Biti reveals Zanu PF links

By | June 6, 2014

via Biti reveals Zanu PF links – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba  6 JUNE 2014

Expelled MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti has revealed working with top Zanu PF officials, war veterans, nationalists and some unnamed rich and powerful nations in his bid to politically bury his ally-turned foe Morgan Tsvangirai.

The Daily News is in possession of a 58-minute-long audio recording, in which the former Finance minister, who is fronting the MDC Renewal Team, literally dangles a carrot to the MDC structures to back his project as he moves to form his own party.

In the stunning audio recorded in Dzivaresekwa in May during a meeting with his Renewal Project structures, Biti claims his pockets are deep enough to finance the project since he has the backing of foreigners.

In the recording, Biti says he is closely working in cahoots with some very senior officials in Zanu PF.

“Chechipiri vanamai munoziva kuti tirikuita mameetings anotyisa nevamwe vanhu vandisingagoni kutaura pano apa, pamwe murikunzwa muma newspapers kuti pane zvirikuitika (The second thing that I would like to tell you is that we are having meetings with people whose names I cannot mention here.”

“…some of the people fought during the liberation war when some of us were not even born, but today we are sitting together, saying are these the people we were frightened of.”)

Yesterday, Biti refused to comment on the matter saying, “party issues and those of properties will be discussed in due course.”

In the past Biti has denied colluding with Zanu PF to dislodge Tsvangirai and make sure he does not participate in the 2018 elections.

The combative politician has reportedly been working with Zanu PF and Western donors, who want Tsvangirai out for different reasons. Zanu PF do not want to take the risk of contesting Tsvangirai in the 2018 elections arguing that because of his popularity among the grassroots supporters, he might thrash them in the polls.

The donors claim to be fed up with Tsvangirai saying his love for women had damaged his reputation and having lost to Mugabe three times in the elections, they say he has nothing new to offer.

A dossier released to the Daily News in April also reveals in stunning detail how MDC rebels hatched a plan with some Zanu PF functionaries in 2012 to stymie Tsvangirai’s chances of winning elections.

Central to the strategy was financial sabotage, diversions of funds as well as political espionage.

Elton Mangoma, a key member of Biti’s Renewal Team, however, dismissed the dossier and wants to sue the Daily News for the exposure.

Biti’s recorded remarks, have however, further exposed the Renewal Team’s machinations as they reach out to Western donors and Zanu PF for support and legitimacy.

Revealing his project’s strategies, Biti said the International community had promised in 2012, that it would inject $4 billion into the Zimbabwean economy—on condition that Mugabe and Tsvangirai, who were in a coalition government, held free and fair elections.

He said he can still unlock the $4 billion and resuscitate the economy if his political project gains traction.

Biti told the meeting that the West was fully behind his splinter group.

He said the West is ready to channel resources through his party in order to sustain a caretaker government, which is inevitable due to the biting economic crisis. Ironically, Biti yesterday addressed a press conference where he called for the setting up of a caretaker government.

“Kune kwandakaendeswa kune imwe embassy ikoko takaita inonzi satellite video conference kuti munhu akagara kuNew York uyu akagara kunoku asi munoita kunge zvatakaita panapa, zvikanzi munenge  muri right, mari iyaya ichiriko, saka isu tozobetserawo caretaker government  kuti iwane mari vana vowana mabasa, because kumirira kuti tongai tiwone tichi suffer hazvina musoro. (I visited one of the embassies and had a video conference. They told me that the money is still there and we want to use it to help the caretaker government to create employment because to stand aside does not make sense.)

“We need to move this economy. Isusu tirikuti (we are saying) there should be a $4 billion dollar injection of money into this economy and mari yacho tinoiwana. (we will get the money).

Biti and Tsvangirai fell out after the party’s dismal loss to Zanu PF in last year’s general elections—and formerly parted ways in April this year.

Showing that there is no love lost between him and Tsvangirai, Biti said he is going to match Tsvangirai pound for pound by setting up parallel structures across the country.

“Way forward vanamai, zvishoma nezvishoma tirikuuumba chinhu chete.  Mastructure aitwe  pana chairman waGumbura (Tsvangirai) ngakuiswe chairman wedu handitika, kunasecretary waGumbura ngakuiswe wedu  tiite macomplete structures, from branch, to ward to district to province,” Biti said. (We need to set up structures. Where Tsvangirai has a chairman, we will deploy ours and where he has a secretary, we must also have our own.)

He added that he met with some of the African ambassadors assigned to Zimbabwe and they warmed up to his project.

“Tasangana nevanhu veku Tanzania, Botswana,  Ghana, DRC and South Africa vakati vakomana nevasikana maita basa magona maziva kuti rukuvhute rwenyu rwuri muno,” Biti said. (We met ambassadors from Tanzania, Botswana, DRC, Ghana and South Africa who all said we had all done well to form our own group.)

“Handisi kukunyeperai izvozvi titori pamberi we have met the ANC and we are done with them. They have told me kuti vanozondiendesa kuna number one mbune (South African President Jacob Zuma.) (I am telling the truth. We met the ANC and they promised to take us to their president ( Jacob Zuma).

“Ndichangotsvagawo chibhodhoro changu che whisky ndoti makorokoto president but nyaya yangu ndeiyi. Ma Zimbabweans tiri tega. (We will buy the president (Zuma) a bottle of whiskey and say please help us).


49 thoughts on “Biti reveals Zanu PF links

  1. Ruramai

    Rubbish! Why not up load the recording so we can listen for ourselves?

  2. BLM

    I thought you strongly claim that ZANU PF rigs elections whats gone different now, and they fear losing election to Tsvangirai?
    Your politics of personalities is fast losing taste in Africa. We expect better from daily news and support policies

  3. Heighho

    Caretaker govt from UK then zimbos will not have to fly to England for sanity. Better still Kay Bennett Cross form a council of wise men to administer the country without thoughts of mansions, cars, women, power, ego, self-enrichment ad nauseum

    1. Petal

      Hear hear Hear Form a council of wisemen not idiots. Do include Mr. Coltart on the council of wisemen including imbisa and Zimbabwe human Rights Lawyers

    1. Kevin Watson

      If you believe the drivel in the daily News you are very stupid. It is all rubbish planted by ZANU PF because Biti is the man they fear.

  4. Chaka

    So Biti is a bad leader. A leader does not lean on certain persons, nor phone around to get support. Tell us more about your motives so we can judge for ourselves. You can have lots of funding but still be stupid. We Zimbos have learnt a lot and will not be easily misled. Exactly what is your party all about?

    1. Kevin Watson

      If you believe the drivel in the Daily News you are very stupid. It is all rubbish planted by ZANU PF because Biti is the man they fear.

  5. Ngoto Zimbwa

    How can anyone work with zanu?
    Seriously speaking?

    These people are corrupt through and through, yet we have a former finance Minister coming out, so to speak, owning up to a bed-fellow relationship.

    This is a CIO operation and its a crying shame that a few fellow Zimbos have been duped.

    1. munzwa

      You ask how you work for zanu…. ask the MDC Councillors who crossed the floor and who in MDC is now supporting them!!!

    2. Kevin Watson

      Only a ZANU PF fool could write such rubbish because no sane half intelligent person could work with ZANU PF criminals.

      1. Zombi

        Whether you like it or not, there will always be a need to work with zanu pf. The military is zanu pf. They are probably more corrupt and insensitive than zanu pf, and weild more power. They are openly zanu pf. They have benefited from the deployments of the retired generals into structures in part of the zanu pf political patronage system. Any political transition will require compromise

  6. pati

    Politiians world over are all the same. They talk a lot. However, some deliver but the majority don’t. Even when they do, we should never trust them because politics is all about lying and scheming. If any of what Biti claims has any legs then time will tell. We should not waste our time speculating what may or may not become of Biti and gang. The most able will prove himself or herself. What we should not do however is to sit on our laurels and look up to these politicians for deliverance. At the very center of their enthusiasm is their selfish interest fed by their over bloated ego.

    1. muntu

      I just love your sentiments, exactly what I think . Anyway, in this era of technology, surely they can upload the audio and we make up our minds.

  7. zanupf fear me

    Never ever trust a lawyer playing politics. What does simba mako I have to say ?

  8. el calbrito

    People must check all articles of The Daily News about Biti and Tsvangirai. They are trying hard to discredit Biti. Why dont they upload the video for everyone to listen. I have a strong feeling they have a vendetta against Sipepa Nkomo who used to head The Daily News. Since Nkomo supports Biti they have embarked on a mission to discredit his Renewal team.
    So far all their articles about Biti have proved to be nothing but sensationalism. They must be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. Whoever believes these articles by The Daily News on Biti on face value just goes to show how shallow minded they are.

    1. Kevin Watson

      Anyone who believes the drivel in the daily News is very stupid. It is all rubbish planted by ZANU PF because Biti is the man they fear.

  9. Tjingababili

    You are gong the whiteMAN/ WELSHMAN WAY! MARK MY WORDS!

  10. Davy Mufirakureva

    Biti is now mad. GNU money corrupted him and he wants to be in government at all costs. Does he think zanu pf will agree to caretaker government. In zanu pf there are people who are as power hungry as Biti may be he is colluding with them.


    Ubiti luhlanya, yisihwaba, ulomhawu, ulamawala, ulamanga, NGUMTHENGISI…….!!!

    1. Straight Shooter

      Wena uyisithutha; usomlandela oyimpumputhe. uBiti ulungisa izinto before zonakale; wena usebenza ukulandela kuphela, ngoba ufuna kuphume uMgabe kuphela.

      Ukuthi, lo Mgabe makaphuma, kongenabani? onjani? awuku nakile lokho. Yibuthutha lobo. Thina kwaMthwakazi sikhathele ngamagukurahundi angazi lutho ngeDemocracy.

      Ahlabela iDemocracy mayidlisa bona kuphela – okwabanye hayi!!

  12. NBS

    You know I actually do not know what to say. If we had an election tomorrow there would be no one I would vote for. I am just blown away by Zimbabwe’s disgusting convoluted confused secretive deceitful politics. Is there no man that is honest, upfront and Godly in a nation that calls themselves Christian. may God himself expose everything and may the Lord raise up His own leader for this nation. This nation needs serious repentance. And that includes the church and ALL political leaders. How can you profess to be a Christian and go to church on Sunday and read your bibles? What a bunch of hypocrites we have become. may God have mercy

  13. Rwendo

    Looks like 2014 is turning out to be the year of exposés, schemes, counter-schemes, planted stories, allegations, speculation and just plain old rumours; be they be about ZANU PF or the MDCs.

    Its not yet clear where this latest one falls. The sooner these congresses are held the better for us all.

  14. NBS

    Where is God in all this? For a nation that calls itself Christian we are ripe for judgement. Repent Zimbabwe!

    1. Doctor do little

      NBS my friend I don’t think a nation can ever be Christian. Zimbabwe is blessed that they have a lot of people that practice Christianity. I had an argument with an English friend who said the problems in the world are caused by religion. My argument was that it was a lack of religion. We were both maybe wrong. Christianity is an individual thing that affects groups positively. This would be the definition:the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, or its beliefs and practices. How many in the so called christian world can claim to do that. We as Christians have a lot more to do at home to save these people.

  15. jobolinko

    The daily news can not be forced to avail the audio ,however when the time is right they will ,remember Biti is saying he will drag Tsvangirayi to a kangaroo court,all that has to be considered,no wonder some people thought biti was cio,if its true how can biti have secret meetings with zanu and war vets who support zanu,obviously with ncube,and some foreign powers,when people said its a zanu project other people did not believe it

  16. Doctor do little

    The problem is we help to shape how Zimbabwe Politicians operate. One of the many definitions of a politician goes as follows:a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles. So they win and then they work for themselves instead of working for those they promised to serve. They force the people to work for them instead of working for the people. That is where Zim VOTERS go wrong. We vote on Party lines. Zanu pf is being destroyed by this because of imposed candidates. MDC because it is obviously made up of people who were Zanu have had an almost similar situation.

    A Member of Parliament (MP) is the representative of the voters to a parliament. How many go into Parliament and actually talk about what we want. They go there to fight and insult each other. They go there to oppose weather good or bad legislation is proposed. It is time we voiced. Stop all this nonsense and listen to us. I have said that at this time and point I would vote for the better option. That still rings true for me.If a more solid option came by I would look and see how they react with the people. A good example was the late Sidney Malunga who took time to sit and have a drink of opaque beer with his constituents. During my time in London I had the opportunity to meet the councilor in my area to assist with getting my son into a school that the authorities said was full. He always made himself available on a Saturday for the people to talk to him one on one although you had to of course make an appointment. The MP in the area visited my doorstep at least twice in the year. If it was not him it was close aids. They also have stalls outside busy shopping centers on the weekend where they talk to the people. In Zimbabwe you go to rallies and get talked to and maybe brainwashed. We need to show these people that they are there to serve. Not themselves, THE PEOPLE.

  17. Msizeni Silwelani

    The mind boggles; £27 billion needed, Chinamasa; £4 billion can be unlocked, Biti; £3 billion needed to set the economic wheels on traction, Biti; Zimbabwe in £11 billion debt, can anyone explain how the figures above are intertwined were the liquid cash availed in seperate satchels. Please factor in the kleptocracy policy found in political parties.

  18. eraizo

    were is the zanu link, ,,,, coz plenty war veterans fought in the war but do not agree or support zanu

  19. el calbrito

    I never seize to be amazed by how naive the people who contribute to articles are. They just respond without thinking. I often wonder if they take time to study what they are responding to. If the Daily News were to allege that they have another video of Tsvangirai conspiring with Biti to destroy the opposition parties the same people will be the first to come out with guns blazing without thinking. No wonder Mugabe has duped us for the past 34 years. Wake up and smell the coffee. This article was manufactured in the Daily News offices. Dont stifle people who have good intention lest the blind fools like Tsvangirai will lead you astray.
    No one has answered my question yet. Can someone out there tell us what contribution Tsvangirai made during the GNU government? Give us his positive contribution besides saying he is popular with the people. His popularity might unseat ZANU PF then what. Does he have the capacity to turn around the economy. If so explain so some of us may follow him.

  20. Doctor do little

    el calbrito Come on now. We comment here on the articles that are posted here. Given a barometer I have been reading here for years and I would say that the news has been above 80% accurate. That is why I don’t spend all my time reading the Herald on line. ON THIS WEBSITE THERE IS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE.

    1. Dube

      Doc there is a lot of smoke… many smokes in fact..meaning there are lots of fires UP ZIMBABWE SIT.

  21. Isu Zvedu

    el calbrito, let me try to answer the questions you raised. You will never see Mugabe holding a shovel like Mussolini did, to fill in a pothole on his street next to his house. Even worse, you will not see Mugabe visiting victims of floods, something most leaders do when disaster strikes. Instead, you saw him visit the pope during the so-called canonisation -whatever its meaning, at a time those victims were scavenging for survival. I can go on and on….Mugabe, the Commander-In-Chief, the all-rounder is nowhere near the bread and butter issues of the common man. He is a visitor-a virtual visitor to issues we cry about on daily basis. And we count it joy if he remembers there are “totemless” people living in squalid Matapi. He does not even remember what he said during the time the UN under Tibaijiku tried to help after he razed 700,000 homes to the ground in chilly June. After reminding you about what people with real power did over the years, I think I need to invite you to the daily reports about Tsvangirai when he was prime minister “without power”. And yes its so public knowledge and well documented almost every day when he was in “office”. My hope is that you were alive and kicking during this time and you could read to refresh your memory. I mean,its useless if I told you what he “did” during the GNU period, you can do better by reading even from the Herald. I better warn you though, Tsvangirai too was not to be found herding cattle in Bhuhera so that you could put it on record,he did something during that time. I hope I answered your question.

  22. Isu Zvedu

    The Daily News was once bombed, let me remind you and Jonathan Moyo had something to do with it-public knowledge, lest we forget.

    Many people have threatened the Daily News on “false” publications and where the journalists and editors made mistakes, they were quick to retract and apologise. If this article, is a “cookup” in the Daily News newsroom, I am sure that Biti, doubling as a lawyer and a victim of character assassination, has found gold pilled inside his mailbox, already pure and ready for his bank. Therefore, those claiming this is false, must think twice.

  23. Doctor do little

    Isu Zvedu Very passionate comment. I respect that. Please continue with your passion. You are Zimbabwean and you are right.

  24. Hutu

    WE SAID THAT WE WERE IN THERE. All I need to say is that the POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS. Zim Sit THANK YOU (from the people)

  25. Tongoona

    Biti is a turncoat and a cameleon. Don’t take him serious. He cannot blame Tsvangirai when he is much to blame for trying to destroy his own party. So far he has no political party to talk about except saying that he has a project. Come out in the open Biti. One time you are MDC-T and the next you are ZANU PF and moments later you are one of the Renewal Team. Where exactly do you stand?

  26. Gomogranny

    Biti is as much a womanising glutton as any of the other sorry lot of Polticians we have been blighted with.
    We need to fix our country without their talk, bluster, egos and COSTS……. every Zimbabwean get on with it. We cannot afford them – they have only themselves to blame for their redundancies. Give them and their “PROTOCOLS” the middle finger.

  27. Chirutanga

    Biti,Zimbabwe haungaitongi nemadzanabwanana auri kuita aya.Think Again and swallow your pride and rejoin THE peoples Party led by Morgan Tsvangirai.Wazvirasisa iwe.

  28. Straight Shooter

    Biti is very right. We dont want Tswangirayi and we dont want gukurahundi Mugabe. They both must go!!


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