Biti refuses to go

via Biti refuses to go – DailyNews Live by Mugove Tafirenyika  1 MAY 2014

Tendai Biti and other rebels booted out of the MDC on Tuesday for attempting to stage a palace coup against MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai have refused to go, describing their expulsion as null and void.

Expelled deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, yesterday claimed his faction would drag Tsvangirai and other suspended party leaders to a tribunal where they would be charged.

“Whatever they have done is null and void,” Mangoma said. “We are going to effect the resolutions that were made by the proper national council at Mandel.”

The former Energy minister claimed Tsvangirai and his lieutenants had since been served with summons outlining various charges levelled against them.

Mangoma, who was flanked by his spokesperson Jacob Mafume and Last Maengahama, said his faction would not participate in the extraordinary congress scheduled for October, arguing Tsvangirai had no authority to call for such a meeting because he was suspended.

“As far as their congress is concerned, isn’t it strange that after making sure that he (Tsvangirai) has terrorised everyone who wanted to challenge him, he now says let us go to congress?

“Unfortunately, we will not go into any contestation whose outcome is predetermined,” he said.

Mangoma conceded that his faction had very few Members of Parliament (MPs) aligned to it, but claimed more would join them along the way.

Asked whether MPs did not believe that Biti, who has since written to Parliament to block their possible expulsion can save them, Mafume said “the attendance of MPs today (at Tsvangirai’s caucus) was a result of a margin of terror.”

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Institute has distanced itself from suggestions that they are part of donors funding the Biti rebels.

An official with the organisation, Isaac Maposa, yesterday said they never attended a meeting convened by the Biti group as was insinuated by the Tsvangirai-led MDC group.Biti refuses to go


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28 comments on “Biti refuses to go
  1. Sonofngwazi says:


  2. thembani says:

    Hold steady Biti.More MP,s will ser reason gradually. Tsvangirai is finished either way.Legally we are sound.

  3. Zibotshaniswe imisila zathelwi nhlabthi yeka zilumane,kade sistsho zingalaleli

  4. obert says:

    By them being labelled ‘rebels’ , Biti and team are on the minority side. Majority will always rule, at least in MDC, not in Zim as a country.Biti is lost. He made emotional decisions and lacked the calculative mind required in politics. That’s why the majority of mps are not supporting him. What’s wrong with going to congress. When Tsvangirai requested for an early congress, Biti was still SG, why didn’t he support that? Go and defend your friend Gono in court, he can teach you how to raise chicken too, join zanupf and get a farm, politically you are doomed.

  5. Accountant says:

    Enda unoita party yako Biti you think you are smart!

    • Kondo says:

      Hakuna party inonzi ndeyanhingi. Naiyo MDC haisi yaTsvangirai! Tsvangirai’s leadership (with blunders and miscalculations) has helped Zanu to stay in power. Zanu must love Tsvangirai.

  6. MPs and all those who have not seen that Tswangirai as he is and does now will never win whether by hook and crook from Zanupf a in Zimbabwe

  7. Mps and all those who have not yet seen that Tswangirai as he is and does now can never win from Zanupf whether by hook and crook are irrelevant to the people’s struggle for democracy and freedom in Zimbabwe. They can get all the money and the support from Mbare Youth who in fact just lost to Zanupf the truth is turmoil and suffering will continue until progressive forces destroy the politics of patronage now rampant in Zimbabwe. Biti and others should cast the net wider, do more consultations and demonstrate a commitment to democracy. They can shape the future. Tswangirai and Chamisa can never do that. Its game over for them.

  8. Maita kurima hamubviri says:

    what exactly has tsvangirai changed so as to win 2018??
    this is the right opportunity for the MDC to reform.
    like it or not 2018 you’ll be riggged again then wait patiently for 2023 then 2028?
    unfortunately Mdara may resign an time and if we get people like Gono, Mai Mujuru, Nhema, Mzembi

  9. Mahlaba says:

    Surely if Mangoma and his gang are the legitimate in MDC, why are they not at Harvest House? Can someone answer me?

    • Morris says:

      If Tsvangirai was the legitimate winner of the 2008 election why did he not take to the office of the president and move into state house? So your question Mr. Mahlaba proves nothing. I support no one because I am apolitical, I am just showing that you can’t use your logic above to prove legitimacy

  10. jobolinko says:

    Mdc tsvangirai will be stronger now without these idiots ,we now know why zanu helped themselves to victory ,its because of people like biti who were working with Welshman ,to them it was better for Robert mugabe rather win, than Tsvangirai ,this was the plan,let him lose and we takeover,Job Sikhala said it they were people going around in pubs talking bad about tsvangirai whilist they were working with him,its very hard when you have an enemy who eats and drinks with you every day ,VERNOMOUS SNAKE TENDAI BITI

  11. Michael Saruchera says:

    Mangoma is saying the other MPs will join along the way i also guess the other council members will join along the way.Biti is a Zanu Pf project.

  12. Zimbabwean says:

    Don`t leave Biti, noone else ever leaves, why should you

  13. Straight Shooter says:

    Biti should stand firm. Its about time this gukurahundi dictator Tsvangirayi is dealt with once and for all. This grassroots support nonsense has gone too much into his head.

    That is why he lost the 2013 elections; he has for all these years been behaving like he is already the President of Zim, when he actually is still a mere opposition leader.

    Biti must finish him off, otherwise Zim is doomed to have him as the next President. Welshman Ncube long saw through this thug – he is a typical Mugabe disguised as a democrat.

    Unfortunately the so-called grassroots are not always as well informed. The way they danced for Mugabe in the 1980s is the same way they are notoriously dancing for Tsvangirayi despite all his dictatorial tendencies.

    Tenday Biti – finish the street thug off – do it for democracy, please!!

    • Morris says:

      The reality of political life at least in Africa is that grassroots voters are ill informed. For progress to take hold grassroots support must be balanced with other factors. Imagine if Mandela did not step down claiming grassroots support which was huge!!!!!

    • Chitova weGona says:

      Crooked Shooter u just another tribalist. When did Morgan participate in the Gukurahundi? You are just bitter because your stupid Ncube us now in the political dustbins. If you like Biti just join the party he is going to form and you die disapponted because he is nothing to the very people who vote. Go and look after goats in Tsholotsho!

  14. Kondo says:

    With Tendai Biti we will complete the liberation of Zinbabwe and Zimbabweans. Stand firm Tendai! Do not let those who rely on thugs intimidate you.

  15. Chitova weGona says:

    “the attendance of MPs to Tsvangirai ‘s caucus meeting was a margin of error” I dont understand what this stupid lawyer Mafume is spewing. The truth is he and his cohorts are in denial that they took a wrong turn now they are surely lost. RIP fellas. Save will continue to flow!

  16. moyokumusha says:

    Morgan is more ZPF than Biti and that is why the MPs are backing Morgan, to look after their little perks and hope for some of the ZPF spoils. Come to your senses and represent the people of Zimbabwe, which is after all, your mandate. Tsvangirai has had his day and must go to allow for a formidable opposition.

  17. tino says:

    When you have Biti as aleader you know ZANU PF can sleep as they like.Morris, maybe you were still at pre-school when Tsvangirai won and the results were withheld for over a month.People can shout all sorts of things but real MDC will never have Biti standing in front of them, then run to a meeting with Gono.To say grassroots is ill informed is a statement from a drunk person.Dont stereotype people.Rural people know their survival and its skewed thinking to take them as nothing.Ask ZANU PF in Binga, Mwenezi.Those are some of the remote areas where ZANU thought they did not need to step in and contest.They were humiliated.The people have power, only ZANU PF doesn’t believe and respect people’s power s it manipulates elections.
    MDC will never listen to theories of Biti and his losers.These guys do not even know how to bond with the ordinary people,which I salute ZANU PF despite its political coercion.You cant stand up and talk about Milosevic at a rally in Mudzi,totally lost politically.You cant talk of exchange rate and monetary jagon to the masses.Just tell the people simple aspects to win their hearts.Unfortunately personal touch is not learned and practised, its a God given.Its so disturbing that the real issues are swept aside and focus is on scapegoats.While Mugabe takes the whole plane to Italy, Joyce Banda is selling presidential jet to feed the hungry.We need such kind of leaders, not leaders who upon winning elections, buy motor car magazines, just to choose the best car.Pathetic African system.
    At this point, no one knows about tomorrow.And a country whose future is unpredictable in a 2 year range or more is a risky investment destination.One day the Gods will smile upon us.

  18. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    THis “Crooked Shooter” is something else.
    An obvious agent of the ZANU idiots we are trying to remove from power.

    The thing is that our country is going down the tubes with Bob and Co. at the helm and all the Ncubes and Bitis of this world are trying to do is derail a mass movement against the mayham and destruction being perpetrated on our country by these morons in ZANU.
    The only movement that has a chance of persuading our fellow brothers in the security services to join us in the struggle.
    With them on our side, ZANU will be history.
    Might take some time but time is running out for ZANU.

  19. Papa Jose says:

    Biti is more toxic than any lethargic poison.He has always been a traitor and eyeing Morgan’s chair eversince he became the secretary.
    Good riddence.Now I can sleep well.

  20. @Ngoto Zimbwa wisdom from you. Keep your focus. We run out of ideas and here you come. Respect to you.

  21. kutongwa nonjazi says:

    Biti the idea that if u can’t have it, then lets destroy it is so dangerous and useless. There is still plenty of time to form a party with a different name, ( don’t forget what MDC-T stands for)…
    Don’t waste people’s time, start your party and we will come there.

  22. kutongwa nonjazi says:

    Biti………Kutsvaga pakapfumbira kuita muchekadzafa. If you were a better leader than MT, payakatanga party you were all there nema professor akazotitambudza…. You should have been voted leader of the MDC

  23. kutongwa nonjazi says:

    Mari yakaoma vakomana, Biti and company vakasotengwa be Zanu kare kare. This is no longer a secret.mari inechitema vakomana.

  24. Nodi says:

    Thembani, with ur Butu u said legally u are sound? Maybe because i am not a lawyer. What i really know is that politically u are quiet. Never start a project without enough resources. You will be like that man who went to defaecate and only realised that he had a 3cm tissue after he messed himself. This is equal to what u did. A political part is not like a law company which you initiate and people come to your services. A party is formed with and by the people. So dont expect many to come ooh. I have warned u. What a failed project. Chiuyaizve kuvanhu zvirikuitwa naanaMT tione mukasabva muchimhanya. You sold our struggle. Shame on u

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