Flood victims stranded as gvt fails to pay scotch-cart transporters

via Flood victims stranded as gvt fails to pay scotch-cart transporters | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tokwe Mukosi flood victims are stranded after scotch-cart owners contracted to move them to higher ground went on strike over non-payment for their services.

A NewsDay report Tuesday said the government recently commandeered scotch carts to help transport flood victims at $10 a trip. But according to the report the scotch-cart owners have since withdrawn their services in fear that they may not be rewarded.

Chivi District administrator Bernard Hadzirabwi confirmed the development but would not say how much the government owed the scotch-cart owners. But the report quoted some scotch-cart owners saying they have not yet been paid for as many as 20 trips they have made so far.

According to the report, the scotch-cart owners initially charged $15 for the six kilometer trip to the Kushinga Transit Camp where the flood victims are temporarily camped. The evacuated villagers are being moved to the Chigwizi area in Mwenezi. The fee was reduced to $10 after the government said $15 was too much.

The scotch-cart owners’ fear that they may not be paid what they are owed is not without logic. The government is struggling to pay civil servants across all departments. Only last week it admitted that it had no money to increase the salaries of teachers.

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19 comments on “Flood victims stranded as gvt fails to pay scotch-cart transporters
  1. Roving Ambassador says:

    Where is the military and their vehicles? Waiting forWOZA again. The idocy amazes me.

  2. Mixed Race says:

    This is appalling because on state tv the ministers tell us lies that the situation is under control when its not.From being looters they have graduated in lies.These scotch-cart owners are right to suspend their services until the government pays them.The government should use these poach vehicles the ministers and mps have to save lives.These vehicles were bought with public funds.

    • Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

      @Mixed Race. Sir. I can tell you for a fact that it (the dam wall) isn’t under control and never can be. The only way is to drain the dam as quickly as possible, tear it down and then rebuild it. Otherwise it will collapse. There is definitely no alternative. Ask any engineer and he will say the same thing. You cannot prop it up or repair it – it is now compromised as a structure and that’s that.

  3. Mike Nyathi says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Stone Age Zimbabwe does its disaster relief with scotch carts. We are the laughing stock of the world. Look at what these people have done to us.

  4. Kondo says:

    Best way foward is backward

  5. furedi says:

    Surely this is the time to deploy the army and its transport.Or could it be that our army does not have any trucks left to do this.Nyika yedu yaparara shuwa.

    • Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

      @furedi. Agreed. Now would be the ideal time. However, you are right, the serviceability of the Army transport fleet is now very low, so there may actually not be enough transport to go around.

  6. GURUNDORO says:

    Is the Zim Govt serious at all.

  7. Tongoona says:

    Is salarygate just a fallacy. Why not ask parastatal bosses and ministers to pay the scotch carts owners who did such a good job although not their responsibility. Those fingered in salarygate can surely afford to pay ten times more. Have things gotten so bad that government is literally stone broke. If government is so loudly broke, then parliamentarians need to give government a vote of no confidence soonest. This government is economically bedridden and will soon give up the ghost.

  8. zim reeper says:

    scotch carts!!!!!!backward people!!!The americans sent people to the moon in 1969 ,40 odd years ago . Proudly brought to you by robert mugabe and zanupf viva!!!!

  9. Zvarwadza says:

    Guys you missing the big picture, a Zanu PF bigwig will just invoice Government with 5 000 trips done during this operation and will promptly be paid a cool US$50 000.00. Looting is as easy as ABC for these guys

  10. Aron Sibanda says:

    Why don’t they just ask the EU or UK to pay it, after all the floods are probably caused by the British anyway, if the sanctions were not in place the dam would have been finished long ago. What’s the problem with the Zim Gov, here is another chance to get more money for themselves. Bloody fools!!!

  11. Msizeni silwelani says:

    Yes Thomas, this is the only way of keeping the army busy in times of peace, that is, disaster management participation. Because there is little to loot, the reaction will be at a snail pace.

  12. Phys says:

    When there are floods in the rest of the civilized First World, the Government sends in planes, lifeboats, dredging takes place, millions of sand bags are distributed (even by Prince William and Prince Harry,) the Prime Minister wades knee deep through water to assess the situation and what does our illustrious President of a tin pot, banana republic do?? He sends SCOTCH CARTS and flies off to Singapore for some “eye” problem. Well done Bob The Sod. When oh when will the masses rise up and say “ENOUGH”?????

  13. Only Fools says:

    Since when do victims have to pay for help? Anywhere in the world the government takes control in emergencies at their cost and not to the cost of the people. Its disgusting. Typical Zim mentality by kicking a man when he’s down.

  14. Roving Eagle says:

    Scotch carts in 2014! Why are those things not in museums where they belong.

  15. Gutu says:

    Chiwenga and company will only spring into action when its zanu pf under threat. Surely in times of crisis like this the army is supposed to help but no one seems to care about those poor souls. Zanu is rotten to the core!

  16. John Thomas says:

    This is appropriate use of indigenous technology. I think the president should support the indigenization campaign by converting his motorcade to scotch carts. There can be a praise singer running out front to warn everybody he is coming.

    The cart owners in the story above might consider asking for payment in advance next time they get government work.

  17. Time to rise and demand the government steps down immediately and have new elections supervised by the impartial international community. Can someone do something please? Where is ZUNDE Please help us”

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