Arrest Tsvangirai: Zanu PF

via Arrest Tsvangirai: Zanu PF – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba  1 APRIL 2014

President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF has called for the arrest of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, saying he wants to incite a rebellion against their leader.

Zanu PF was reacting to remarks made by Tsvangirai at a rally in Zhombe on Saturday, where the former prime minister said the country, whose economy is on a downward spiral, cannot be held captive by one man.

Rugare Gumbo, Zanu PF spokesperson, said Tsvangirai should be arrested for inciting mass action.

“He made subversive statements and the law must take its course,” Gumbo told the Daily News. “I am sure the police are aware of this and they will bring him to book. We cannot allow anarchy in the country. Anyone who makes subversive statements should be punished.”

The tough-talking Zanu PF spokesperson said Tsvangirai’s call for mass action was dangerous.

“He must be living in his own world,” Gumbo said. “The same people whom he wants to protest against Mugabe are the same people who voted overwhelmingly for him. So what makes him think that they are ready to join him in his ill-fated mission? Tsvangirai should stop daydreaming.”

Mugabe, who has been leader of Zimbabwe since 1980 was declared victor for his seventh term as president of Zimbabwe on August 3, amid allegations by the MDC of vote fraud. Tensions in the country were already high due to a troubled 2008 vote.

Charity Charamba, the police spokesperson, could not immediately comment on the matter as she was locked up in meetings, while the army spokesperson Overson Mugwisi referred questions to the police.

Tsvangirai said the country, whose economy is on a downward spiral, cannot be held captive by one man.

“We know that people are facing problems but Mugabe does not care,” Tsvangirai said as he pointed to company closures and subsequent employment losses.

“We will soon be mobilising Zimbabweans to take action. Zimbabweans cannot be held hostage by one man.”

The MDC leader said since Mugabe was the author of the current problems — that have worsened since last year’s general elections — he must be dragged to the negotiating table.

“We are now a basket case. Mugabe must be brought to the negotiating table, not by the MDC but rather by the masses of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Eldred Masunungure, a University of Zimbabwe political analyst, warned that Tsvangirai’s mass action strategy will fail.

“That is a very blunt instrument,” Masunungure told the Daily News. “There is no appetite from Zimbabweans for such. It’s a futile exercise. In fact it’s absolutely worthless. These demonstrations will not take the MDC and Zimbabwe anywhere.

“Demonstrations have been ineffective since 2003 and it is for this reason that ZCTU (Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions) abandoned the stayaways. People simply don’t respond to such calls.

“The final push didn’t fly. It was a flop. So Tsvangirai’s call is but a wish and nothing more. Zimbabweans are concerned about the politics of the belly and they are not ready to go into the streets and demonstrate.

“So for me, the mass action is a blocked route. It will not take anyone anywhere. More so, it comes so soon after the elections and I don’t think Mugabe is bothered by such threats.”

Masunungure said Tsvangirai should instead be concentrating on healing fissures in his party.

“What Tsvangirai needs to do is to first heal the party because there is a civil war in the MDC,” he said. “He needs to talk to the rebels and try to find common ground. From then on, he can appeal to the other side (Zanu PF) for engagement on national issues.

“For now, it is futile to be trying to extinguish fire at your neighbour’s house while your own house is on fire. You must look inside before you look outside.”


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57 comments on “Arrest Tsvangirai: Zanu PF
  1. apolitical says:

    Any person who incites violence belongs in jail and that is the end of it.

    • Lindy Lou says:

      Apolitical, Mugabe is the one who said “I have a degree in violence”.Did he not murder over thirty thousand Matabele’s. Did he not instruct his thugs to murder,rape and maim thousands of opposition supporters.Did he not plot to have many ZANU PF Members,who he thought were a threat to him and his evil ilk,murdered.
      Obvious to me that you, Apolitical,are one of his evil thugs but thank God your day is coming and very soon our beautiful Zimbabwe will be returned to the beautiful people who deserve to benefit from the fruits of the country and not just a couple of hundred despots. You make me sick.

      • timba says:

        How long is very soon, A million years??? Joker

      • apolitical says:

        Do you have any knowledge or evidence at all- NO
        Matebeleland was a set up by Phychological warfare in Pretoria organized by Ted Sutton- Price, their consultant on Zimbabwe, utilizing the same agents that were employed by Home Affairs to disrupt the freedom fighters – who were paid handsomely and walk around amongst you today, survivors probably buying them a drink.
        South AFRICA reasoned correctly that the average Zimbabwean would not be bright enough to investigate or research the event whioch from the above is true.

    • John Thomas says:

      Then arrest Mugabe first since he has degrees in violence by his own admission

    • Nzou says:

      Good move apolitical. That is exactly what Tsvangirai wants. So go ahead and arrest him so you can turn him into a martyr, go on!

      • apolitical says:

        Didn’t say its what he wants, its what he needs.
        Even if he got the death sentence he wouldn’t achieve martyrdom, he will still remain a fool.

    • NBS says:

      Please do us all a favour, Apol, and go back to bed and when you wake up again please get out of the right side of your bed. Maybe you should look inside of a bible and find out what God says about violence and then go back to the Gukurahundi, the murambasvina, the violent land seizures, the terrible picture that was 2008 elections and all the missing people, dams full of bodies, the torture chambers, the green bombers, the intimidation and oppression, the fear tactics, the continual threats from ZPF we live with every day. Have I made myself plain? Truly, will everyone on this site pray for Apol. I will and I do not say that lightly. I say that from the bottom of my heart.

      • timba says:

        Iwe verenga bhaibheri rako wega mhani iwe

      • apolitical says:

        Thank you, all we need now is for you to study, learn to research and try, against the odds, to gain common sense then, you will find the answer lies with truth and evidence, not propaganda, which is useless and, only appeals to those with limited IQ.

    • Mandy says:

      Ceasar would not have been a wolf if the Romans were not but sheep! You are now exposed as wolves in sheep skins apolitical and Masungure. Why do you talk about Tsvangirai all the time. If Mugabe is the leader of the country let him give answers to where the jobs have to, let him tell the nation why his boys are bleeding this country with corruption: let him tell the nation why the hospitals have run out of medicines; let him tell the nation why 1 million children have dropped out of school; let him tell the nation why civil servants cannot receive their salaries on time let alone the increment that he promised during elections. Zimbabweans want answers to these questions Now!
      Why rush to call for the arrest of Tsvangirai as if that would provide these answers. There is no incitement to talk about here Cde Gumbo Rerugare. Tsvangirai has called for dialogue to put food on the table of the ordinary Zimbabwean; to return all the children to schools; to revive the hospitals once again; and to end the cendemic corruption. Is that an offence!!!
      And to you Eldred Masungure, a prof of political science, who says mass action does not work haa!! We know SADC intervened on the back of mass action. We know Mugabe came to the table first with Hunzvi and later with the Tsvangiarai only on the back of mass action. So unless you are intellectual bankrupt how can you fail to find a correlation between mass action and those developments.

      • apolitical says:

        @Mandy-Read again slowly!!! The article was about Tsvangerai, best ask the journalist your question.
        That why his name came up in comments.

  2. Rudadiso says:

    You are so right Apolitical. What do you reckon should be done to those like Robert Mugabe who do more than incitice violence; they are actually perpetrators? I have Gukurahundi, Murambabtsvina and political violence in the run up to every election in mind.

    • apolitical says:

      it takes two to promote violence – as we comment the opposition violence is considered at the Hague.
      Problem was all human rights groups went under Roy Bennets lead from 2000 so withy propaganda all violence and murders were covered up by hunmman rights groups if thev finger pointed towards the opposition.
      Evifdence which is the key was put to the UNCR in Washington and is now with the Hague.
      Evidence is the key,not propaganda – no one goes to jail for propaganda only the journalist in some cases which is fair.
      To those wityhn half a brain , explain why since matebelreland Britain and the west haven’t persued matebeleland to the human rights courts and you must accept therede is no love lost for Mugabe by the west – its because unlike fools here they didn’t listen to propaganda journalists took the trouble to investigate and discovered the hidden agenda others, locally not even suspects.
      Thus Mugabe was exonerated by the west and the real culprits are known – it was decided by the west that if they promoted the evidence locally it may start a witch hunt as they are not very bright. Jack Straw raised it in the commons until he read the investigation reports and dropped it. Left him looking like the fools here who believe anything the read thinking its evidence because I read it.
      Mugabe is dying in hospital overseas was another headline story that some locals believed!
      There is a need for media control always has been but the journalists think they should have freedom to lie which protects the guilty by directing the investigation the wrong direction.
      Those in charge get to the stage where its such s job to jail journalists all the time, costs money and time -they say let the idiots believe what they want, its their fault thet are dim.

  3. Roving Ambassador says:

    I do remember some idiot saying the bullet is mightier than a pen. People were then beaten up and some killed. The idiot is still walking free.
    Treasonous malcontents.

  4. Talisto says:

    “Mass action ” does it means violence or peacefull demostrations. i think its a democratic strategy however taking note of the cowardish move thrreatening to put MRTsvangirai behind bars shows that the strategy of MDC may have a chance to drag Mr Mugabe to negotiating table. The reason they emphasise the idea that Mugabe n his zanupf won resoundly last year is because they want him to have an upper hand in any future negotiations as an election Winner.

  5. Nyoni says:

    Apolitical this is supposed to be a Democracy. Now you tell us is it.

    • apolitical says:

      Only when those who incite violence are jailed to protect the hard working law abiding citizens- that will be democracy.

  6. Madlanduna says:

    Yes arrest him that is what you were waiting for, you were twice by the mighty pen tried to silence him through accident, you ended up hiring Nikiv to rigge elections ,surprisingly somebody must be arrested for telling the truth but you are still walking the streets of Harare after looting our money , will repeat this , a baby crab will always walk side ways like its parents,

  7. Rock stone says:

    Apolitical don’t behave like a parasite ,,all those thugs who stole state funds ,where they arrested, the murders , whom we all know are are walking free out there .think before u scribble trash .

  8. thembani says:

    Arrest him, maybe this will wake him up and pressurise MDC to act.Mugabe needs to feel the wrath of the masses. The last time Zimbabwe reacted was under Gibson Sibanda’s charge as ZCTU president though Tsvangirai got the credit being from Zimbabwe,s royal Tribe.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      Thembani its u who is tribalist. But its like you are just wasting your time. Our main goal right now Ndebele or Shona is to remove Mugabe. Look at the support MDC Tsvangirayi has in Matebeleland. Its you who is lost.

    • apolitical says:

      @thembani There no MDC left just idiots, mal-contents and parasites.
      Rise up and go to jail indeed!
      Wrath of the handful, thus with common sense looked at their promises and how rich their former ministers became, how they for the first time think of themselves as usual asked for packages because they lost, how today those left in the councils refuse to take normal salaries.
      Only the very dim and easily conned believe in them

  9. Kubota Binga says:

    Rob, please leave Morgan alone, he is just seeking relevancy, thats all there is to it.
    Ignore him.

  10. Zen says:

    “Zimbabweans are concerned about the politics of the belly and they are not ready to go into the streets and demonstrate”. That is exactly the problem.Zimbabweans want their bellies to be full but they don’t want to confront the thief who’s stealing their food. They want someone else to sacrifice himself and they reap the benefits for free. That’s why Zim is in the mess it’s in and why it will remain in that mess.People get the government they deserve!

    • apolitical says:

      @Zen we have already confronted thec thief, he lost the election, remember, just a few left in councils fighting to keep their loot and the disgusting salaries they pay themselves.
      Jus a matter of time and we will get those crooks left.
      For the first time the news ,media talks of corruption – quiet whist the MDC were stealing.

  11. bafunda says:

    If zanu pf was voted into by the majority the gumbo has nothing to worry about. Why is he running scared? How many zanu pf politicians and soldiers threatened people with war if zanu pf was to lose a election? What happened to them. They got promoted.

    • apolitical says:

      No one is scared of Tsvangerai, we are worried that he is so stupid he might cause violence in which the innocent could be harmed – all who incite violence should get educated in jail.

    • gwabu says:

      that’s the correct observation of events. these masunungures are outright foolish. smith was more dreadful than Mugabe. nkomo didn’t want to engage the gun to liberate the country and sithole wanted the gun to liberate the country. its the leadership of tsvangirai which favours negotiating than war.

      you hear foolish zanoids think there are no external bases to allow for civil war. but look at Sudan and Syria. the war is fought within the country. there is no need for external bases. close by here in Mozambique renamo has threatened war and they have been listened to.

      chicha putika chete. ngazvirambe zvakadaro vanhu vachishupika nekushungurudzwa.

  12. Chaka says:

    Gumbo’s concerns show that they r insecure. The two thirds majority wd surely not take up to the street. Fellow Zimbabweans r aware of what Gumbo is trying to do.

  13. John Thomas says:

    If Tsvangirai is arrested this will be the best way for him to rehabilitate himself. The last time he was arrested and beaten did wonders for him politically. ZANU this would be a characteristic act of stupidity on your parts. Better just to shut up than be so stupid.

  14. Jenandebvu says:

    I m disappointed by 90 year mildred Masungunure, he can’t read and right. Why would Gumbo worry about a strategy that does not work?

  15. Chitova weGona says:

    Rugare gumbo is sick. How many times has mugabe,chihuri and others threatened to kill innocent people and have actually caused the deaths of many MDC supporters? Were they arrested? If the masses are not going to fight for what is rightfully theirs then let them suffer.

  16. Mixed Race says:

    @Apolitical-you have really let me down because I thought of you as a middle aged reasonable person with useful contributions to make to our country but your uttering above shows how misguided and naive you are.Why should an opposition leader be arrested for speaking out his mind when some people within the ruling party have done worse crimes than him?
    What have you done with the looters and corrupt CEOs who have brought the country into its knees by sabotaging the economy?This is high treason in any civilised country but a simple statement from MT expressing his frustration.Please grow up you useless so-called experienced politicians and so-called political science stooges.
    What will you achieve by arresting MT or even charge him with high treason as you carelessly claim due to your emotional attitudes.This will not improve our current economy or standing in the broader world of democracy.
    Democracy allows for different approach to any issues,particularly the opposition parties have the right to engage their own strategies provided NO violence is used,its up to the ruling party to counter wit the strategy WITHOUT using violence.No party should be allowed to use violence to achieve its goals,therefore the statement as it appears has not clarified the strategy to be used.So why these ZANU-PF personnel react so strongly if they know the masses are behind them.Why not wait and see what happens next before making a mountain from an ant hill?
    This explosive reaction clearly shows that the ruling party is always in a panicking state-but WHY? It can silence the opposition by just quickly improving the economy than wasting time arresting them.

    • apolitical says:

      @ Mixed Race- as we get older we get wiser, we realise that those who incite violence cost lives nainly of the innocent -m there fore its clear arrest them before the innocent die.
      Violence is never the answer, doesn’t achieve anything except death.
      It is generally those with little IQ who think they can gain through violence.
      You may recall a so called peaceful demonstration in the city centre where kiosks werec burnt with petrol, shops damaged and looted.
      When asked byb the BBC to explain on television the leader said he was not responsible, it was so successful he could be President.
      Thankfully today we still have POSA to protect our property – how were the owners of the shops guilty of anything or the kiosks, what right does anyone have to stir up this kind of thing destroying what others have worked for.
      Jail them before it happens, protect the public and right thinking people.
      Its not about politics as some have made it its about the duty to afford protection to us all.

  17. NBS says:

    Cos they know they didn’t win 2013. that is why they are panicking. God will not be mocked. God is a God of truth. God knows what happened 2002. he know what is in that report that the ANC refuses to release. He also knows what is in the 2008 report. God knows what happened with Nikuv and with ZEC and with the youth used to falsify, rig and intimidate. God was there when the dirty money changed hands and when men met in dark, secret places to hatch evil plans. ZPF have made the monumental mistake of thinking that God is deaf and doesn’t hear and is blind and doesn’t see and that their sin will not be judged. And judged it will be. It is past the time to repent!

  18. Ndizvo says:

    Lets wait and see.

  19. Mukanya says:

    What positive thinking do you expect from someone who spent time in a dungeon?

  20. mascara says:

    With all due respect to die hard MDC supporters,l think Morgan here wants to be arrested and thoroughly beaten like they once did so that he can go about flaunting his ugly,swollen face as a way to regain a fast diminishing relevance.My advice to Zanu pf is to live the fool alone…

    • NBS says:

      Mascara have you been arrested and beaten for the cause. Just wondering!

      • apolitical says:

        @NBS What cause do you mean, its certainly not religious.
        its about just retaliation for the disruption of the innocent right thinking people.
        The only cause thus far exposed by experience is further theft of public funds and the oppositions right to steal.
        Look still at those in councils refuse to reduce obscene salaries – your just cause?

  21. jobolinko says:

    yes all headmen who tell people to vote for zanu must be told to go and hang.

  22. Tau says:

    Nhai Rugare Gumbo zvichireva kuti zvamakatwa na Vharazipi hanunakuzviona Chiterera paaiti izvo kunaChair Man Svari ,hauna ringariya,hauna mashonja uri pasina zvako waireva imi ve ZANU PF because you can do what ever you went to do at anytime at any place even it means killing that is what you are killers.But you still blame those how gave you their currently to use in your country.What Tsvangirai is doing is telling the people what is actuary happening in Zimbabwe, yes it is gaining momentum falling down and until the rest of Zim road are dust road like those days of Nehanda them you smell the good air….Gumbo OR Gombo what ever thay call you you need to wake up.

    • apolitical says:

      @TAU there will always be those that don’t understand – truth is truth its not about inciting violence or a revolution.
      Think about it what I say is truth, because I promote peace.

  23. Toronga says:

    There,s agreat deal of sense in what T said. Negotiating in good faith is not sinister at all and no reason for arrest. Zimbos need to give it a chance. Unless we realize that negotiation can yield profound results, we are therefore doomed to dismally fail.

  24. Small axe says:

    Some people just don’t want to see. Some just see what they want to see. The scandals that are rocking Zanu pf are an elephant compared to the ant that rocks the opposition but you still have a man going on and on about the opposition and ignoring the biggest thieves of them all. The man talks about violence and forgets about the Matebeleland killings. The man talks about being peaceful and forgets his hero claims to have degrees in violence. Now he talks about low IQ when he was talking about no IQ until he was corrected that everybody has IQ. The man talks bad about people in the Diaspora and forgets that there are several hundreds if not thousands that are there on a Zanu ticket. They are even faking visas to get there. Just another fake….

    • apolitical says:

      @ little knife.
      Its not truec that all have IQ, some are iunfortunately born with a problem some have little IQ but an ability to memorise and get a degree at university. I attended a discussion with university proffessors ewho wquotedd students quoting an entire passage from a text book. Problem was it that whistb the hace a retenrtive memory they have no ability to use that knowledge.
      What was interesting was that the prof who was asked to validate overseas degrees for IEE was there too and commented about overseas degrees. The dean of the engineering faculty of Bristol UNI said if a student attends three lectures they pass him because how would it look diplomatically if we failed him and he will not use the degree in UK anyway. In Greece I spoke with a student studying to be a vet. he said all lectures are in Greek – it took him a year to understand Greek to learn the language. In Russia degrees are stamped not for use in Russia.
      This ids the reason for much of the problem with the countries infrastructure.
      In the end its one of the wests way of ensuring industry closes down because it will take years, a generation to get qualified engineers with ability back to fix the mess.

  25. jiji says:

    Arrest him or not it doesn’t change anything.No more diamonds to loot, no more salaries for civil servants.Buffoons always want to torture others.Ypu wont succeed.Arrest him and then we take arms, that’s for real

  26. Tiger Shona says:

    Small Axe said it!

  27. kutongwa nonjazi says:

    By the time you are in the middle of reading dongi’s comments, you will realise how confused the cockroach is. Washaya zvekuita here nhai iwe. I feel sorry for your wife and kids (if any). It’s obvious you don’t believe what you comment here kudefender musangano nekumanikidzwa. You don’t know how to get out of this cultish party called Zanu. I AM sorry to say this, God will give you all your dues nokuti He is just and in everything He judges by truth…the truth that you deny with no shame. I mean you all people who still defend evil for money

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