Broke government moves civil servants pay date

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Broke govt moves civil servants pay date 21 March 2014

The Ministry of Finance has moved the March 2014 pay date for the rest of the civil service from March 25 to March 27.

In a statement yesterday, the Civil Service Commission Secretary, Mrs Pretty Sunguro said Treasury had moved the pay dates.

“Civil Service Commission advises that the Ministry of Finance (Treasury) has moved the March 2014 pay date for the rest of the civil service from March 25 to March 27 2014,” read the statement.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Nicholas Goche said his ministry was not responsible for setting pay dates, referring questions to the Ministry of Finance.

“The Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, is not responsible for payments, but we only negotiate conditions of service,” he said.

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20 comments on “Broke government moves civil servants pay date
  1. oliver chikumba says:

    muchasvika pakutoshaya mare yacho

  2. roving ambassador. says:


  3. zvichanaka says:

    Wait till they fail to pay the armed forces.

  4. Rudadiso says:

    It would be nice if they failed to pay the armed forces – just desserts for these idiots who go to the extent of terrorising and killing people in order to keep Mugabe in power.

    • Insider says:

      MUCHA, it will happen and it will happen soon. I have seen the figures! When it does happen our “loyal force” will take to the streets as they did previously. I know that a very high percentage of the lower and middle ranks do not support the ZANU Government, one spark and the game is on!! I know because I am there, you MUCHA and your scummy friends then need to be very afraid, because we will come for you.

  5. Nyati says:

    I hope they admit they have failed to run the country.

  6. jondo says:

    Yu cn rig di elections gyz but yu cnt rig di economy. Clueless looters.

  7. Chaka says:

    It’s getting closer to military non payment. Will be interesting to sit n watch.

  8. Jogo Bonita says:

    The beginning of the end.

  9. Gondobwe says:

    The paid ghost workers will haunt the government to its demise. Madoda, when a government fails to pay its workers, its time Zanu(PF) calls for GNU 2 to rescue the country. The President and civil servants are waiting for their increment in April. No fool’s day.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      We don’t want GNU 2. Its another vehicle for continued looting . let the system collapse , we need a totally new dispensation .
      Don’t eat your vomit.

    • senzachena says:

      Dream on if the civil servants think they are getting an increment, it cannot happen, they will be very lucky to get their basic salaries in April. Thereafter it is highly unlikely that they will be paid unless they bring back the Zim$ and start printing!

  10. Mixed Race says:

    Hungry men have no loyalty at all,test their patience with your further looting, you @mucha you will be the first to run for your life.One soldier broke a glass window a few months ago when the bank could not give him his pay.
    Wait and see what people do when they are hungry.

  11. jobolinko says:

    People like mucha are like someone who takes medication ,It has happened somewhere else ,so zimbabwe is not immune from what s happening around the world enjoy whilist you can ,we have seen pet dogs mauling their owners.

  12. Tichatonga says:

    tell them Insider hameno uyu Mucha kuti arikurarama wc country. we are tied of these liars.

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