Job Sikhala spot on; seem we are getting some traction eventually

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Job Sikhala spot on; seem we are getting some traction eventually by Zanda Shumba 05 April 2014

I fully support Job Sikhala’s position and utterances of a possible way forward. That’s true and fearless leadership. Zimbabweans missed such kind of leadership and direction for a long time. The old and frail Robert Mugabe should be tackled head on. We Zimbabweans cannot afford to look whilst looking at the Zanu Pf caused decay. Yes this is time to dig trenches and fight and defend our freedom and survival. If we don’t resist we will face annihilation at the hands of Zanu Pf.

We people now have seen that Zanu Pf controlled and masterminded all the foregone elections and there is no way the opposition going to win if Zanu pf contends and referee at the same time. It therefore leaves only one option for the suffering masses, peaceful protests: The Ukraine way of change of government.

There is sufficient evidence that Zanu Pf has completely failed even though it tenaciously failed to deliver. There is no more time for Zanu Pf. Look around and you see corruption, poor service delivery.  Civil servants, lower rank police, soldiers and prison staff are very poorly remunerated.  Mugabe himself has sanctioned corruption by his reluctance to deal with his highly corrupt officials. Because of this corruption is way out of control. He is tired and now only waiting to die.  When Zanu Pf consorted among itself to rig elections, the result is that Zanu Pf officials now see corruption as a way of life. As a result we are now being ruled by thugs, Mugabe being thug number one. Let’s not beat about the bushes anymore. People of Zimbabwe and Sikhala have come to realise that the shocking reality that elections will never be an effective means to bring about a desired government. Mugabe is old and waiting to die, his family already rich. He does not care anymore about the future of Zimbabwe. Other Zanu Pf thugs attitude given this is, loot all the best you can while the sun shines.

In majority of Sub Sahara African region it is impossible to unseat liberation movement party’s incumbent governments.  LMP governments have turned out to be unfeeling, self-serving and. LMP officials have accumulated immense wealth while the general people have remained in unimaginable poverty. LMPs have remained in power for decades in several African countries through sophisticated and shameful manipulation of the voting processes. In these countries control of their respective judiciaries has also been a key to their “election victories”.  This has happened in Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi to name just a few.

In Zimbabwe, since 1980, the army, CIO, the police and Zanu Pf youths keep vigilance and tight control over the entire voting process. Zanu Pf prints and distributes the ballot papers. Zanu Pf carries out the voter registration.  Mugabe and Zanu Pf choses who and who shouldn’t monitor the elections. Mugabe himself selects and appoints the Zimbabwe Election Council. The ZEC officials then conduct the election under tight scrutiny and guidance of the Zanu Pf loyal security forces. Above all this Zanu Pf controls the principal information dissemination agencies ( ZBC, Herald, Sunday Mail) and effectively uses these to threaten the opposition and the general people in a bid to sway  and manipulate the election in its favour. How then will Zanu Pf ever lose?  There is no other way for the people expect to use protests and industrial action to be heard. This the only way left. This is the only language left that Mugabe and his evil Zanu Pf will understand. If people will not go this way, Zanu Pf will continue looting, infrastructure dilapidation will continue, the economy will continue on its downward spiral and service delivery will soon vanish. Going to the ballot is like using foreign language to Zanu Pf, it doesn’t hear it.

Columinst and commenters may continue to and have nagged Zanu Pf through their articles, but Zanu Pf pirates, whilst busy looting and deep rooted in pride, have inserted logs into their ears and have largely grown deeply arrogant. So people being the rightful owners of the country, have to find other avenues of reaching out to these uncaring selfish Zanu Pf looters. Job Sikhala is therefore using the correct language, and Mugabe who has degrees in violence is the only language he can hear and appreciate. Protests against poor or neo non-service delivery, tyranny, economic mismanagement and disgusting corruption are long overdue. Unless if Zimbabweans don’t feel the pain. But they do. MDC formations and the civil society kept trying ineffective and failed strategy of going to the ballot over and over again. With Zanu Pf maintaining a tight control over every other state machinery, the seemingly foolish opposition may even maintain the same strategy until 2100AD.

The essence of a city or country is for people to come together to see that public utilities are sustained and or improved. People in a city should therefore act as one to make sure that service delivery does not diminish or stop. Otherwise people should go back to the bush, and each dig own water well, scrounge for own medical herbs, cut trees for fire wood and clear own walking or driving tracks. To live in a city and fail to defend the forthcoming of necessary public service delivery, that is utter stupidity. The people in Zimbabwe will create and enjoy the service delivery. If they hire a government that does not want to deliver these services or is unable to, then they should fire that government, through any means necessary.

In Ukraine combined and determined effort by citizen yielded positive results. Ukranians were tired of government official’s corruption and general fiscal mismanagement. The same conditions exist in in Zimbabwe today and the Zimbabwean should not merely look on. Change does not happen on its own. It has to be caused. The only fear we may have in Zimbabwe is that Mr Jacob Zuma or SADC may send some soldiers to annex some part of our country, just as a way to put some spanners in our inherent right to fight and gain our much endeared freedom- freedom which we never had since “independence” in 1980.  Russia is too preoccupied with the ramifications of its cruel, criminal and unjustified occupation of Crimea, so Zanu pf hopes of getting help from the Kremlin is close to Zero.

Sometime Zimbabweans waited and hoped SADC would resolve the political crisis in Zimbabwe expeditiously, but South Africa, benefitting economically because of the resulting economic crisis, instead behaved like a vulture feasting on a dead carcass. The EU also is not to be counted on. Feeling outpaced by the Chinese and Arabs in purchasing cheap diamonds from Zimbabwe’s corrupt Zanu Pf officials, the EU seems impatient and seems to be mulling lifting the targeted sanctions imposed on Zanu Pf economic criminals and human rights abusers. The ultimate aim of the EU may seem to join the Marange diamond race alongside the unethical Chinese. The EU will stand to lose its much integrity if it is to behave as greedly as to sacrifice important principles for transient corrupt gains. We also now see an undecided EU, divided over how to deal with the Kremlin over the Crimean crisis.

However the US, though hated by many rogue governments, has steadfastly stood by its principles and has recently not shown any vestiges of budging. The targeted sanctions have recently proved to be a thorn in the flesh for Mugabe and Grace who are keen to go shopping in western countries using ill-gotten money. There are other governments also who have remained faithful to the Zimbabwean people’ cause, e.g. Australia and Britain. But largely it remains on the shoulder of the Zimbabwean, to continue bearing or to break the Zanu Pf yoke of oppression. We should never rely on the African Union either. It is merely a body of African Head of states and represents solely the interests of the head of states. The AU does not seem to care about the African. Its real name should be African head of states support Union.

The disgruntlement in Zimbabwe  is widespread; sadly elections will never address this injustice. The Zimbabwean should surely protest against this abuse and should protest towards the consummation of his freedom. Freedom will gain more freedom and the progeny of this freedom will be democracy. WOZA women have been in and out of jail several times and the generality of us have let them down by not supporting their cause. As far as I am concerned, the WOZA women are the only men in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean, have a march to your freedom. If Job Sikhala mulls this, he is hitting the bulls eye..
The time is now and there is simply no other way out of the Zimbabwean political crisis. The formula is industrial action coupled with protest, then transitional government, and ultimately very   transparent elections monitored by all who care about the Zimbabwean and not handpicked by Mugabe.

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36 comments on “Job Sikhala spot on; seem we are getting some traction eventually
  1. Smart Talk says:

    100% behind you!!! When should we start? Do you think with the 80% of people unemployed we will fail, NEVER. Ngachitsve. Bwaaaaa!!!!!

  2. Tsuro Magen'a says:

    I concur..they will never agree to a United Nations supervised elections, which ushered them into power..under the pretext we are a sovereign state.

    Remember most of these thugs who went to war “liberate” us were criminals, school drop outs, “pregnated girl elopees”, soldier children abducted from school.

    It is a Mafia(Virus) now occupying(infecting) every part of the country system…GMB, Judiciary, Police, Media, Education, our mines, agriculture etc.

    Forget ever disinfecting our once beautiful nation from this virus through voting. Election is only a name to tell the world we are “democratic”. At heart they are North Korea and they will continue having landslides like Saddam.

    Genuine Toyi toyi has to start now, or else we are doomed as a nation…the solution is not running away to other countries and continue paper analysis. Our future as a nation is in our hands…not in MDC, SADC, EU….next time lets join WOZA

    • Zvichapera says:

      Very true. The only people that can bring about positive change in this country are, We the people of Zimbabwe. Elections in Zimbabwe will never be free with the current set up
      It is a waste of time going to elections. Mass protests are possibly the only way forward to paralyze this mafia cabal

  3. Nyoni says:

    YES WOZA ARE THE MEN OF ZIMBABWE . The men of Zimbabwe have one disease. ANÐ THATS CALLED THE COWARDICE!

  4. Thembani says:

    I like Job’s enthusiusm, but what made him leave MDC has not changed.The dictator leader Morgan has become worse than he was before you left.He is still a slow moving snail with no directions.Your radical position will get you into a collision with Morgan.

  5. Chiwaridza says:

    For the first time i see the right language been spoken in this forum. The only way to unseat this bunch of murderers and thieves is to carry out the industrial action spoken of above. You will not believe how quickly these rats will leave the ship and run. Why are we waiting.. the talking is over … get this together asap.

    • apolitical says:

      There is a serious need for police to use live rounds against rabid dogs who want violence to save innocent right thinking hard working citizens against those, that were not brought up to respect the law and given a smacked bottom by their parents.

  6. John Thomas says:

    One does not even have to be brave. Simply withdraw co-operation bit by bit until there is none. They will fall

  7. Chaka says:

    Spoton. Lets start now

  8. Tugamba says:

    Fear is not an option, You can count on ZUNDE. They are the men. Visit

    • NBS says:

      Fear is not an option. I like that. I want to encourage my fellow Zimbabweans today in our fight for justice and righteousness. Behind every great battle are the prayer warriors through whom God’s hand is moved. For those of us who pray and also other let us remember that when that great General Montgomery prepared his troop for that epic battle of El Alamein he prayed first, ” Today lord we commit this battle into Your hands. ” let us do that for the battle is the Lord’s and He will direct the troop and subdue the enemy. Be encouraged. Fear is of the devil and may the Lord strike down that Spirit of fear in Zimbabwe today.

  9. apolitical says:

    @Job Sikhala- Anyone who incites violence should be jailed!!! To protect the right thinking hard working people of Zimbabwe.
    There is a clear need for serious media control – even in the west journalists who promoted violent anti government protest would be arrested and prosecuted.
    Even when outside Zimbabwe it is easy to make complaint and have them brought back to Zimbabwe. They offend western media laws as well.
    Those who think the Ukraine rebels won watch the country disintegrate. Already their imposed government starts to crumble and the country has got economically worse and smaller, due to Russia giving the west an example of democracy as happened in Zimbabwe.

    • Tiger Shona says:

      Apolitical, all you are trying to do is to discourage people from effecting change, so that you can continue benefitting from Zanu PF’s system of corruption.
      The country is in a dreadful state and you are defending that??

    • NBS says:

      Apol who said job was inciting violence. No where do I read that or sense that. Zimbabwe is simply unacceptable now to the average citizen and we do not condone the last elections nor the ones before or the way ZPF runs the nation. Are you blind or is someone paying you a lot? We care about our nation and there fore we care about you. en your eyes and see the truth. Millions are suffering. Wake up!

    • Zeezee says:

      Blah blah blah….

  10. peterkumusha says:

    the question is how do you mobilise the masses under this current dictatorship i wouldnt want to sacrifice myself and eventually no change happens lets go to the streets and fight people for our sake and our childrens future

  11. jondo says:

    Zim is in dis mess bcoz most Zimbos shot all those leaders who wnna fight for change instead of giving dem maximum support

  12. Mandy says:

    Ceasar would not have been wolf if the Romans were not but sheep! However, this does not mean it will be a walk over. But the people of Zimbabwe must first accept that:
    1. God will only help those who help themselves. If we go to church and expect that only through prayer will Zimbabwe change then we do not have faith. Instead we must act our prayers for the Zimbabwe we want to obtain. We cannot expect Americans or the british to lose their lives for us whilst we pledge fear. God is a God of the American and british life that we want sacrificed for us. This is our hour of Nineveh and we must act.
    2. it is estimated that 500 000 people will die of starvation this year alone in Zimbabwe. Next year it will be worse. do not imagine that the one of who is going to die of starvation is your neighbor because God’s way is very strange. It will be you with a fat bank account and many provisions in stock. Just a few weeks ago my relatives were telling me about their neighbor’s field that was engulfed by fire and burnt all the maize on it. Yet if we go by the thinking we have then this neighbor was going to survive the year of this yield. The people who are going to die from this starvation is not your next door neighbor but can be you. In any case the point here is that even if the army were to fight on the side of the dictator they cannot possibly kill as many people as this hunger will exterminate.
    3. victory is certain

  13. SADC says:

    We must stand up and fight this menace that calls itself ZANU masquerading as our government. We can not be held ransom by a bunch of hooligans that cares only for their skin. There is rampant corruption, police do what they want, the ministers take what they want and even white guy force us to take harmful fuels in our cars.
    I am puzzled that us civilians can not unite when some traffic cops cause an accident and a poor fellow is harmed, we can not unite to tackle a government that allows someone to earn $250 000 when the same government can not pay bursaries for it’s students in Cuba, Russia, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria. Why are we so dump! It’s time for action, I for one would want to be in the first line as we all much to the state house.
    Make a website, advertise on facebook, twitter wherever, tiunganidzei varume and see if we won’t rally with you. We are now sick and tired with this kind of living.

  14. NBS says:

    Now is the time to stand together. let us stop criticising one another. there should be tow unifying points: first and foremost God Himself in Christ Jesus and then our nation of Zimbabwe. Forget about ideaologies and the things we as humans make up and fight over. They can be sorted later.

  15. SADC says:

    SO MR EDITOR YOU MUST TO IT THAT MR SIKHALA KNOWS THAT WE ARE FOR HIS IDEA AND HE SHOULD ACT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE WE ARE JUST WAITING FOR THE WORD ‘GO’. Taneta nenhamo iyi! Kushaya magetsi, mvura, mushonga, migwagwa yakaipa, mishonga haimo,zvikoro. Hey the bad staff in this country is just too much.

  16. job job job good please as said above we should have a website so that all will be connected quickly titange kumamisa vanhu

  17. I am not the one! says:

    great idea.. stand up and be counted and topple the govt. But, dont come whining when you get shot, jailed, tortured and disappear. Dont moan when the rest of the world does not come rushing with aid and dont whine when you end up in a cesspool of greater proportions than now.
    Show some cajunas for once and, as pointed out, stop blaming each other and stop the idiotic practice of destroying what others have built through a concept strange to Zimbabweans, hard work and honesty.
    Stop the gullible practice of allowing yourselves to be bought of with a coke, T shirt or sack of mealie meal. Develop some level of innovation, thought, community spirit, integrity, honesty and accountability… although I for one am not holding my breath!

  18. E.m says:

    I wuld like to thank everyone in support of this idea.Personally i’m outside the country and i haven’t been home 4 a long time bcoz i cant afford the busfare.But if ever this plan succeed i really want to assure u that i wil sacrifice everything to get there.

  19. jobolinko says:

    stupid apolitica

  20. Saddened says:

    In support of Job Sakala’s proposal I would like to add that we have in fact given this band of thugs & thieves who pretend to a political party by paying for services we have often not received. We pay municipal rates for substandard or for services we don’t receive. We pay income tax so that these people can corruptly overpay themselves & nothing is done to them. So simply put, don’t pay for what you don’t receive.

  21. Gondobwe says:


  22. Jonathan Kaseke Wekwa Murewa says:

    Zimbos will never rise up, mark my words.

  23. Zindoga says:

    Bioti and Renewal Team see what man does Job is the Job i say Keep It Up Bro.Organise day night you have our Support

  24. japananga says:

    I am in it. Ndoda kutoenda kujeri kwacho ini. When can we start the demos? Mapurisa haangaurayi tese. I AM IN!!!!@@

  25. ndaizviziva says:

    nhengure showed the all e animal & birds that e owl actualy ddnt ve e horns zanu is at its weakest point they wont survive for a mnth tikachiputisa

  26. Abbu says:

    I agree elections will never bring e intended results. That’s where I blame MT kuti he wasted time in e gnu achitadza kuona kuti all agreed reforms are implemented b4 elections. He shd have insisted on e constitution kuti itange yashanda then elections latter. Kana chero dai zanu yaiita yega zvakange zvisina basa cos obviously the results were not going to be recognized internationally

  27. disgruntled says:

    It is high time we take this war to the streets. U can not even afford to take care of amai vako vakakuzvara vakakuchengeta. No savings in this country no pensions nothing. Munhu plans to retire aneka business instead of retiring and enjoying your pension. No manufacturing industry just imports which cost more. Our kids have no future none at all. Madegree arikutrngesa ma juice card muroad mangani. Churches are robbing desperate pple. Musadaro vanhu lets rise and make a new change. Anamai vedu vakaenda kuhondo vasina kana chikoro but they fought the white man. What morr of thr educated wats wrong with us. Education yabva yatipusisa kudai here. Strive Masiyiiwa fought this government to get a liscence to start a business isu to tadza nei. Tichasiira vana vedu chii. Look at number of pple jumping borders is that ok. That gvt now wants that money yema border jumper to finance them. Enough is enough guys lets unite and move forward

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