Ailing Mugabe filmed at sister’s memorial slumped on sofa

via Ailing Mugabe filmed at sister’s memorial slumped on sofa JANUARY 19, 2014

An ailing President Robert Mugabe has been filmed at State House during his late sister Bridget Mugabe’s memorial on Sunday, dispelling rumours swirling around that the 89 year old had died. Slumped in a sofa President Mugabe followed proceedings alongside his wife.

An ailing President Robert Mugabe has been filmed at State House during his late sister Bridget Mugabe’s memorial

The memorial was also attended by Vice-President Joice Mujuru, Minister of State in the President’s office Didymus Mutasa, Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa, a relative of the President, Defence Minister Sidney Sekeramayi, security service chiefs, Mashonaland Central governor Martin Dinha, businessman Philip Chiyangwa and a host of family members.

President Robert Mugabe’s only surviving sister Bridget died Sunday after almost four years in coma. She was 79. Bridget collapsed at the burial of her sister Sabina at the National Heroes Acre in 2010 and was admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Last month anonymous Facebook activist Baba Jukwa claimed Mugabe’s health had deteriorated and he had suffered a collapse.

According to state media reports Mugabe returned home Friday (11 January) from Singapore where he spent part of his annual leave. But to reinforce its story the Herald newspaper proceeded to use a fake picture.

The paper used a picture of Mugabe returning from the AU summit in Addis Ababa in January 2013. This continued to fuel speculation about the health of the Zanu PF leader who turns 90 next month and has been in power for nearly 34 years.

Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba, who is also the Permanent Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, insists Mugabe is well and completing his annual leave at his Borrowdale home. Vice President Joice Mujuru continues as Acting President until President Mugabe’s leave is over.




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28 comments on “Ailing Mugabe filmed at sister’s memorial slumped on sofa
  1. Mupurisa says:

    There is no doubt kuti kachirikufema, asi kamudhara aka kavapedyo nokuenda aka!! He should just join his sister so that they can leave together. He must go, so that we can pick up the pieces and rebuild our once beautiful & prosperous country – all of us.

    • Bhora says:

      Sir, I think you are dilusional if you think that the abscence of Bob will mean the presence of peace and prosperity. If our old man were to leave suddenly, it would spell the beginning of a political, social and economic crisis that would make a mockery of 2007 – 2008. Hate him or love him, he has a serious role to play in the formation of a prosperous and peaceful Zimbabwe. OUr opposition parties have let us down as they did not realize this when there was time. There will be untold suffering while people jostle for political power; there will be an increase in wanton looting of state resources. Things are bad now, but they will be terminally worse if he were to disappear. I pray to the Lord that he gives our president many more years of health so that we can iron out these differences and transition to the country that we all know we can be. God bless R.G Mugabe!

      • Mupurisa says:

        So what if he’s gone, there is going to be bloodshed anyway becoz ZANU does not have any other solution to the problems we face everyday – unemployment, selective application of the law, corruption, poor governance and NZARA!!! They rigged the elections but now on the economy they are completely and utterly clueless!! Right now tirikutambura zvakanyanyisa saka what’s new? Remember, this is a serving president we are talking about, not a retired one!! Time yake yavapedyo no matter what you say.

      • adam jones says:

        u are mad

      • Sam Spade says:

        Since 1980, everything about Zimbabwe has revolved around Mugabe and his desires. He “won’ the independence elections of 1980 by sending his “boys” into Matabeleland and threatening to cut the throats of anyone who didn’t vote for Comrade Mugabe. Then we saw Operation Gukurahundi, which resulted in the massacres of innocent people rural Ndebele between 1982 and 1987. Mugabe’s campaign of terror on the Ndebele people only ended when the Unity Accord was signed and the two political parties merged under the banner of ZANU-PF. He has stolen every election since that time, murdered and/or imprisoned political rivals, ordered his military and police to crack down brutally on opposition members and their supporters, driven away the most productive people in the country (farmers), rendered millions of blacks homeless and destitute, given away productive farms to political cronies and family members who let the land grow fallow and unworkable, reduced the Zimbabwean dollar to worthless toilet paper, and send four million Zimbabweans into exile – more than during the height of the Rhodesian bush war, and now relies on food aid to stem mass starvation in what was once the bread basket of Africa.

        When Bob dies, there will be a long, protracted, bloody struggle for power, and one that will reduce what is left of the country to ashes, making the “liberation” struggle of the 1970s look like a village squabble.

  2. Nyepudzayi says:

    Baba vanorwara ava. All is not well .

  3. Sekuru Mapenga says:

    The man must step down today.

  4. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Murimi said the old man is not dead,and that u would see him.
    “slumped” hey?Was he supposed to be up and about serving drinks?
    I say to my President,be in good health,I salute u ,sir!!

    • William Doctor says:

      @ murimi

      And I salute the grim reaper. You can see him in the background if you look closely comrade – closing in. Any day now, any day.

  5. Senzachena says:

    One less to worry about, roll on the day when the dog goes the same way! I will spit on his grave

  6. ike says:

    Where is the Mugabe in a freezer!? The old man is up and about. Some of you who wish him dead will sleep before him. There is a God in heaven who controls the affairs of men. Munofa nekurohwa vafana netuma uncircumcised Facebook twenyu!

    • LUCY says:

      @ Ike asi chii nhai kungofunga kuti zvibhakera ndozvinogadzirisa zvinhu? Since thousands have been beaten and had bones broken have the powers that be achieved in silencing the people? Sticks and stones have been proven ineffective as a means of settling scores time and time again.

  7. Backward fools says:

    Seeing as i have little to no good things to say about this man i can only wish him a speedy trip to hades so that our misery might be lifted. Oh and btw almost looks like his attending his own funeral in this vid. I feel like someone who is waiting for the imminent release of a new season of my favourite tv series, the excitement is palpable. As for murimi you too are indeed a clown, of course we expect to see him up and about energetically and vigorously serving drinks for if he can not do this simple task what more the important role of running a nation. Unless im mistaken the saying goes “empty vessels make the most noise” and you sir are much the same as our grain coffers, its because of backward thinkers like you that we find this nation in very much the same awkward position as the breathing corpse we see in the afore mentioned video, slumped! If you were educated enough to realize that without change there can be no progress you’d wish your grandfather a speedy passing lest he continue his obvious suffering and allow forward thinkers to inject younger more capable blood in to the fray and instill the winds of change that our beloved land deserves.

  8. mike paterson says:

    Let sleeping dogs lie!
    He is about as useful as a snake in a soccer match!

  9. chokwadi chinorwadza says:

    Hehehe blaz vachiri tii
    Ridiculous hw pple wish for the death of someone

  10. bingo wajakata says:

    Murimi nechikwambo chake, unenge akadyiswa naMugarbage

  11. gorongoza says:

    For 4 years they have been harvesting organ by organ from the poor sister. Mudhara rushed to take the last piece, cutting short his holiday as death was running after him. Now that the sister was left with not much, she had to be switched off the life saver, and the old man continues slumping and dozing off during the day…ndiko kupindana kwamazuva! The smell of death continue to follow him patiently like vulture.

  12. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Murimi, (your words -Isay to my president , be in good health )-Murimi do you admit today that he is not well , did you see his picture , Murimi don’t give a blind eye to this , our president is not well thats it .

    He is no longer fit to leader us , he can’t be creative anymore.

  13. Mwana waBaba naMai Jukwa says:

    Leave the old man alone his time shall surely come

  14. JOC says:

    Whether Bob dies sooner or later does not make much difference to Zims future. We have got to stop pointing fingers and blaming each other for the demise we find ourselves in. It is a waste of energy. We really need to fight against the things that are destroying our beautiful country and its amazing people. Those things are greed, corruption, self serving, lack of respect for people whether they be older or have different backgrounds or cultures. Lets not focus on bringing each other down but focus on building each other up. Do unto others as we would wish them do unto us!!

  15. NBS says:

    We don’t mind leaving him alone but for goodness sake let him retire. Why is it so shameful to step down due to ill health. It would be the most wise thing to do. Our nation is dying bit by painful bit and all the powers that be can do is give us a sad and pitiful video clip so that we can see who is who and where they are. Truly, I love my nation deeply but we have become a sorry excuse for anything that is mature and good in a country. What do these people think they are doing and what do they think they are trying to prove. I am greatly disgusted and deeply saddened. If I wasn’t part and parcel of Zimbabwe I would think I am watching a bad movie.

  16. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Can u guys just admit that the old man did a ddt on your aspirations?Jongwe is still ruling the roost.
    @Backward fools.Wow.Your name is a spot on description of yourself.I wasnt the one making the noise about Mugabe in a freezer.I simply stated,above the racaus,that Bob is alive.And here we are today.I am still laughing at the backward fools as promised.
    @Khaya.I know he is ok,u just cant expect him to have the health of a 70 year old.
    I told u Khaya that I will get you a Bob @ 90 t-shirt.You can wear it on top of your other red t-shirt.
    @Bingo.So u were also believing that mudhara was gone?
    Do u remember in the 80s when there were songs about LONG LIVE MUGABE?
    God granted your wish.Now u are crying.
    @NBS.True lets leave Bob alone.His time is not yet come.There is too much noise about him.
    Yes he will retire,at the end of his constitutional mandate

  17. Bona says:

    @ Murimi correct me if I am wrong . I think you lost your vision in the 80′s and all you are saying and writing is all hearsay. We are now 2014 . Ask your mum to give you an update on the current situation in Zimbabwe ,analyse it then post your comments.

  18. Backward fools says:

    Rotflmao tsk tsk, murimi you continue to express your ignorance, an educated person would realize the moniker ive chosen to use in this forum is a deliberate jab at zanoids, their supporters and leaders. Now that we’ve cleared the confushion surrounding my choice of name lets move on to the next contentious issue, i refer to you as an empty vessel because you have the audacity to make noise praising and saluting a sloth with the hopes that it will win a hundred metre dash. This video does not provide any proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he is alive and continues to draw breathe, all we have here is a video of a few people in an undisclosed room at an undisclosed location singing songs, for all we know it could have been made before he left the country. When you can provide me with a video showing him in a public setting to give credance to your claims only at such a junture will i concur that indeed the tyrant lives, and just for your own reference you’d be better served saluting a chimp quite literally for at least it can be trained to do something tangible for you.

  19. furedi says:

    These people are conning the whole country. If you google Sally Mugabe funeral you will see the same picture even same clothes.

  20. furedi says:

    Sorry that should have read Sabina not Sally.

  21. Fallenz says:

    Vengeance belongs to God, and Mugabe is on the verge of collecting his reward. Stop for a moment and contemplate just how terrible it is just to know you face an eternity of continuous unimaginable horror. For now, all of Mugabe’s pleasures are behind him. There’s no more enjoyment of the opulence his stolen money has bought. There’s no more sweetness in his revenge over his enemies. In his few lucid moments, there’s nothing but pain… and the knowledge that once he dies, it’ll only be worse.

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