Elizabeth walks out on Tsvangirai | The Herald

via Elizabeth walks out on Tsvangirai | The Herald January 1, 2014 by Takunda Maodza

MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s marriage to Ms Elizabeth Macheka has essentially collapsed and the two have been living separately for close to a month now, The Herald can reveal. The former Prime Minister lost his first wife, Susan, in a road accident in 2009. He briefly married Lorcadia Karimatsenga in 2012, but the marriage ended in a costly manner as he had to pay upwards of US$200 000 to leave her so that he could wed Ms Macheka.

The Herald is reliably informed that Ms Macheka walked out on Mr Tsvangirai last month when he was in Nigeria consulting prophet TB Joshua.

Ms Macheka now lives in the Philadelphia section of Borrowdale while Mr Tsvangirai remains in Highlands.
Sources say close family members tried to resolve the “sensitive personal differences” between Mr Tsvangirai and Ms Macheka without success.

“Elizabeth’s father (former Chitungwiza Mayor Mr Joseph Macheka) tried to intervene. He visited his daughter in Borrowdale and tried to impress upon her the essence of a marriage, but she would not co-operate,” a source said

Mr Macheka was not available for comment yesterday.
There were reports that the MDC-T bought the Borrowdale house Ms Macheka is using but other reports say Ms Macheka built the house herself.

Mr Tsvangirai himself says they co-own the house that his estranged wife has moved into.
In an interview with The Herald at his Highlands residence yesterday, Mr Tsvangirai confirmed Ms Macheka was no longer living with him, but would not shed light on why she moved out.

“Ndizvo zvinonzi chakafukidza dzimba matenga (this is an example of a private affair). We do not have to disclose why we are not happy,” he said.

When this writer arrived at the residence to interview Mr Tsvangirai, the MDC-T leader called his wife on her mobile number so that she too would give her side of the story to The Herald.

She did not answer the calls, and Mr Tsvangirai dispatched a driver to bring her to the house. The driver returned alone.
When Ms Macheka finally answered her husband’s phone and spoke to this reporter, she said: “I cannot comment on that issue to the media.

“Hameno Tsvangirai, he is the one who is a public figure. He knows better. I am not a public figure and whether you damage me or Tsvangirai, hameno.”

Throughout the interview, Mr Tsvangirai looked dejected.
He said he loved his wife and worked hard for his family.

“As far as I am concerned, I am still married to my wife and there is no reason to talk about separation or divorce.
“Marriage is about two people mutually committed to love and support each other and to be happy.

“If there are any differences which may arise, which is not something exceptional, we will discuss them as two mature adults. That is what I am committed to. Ours is a marriage that is in the public domain and therefore public scrutiny is natural but the truth is that there is no separation that I am aware of,” Mr Tsvangirai said.

He denied claims by senior MDC-T sources that party funds were used to buy the Borrowdale house for Ms Macheka.
“I bought the house in Philadelphia as a joint property with my wife because; that is how it should be. There is no way I would live in Strathaven (his residence before he moved into the State property in Highlands as Prime Minister in the inclusive Government from 2009 to 2013). It is Susan’s house. The party has not paid a cent to my settlement with Lorcadia and in any purchases that I may have made,” Mr Tsvangirai said.

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32 comments on “Elizabeth walks out on Tsvangirai | The Herald
  1. chilimanzi says:

    Its unfortunate i think nomatter how much Tsvangirayi would like to save the marriage i think its time to seek love abroad never mind what they can say the moment mai tsvangirai died all showed the future was going to be difficult,I dont think if she was alive we would be having all this nonsense,if that s what she wishes [ending the marriage] lets all respect her rights we have got better debates than this .Long live tsvangirai and mdc devided we fall together we stand,the chequred flag is not very far.

    • Nzou says:

      ZanuPF created the car accident that Killed his first wife. Then they paraded women from known ZanuPF backgrounds. Locadia, Elizabeth and others were CIO plants. Now that their assignments are completed, they have moved on.

  2. Musa says:

    Tsvatu waro Tsvangison. Zvaiwana ngwarati. Locardia ghosts have come back to haunt you. Wanzwa butter. Ma elections woruza. Vana Biti varikuronga game, uku Ruzabeta woe ad. Mmmmmmm ma one. Tsvaga Munda ku ZANU hone zvekuita.

  3. Ndeipi says:

    Give the young good lady a break. How can anyone expect her to live the old love rate who spends all his energy on girl friends in harvest house before arriving at his marital home at 04.00 complaining of tiredness.

    • Chatambudza12 says:

      Ah ah ah maiwe inga iwe Eriza Uri nzenza yomunhu chose! Tidzikamirepo. Wakambonzwa kuti Gire atiza sekuru Bob here? Pawakamuda waisa ziva kuti kwaive nevamwe vana naiguru Kire here? Haunyari kuzvisekesa nenyika? Inga Gire aiziva kuti kwaive namaiguru Sari asi akangotiwira zvikazongo munakira wani? Asi wakanyengwa nemu zanu ari kukufurira? Inga wakaisvo fumuka iwe! Just as well zvakaramba kuti uite first lady, tainga nyarira pai nemahumbwe ako iwayo!

  4. Chatambudza12 says:

    Ah ah ah maiwe inga iwe Eriza Uri nzenza yomunhu chose! Tidzikamirepo. Wakambonzwa kuti Gire atiza sekuru Bob here? Pawakamuda waisa ziva kuti kwaive nevamwe vana naiguru Kire here? Haunyari kuzvisekesa nenyika? Inga Gire aiziva kuti kwaive namaiguru Sari asi akangotiwira zvikazongo munakira wani? Asi wakanyengwa nemu zanu ari kukufurira? Inga wakaisvo fumuka iwe! Just as well zvakaramba kuti uite first lady, tainga nyarira pai nemahumbwe ako iwayo!

  5. Albert says:

    Just like Kanye, tried to turn a hoe into a housewife

  6. Joe says:

    Zimbabwe is literally stuffed with the caliber of our leaders.

  7. Rukweza says:

    Chihure bva sikana bvechishona lorcadia nhasi it’s eriza prostitutes

  8. chimusoro says:

    If you cannot run a home how will you run a country!

    • Peter tosh says:

      Chimusoro, how come those that are running the country have their marriages intact but are failing the nation? Answer me!

  9. Mr says:

    ZANU PF plan is working don’t be intimidated by these loose women. We have better things to focus on not nyaya dzemadirezi!

  10. easily fooled says:

    Zanu pf hand again, ko Gono naGrace hamuchada kunyora here? Call it selling the hearld, this article is written by Jona Moyo….interview yakaitwa kupi….masvika nani ikoko? TB Joshua ndiye andatouye kuna Morgan not the other way round

  11. Gonzo says:

    I still believe there are still other better and good manners to marry out there not celebrities.ngaatsvake kana tr varipo vakadzi vane hunhu vekuroora

  12. Khaya'bonina says:

    Let her go , but MDC T stands with our President Morgan Tsvangirai, this a minor private issue which will never destroy our movement change ZANU PF must go and hang , may be Elizabeth is a sellout dating Jonathan Moyo , she is so loose , she must be stronger and she should have respected her father’s advice .

  13. Khaya'bonina says:

    Akalamthetho lomfazi akahambe uzahlupheka , 2018 she will miss out of being the first lady , what a shame to to her , uzazisola uyisiphukuphuku , kuyabekezelwa emtshadeni mfazi ndini .

  14. ROCKSTONE says:

    Ma one

  15. OSCAR says:

    It is high time that he learnt to keep his basic desires under control, a man in his position should not be running around with every bit of skirt that is available! Especially those with strong connections into his enemies. There is little doubt that both his wives were “honey traps”. Now the job is over she can move on!

    Let her go and good riddence, but the damage has been done. Take advice and keep it in your pants. He should also look at who introduced him to these beautiful ladies and ask the question where their loyalty is based.

  16. Mukanya says:

    Tsvangirai! siyana ne pfambi idzi.

  17. maita says:

    I think the biggest mistake Tsvangirayi made was to dump Locadia and go for this money changer, we know them they are not straight forward women who don’t even listern to their own parents what more Morgan. She shamed him a lot and is not cultured.

  18. NBS says:

    Dear Morgan Tsvangirai, by rights you should have been in state house. That is as far back as 2008 March 29th. We are praying for you. Yes, you are not perfect and have made mistakes. We all have. My advice to you is to totally put your life into God’s hands, ask Him to search out your heart to get your life right in Him and then take up the ball and run with it. I have no wish to meddle in your personal life but there are a lot of ‘opportunists’ out there. It will be hard to fill Elizabeth’s shoes as a wife and mother but I pray that you will find someone worthy to be called Mai Tsvangirai. Until then ask the Lord to help you guard your heart, ask for His wisdom in ALL matters, repent where necessary and ask God to fill up your heart with the very Spirit that is Christ Jesus Himself. You have a job to do: do it well. We are praying! Keep your eye on Him first and then on the job at hand.

    • tsuro magena says:


    • msobo says:

      Visiting deceiving money-grabbing prophets will not help you. God gave you a test by allowing you to fight for the people of Zimbabwe’s freedom and it seems you were side-tracted with self gratification and thus punished. It is now a time to reflect within before it is too late. The wolves are knocking at your door……..

  19. Khaya'bonina says:

    Better go out and marry a simple woman out there at your home area, a woman with mutual respect , Elizabeth is acting smart , like this Oscar who feels that i must take my advice and keep it in my pants .@Oscar stop putting my words into your mouth , ngizakuyangisa mfanandini , wena , wena ngizakuthumela abafana bami abancane bazakutshaya ungababoni .

  20. tino says:

    Musa, whatever cents you are getting makes you mad.When the other man ‘s house is on fire, you put of fire , not to put paraffin.I believe Musa is the kind of man who boosts of a beautiful wife at the pub, to the same men who are his wife ‘s boyfriends.Atypical village foolish man who sends his wife to borrow a hummer from another man at midnight.
    Tsvangirai no matter how troubled his marriage can be, it is not by his design.It is by the devil’s design.Morgan has never taken someone ‘s wife by force, ow which others did.He is doing the honourable, courting, and then pay lobola.If you ask Joseph Macheka, he will tell you Morgan is nice as a son in law.Not other water mouth stupid people whose real world is shaped by their stupid ideas.
    We will stand by our leader no matter what.Those ZANU agents who love must start looking for a wife for Khaya Moyo.Khaya Moyo could have been arrested way back in early 2000 when he bedded a 16 year old.ZANU had to send him to South Africa as an ambassador.Tiudzei tihwe, tozvibvondora isu.ndimi matanga

  21. Africanson says:

    What else do you expect when you send Chipangano to look for a woman for you?

  22. Chatunga says:

    Rakapusa tsvangson, rinofunga nezip manje walumila! Kunyengana ne vanhu ve zanu! Gore rino uchamama! And vakaona wakuda kumuka wopiwa chimwe chimoko, chikakudya chikakurova chikapa unonzi itai ma elections zvipere ndizvo zvawakaitwa na Eriza!

  23. WeZhira Wezhara Wezheve says:

    Whatever happens to Tsvangirai and his wife will never fix this country`s buttered economy.Zimbabweans wantjobs,food on the table.Civil servants are waiting for their promised salary adjustments.

  24. Mr Mixed Race says:

    Marriage is for better and for worse,therefore forget about these cheap ladies.No one is perfect,you become a better person if you learn from your past mistakes and control your future behaviour.

  25. Africanson says:

    The brain and dick has and will never work simultaneously. Whichever starts to work disables the other. Morgan as a man must know that by now. He should use the brains first to get better results. Wisdom comes from the knowledge of God and knowledge comes from schooling or experience. Morgan must have knowledge by now through experience that all that glitters is not gold. He must relax and take his time to choose a a better person for sharing life challenges with not sharing the bed and money. He must stop playing in the hands of people who pretend to like and love him. This is not good for his healthy and welfare.

  26. Mr Mixed Race says:

    Well said @Africanson.

  27. Observer says:

    Asi pane chinhu chekuvadzvinyiriri chirikuda Mai Tsvangirayi kani? More than two months ago, this Pravda reported that they have been living separately for close to a month. Then two months later, you are saying they have been staying separately for close to a month. Editor, what are you fighting for? Identify your sources. I bet your sources are yourselves in different identities. 99.9999% do not believe this paper anymore. Cry the beloved country.

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