Find money, Mugabe orders Chinamasa

via Find money, Mugabe orders Chinamasa 14/12/2013 NewZimbabwe

Mugabe vowed Saturday to use mining earnings to help the poor, and called on Zimbabweans to form their own companies to benefit from the forced sell-off of foreign-owned firms.

Closing his party’s annual conference in the farming town of Chinhoyi, the veteran president told Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to present a pro-poor budget next week.

“Find money Chinamasa,” he said to loud applause from thousands of supporters. “You can’t say there is no money. Where is our platinum going? Where is our gold going? Where are our diamonds going?

“The budget must tell a new story. Those who work must be paid above the poverty datum line. We can’t really be at peace with our hearts if we say our people must continue to work for next to nothing.”

Mugabe, 89, urged Zimbabweans to form their own companies to take part in his government’s “indigenisation” programme, which forces foreign companies to cede majority shares to local black investors.

Zimbabwe is struggling with massive unemployment and its economy has been on a downturn. Many companies are operating below capacity because of cash shortages, while others have closed or moved to neighbouring countries.

The conference comes after Mugabe’s Zanu PF party won elections in July to end a shaky power-sharing government with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

The government, led by Mugabe since independence in 1980, is battling to find solutions to the country’s economic woes.


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25 comments on “Find money, Mugabe orders Chinamasa
  1. Tafadzwa says:

    I find it very strange that Mugabe is trying to lay responsibility on Chinamasa. He Mugabe should not pretend he is not aware of the task facing Chinamasa. So Mugabe thinks within two days Chinamasa should order mining companies to fund his pro-poor budget ?

    At times Mugabe comes across as someone devoid of any economics education. On one hand he is forcing platinum miners to surrender ownership, yet expects them to build his dream refinery. If he bans these same platinum miners, who will invest in their place. Mugabe thinks the entire world owes his Zimbabwe a living. It is the other way around. Zimbabwe does not have a monopoly of minerals. Even the Chinese investors will not succumb to Mugabe’s threats

  2. DL says:

    This poor old man should keep his mouth shut. Whenever he opens it up he inflicts more harm and misery on all Zimbabweans. For someone who’s supposed to be well educated, he shows an appalling lack of understanding of how the world works. How to create jobs by closing businesses? How to find money for the poor when his cronies have it all? How to fight corruption when ZANU-PF is above the law?

  3. SADC says:

    Can’t Mugabe find the money himself?

  4. Pius says:

    Obhiza,kasukuwere can fund the budget

  5. Nyoni says:

    How can Mugabe find the money? He is shouting foul of everyone even the donors. Beggars can not be choosers.

  6. Nyepudzayi says:

    These are the words of a dictator . Do as I say . A party full of hypocrites.

  7. Chinamasa will soon overdose if he doesn’t have a mysterious car crash. For sure 2014 is gonna be the new old 2008. Then massive revolution at last to dump prosecute the criminal cabals

  8. Apparently my comments need so called moderation. Laughable irony. What muggers boy is yelling is print money chinamasa cos us dollars don’t grow on trees. !!!!

    • Kevin Watson says:

      Printing US Dollars Rands or EUROs of standard that would fool a bank is very expensive, and beyond the technology available in Zimbabwe, so that is not an option. There is very little left to steal and the diamonds are owed to the Chinese and Israelis for helping steal the election. It does not leave many options. Suffer the poor Zimbabweans and the SADC nations who refused to make Mugabe and Zanu PF abide by the rule of law and hold free and fair elections, as the poor will descend on those nations as refugees.

  9. Kalusha says:

    Chinamasa was part of the group which was saying biti is refusing civil servants pay rise tipe game shamwari we are behind time

  10. goodlife says:

    Vaudze zvako Kalusha? Histroy repeats itself. The same tune that Biti used to sing. CHINAmasa is now singing it as if he is the composer!

  11. Harper says:

    find money. easy. a 50% wealth tax on all zimbos with a waist line of more than 42 inches.

  12. NBS says:

    The bible says that whatever you sow in life you reap! For the life of me I will never understand how ZPF got itself saddled with a leader that is way past his sell by date. The whole country is suffering! The arrogance and crazy statements just blow my mind. Does NOTHING good and nation building ever come out of his mouth. Where are all our diamonds. We shouldn’t have poor people in this nation. And all ZPF’s young people are clearly not good enough to lead; in the Pres’s eyes that is. Instead he clings to the dying past! Penniless Patrick is going to wake up and smell the coffee!!!

  13. Pete says:

    Why do these reports all refer to foreign owned companies when in fact the exercise is quite obviously aimed at all non black companies?

  14. Dhigong says:

    kkkk hahahahhha bwa bwa bwa… kuseka nhamo serugare…. is this happenning for real… this country is surely gng to close very soon.Ngoda yedu iripi vachinamasa kkkkkkkkkkkk hhhhhehehehe Biti naTsvangirai varikusabotager economy uuummmm…. varikuramba kupamaCivil servants mari……masoja nemapurisa vakapihwa bonus vamwe vese hanzi makazvara Tsoko muchararama netsombori dzemusanngo.. Ndezvemeso izvi regai tione

  15. Apolitical says:

    We dont really need donors just to catch the looters in ZESA and confiscate the millions they take.

  16. Druzhba says:

    Find money where?? You’ve got some of the money old man. Give the finance minister some of the billions of dollars you & your cronies have stolen (are stealing) from the state. You’ve got to be serious you lot coz there’s no way you gonna rig the economy.

    Ityai Mwari please muremekedze hupenyu hwevanhu vari kutambura siku nesikati.

  17. Chinja says:

    Chinamasa akafita kuenda kuMDC sezvo varivo vanounza mari. kikikiki

  18. chilimanzi says:

    Some kind of fiction

  19. DRY WINE says:

    I am so pleased they rigged in order to cook in their own soup. If they had allowed the winners to take over, they would be the ones being blamed.

    Deliver…BOB…you are invincible. But don’t tell us you are doing all this just for your children to finish their education. What about isu tese? Deliver M’dhara, Biti and Tsvangirayi are no longer holding on to civil servant’s salaries. Do it. Print the USD!

  20. Dave says:

    Mugabe is his usual populist self. He says people should form companies to take over where the foreign ones have left. It takes money to start, run, and capitalise companies and this is what Zimbabweans do not have. Mugabe continues to spue out rubbish and the sooner he goes the better. Most Zimbabweans I speak to if not all want him gone as he has nothing to offer that makes sense.

  21. mark longhurst says:

    if this cheating lying thieving son of a dog does not know where the money he and his cohorts have been stealing is going he does not deserve to be prime minister even if he stole the elections,you zanupf idiots are digging your own grave but at the same time destroying the jewel of Africa

  22. Tafadzwa says:

    Sure it is an understatement to say Mugabe is economically illiterate. But then why is it so many PHD graduates in ZANU (PF) will not advise Mugabe ? Just peruse through the list of permanent secretaries on Mugabe’s cabinet, you will see lots of PHD graduates. How come even those who clearly know better, will not stand up to the ZANU nonsense ?

  23. karina kash says:

    i don’t know if the problems we hve are unsolvable but i believe evry there is an antidote to evry challenge.if we find ourselves in the same situation evrytime,its indicative of a mager prblem from within.what zim needs are leaders&not only politicians.politics has nothing to do with the consense of the peaple but power.zpf has a few leaders as we speak nowonder they fight for posts but deliver nothing.zimbabwe shld look upto God for leaders who will know it not about them but the entire general public

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