Dube, entire PSMAS board fired

via Dube, entire PSMAS board fired 27/01/2014 NewZimbabwe

THE government has fired the entire Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) board and forced its Chief executive Cuthbert Dube to resign.

Dube was also the board chairperson of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) before being fired last November after failing to come up with a turnaround strategy for the struggling public broadcaster.

The ZIFA president has been earning close to a quarter of a million dollars each month while the organisation was failing to pay service providers and struggles with a $40 million debt pile.


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30 comments on “Dube, entire PSMAS board fired
  1. gutu says:

    Good riddance for bad rubbish for now.Hopefully he wont be brought in through the back to lead another parastatal.

  2. Gonzo says:

    Kkk ndafara hangu nezvaitwa.kana chiri chokwadi zvakanaka but Dube ngaadzore mari yedu

  3. Tjingababili says:


  4. Zombi says:

    Is there any process to claim these monies back? This is blatant looting. Daylight robbery. Yes it was approved by the board and all that… But hopefully something can be done to get this money back.

    I can’t think that Duke’s contribution to PSMAS was really worth 250 times that of ordinary staff paid $1000/mth (if at all the operational and non-executive staff was getting that much).

  5. Nyoni says:

    I now rest my case! Your honours. Thank you.

  6. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Firing alone is not good enuff.

    • Saddened says:

      Quite right. The money that rightfully belongs to the thousands of civil servants must be recovered from Dube & not forgetting the remaining senior staff who were also overpaid. Lets continue to demand that they be pursued & hopefully prosecuted. The rot must stop!

  7. Corruption says:

    Too little too late. These people are already millionaires. Impound their properties and go after their foreign accounts. Otherwise some of us are heading to ZUNDE, where new and trusted leadership seems to be merging – http://www.zundeorg

  8. Manyongori says:

    For once murimi we are on the same page ki ki ki

  9. DW says:

    So are these guys really just going to be allowed to ride off into the sunset after stealing many millions of members funds?

  10. nyati says:

    Arrest them and make them pay back.

  11. Rukweza says:

    Firing alone is not enough

  12. John Thomas says:

    It appears they are being fired without due process. According to the stupid labour laws in our country this means they will be able to sue and win in labour court. So this is more managerial sloppiness

  13. John Weeks says:

    Recover the money and send them to jail as an example to others !!

  14. easily fooled says:

    Firing wrong targets

  15. The people of Zimbabwe fired Robert more than once and still refuses

  16. Bambanani Sizwesakithi says:

    Unfortunately they can’t be arrested because the damn govt had approved those salaries in the first place!
    The best they can do is to fire the lot

  17. gorongoza says:

    mari kudzoka hayo haidzoki.

  18. LUCY says:

    Sadly there are so many thieves where that lot came from. The Devil spawned so many they are lining up as we speak to take over. As long as there is poor management and zero auditing we will see the same in the not too distant future.

  19. goodlife says:

    We are seek and tired of this reactive management. Besides the Cashbert Dubes are all but small fish. Guys this is smokescreen. Someone is just trying to pull wool over our eyes. This is not even worth celebrating. If it is true that Zimbos are the most educated in the world or continent whatever why do we resort to reactive instead of proactive management. What is going to be done to those who buried their heads in the sand and pretended they were not seeing what was happening all along. Its pathetic to say the least. God helps us

  20. Mukanya says:

    Firing these fellows is not enough, lock them in and grill them for more information.
    The ZMDC of the Chiadzwa diamond scandals is it dead? Obert Mpofu
    The local authorities salaries CHOMBO should know.
    ZBC- Shamhu and Co. they know the deal
    The Kereke and Gono brawl- there is no smoke without fire

  21. NBS says:

    I worked out that for a company I know of with a total staff of about 35, that monthly salary for that greedy thief at PSMA would have been sufficient for nearly a whole year. I am simply disgusted. The fish rots from the head. We must call for the entire government to step down and have a ‘non political’ entity running this nation until we have our first free, fair and credible elections ever. Zvakwana! Zvakwana! Zimbabwe we need to find our voice! And these characters must have their assets seized and repatriated to the poor.

  22. obasanjo hre says:

    this wat hz killed our lovely zimbabwe.corruption,corruption pliz,taneta.sei hurumende panoitika zvakadai hurumende inenge inyerere,zvorewa kuti panewarikudya.same appliez nenyaya yemastands chombo knowz it.

  23. Al ill gotten wealth must be recovered pronto.Asset recovery and prosecution will send right messages that corruption does not pay. Some have registered properties in the names of children, girl friends relatives etc must be traced and forfieted to the state. This must be done from all corruption cases since 1980 todate. I will not rest till all ill gotten wealth is retiurned to its rightful owners the citizens of zim.

    This is the litmus test of zpf if they are serious about corruption. Political appointments are now hounding zpf.Non performing parastatals must be privatised or commercialised period.

  24. Johno says:

    You cannot simply fire Dube and company and say that’s the end of it. These people compromised the health of thousands of civil servants and their dependants.Do we know how many people may actually have died due to lack of due medical care while they were active members or beneficiaries of PSMAS? And all that the authorities can do is fire these perverts? Where is the deterrent? What’s to stop criminals stealing millions of dollars knowing the worst that will happen to them is to get fired? Is there a government in Zimbabwe?

  25. washaya says:

    Do you dress top to bottom Or bottom to top? Zimbabwe has adopted one of the two which has lead to our downfall. Lets reconsider the way we dress. We want to solve our problem the other way round i.e bottom to top.

  26. Some people may be spending sleepless nights not knowing what will happen next to them. I m sure some have gone to Mai Mujuru and the top CIO to seek for protection. One departed CEO of a parastatal would instruct his subordinates to give him all the cash collected. He would then just do what ever he wanted to do with it. He was declared a national hero and those who witnessed his looting were told to follow his example by the President since he was a national hero.

  27. vlad says:

    The real issue is why this was allowed to go on for so long with no action being taken. Firing them simply because they were exposed is merely window-dressing, the person(s) whose mandate was to have oversight over the institution and other parastatals should be brought to book because surely someone knew about it and approved.

  28. Godobori says:

    People, listen. The problem is deeper, more prevalent than you think. Remember Willogate? Remember War Veterans Fund? Remember the housing coops scams all over? Remember Masimirembwa? All these are just mentioned by senior people in passing when they get over fed (kuzvimbirwa) and then when they are reminded that the corruption actually provided the cash that the seniors themselves later received for this and that project…the matter is put to rest.

    People, there is more serious corruption than you hear of. It is so serious. Look, there are problems everywhere. All along they said these problems are caused by sanctions. They even refused the anti-corruption to investigate. Now they are exposing each other, not because they are against it. This is factions within the party exposing each other.

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