he awoke to find that he has, for the last 15 years, been working with ‘fascists’ and Tsvangirai the dim wit, no military credentials has been leading the party in the wrong direction. At one point he let slip and declared the elections were not rigged and when the masses raised eye brows he retreated and said he was misquoted. More was to come. He kept denying he had anything to do with the renewal group and each time the whole national executive sat to discuss matters of the party he would give an excuse and leave before a vote was taken. Is it pushing to compare this behaviour to Judas’ before the great betrayal of all time? A few days after ‘expelling’ the top 8 or so he declared he represented the true MDC. A few days later still, he stated that in due course they were going to form another party. And the ’true’ MDC? Ditched within hours without consulting the ever suffering supporters! Confused.com? I am. Wananchi you let us down big time! Bless. The fact is, we might never know the inner workings of the MDC but one thing is certain both groups in this unfolding tragedy can’t be right. And indeed there is nothing wrong with challenging the status quo within the agreed frame work.
    Simon M Tozvireva.

  15. Tinomunamataishe says:

    From the tone of this article and the arrogance portrayed therein, Vince I don’t understand how you dare think other people are idiots. What would you call yourself then?

    Its plain simple that you sympathize with Biti and Mangoma which is fine with me and maybe other people but that doesn’t make you right and other people wrong(or idiots?).

    Vince, the analysis must be balanced and should look at both sides and in this article unfortunately its not and that’s a bit disappointing to say the least.

  16. LucyTT says:

    The thing I find most funny in all that has been said above is that even though we all take offense to being called idiots, in a way we are because we all allow our leaders to divert our attention from the important things, and Vince in his way is trying to highlight the issue that we all seem not to be learning from. A party is not made by 1 person, it is a collective, I live in the Diaspora in a country where a party member can call out their leader in public and yet do not get expelled from the party by using the pretext of a constitution. Vince is right while what Biti and Mangoma did is wrong, we as Zimbabweans should not think it right or proper either that Tsvangirai cannot work and take into consideration the ideas and feeling of those that work for him, that one of is party officials says something he does not agree with and his response is to have them beaten, expelled from the party and then go on a campaign trail to call them ingrates and betrayers and we all buy it hook line and sinker and if “God Forbid” he ever manages to become president expect him not to be like Mugabe then yes, Vince is right we are idiots. Proper political parties have people of differing views we all hear of the Republicans that have right wings and left wings , these are groups of people of differing views but united on fundamental views. Let us open our minds, and not be like idiots who are incapable of guarding against past mistakes.

    • publicprotector says:

      Things could get worse and will with TSvagerai, its obvious. Trade Unions ARE communist and believe in sharing, workers must all have share – so you have indigenousisation or what seems better to idiots that support him giving away the entire company which ios bound to bring investment, doesn’t everyone want to give away their money- bunch of idiots is right

  17. Mseyamwa says:

    The narrative you call ours is yet to be ours, Vince. The one you are going on about is just ‘your narrative’, you and your few friends. You have yet to sought Zimbabwe’s narrative by engaging with all Zimbabweans and understanding how they want to proceed. Without that, you are merely repeating the same mistakes politivians have always made which of thinking they are better than the rest of us, that theirs is the duty to order us and our lives around.

  18. John Thomas says:

    The idea as presented in the headline that Zimbabweans are well educated is a simple lie. This lie is repeated a lot and so some are coming to believe it. Zimbabwe is well below average in education in the world. This is a fact.

    • Dr Kuraivanavevhu says:

      Dear Thomas……What is your scientific reference or source of evidence? For me it’s the globally credited surveys like DHS. These validate their tools before reporting. And yes, compared with DHS results from other countries, Zimbabwe has a very high literacy rate, the second highest contraceptive use prevalence in Africa, sadly, a very high maternal mortality rate of 960/100,000, a high but declining HIV prevalence, but unfortunately a selfish political leadership which has failed to capitalize on the potential of it’s populace.

  19. David Mutambirwa says:

    What a mind blast .
    food for thought

  20. Loveness says:

    Maybe he has been offered a post by Biti, because from what i see he is thr greatest idiot.now he is so angry with all those who support Tsvangirai by calling them idiots.Do you realy think people will now support mangoma because they have been called idiots.Zimbabweans are clever people, you will see that one day.

  21. mutongi gava says:

    Vince mupfana wavekurashika zvino.

  22. Nzou says:

    Spot on Vince, SPOT ON!!

  23. Do l smell a Biti & Drums rat Vince?
    With each and every organisation formed there is a constitution that
    governs the activities and behaviour of the organisation members , the same applies to the MDC-T.What Mbiti & Drums did was unwarranted for and unconstitutional , these guys are power hungry and most probably Zanu PF rats.All they want to do is destabilise the MDC-T.If they wanted to topple Tsvangirai they should have
    used the correct procedures , in this case congress to advance their wishes.The “educated idiots” povho will never be fooled by
    people like Mbiti & Drums & you Vince!

  24. Mahlaba says:

    I used to like Vince s articles but seriously let down by his bias especially when he aligns himself to this renewal NOSENSE!
    The problem in Zimbabwe is that we have a dictator who runs the country like his shop. He cunningly politicised the security sector by corrupting them the consolidate his power. So someone like Vince sounds more like he has smoked something and is worrisome. Biti and Mangoma they were part the leadership in the last election they must not insulate themselves from the problems in hand. Tswangirayi must stay put until we unlock this Mugabes marriage with the security. When MT comes to power we all make sure he not given the space on doing the same.

  25. Jrr56 says:

    A nation of educated idiots! Yes must be otherwise Mugabe would not be there or he would not be this corrupt racist thieving party called ZANU PF, the educated literate people would not have allowed it – unless the approve if it!!

  26. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    If constitutions are not allowed and self declarations are the order of the day could we say this is clever thinking? Why can’t we wait for congress then you will be chosen by the people. How does Biti know people want him after Tsvangirayi? May be they want someone else. The writer of this article seems to be the most idiot. Who forbade Biti to form his party and lure supporters. Afterall Tdvangirayi put a congress date closer so that people will choose their leaders. Biti knows that he will not get any post at the congress hence the self unconstitutional declarations. Who is a democrat here. People already know what Biti is.

  27. NBS says:

    Truly Zimbabwe. We need God’s wisdom here. Our nation is a mess. Personally I am having a very hard time trusting ANY politician in this nation now. I pray the Lord will raise up a man after His own heart and that He will open our eyes to SEE who this man is. Despite MT’s mistakes we cannot just scribble him off the political radar. He has huge support and he is one of us: Zimbabwean and we can never downplay the fact that by now he should be sitting in State House. Warts and all. The people voted him in. Elections rigged. Demand that 2002 and 2008 report from SA now and may God uncover the skulduggery that was 2013.

  28. Pamire says:

    So if Biti and Mangoma replace MT, then this is multiparty democracy? Other had 2 choices; wait for congress or form another party!!

    Isn’t this the same Biti who was recorded complaining about voters having been bused from Nyanga, during 2013 elections? And you expect us to take you seriously next time Tendai? Are you surely convinced in your hearts that MDC and MT have been losing elections since 2000?

    Matokanganwa vana Ndira and the other guys vaipiswa vachizowanikwa vakakandwa mumapurazi vave kutowora!!

    Vakomana musakanganwe chazuro nehope!

  29. Pamire says:

    So if Biti and Mangoma replace MT, then this is multiparty democracy? They had 2 choices; wait for congress or form another party!!

    Isn’t this the same Biti who was recorded complaining about voters having been bused from Nyanga, during 2013 elections? And you expect us to take you seriously next time Tendai? Are you surely convinced in your hearts that MDC and MT have been losing elections since 2000?

    Matokanganwa vana Ndira and the other guys vaipiswa vachizowanikwa vakakandwa mumapurazi vave kutowora!!

    Vakomana musakanganwe chazuro nehope!

  30. munzwa says:

    Are we not missing the point here? The fight is to unseat Mugabe and Zanu, no doubt but how and who? Is Tvsangirai the man with his tried and tested formula or is it time for a paradigm shift in our thinking hence the Biti Mangoma tactic.To my mind this Biti Mangoma route is placing more emphases on the economy and the issues of service delivery. By the way who is Drums??

  31. I am not the one! says:

    Funny how everyone is having a go at Vince, his use of the word idiot has obviously struck a nerve. Good on you, Vince! I agree wholeheartedly with the word idiot(s). One fat bloke from the trade unions stands up and opens his mouth..the rest stay cowed in the corner!

    • Of course people must have go at him. He is calling his mother, father, uncles, Grand parents and everybody an Idiot. In England Gordon Brown lost an election through being disrespectful to an old Lady. Respect……

  32. Straight Shooter says:

    “There is nothing wrong with Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma challenging the status quo, and we should applaud their bravery.”

    This equally applies to Welshman Ncube and his crew who in 2005 differed with Morgan for the same reasons as given by Biti. I hope you also believe the same in their case. Same in the case of Dumiso Dabengwa and his ZAPU. Same in the case of Simba Makoni. So the story goes.

    The policy of hating those who differ was started by Mugabe – this is why Joshua Nkomo ended up in London, UK, after fleeing imminent death – notwithstanding the fact he had been in the forefront of the Liberation struggle.

    Tekere suffered the same fate; Kombayi his comrade was bayoneted and ended up in the UK undergoing operations. No one was arrested.

    Muzorewa was arrested – went into a hunger strike that had no effect on the hard-hearted gukurahundi Mugabe.

    Ndabaningi Sithole lost his farm and had a stinct in prison for opposing the gukurahundi, before fleeing to the United States.


  33. tsuro says:

    I think attacking each other on this forum doesn’t take us anywhere- opposition attacking another opposition yet we all know the real problem. I think we need a grand coalition to unseat Zanu Pf. Personal issues aside and lets be realistic.

  34. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    nekuvata kwenyu nekutadza kufunga nekutaura Morgan hamumugoni.After Morgan vanhu vachatsvaga succesor asiri Biti. Biti do not waste time form your own party. How can you say you are the new leader but still using mdct. I understand T stands for Tsvangirayi.

  35. tsuro says:

    Most of the pple who post on this forum are not even on the ground. Men and women in Zim can actually tell you that we are going back to 2008-9 time.

  36. tsuro says:

    I agree with you, ship in or ship out. Why can’t you wait for the Congress Mr Biti- you cried like a baby waona vanhu vachibuda mumabus e Zupco now you are blaming Save. Come back home my brother the conress is just around the corner.

  37. tsuro says:

    Vince, just a point of correction we are not idiots or a nation of idiots. Leave your comfort zone in New Zealand or where ever you are and go home and see it for yourself.

  38. jones peter says:

    Yes I agree with the writer Zimbabweans are useless educated idiots they have nothing to show off about their so called education

  39. maita says:

    Vince you need to read comments by one Wilbert Mukori, when you see his picture and face you would think here comes a voice of reason, but alas he qualifies to be in that group of educated idiots. The educated will never unseat ZanuPF because they are too proud to be in the trenches. It is us the blank faces (as Mukori calls us) who will take the bull by the horns. The educated will be sitting behind desks watching to see who fails so that they can write and write and write.

  40. Robert Bvuma says:

    It’s amazing that as Zimbabweans we cannot figure out what’s wrong with our country. There is always a tendency of bringing each other down. Biti is a great thinker the decision he took was never taken lightly. The main MDC leader has tried several times to unseat Mugabe but to no avail so why not give others a chance. Nobody has monopoly of leadership . Power is a poison chalice. Once you test it you don’t want to give it up. It goes without saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lets be careful why should MDC be Zanu pf.

  41. tsuro says:

    The bell is there parikuda anonorisungirira pakiti chete

  42. jugge says:

    Mandela was not president for ANC for 40 years. Oliver Tambo was the president when mandela was in Jail. Even still if mandela was president for 40 years it doesnt make it right that a person should hold on to power for so long. Its just like someone in anther country sayimh I want to be president for life coz mugabe was president for 40 years in Zim

  43. Gatsheni says:

    Iqiniso liyahlaba. You hit the nail on the head Vince, so much so there are numerous abusive comments, struck by the hard truth.

    • Hard truth my foot.@Gatsheni if you want to call your self an Idiot that’s your prerogative. I am not an idiot so I will tell him that I am not. Zimbabweans are known all over the world for their respect, I see none here…

  44. JOHNSON says:


  45. japananga says:

    I agree with Vince for sure. Morgan has been at the helm of MDC for more than 15yrs. What lesson do we learn from this? Mangoma only gave his thoughts and got vilified. I lost respect in Tsvangirai. I believe that Tsvangirai should not wait to be challenged at the congress. This is why he was respectfully advised by Mangoma to consider stepping aside. Does anyone think Nelson Mandela would have been challenged for his position if he had not chosen to step aside on his own volition? 15yrs and Tsvangirai is still dreaming of soldiering on. This personifies the struggle and unfortunately Zimbos now believe he is indispensable. No. One writer says Mangoma and Biti should be brave to challenge Mugabe… Yes they are brave and have been doing so under MDC. But they also felt…and justifiably so, that the opposition has become a personal project. Unless our leaders learn to realise they have done enough and step down we are going to create another Mugabe. And unless Zimbos learn to say goodby to leaders in time before they get too spoilt by power…we will create another Mugabe. Make no mistake and i am clear on this one: Tsvangirai has outlived his time on the helm if we believe in true democracy. He can still step down before congress and allow any other person from the party to take over. That will be a true sign of leadership and will boost the popularity of MDC. He will then support the next leader and make sure he tours around the country with him/her, garnering support. Thats my view and i believe all progressive minds are with me.

  46. JOHNSON says:


  47. Matake says:

    Vince is enabriated by the exuberance of his own verbosity which seeks to vociferously self agrandize in a romantically chauvinistic manner..!

  48. pati says:

    An avalanche of anger sweeps away the import of what the writer is conveying. Perhaps a poor choice of words, “a nation of idiots”,but the message is not lost to me. We regal ourselves in how educated we are. Perhaps we are, but to what ends? The essence of education or maybe formal schooling is lost to us. We may be very intellectually apt. Unfortunately, we are pathetically inept in putting what we learn from books into practice. There is this underlying false satisfaction that formal education is an end to itself not a means to an end, where we need to use our brilliance that is unlocked by formal schooling to our socio political and economic advancement and that means looking at situations presented to us, analyse them objectively without getting mired in subjective personal feelings. Only then can we progress by taking well reasoned action or side. From most of the comments posted above, we have a long way to go but we can still do it if we just stop and clear the cloud of emotional affiliation first before we post our comments for a fruitful discourse. For whatever it is worth the writer’s comments are a board we can spring from and have a serious introspection and ask ourselves if we are not becoming too emotional on behalf of these politicians thereby losing our role to make them accountable to us.

  49. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    @ Vince et’al those are tantrums of failures and you cannot lure people by insulting them.

  50. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    @ pati it was also anger and myopia and also paralysed analysis when Vince insulted people because they dont think the wau he did. People have a reason to refuse Biti.

  51. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    @ Vince et’al those are tantrums of failures and you cannot lure people by insulting them..Does Vince work for this publisher?

  52. Petal says:

    the title of the article should be

  53. machakachaka says:

    This Musewe boy is too angry to be rational.

  54. I can what makes some of the people angry here. You have a dictator here who has time after time refused to give up power. The Dictator has a Army that would kill for him and has killed for him 20 000 souls.You have a Police force armed to the teeth that arrests anyone who says anything negative about him. You have a situation where people are moved and killed during thier movement from thier area of domicile because of diamonds in the area. You have the population surrounded by countries that support the Dictator. I can go on and on. I enjoy Vince’s articles but that remark is not what would be appropriate to say to people who are in a helpless situation. If he was there in the forfront shouting slogans and thowing stones at the Police then he can say different. Anybody that thinks that Zanu pf will not fire on it’s own people think again. Zimbabweans are in a trap and hopefuly there will be an implosion very soon in Zanu. The renewal team can renew and say even go on to win an election but what makes them think Mugabe would put up his hand and say Igive up? Our hopes lie with the failing economy, and the Armed forces refusing to back up the regime. This will come to pass sooner rather than later when these people realize they are going no where. In the meantime we need food from the scibes so that we can be in a position of not letting this ever happen again when the revolution happens, rather than insults.

  55. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Vince Musewe is right, Zimbabwe is a nation of well-educated village idiots and he is certainly one of the idiots!

    “I have much respect for what he has done and how, out of the millions of cowards, he put himself in harm’s way to challenge Mugabe. He deserves all the accolades and must be declared a national hero in his lifetime; we are tired of useless dead heroes being declared heroes only on Mugabe’s whim,” wrote our well educated idiots.

    Of all people I thought Musewe would not fall for the same stupid nonsense Zimbabweans have heard again and again from the likes of Mugabe. If heroism is a measure of how much one risked them Mugabe is miles ahead of Tsvangirai in that the former spent years in jail and then years fighting in the bush, he can list pages of comrades-in arms who died fighting and thus paying the ultimate price for freedom. All the “harm’s way” price Tsvangirai paid was a swollen face and a few days in jail.

    Besides, it is not how much Mugabe or Tsvangirai risked for freedom or democratic change respectively that is the issue here. The whole nation praises them all for whatever contribution they made to the high heaven before they assumed office in 1980 and 2009 respectively. We will give them both “national hero” status right now if that pleases you Musewe.

    What both men have been judged and found wanting on, which are the issues on hand, is what they have done to deliver freedom and liberty for Mugabe and democratic change for Tsvangirai.

    Tsvangirai had the majority in parliament, majority in cabinet and the support of SADC to ensure the agreed democratic reforms necessary for free and fair elections and lasting democratic change were implemented. He had five years to implement the reforms he failed to get even one reform implemented. The only logical explanation for his failure is that he was distracted by the trappings of power coupled by the fact that he is breathtakingly incompetent.

    Mugabe was able to blatantly rig the July 2013 elections because the reforms which would have stopped him doing so were never implemented.

    You are a very well educated man Vince but for someone with you education to fail to see Tsvangirai for the blundering incompetent village idiot he is even now with the benefit of hindsight will lead one to conclude that you are a village idiot yourself – obviously the good education has failed to have any effect on that.

  56. Wilbert Mukori says:

    You are a very well educated man Vince but for someone with you education to fail to see Tsvangirai, Biti, Mangoma, etc. for the blundering incompetent village idiots they are even now with the benefit of hindsight will lead one to conclude that you are a village idiot yourself – obviously the good education has failed to change that.

  57. Save says:

    The same manner i saw with my 2 eyes Biti et al selling us is the same i am seeing Vince, I used to praise Vince and admire such courage he posess bt today am happy to be an idiot whichc lakes courage of being a sellout……..

    Mr Vince Zimbabwe needs unity on removing ZPF not courage of derailing and delaying our Destiny there by forming poyitical paties wc are meant to distract our Targert

    • Petal says:

      Not only Zambia but the world OVER –
      Who messed up ZIM you need to ask yourselves
      Who is Zimbabwe looking after – NO ONE – perhaps except that ETHIOPIAN EX LEADER WHO IS BOBS FRIEND and the GADDAFFIs they bought some property here but it is all hush hush it will soon come out

  58. Petal says:

    zimbos have forgotten you were taking care of them before independence all Bob and Dumiso were in Zambia before independence and now they are forever feeding you with the maize grown by the former CAUCASIAN farmers from zim- ZIMBOS should be ashamed of themselves just a bragging lot like the MOTSWANAS NEXT DOOR whrever they go

  59. Petal says:

    The chefs are getting new posh Cars
    The children are failing to go to school because either they are orphans or the families are failing to make ends meet

  60. adalandoinda says:

    TSVANGIRAI has missed the opportunity to propel and invigorate the MDC when it enjoyed a high level of momentum.He should have handed BITI the baton as CEO and taken the elevated post of CHAIRMAN.
    BITI is currently being vindicated by the economic problems of ZIMBABWE and would have been able to capitalise in the present environment of meltdown with effective and concrete action backed by all members of the party.
    With all the disarray and general mistrust of current leaders,it will take time to generate the same levels of enthusiasm,strategies and appetite for change.

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