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VOTERS will cast their ballots at a particular polling station within their wards instead of voting at any centre in the same area, while those in the Diaspora will be allowed to register under a new voting system proposed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. ZEC chairperson Justice Rita Makarau said the proposed polling station-based voter registration system would curb double voting, voting by ineligible people and possible inflation of votes for participating candidates.

The new system means that there will be a localised voting system to be conducted using a polling station-based voters’ roll and a voter will only cast a ballot at the polling station at which his or her name appears on the voters’ roll.

The voter registration system being used now is ward-based and voters could vote at any polling station within their wards.
Apart from those in the Diaspora, prisoners and patients admitted in hospitals would also be registered as voters.

The two-day conference, which ends today, sought to get the input on the proposed processes and modalities from political parties, voter registration experts, civil society, churches, traditional leaders, people with disabilities and local authorities.

The stakeholders welcomed the new system, saying it would add credibility and transparency to the country’s voting system.
Section 239 of the new Constitution mandates ZEC to register voters, compile voters’ rolls and registers and to ensure proper custody and maintenance of the voters’ rolls and registers.

The task used to fall under the office of the Registrar-General of Voters.
Justice Makarau said amendments to Section 22A of the Electoral Act introduced the polling station voter registration system and as such, the electoral body would establish a voter registration department.

“The law has provided that at a later stage we should move from the ward-based voter registration system to the polling station-based system. It is a requirement imposed upon us by the law,” she said.

“The advantage is that a name of a person appears only once at a polling station and for us as managers it is easy because we will only print a person’s name once.

“In the current scenario a person’s name appears at both polling stations in a ward and if they are five your name is appearing five times at the polling stations and for us to manage that it becomes more difficult.”

According to the model, Zec will embark on a massive mapping of voting areas to determine the polling stations for the electorate.
Each polling station will be given a unique code incorporating the polling station number in the ward, ward number, local authority code and district code.

“The process will involve the establishment of the polling station areas that will be done by assigning households/grouping blocks to a particular polling station and giving it a number within a ward structure,” read the model.

“Polling stations within a ward will be arranged alphabetically for easy referencing within the ward structure. It also involves the allocation of unique codes to each polling station and considerations will also be given on distances, population density, infrastructure available in the voting area and community of interest.”

The polling station threshold will be between 500 and 1500 voters while voter population density will be dealt with so that there is a fair distribution of voters at each polling station.

Zec deputy chairperson Mrs Joyce Kazembe said the envisaged model seeks to come up with mechanisms that check if all data is up to date and process any amendments on time.

“It provides mechanism for the public to lodge administrative challenges to errors, omissions and inclusions in the voters roll,” she said.
“It also permits reasonable access to the voters roll by political parties, candidates and anyone else wishing to access the national, constituency or ward voters roll. It will also give clear reasons for rejecting an application for registration and all qualified persons will be registered including such groups like prisoners, those in hospitals and in the diaspora.”

Electoral Commission of Zambia deputy director of elections Mr Brown Kasaro and an independent consultant from Ghana Mr Hubert Akumiah who critiqued the model, described the new system as “good and ideal.”

Said Mr Akumiah: “This is a good system that should be ICT driven and it is in line with internationally accepted principles and practices of voter registration.

“There is need for sustainability. A good model that is not sustainable will eventually breakdown. And sustainability will depend on technical, political and economic factors.”

Added Mr Kasaro: “For it to be effective the mapping of polling stations should first be completed before anything else. People should also be patient with Zec and the Commission should also carry along with it stakeholders in every stage because there is nothing as important as stakeholder engagement.”

Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo said he did not have enough information on the proposed model, but it sounded like it was in the right direction.

“It’s effectiveness will only be tested when they start implementing it.”
Mr Tawanda Chimhini from the Election Resource Centre and MDC-T’s Sessel Zvidzai said the model should address the challenges that marred the voter registration exercise ahead of last year’s harmonised election.

“There is a movement in terms of preparing for a comprehensive registration. There is the opening up of the voter registration to various stakeholders that will lead us into credible elections,” Mr Chimhini said.


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44 comments on “Diaspora voters to be registered | The Herald
  1. Jogo Bonita says:

    Those in the diaspora will be allowed to register but will they be allowed to vote where they are based or they will be asked to come and vote at home.

    • apolitical says:

      No one resident outside Zimbabwe should be allowed to vote.
      If countries like the UK don’t allow it there is a good reason.

      • masvukupete says:

        Apol you are very colonised and ignorant, no wonder you are always randing and raving on these forums. If the British do not allow it, it does not mean its the right thing to do, anyway besides they ARE allowed to vote.

        It seems you get yourself a very apt pseudonym Apolitical, you have just proven your lack of knowledge.

        The British are allowed to vote here is how. Every British citizen who has been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years is eligible to vote in UK Parliamentary (general) elections and European Parliamentary elections.

        If you were too young to register when you left the UK, you can still register as an overseas voter so long as your parent or guardian was registered to vote in the UK, providing you left the UK no more than 15 years ago.

        How can I vote?

        Once you’re registered, you’ll need to decide how you want to vote depending on your personal circumstances.

        Ballot papers can be sent overseas, but you need to think about whether you have time to receive and return your ballot papers by polling day. If you don’t think you can return them in time, you may want to consider voting by proxy.
        - See more at: http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/register_to_vote/british_citizens_living_abroad.aspx#sthash.7HdHX5wg.dpuf

        • apolitical says:

          Thing is if you haven’t lived in the UK for 15 years or more its bad luck, irrespective of your parents – seems you have been misled – try it and see!

      • Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

        Why should citizens be deprived of the right to vote?
        Most people have left Zimbabwe for a reason – mainly as a way to help support their families and to get jobs. Just because the UK takes that approach doesn’t make it right! They are not infallible.

        Not all of us have the luxury if a CIO pay cheque every month.

        • apolitical says:

          Well if you have a CIO check you are lucky but for the rest of us we just survive.
          Those resident overseas don’t deserve a vote because they pay nothing into local tax, and do nothing for Zimbabwe. Its that simple.
          You sit overseas and do nothing for the economy and think you should get a vote on how our tax money is spent what a joke!

          • Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

            The money people in the diaspora send home fuels the economy. If it weren’t for them it would have collapsed a long time ago as we have too few exports.

            How can an unemployed man pay tax in Zimbabwe? Or feed his kids? Or look after his parents? Is this not a social service which prevents people becoming destitute?

            What you are advocating is a form of “qualified franchise,” (Just like Ian Smith did) overlooking the fact that most people left because they HAD to, not because they WANTED to.

            Say “hi” to Happyton for me by the way. I must say, you are a very impressive operative Apol. Your grammar, spelling and reasoning are excellent!

            • chasura utsi says:

              Guyz, if Apolo is stupid pliz tell him straight that 2moro he knows wat to argue about.Does he know the meaning of sit oversees and do nothing for the economy?Which economy by the way?what something are doing for the economy that a person oversees do not do?Iam surprised by your so called facts.

      • Don Cox says:

        The problem is postal voting, as it is impossible to prevent false identities.

        If the diaspora are allowed to vote in person at embassies, there should be no problem. Each voter would be registered to a specific embassy-based polling station, just as those at home would be registered for a specific polling station.

      • TM says:

        Why use the UK as a good example and not Mozambique where people are allowed to vote wherever they are resident?

  2. roving ambassador. says:

    Its a proposal, will believe when it happens. Spin doctors at work again. Mugabe Mnangagwa and Chinamasa are spiteful, they will never agree to this.

  3. Owen says:

    You may craft a good law, but if the people who are tasked to implement this law are against it, it can all come to nothing.
    Look at the situation when the registrar general, Tobaiwa Mudede, refused to release the voters roll in the 2013 elections.
    Consider the fact that Justice Chenimbiri Bhunu is now disqualifying on technicalities all of the election petitions by losing candidates.
    It is unwise to ask a hungry dog to guard the meat.

  4. Jrr56 says:

    Never will they let those living overseas vote unless they are registered Zanu voters or Nikuv will have full control over the votes. Never trust this lot!

    • apolitical says:

      @JR56 You are on the wrong wave band with your limited knowledge.
      If they allow postal votes the western terrorism will get involved and choose a candidate of their choice in much the same way as they funded the opposition party against government, absolute terrorism in any country – no political party in any country may be funded by a foreign government.

  5. NBS says:

    So Rita and ZEC are just confirming what most of us have known all along. That the past elections were deeply floored and open to serious rigging. The mind boggles with thoughts of a convoluted and multiple voters roll (I know this to be true. my name appears on one but not on the one used on election day)a deliberate and concerted effort to hamper the registration of voters, forced assistance, multiple voting, bogus voters registration receipts, the exclusion of all those in the diaspora and that is without the intimidation, coercion and oppression and fear tactics. When an if they begin to clean up our disgraceful voters roll and election procedures it would be good if ZPF and all involved would begin to clean their hearts before a holy and just God and confess their sin before the nation. What is going to happen when ZPF face god on judgment day and He asks how they got their seat in parly, or how you became President etc. makes interesting and quite fearsome thinking actually.

  6. Saddened says:

    ZPF was voted in, in 1980 on a ‘one man one vote’ basis after all that’s what many gave their lives for.This was the cry all through the liberation war. Why the haste to ‘improve’(read manipulate) voting systems once again? Anyway all these proposed changes will come to nought as long as the main actors i.e. Mudede, Makarau, Kazembe etc are in office. We simply do not trust you band of traitors.

  7. JOHNSON says:

    I can’ believe it!!! When Judas kisses you, be careful. How can this ZEC woman suddenly fall in love with the diaspora. This is a project to rig the diaspora vote as well. Never ever trust these people. On Paper all their policies are excellent. Remember they are very educated. However on implementation they do crooked things and twist everything until it grotesquely faces an awkward direction. There is nothing they do without scheming. Trust them at your own peril, that is if you are mentally challenged!!

  8. bruce koffe says:

    That is nonsense. The problem is not that people do not vote well or they is double voting. In a million voters how many have the ability of voting in more than one constituent? The issue with credible voting is the accountability of the ZEC and the interference of Bonyongo, Chiwenga, Chihuri’s team and the powerless of ZEC. People who votes decide nothing but the one who gives figures of what has to be told to the people decides everything. That is where all the controls must start from RITA MAKARAU if I had some say over your credibility as judge I would have stripped that recognition. You are so dumped and scared of ZANU PF so much that you seem like by not defying them you will live eternally. Yet the people who are killed by ZANU PF will haunt you ion the judgement day for accept that position and now rubber stamping their notoriety and rigging.

  9. bruce koffe says:

    2008 results were posted at polling station, but annoucing of the same result for Mugabe took more than 30 days why? to rig and falsify

  10. Mlimo says:

    More corruption and let all vote ini and outside the country

    • apolitical says:

      That is the easy way just ask UK who they choose and have the election there they fund their choice anyway. Only idiots think their vote counts.
      Pick a third world country and pour money into any candidate and any other party doesn’t have the wealth to compete.
      Its about democracy, the west chooses the government and you agree or they impose sanctions and fund terrorism because they think their choice is best.In the US ambassadors words “Tsvangerai is ideal, not very bright and easily n manipulated.” Likec most of his supporters as well who were unable to think things through.

  11. Madlanduna says:

    This does not seat well in me , coz knowing ZANU they can come back to kill those who didn’t vote for them in that ward coz 500 or 1500 can be easily tracked down by this killers, I will never trust anything from them, food for thought,

  12. Gondobwe says:

    This is a Zanu-PF way of tracking all diasporans for sinister reasons. Diasporans should register at their own peril – imagine giving all your details to a mafia!

  13. nyoni says:

    Ok if they give the Diaspora their rightful vote then let the electoral body of that country where these voters are residing count alongside their Zimbabwean counterparts thereby ensuring the vote is not rigged. If Government goes it alone then for sure it will be rigged. I will be pushing my relatives and friends overseas to see their MPs and ask for their rights to be respected by this government before consenting to this trick.

  14. Frankie Laine says:

    Too little too late!!
    Zimbawe might not even make it to the next election and even if it does limp there, the same rape and abuse will be it’s portion. The whole world can be invited to vote but the same rigging will still prevail. Who will save Zimbabwe from this madness??

  15. UK says:

    Apolitcal is states wrongly – the Uk DOES permit its citizens to vote for up to 15 years when living abroad.

    • apolitical says:

      AND AFTER 15 YEARS???
      Please refrain from propaganda you will always be caught out.
      Why 15 years – no clue- thought so!

  16. Daddy Chikos says:

    A polling station based voting system is meant to promote the zanu pf system of harvesting fear among voters.Sabhuku nevanhu wake.Then tapinda mumutsetse Tiri 1500 saka avhotera opposition ndiani mutengesi.Tahwinha we have been democratically elected.The Zec team is being an accomplice in the smart rigging business.With means like the biometric system and focused planning there is no way a person can vote twice.

  17. Gomogranny says:

    Oh, oh…so let them register to vote and then say – only when you pay XXX amount of taxes can you vote. (We are broke….let’s get their money now…voting is only in 2018).


  18. Johno says:

    Why does the ZEC deputy chair Joyce Kazembe keep on commenting on issues when there is a substantive chair Rita Mskarau. Is Makarau not able to wholly speak of ZEC WITHOUT HER DEPUTY CHIPPING IN?

  19. Patriotic says:

    Vana Rita muchanotsva kudenga. Matambudzirei nyika nezvinhu zvamunoziva. Inga wani you are a mother inzwaiwo tsitsi weduwe.

  20. Nyathi Mdluli says:

    it is to Us the Citizens to fight this Mugabe system. The constitution gives us a right to vote , including those in diaspora. So lets all rise up at stand for what is right.

    • apolitical says:

      The Constitution does not give those in the Diaspora the right to vote that is what the disc ussion is about. Never mind, read it all slowly and you may catch up.

  21. moyokumusha says:

    @apolitical, you fool. So what is good for the british is now good for us. Is this because it suits you or that NIKOV has a plan to convert those votes into ZPF ?????????

    • apolitical says:

      Took you a while to get there but you have almost arrived.
      All you have to do is forget about NIKOV – Very stupid bit of propaganda as the Isrealis believe in money and Zanu has none – the only party with money was the opposition as the British Embassy alone had a budget of 50 million pounds a month. Where did that money go, ask your trustworthy officials.
      So why the postal vote – cheaper and more efficient than giving millions to the opposition to loot and then you have control of the election – just have to fund the attempt for a postal vote and control same – bit slow, in disbelief, ask who is funding this attempt – MDC have announced they are broke and need members to fund the party.

  22. John Thomas says:

    This is mechanism for easy rigging

  23. Nikuved says:

    check SA election next week! Votes are announced and displayed on giant screens as they are received,This system is good as masses keep track of the leading and followers during vote counting.Now here after 30days u hear manipulated,doctored and Nickuved results

  24. Kelly says:

    @Apolitical, yu talk as if all diasporans are in the Uk, as a matter of fact there is such huge communities everywhere else, most of whom want to come back home but thanks to selfish clowns in power and the vri vria economic policies that would not let anyone dare raise their heads up, they still wait. Home is home and they are coming back Gangnam style sooner than latter . Every son and daughter of the soil has a right to vote and that is a right I spent years fighting for in the bush

  25. word writer says:

    this is a setuo for manipulation of rural voters.

    if a specific voting station votes against the party, or a lot of people vote against the party, party members go to that area and inquire who is against the party. Then those people are beaten up, murdered or raped. Their houses can be burnt down.

    In rural areas there is a consciousness that you are suspected of being a sympathiser to another party. you fear voting for another party even though you are sympathetic to the opposition. It is just not worth it.

    Zanu practices social engineering. Rural opposition people cannot get jobs. they are banned from feeding schemes, food for work. They are treated like social lepers. The end result? … rural people will vote for the party even though they are not sympathetic to it.

  26. Petal says:

    No voting is real check out the boxes and look is manning them. there are no observers from other countries the team in SADC who are supposed to get observers from other countries have as usual like the CORRUPT LEADERS ITS REPRESENTS HAVE SAID THEY HAVE NO MONEY

  27. kelly says:

    Sad Sad even if these people in diaspora did vote really who counts??? either the votes are tempered with or never counted. There can never be a genuine vote count not for local and neither for diaspora

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