Budget allocates close to US$1bn to education | The Herald

via Budget allocates close to US$1bn to education | The Herald December 20, 2013

FINANCE  Minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday reaffirmed the Government’s high regard for education with close to US$1 billion of the US$4,2 billion vote in the 2014 National Budget allocated to primary and secondary education. According to the estimates of expenditure, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education will receive US$866 million, followed by the Ministry of Defence which will receive US$368 million.

Home Affairs will get US$364 million, and Health and Childcare was allocated US$337 million.

Higher and Tertiary Education was allocated US$332,7 million; Finance and Economic Development US$202 million; Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare US$168,7 million; Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development US$155,2 million; and Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs US$108,9 million.

Environment, Water and Climate will receive US$93,4 million, while the Ministry of Local Government Public Works and National Housing will get US$88,3 million.

Transport and Infrastructural Development is set to receive US$69 million while Foreign Affairs has been allocated US$63,8 million.

Youth Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment will get US$44,4 milion; Energy and Power Development was allocated US$23,4 million; Lands and Rural Resettlement will receive US$11,5 million; and Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services will get US$11,5 million.

Women’s Affairs and Gender Development will receive US$10,8 million while Sports, Arts and Culture will get US$10,4 million.

Media Information and Broadcasting Services has been allocated US$8,7 million, while the Small and Medium Enterprise and Mines and Mining Development ministries will both receive US$8,6 million.

Industry and Commerce Ministry receives US$7,3 million while Tourism and Hospitality will get US$6,1 million.


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