Bob to skip summit, not bothered says EU

via Bob to skip summit, not bothered says EU  28/03/2014

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will not attend a European Union-Africa summit next week if his wife is denied a visa to travel with him, his spokesman said on Friday.

Mugabe, 90, and his wife Grace are subject to travel bans by the EU because of allegations about human rights abuses and election-rigging but the union allowed Zimbabwe’s sole ruler to attend the meeting after pressure from the African Union.

The two-day summit starts on April 2 in Brussels.

“We are sovereign and equals and the EU cannot decide on our delegations. The president, and Zimbabwe will not be there if they continue to hold out on the visa,” Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba said.

EU ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’Ariccia told a local radio station on Friday the bloc had not given a visa to Grace because there was no program for wives of presidents and there was no need for her to attend.

“We have been discussing this for some time. We have reached agreement and Zimbabwe has been invited but no spouses have been invited,” the EU official said.

Dell’Ariccia, said when Zimbabwe asked for a visa for Mugabe’s wife “they were told she should apply through the normal channels”.

“The EU is just following it’s legal framework and there can’t be any movement from that position,” said Dell’Ariccia.

Harare on Friday urged other African Union members to shun the summit.

But diplomats in Brussels say they are unfazed by the boycott call.

“We see no risk” of a boycott of the April 2-3 summit, which gathers 90 nations from both continents, including 65 heads of state and government, said a senior official speaking on condition of anonymity.

Mugabe, 90, and his wife Grace are subject to travel bans by the EU because of alleged human rights abuses and election-rigging.

The travel ban on Mugabe and his wife can be suspended temporarily to allow him to attend international forums.

But EU officials say no presidential spouses will be invited to the 2-3 April summit.

Charamba said the EU’s decision was “very strange”.

“What God has put together the EU is trying to separate,” Charamba said in the state-controlled Herald newspaper.

“Do they expect the president to respect the EU and disrespect his own marriage?”

Zimbabwe is also unhappy that Sudan has not been invited to the gathering, especially when Egypt – which has been suspended from the African Union (AU) – has been asked.

The gathering brings together 90 countries from Europe and Africa, including 65 heads of state and government.


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41 comments on “Bob to skip summit, not bothered says EU
  1. thembani says:

    Zimbabwean economic interest are not as impotant as Grace going to this summit.This is a disGrace.

  2. Chaka says:

    Unfortunately, rules r rules. The EU sticks to its rules. Zimbabwe loses because of Grace.

    • DL says:

      Zimbabwe doesn’t follow the rules. There is no rule of law in Zimbabwe, so Mugabe and Zimbabwe expects that there is no rule of law elsewhere. When they have to deal with rules that they have not created they freak out because they cannot controle them. The country will never progress so long as ZANU-PF think they are better, and they will never admit that they are losers – even though they are.

  3. Jan says:

    mugabe will not be missed at the EU summit. mugabe you refused to let the EU observe the July 31, election. That was your right. Likewise, the EU have the can refuse to issue disgrace-ooops!! grace a travel visa. Thats their right.sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander too. Enjoy!!!!

  4. John Thomas says:

    Wel uncle Robert, as you can see, everybody does not love you.

  5. soko says:

    Come on bob, this is a man’s business, you don’t have to go with yur wife everywhere. Just leave her behind and move on with life. Attend the meeting without her, no sweat nee?

  6. Doris says:

    Yippee!!!! “That worked”!!! We’ll try that again the next time we don’t want Mugabe at our meetings!

  7. bafunda says:

    If indeed we are equals when then does a certain dictator then feel he is more important than others? No spouse has been invited. Why should this feel the need to take his?

    When the country is burning we busy discussing a certain individual. Where are our priorities?

  8. roving ambassador. says:

    A certain individual is bent on burning the whole nation before he dies. How unfortunate.

  9. Jogo Bonita says:

    Yeah! You stay home and sort out your mess rather than gallivanting around the world.Go Tokwe-Mukosi instead.

  10. NBS says:

    Just who does he think he is: and Madam disgrace???The world does not revolve around the Mugabe’s and the sun does not rise and set in Zimbabwe because of RGM. What are they thinking? No man is indispensable only the Lord God Himself. RGM should be swotting for his finals but instead he just dogs his pit deeper and deeper. may God have mercy on Zimbabwe

  11. Roving Eagle says:

    To think the whole lot of zanoids agree this is the leader to lead them with unquestionable authority just shows the depth of stupidity is often unimaginable. Even after 40 years of complete leadership failure they still sing praise songs for the dear leader!

  12. nesbert majoni says:

    What can an old man like Mugabe offer on that summit. He is a man of yesterday who can hardly rule his on country. He has nothing to say at that summit and he will never be missed.

  13. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    Mugabe should know that Zimbabwe comes first and not his marriage. Zimbabwe need aid and assistance from the EU and that should come first.

  14. Manyongori says:

    EU’s turn to say “go hang”.And it is their sovereign right also George.

  15. Mixed Race says:

    What do we lose from not attending this seminar?Who would come here to invest with our biased indigenous policy?Maybe some of you who comments on this website forget previous news within a couple of days.A few days or weeks ago some foreign companies made it clear that our economic policies were not right for doing serious business in Zimbabwe.Less delegation travel more limited funds saved,good for the country.

  16. shumba liverpool says:

    Beware of the ides of March..the bell tolls..

  17. Rux says:

    Diamond diggers like disgrace are not welcomed in such occasions, otherwise uncle go & hang if u do not admit

  18. Chara says:

    Grace akati hakuendwi hakuendwi saka zvinei nevana veZimbabwe izvozvo.Zanu Pf has destroyed our country the only way to remove this evil is the use of force yes I mean the use of guns. May be education has made us softees remember how we defeated smith.

  19. bam bam says:

    sorry to hear that we will be missing Mugabes loud snoring during important eu meetings and our shops will miss the big spending wife of mugabe who will have to spend her disgraced billions elsewhere

  20. gonzo says:

    if bob comes by himself perhaps he can pick up a nice chap to look after his needs.

  21. UMAARI says:

    African is united once they boycott the summit, i do agree and disagree with the decision of EU, how can they determine the attendance of the summit, Africa has their choice to say not EU!

  22. Reverend says:

    Heeey Morgan, why don’t you go instead? Rgm is not the true president anyway…you are!

  23. Joe says:

    Umaari how ignorant you are. Open your eyes. Where have the zanoids taken our beautiful country. Are your eyes open or is your wallet open and you are looting instead. I hope he does not go has a temper tantrum and gets a stroke.

  24. Fallenz says:

    I’m not a gambler, but who wants to bed Bob goes anyway.

  25. Silencer says:

    EU must stick to their decision.Grace ,the first lady,does not care about other people at all ,look at the floods victim plight.Did she rush there or she busy with wedding preps as if she was the one walking down the aisle!!!common guys the lady wants to do some shopping ,aneta nemazhing zhong ,she wants Dolce and Gabanaetc etc.Vasekuru wants someone to wake him up before he launches a tsunami on sanctions which have not affected the plutocracy. Its just an opportunity for Dear Leader to defend the undefendable,economic and political crisis.Zimbabwe hoye,whats left is for thieving civil servants to go for many months without their meagre salaries.lts the beginning of an end,thank you God .

  26. Jono Austin says:

    I’m taking my ball and I’m going home.

  27. Nopen Dzimati says:

    This is the colour of African leaders, dont worry about the people but their wifes and gains. EU, it is not Zimbabwe who has refused to come but Mugabe. African Union because they cant speak English, want Robert to speak for them bloody daft leaders.

  28. UMAARI says:

    EU supporters should sleep hungry!

  29. Mthwakazi says:

    The gukurahundi should sleep in his bedroom. The EU is not a bedroom. I am glad he has at last realised this.

  30. Johann says:

    For the sake of the nation Mugabe has put sanctions on himself!

  31. dviad says:

    Let us learn to treat each other equally, irrespective of whether we think we are rich or not. The only maker and giver of life is God and its only Him who knows what the future holds for us. He created the whole earth and he owns it. He knows who to give leadership at any point in time. He puts and removes leaders as he wishes.So do not be disturbed by us in Zimbabwe neither wish us hell nor harm otherwise God judges those who judge others. Fairly help where there is need. But be warned that in a short space of time we are going to be excellently rich and you will change tone to favour us.

  32. maita says:

    Mugabe needs grace by his side because of his condition so if you take away my walking stick what do you want me to do?

    • DL says:

      If he needs Grace as his walking stick, then he doesn’t have the stamina to lead the nation. He should retire.

  33. UMAARI says:

    DL, it is not you to decide whether to retire or be president as ever as he wishes, why don’t you say Cameron to retire, are you afraid of your master!!

    • DL says:

      Umaari, I am my own master, unlike you. If your master Mugabe’s too weak to do the work then he’s cheating the nation by not quitting. Do you think his pride is more important then the lives and futures of all Zimbabeans? He’s a bitter old man who has forgotten that he actually has to work; that he’s there to improve the lives of each and every citizen, not just his own.

  34. Observer says:

    Diapers? Who was going to do these seeing that we now have a 90-year infant who cannot do without these? Robert now fears to be the laughing stock at such forums due to his age & sleeping habits. He was not going to keep pace with the younger leaders during photo shoots.

  35. UMAARI says:

    DL, so you encourage me to support your masters who enslaved you so many centuries unless me and Mugabe stand for Africans by disclosing the lineage of Africans who were blessed the resourceful land, this is the witness if you could talk the truth otherwise go back to your masters and ask, where am i from, who fathered me, and then their response is whatever they allot you, then you come back your people and claim i am white black, i am not talking about ruling but the freedom of Africa even if you are the one, i support you, the 90 year old is the only one opposes the EU.

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