Exposés bad for Zanu: Gumbo

via Exposés bad for Zanu: Gumbo | The Zimbabwean 12.02.14

The exposure of widespread corruption should be “properly managed” or it could ruin the party, Zanu (PF) spokesman Rugare Gumbo has said as internal discord over the issue reaches boiling point. Gumbo told The Zimbabwean that if left unchecked the uncovering of graft at various institutions could destroy the party.

“What is critical is that the exposure of corruption needs to be properly managed because if it gets out of hand it will end up being a witch hunt,” Gumbo said.

His comments come as people have begun to question just how far up the rot goes, especially after Presidential spokesman George Charamba was implicated in the Premier Service Medical Aid scam where he pocketed over $109,000 in one year. The exposure campaign has been spearheaded by Information Minister Jonathan Moyo who has said that corruption was rampant among the nation’s 78 parastatals and state enterprises and the 92 local authorities.

There is widespread speculation that the whole exposé is part of the succession battle within Zanu (PF) with Gumbo said to be aligned to Mujuru while Moyo is said to be loyal to Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Corporations that have been exposed for paying exorbitant salaries to executives include the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and Premier Service Medical Aid Society, while in the local government sector the Harare City Council’s top management has been laid bare.

Local Government minister, Ignatius Chombo, recently reinstated Harare Town Clerk, Tendai Mahachi, who had been suspended after reports he and other top city executives were earning around $37,000 a month, a move which has been roundly condemned in the state media.

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23 comments on “Exposés bad for Zanu: Gumbo
  1. Mixed Race says:

    The only logical way of managing corruption and looting is to prosecute the perpetrators not to kiss them privately.Grow up and clean the disease within your party.

  2. mujibha says:

    Gumbo, r u telling us zanu pf is there to protect looters/thieves just for the sake of protect zanu pf party? If that party is going to die is because of mismanagement and corruption, so let it die. Than to open your dirt mouth if we expose corruption is going to the party. U need to be investigated too. Idiot.

  3. mark longhurst says:

    There is not’widespread speculation that the expose is part of the succession battle’ ZANUPF AND MUGABE ARE CORRUPT TO THE CORE.
    Zimababwe will never ever recover while these looters are in place being protected by the army and police,civil disobedience and prosecution of every corrupt official from a town clerk to the political fiends that lie to us every day must be immediate, why do you think the chinks are laughing so loud.

  4. andy says:

    Smith was right all along

  5. supermondo says:

    properly managed ,,what a joke

  6. supermondo says:

    what ufkin party,the mafia

  7. kutongwa nonjazi says:

    Everything must come to it’s end. It’s an open secret that the most corrupt party in Africa is Zanu Pfacha. It’s too late, and it’s irreversible. Kuba kwacho kwakazonyanya to the point of digging own grave. Mabasa evanhu anovatevera. Itai varume ibai ndimika varidzi venyika Ye Zimbabwe nekuzara kwayo. KUTONGA NEHUTSINYE

  8. John Thomas says:

    Gumbo you and your friend are filth

  9. mujibha says:

    Mazimba ropa rakadeuka kuti mbavha idzi dzive padziri apa mafungiro angu ropa rinofanirwa kudeuka zvakare kuti mbavha idzi dzisuduruke. pasina pfuti imbwa idzi hadzibve.

  10. Zoser says:

    So Mr Gumbo, the survival of ZANU is more of concern than the survival of Zimbabwe. You would rather have the country perish than stop the rot. You are a disgusting old man.

  11. jondo says:

    Zanu Is only here to destroy our beautiful country while Smith was a gud builder of our beloved country .Zanu pf ‘s loot to destroy policy kik kik

  12. Khaya'bonina says:

    Corruption will destroy ZANU PF sorry Gumbo ZANU PF was destroyed long back , how many times have you worn the elections through rigging ???? , better to say ZANU PF would be burried and finished by corruption.

    Crruption is criminal offence to be proved in a court of law , the court of law always protects ZANU PF , there is no point of prosecuting your friends Gumbo as they will walk free out of court uncharged , the corruption must be properly managed how and by who , so you want to cover up the wrong doings , corruption must be exposed and the only proper management to it is nothing else apart from throwing the criminals into jail . ZANU PF must fit in or fit out (FIFO ).

  13. MANDELA jnr says:

    zanu pf could u plz pack n go plz ..we need a new lease of life

  14. Msizeni silwelani says:

    I miss the point, does Gumbo mean non-exposure of corruption and mismanagement of parastatals is good for Zanu pf?

    It sounds like this rot has long been entrenched in zanu pf’s culture of directing operations only that this time the rot has been thrust into public domain by an unlikely source the The Herald long considered a crisis management wing of the devil zanu pf.

    They create a problem and come up with a solution, they murder their own and declare them heroes. As the salarygate rages on, how much are they looting for Mugabe’s 90th birthday celebrations?

  15. Ndini says:

    ZANU Pf, a bunch of fraudsters and crooks, God is watching. Your enemies will have the last laugh and in a moment. First Lady Amai Mugabe what you are doing is wrong taking law into your own hands. Grabbing people’s land with no compensation. Remember God is watching what you are doing to your fellow Zimbabweans. Kusanyara. Where and how do you see yourself when Mugabe departs? Rember you will still expect some people to smile at you. Don’t be ruthless, corrupt and heartless to people who legally own their properties. Uchashaya kekutizira nemhuri yako. Uchaona because the time is coming sooner than later. Please repent.

    Rugare Gumbo kusanyara kutaura zvakadaro confirming that ZANU PF is a party of corrupt individuals. God will sought this rot on his own. Just wait and see if you think you are invincible. Meanwhile I refer you to Kunonga as a case study.Your fall is going to be great. Hokoyo ne 4th Chimurenga.

  16. hypocrite says:

    This utterance by Gumbo indicates how far up the corruption goes. Right to the very top and its worse there because there they eat big portions!. For example, where did Bob get the money to buy a $5 million flat in Hong Kong?????

  17. masvukupete says:

    I do not see how these people can be better than any other party.

  18. Johno says:

    Gumbo, you smell worse than faeces!

  19. mambara says:

    this Gumbo Idiot whose party is worrying about instead of worrying about the people of Zimbabwe.This guy things like a woman Xhaaaaa

  20. Greyhora says:

    I detect a disturbing trend: The reactions of the two factions to these corruption scandals are totally different. The Mujuru camp is worried, it seems to be rotten with corruption, up to Mujuru herself. I thought she was reasonable, but that woman can never be president, she is rotten to the bone and doesn’t care about the country. Mugabe is trying to mend the fissures, but its just a stop-gap measure, Zanu PF will crumble!

  21. ike says:

    Gumbo this is the lousiest statement you have ever uttered!! What’s wrong with Joyce’s camp?

  22. mujibha says:

    they r all thieves including joice.

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