Failure to deal with corruption will ruin Zimbabwe

via Failure to deal with corruption will ruin the economy – The Standard March 9, 2014 by Kimion Tagwireyi

The story of corruption has been spoken and written about for a long time now that most Zimbabweans thought that by now some corrupt government officials would be facing the wrath of the law, but unfortunately, that has not happened.

It appears that only the less powerful are being brought to book while notoriously dirty giants masquerade as clean men. Is anyone above the law?

Delays or failure to curb corruption will eventually ruin Zimbabwe. Corruption causes many political, economic, social and environmental challenges.

A few days before World Anti-Corruption Day in December, the department of Islamic Development in Malaysia, Jakim urged Muslims to combat corruption, saying that it could ruin their nation, “the scourge of corruption can destroy good values, justice, oppress people and ruin democracy.”

Well-said Jakim; we must be reminded that corruption undermines democratic institutions, slows down economic development and contributes to governmental instability.

An organ devoted to fighting corruption in Ethiopia; Transparency Ethiopia says that corruption causes many political, economic, social and environmental challenges. “Politically, corruption impedes democracy and the rule of law. Corruption leads public institutions to lose legitimacy when they misuse their power for private interests.”

There are countless, regrettable effects of corruption which affect innocent lives. The Ethiopian organisation against corruption explains that corruption negatively impacts the society; leading to political intolerance, lack of accountability and low levels of democratic culture. “And economically, corruption leads to the depletion of national wealth as diversion and misallocation of national resources, conversion of public wealth to private and personal use rises . . .”

“Large scale corruption therefore severely hurts the economy and impoverishes the entire population. In social sphere, corruption discourages people from working together for the common good.

Frustration and general apathy among the public result in a weak civil society. Demanding and paying bribes becomes the tradition . . .,” says Transparency Ethiopia.

“Closer home, corruption is said to have been one of the critical factors leading to the downfall of past regimes by way of undermining the legitimacy of the governments and weakening their structures, reducing productivity, hindering development, worsening poverty, marginalising the poor, creating social unrest and then to their downfall…”

Corruption continues to be one of the greatest factors of poverty and internecine conflicts in developing countries. Although Africa is endowed with natural resources, we continue to struggle and scramble for a position in the lower rungs of the United Nations Development index. We keep grappling with the ever-changing trends in global politics, economic and technological advancements due to the debilitating effects of corruption.

One of the greatest impacts of corruption normally rises from the choices and priorities of governments. This happens when real development priorities of a country are often neglected in favour of those that generate biggest personal gains for the decision-makers.

In our case, Zimbabweans are questioning why most of our political leaders become filthy rich when they get into government. What really made our leaders so wealthy, when Zimbabwe was getting so poor? Why is the wealth gap between leaders and the public so big now, if leaders have not been squandering public resources for personal interests?

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) should be capacitated for it to bring all bigwigs implicated in corruption to book. No one must be spared regardless of political or social standing.

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45 comments on “Failure to deal with corruption will ruin Zimbabwe
  1. Jono Austin says:

    Will ruin? It is ruined you nitwit!

  2. Nyoni says:

    My sentiments exactly. This disease must be stopped in its tracks . This is bringing untold suffering to all our peoples . What vexes me is to Bob eating cake at his party with a healthy child enjoying the life to. Does he not feel for all the less fortunate kids not lucky enough to enjoy this life to. BOB YOU ARE TRULY EVIL.

  3. John Thomas says:

    There is absolutely zero possibility of controlling corruption.

  4. Sekuru Mapenga says:

    Corruption in Zimbabwe is the designer patronage system that Mugabe put in place so that he can still be president at age 90. Corruption can only begin to be addressed when Mugabe is no longer president.

  5. E Makhate says:

    Lest we forget, let us remember the perpetrators of operation murambatsvina. When will they be brought to book.

  6. Gomogranny says:

    The horse has already bolted out of that stable. It took only two years of road blocks from a corrupt police service to devastate the tiny glimmer of light showing in the Tourism Industry. Self drive visitors are now choosing the surrounding countries for their vacations. Had every Zimbabwean been prepared to stare down the police and refuse to pay “spot fines” the police would never have carried this thing so far. But Zimbabweans in general just want to keep their eyes down….anybody who does not is just looked upon as a troublemaker. We have such a long way to go in understanding that Democracy demands each person to take responsibility every day… do what is right, in every small thing. “Eyes down” does not bring nor deserve Democracy.

  7. NBS says:

    You know: Mugabe and ZPF are NOT greater than God. Do we actually think He does no see and He does NOT know. Pray Zimbabwe, pray! Repent Zimbabwe repent and watch God move!

  8. apolitical says:

    As one who once sat on the anti corruption committee before it was taken onver by MDC under the inclusive government where it became the corruption committee and diudnt process one cae in five years.
    Now that wev have a decent government back in power and less opportunists we hear of corruption weekly and boards as zesa dissolved formed by the corrupt previous MDC minister. We hear of orders from government that rates money must be spent on maintenance and not all on salaries and perks necessary as we have MDC councilors.
    There are ongoing police and investigations everyewhere MDC have been,the main source of corruption.
    However, because irt was kept qiet while MDC were involved and it being dealt with and in thec press, thec propaganda press effectively starts to attempt to protect corrupt officials by accerting that the ones pointed out so far shoud extent to thec new government which is investigating in a fruitless hope to protect their corrupt heros in the opposition.
    There is a time tom support the anti corruption and anti sabotage incentive by government and admit its the way to go.
    Sabotage is so bad that one power station manager was ordered to produce 0 power, that he was doing too well and in Wankie the maintenance engineer was told close more generatyors down and remember your family is in Harare and we know where they live.
    These are the animals you support with this article, you see is there is power there are less kick backs from imports and there will be more jobs people may be happy and they wont vote for the opposition.
    Please, if you wish to learn about how bad opposition corruption and sabotage is simply walk to the local Harare Power station and ask. You wont print what they say becausec its the truth and will condemn MDC but it may stop you if you have a conscience from writing rubbish and protecting criminals because they are in your party.

    • matombo chiremba says:

      This CIO guy must think that Zimbos are very dull people? The corruption we know happens and has always happened in ZANU controlled Ministries, Mines, Transport, Local Govt, and these are the richest ministers or ex ministers in this country, they own banks, they have land in every municipality, several blocks of flats and fleets of cars and buses which they also give to their divorcing wives etc, have insurance companies that swindle Parastals such as Air Zimbabwe etc. Are you a son to one of these corrupt ZANU ministers or something Nxaaaa!!!

      • He is off his medication. If he sat on anti corruption committee then you can see why they failed.Lord help us…

      • apolitical says:

        Dull is an understatement and I have nothing to do with CIO, just an ordinary person who believes in honesty and hates those who try to cover up crime at the peoples expense. Journalist think anyone who does support crime in the MDC is CIO that’s how bad it is.
        Zimbabwe is the only country where prepaid meters could occur with public demonstration.
        Everyone knows Zesa has no power, we have power cuts and willingly allows illegal pre paid meters to be installed to pay for power cuts in advance – DULL id an understatement.
        Everyone believes the media, they don’t realize journalists struggle to get a job, but in Zimbabwe they can write anything and its believed.

        • Tom says:

          Stick to bullet points in future.

          Yeah we get it about Zesa, what you dont seem to get is that installation of prepaid meters “scam” is a drop in the ocean, if it is even true. Look at water, diamonds, gold, war in the DRC, roads, rail, Air Zimbabwe, tourism, farms, the police, the army, the passport office, the RBZ. ZanuPFs greatest legacy – the most corrupt nation on earth.

          • apolitical says:

            That drop in the ocean can pay off all outstanding bills in a month, thats why outstanding bills were cancelled because those with pre paid meters paid all the outstanding million dollar bills on the farms etc.
            Of course then there’s their share as well, the lions share which doesn’t reach zesa.
            Unfortunately, a lot of children commenting, really need an education – a journalist shout diamonds, everything else is forgotten.
            A journalist shouts we are changing back to zim dollars everyones takes their cash out of the bank and all the children here think we are now using zim dollars.
            Real investigation works on research and real evidence – EVIDENCE, not journalistic propaganda.

    • Fallenz says:

      Apolitical, your words are completely empty. Do you suppose your many words will counter-balance all the voices who cry for corruption to be slain. Do you think by your claiming otherwise that you can void all the evidence of corruption of those you support. Do you expect your voice can out-shout truth and reality. You can not change the facts simply by denying them… neither can you create facts from falsehoods.

      I do not call you names, because that accomplishes nothing… however, I remind you that the One who knows your heart also knows you by name. He knows where you live; He knows where you go, and where you have been… and by your life you are being judged. Evil will not be spared. Consider it well.

      • apolitical says:

        Deeds are finally boards are being investigated and dissolved, individuals are being investigated and arrested and charged.
        Of course you are not happy because you carry on with your political chanting – unless its zanu officvials you will not cheer.
        That’s the difference between us I believe all corrupt people should go to jail and I do something about it – don’t write rubbish, everyone can check my facts out – you don’t have any facts to check out or, that make sense when compared with fact and investigated.
        Unfortunately we need and it is clearly demonstrated more control over irresponsible journalism so that the fact come out and corrupt officials are jailed whoever they are. not people you don’t like because they support a different party to you – those who are guilty with real evidence against them not defamatory press statements devoid of evidence.
        MDC as a party hasn’t done too well getting supporting evidence to back up statements, learn from their mistakes that’s why anti corruption went no where under their control.

    • Tawanda says:

      @ apolitical; you are delusional. So you sat on the anti-corruption committee and got pushed out by the MDC? Yeah right, so did my gran.

      • apolitical says:

        ha ha never met your gran in fsct there were no females on the committee when I was there but with your IQ and obvious lack of learning you could have mistaken her for your granddad.
        I was never deposed by MDC, I resigned couldn’t work with armatures, nor could they it seems.

    • Tawanda says:

      Wankie? Do you mean at your place?

  9. kutongwa nonjazi says:

    If he doesn’t contribute or comment it will be much better for those who he is defending

    • apolitical says:

      I defend no one, you do that all by yourself. I don’t care what [politics a criminal supports – you do that’s the difference between us.
      You believe in freedom of expression when its anti government but don’t like it when its about truth, against propaganda, and affects the opposition. You cant have it both ways.

  10. moyokumusha says:

    Tuku sang about the corruption in the late 80′s and nothing was done then so nothing is going to get done now. My fear is that it now appears to be OK to be corrupt so even a new government will have those who think it is their right to abuse their office and this is something that Zimbabwe will be stuck with just like the rest of Africa. You go anywhere and try do business and you will see. Tender for a contract and 30% is for kick backs from the minister down to the tea maker.

    • apolitical says:

      30% is cheap, in a recent Nam power tender for 85 million the director and former minister were getting the balance of 75 million, generators GEC were 10 million for two.
      They think its not really corruption because they wanted to pay Nampower in power so no money was stolen locally – they just happen to have bank accounts in Namibia.

      • Peter tosh says:

        Apolitical, take your medication as prescribed please!

        • apolitical says:

          sorry not from your ward Tosh,you will have to suffer rehab by yourself, try reading a book or to get some knowledge so you can write something of substance.

  11. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    Mugabe thrives on corruption and he can not stop it

  12. Jono Austin says:

    apolitical get off this site you political hack. Zanupf is a corrupt monster-how dare you intimate MDC is responsible for the corruption and hence ruination of this country. It is blatantly obvious you are a blind Zanupf supporter who has nothing to say about their thieving, murder and thuggery. Do you have any comments about the torture, murders (pregnant women having their bellies hacked open) and rape implemented by Mugabe under the name Gakurahundi? No wonder they want to keep it quiet (for the sake of National harmony!!)-But of course different rules apply when castigating whites for 34 years-to hell with National harmony in that case!

    • apolitical says:

      In the many years involved in anti corruption investigations I dare to investigate anyone but not on idiots recommendations with no evidence. That way you get a 0 track record like MDC’S.
      You don’t have to like it but certainly thus far in investigations the only crooks have been MDC, investigating propaganda and political rhetoric is a waste of manpower. Now you can stay in your believe that they are angels but look at the facts put some effort in, a simple walk to the local power station and ask then when you have managed to get something into that brain other than oblivion, write again.
      Its amazing that all those who want to protect the guilty don’t takec 5 mionutes to ask questions and learn, although from the standards above they didn’t manage to learn much at school either for the same reason.

  13. Abbu says:

    Apolitical is definitely a beneficiary of e corrupt zpf. Isn’t Mugabe himself told all during his party’s so called annual ppl’s conf in Gweru in 2012 that Thabo Mbeki had given a list of his cabinet ministers demanding bribes from SA investors for onward transmission to Mugabe. He promised action bt nothing happened to date. In as much as he wants to blame MDC bt was it involved in war victims compensation funds looting, civil servants’ pay for your house scheme whose funds was diverted to buy disGrace Mugabe’s grace lands, the looting of NOCZIM, GMB, CSC, NRZ etc. Who doesn’t know mugabe supports and promotes corruption? If any doubt look at Shava, Chidarikire, Callistus Ndhlovu etc. Mugabe uses corruption and criminality to secure loyalty in return he guarantees impunity. During e hyperinflationery period Gono aiburitsa mari to e market thru unofficial channels bt nothing happened to him. There is a time where kubank u could draw $500 000.00 bt mari yaishanda was a $1 000 000.00 note saka vanhu tainge tisisaende kubank kwacho bt still every1 was transcating nemari yawanga usingawane kubank. That’s corruption yakaipisisa bt nothing was done

  14. Mthwakazi says:

    Gukurahundism was all about violence to achieve advantages over others. When you employ violence, you disregard the law. When you disregard the law, you breed a firtile ground for corruption. This is why Zim is in such a mess.

    I am not sure if it will ever recover, since the younger generation appear to be copying the older generation and in the process they are setting up a vicious cycle with no end in sight!!!.

    • Gomogranny says:

      Mthwakazi…it is so nice to hear somebody joining the dots between violence, disregard of law and corruption! We must wait for the man in the street to learn the value of non-violence, honesty and tolerance before we will ever enjoy Democracy in Zimbabwe.
      We did not respect the law, one minute the citizen certificate is valid, then the next minute it’s worthless, we sat back and allowed the violence in Matabeleland and the commercial farms and now we sit and weep over the corruption. You are right we will not enjoy democracy because it is not yet in our own hearts nor own minds…’s going to be a very long, long wait.

      • apolitical says:

        You make a good point, those who do not respect the law are more likely to be corrupt.
        So those illegal demonstrations etc lean towards corruption, in your words, hence the problem.

    • mucha says:

      @Mthwakazi. You are always tribalistic on your Gukurahundi issue.If you have nothing to contirbute, better shut-up.

      • Gomogranny says:

        Mucha – The way you trivialise what happened in Matabeleland and the obvious suffering of those related to Mthwakazi, is a symptom of your lack of empathy for your fellow Zimbabweans. Gukurahandi will never go away….compensation in a VERY BIG WAY may bring Zimbabweans closer….if you have anything positive to contribute to that compensation Mucha go for it, otherwise with respect perhaps you need to take you own advice.

  15. Small axe says:

    Apolitical Zanu PF man Jim Kunaka loots $4k from Harare, daily

    • apolitical says:

      Don’t know Kunaka personally, don’t associate with crooks, but if you have done corrupt business with him give me some facts. Don’t hide down your rabbit hole and blame the world.

  16. Saddened says:

    I would like to appeal to my fellow commentators to ignore Apolitical who is in my opinion trying to divert our attention from the real issues by writing a lot of hogwash. Let’s not give such people our energy or time. Regrettably we as a nation are as bad as our African brothers who because of frustration and general apathy has resulted in a weak civil society to say nothing of a weak opposition.

    • apolitical says:

      You are on the political issue im simply against real corruption.
      Which of you can say there is none at the Council controlled by MDC
      Which of you can say there is none at Zesa A Ministry formally run by an MDC Minister.
      Why do youb object to these criminals being investigated and seem to object to their politics being mentioned when you make up stories with no evidence and point the finger at Zanu thats because its opinion without fact.
      I really cant help it if you cant handle truth as I don’t know how to make up rubbish like you.

  17. @Saddened thanks for the support. I have been telling Jack the rabbit the same thing. Apolitical has a right to put CIO’s opinions on this website. We have a right to ignore them till he starts talking sense. I have no problem with a Zanu supporter putting his points forward and we argue and agree to disagree, this particular man makes no sense. After all there are some of us with differences here and there but we still debate.

    • apolitical says:

      You are a little thick to call yourself doctor – I am nothing to do with CIO and if you had any intellect or brain you would realize that CIO rarely give away information.
      I write my own opinion from real experience , I don’t make up stories to discredit anyone.
      I challenge those who do not have knowledge to get some, to ask, if you are too lazy to even do that it were better you didn’t waste space commenting.
      What I have established is that opinion here is even when they go to jail and hopefully they will you will still say let them keep the money they stole because they are MDC – This is a very real problem in Zimbabwe – give credit where credit is due, the previous Minister of energy did nothing save, appoint crooks, the new one dissolves boards fires CEO’S because unlike the previous minister they cant point the finger back. Say simply well done, he really doesn’t care which politics crooks are and nor should you.

  18. chessplayer says:

    This Apolitical lunatic needs to be taken back to his hospital….he is not just mad…pretty thick and bonkers he is….and wants to have the last word all the time. People like him are the reason Zimbabwe are in this mess today.

    • apolitical says:

      Look in the mirror chessplayer before you write – I do something and therefore have something to say, what do you do save, make up rubbish. Example of being thick, are where you are offered comment on corruption which is the subject and have no opinion because you realize you are wrong, but have no back bone to admit it.
      You need to learn how to play chess as well. Checkmate!

  19. Zina dale says:

    Going to ruin Zimbabwe? Are you too stupid to see that it is already ruined!!

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