Bona’s $7 million mansion deal goes sour

via Bona’s $7 million mansion deal goes sour | The Zimbabwean 05.02.14

The dispute over ownership of the house in Hong Kong that President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona used while at university has spilled over into the courts. According to court papers, the government of Zimbabwe claims that it is the owner of the $7 million mansion.

The Hong Kong companies’ registry records that the three-story house was bought by Chinese businessman Hsieh Ping-Sung thought his company Cross Global in 2008. In 2010 the company sold it to Hsieh. He has refused to hand over the title deeds to the property.

The Mugabe family has had other business dealings with Hseih that went sour. They accuse the businessman of stealing $1 million from a trucking deal. Observers say the latest dispute shows the extent to which the Mugabe’s and their Zanu (PF) colleagues have gone to hide the acquisition of valuable assets abroad. They also question why, if the house belonged to the government and not the Mugabe family, it was occupied by Bona Mugabe. It is not clear who is footing the legal bill in the battle to get the deeds back from Hsieh.

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16 comments on “Bona’s $7 million mansion deal goes sour
  1. jj says:

    taneta nazvo izvi.

  2. Mapingu says:

    Here goes “our very principled President” – State property occupied by dear president’s daughter in China. Now Zimbos now for the legal battles between Gushungo family and their look-east friends.

    It never rains it pours for Zimbos. Cry the beloved country!

  3. farai says:

    The Mazoe saga and this erode the moral uprightness for which the man was once admired. Where is the spin doctor? Hiding from his own mess!Who will save the situation?

  4. John Thomas says:

    We cannot, at this time, tell the difference between what is owned by the leader and what is owned by the citizens. The leader owns everything. What he wants he takes. Zimbabwe is a living example of “might is right” and don’t let any of us forget it!

  5. die groot wyt aap says:

    Who says that there is never any good news coming out of Zimbabwe. I don’t think Bob is going to get much sympathy from white farmers.

    sweet dreams comrades, sweet dreams

  6. Senzachena says:

    Birds of a feather flock together. MUGABE must learn that there is no honour amongst thieves. So pleased that for once he has had something stolen from his family, he sure has stolen enough in the past. Trash

  7. Chirutanga says:

    My country,My people My party, My land,My army, My Police,etc has been and is President Mugabes Language.So whose house is in Hong kong?

  8. Chaka says:

    What position does Bona hold in gvt that she can be allowed to occupy gvt property. Whoeves authorised that should be fired

  9. gorongoza says:

    Mugabe is corrupt. We all know that. He is the driverof the corruption train in Zim.

  10. gorongoza says:

    Mugabe, the commander in thief! Haunyari here harahwa yakadaro inosimbirira nekuba?

  11. gutu says:

    Ukabira vanotambura unorangwa naIshe. Grace wont feel the pain because its not her money.

  12. taona says:

    Zimbabwe is Bob’s private property. He has the title deeds in his pocket!!

  13. gnasha says:

    Twas only a little students pad.

  14. Mukaronda says:

    So how does the govt proceed against Cathief Dube, when Robert Matibili Mugabe is an even bigger thief. Chaucer says “what shall iron do when gold rusts”.

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