Tsvangirai cruel, morally bankrupt

By | June 11, 2014

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Tsvangirai ‘cruel and morally bankrupt’. 11 June 2014 by Nicole Hondo

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has been described by the Bulawayo-based mother of his four-year-old son, Loretta Nyathi, as a “cruel and morally bankrupt man.”

As a woman, I tend to agree with her given the way he consistently and ruthlessly deals with his relationships or affairs or whatever he calls them.

Granted, to err is human, it’s the way one goes about resolving his mistakes that separates  real men from foolish boys who can’t keep their zippers shut.

According to Nyathi, Tsvangirai has not paid maintenance for his four-year-old son since last year’s harmonised elections.

“He was paying $2 200 a month and has not done so since the end of August last year (2013), now he has just vanished into thin air and left me here,” she said.

He is also said to be refusing to take a birth certificate for the boy.

Nyathi sued for maintenance and the former prime minister agreed to an out-of court settlement.

Now that the affair and his misdeeds have become public, Tsvangirai’s response was to say leave my lovers alone.

Really, Morgan?

Just because there are economic problems bedeviling the nation doesn’t mean we have to close our eyes to all other ills.

And as much as Tsvangirai would like to have his skeletons firmly tucked in the closet, away from public scrutiny, fact is he is a public figure and every detail of his life will be analysed with keen interest.

To go on and insinuate that his misdeeds are just a smear campaign by his political foes is nothing but a shameful act of cowardice.

Instead of owning up to his mistakes a real and honourable man should, he chooses to hide behind conspiracy theories and a wild far fetched excuses.

Noone tricked him into sleeping with the women he slept with, noone held a gun to his head forcing him not to use protection.

He did all this of his own free will and taxpayers’ money.

The bare facts are that Tsvangirai slept with Loretta without protection and got her pregnant.

Why then is he acting all surprised and refusing to pay maintenance when even a fool knows how babies are made, a process Tsvangirai has proved very fond of.

Tsvangirai’s willingness to honour up to his mistakes should match his zest for opening his zip.

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27 thoughts on “Tsvangirai cruel, morally bankrupt

  1. dennis chikuve

    Any woman who commits adultery with full knowledge of the marital status of the man, deserves what they get and should not cry foul or wash their dirty linen in public. She was definitely driven by the monetary benefits and possibly political status derived from being the mistress of the Prime Minister. Now that both benefits have dried up, she feels she needs to expose Tsvangirai but in the process, she is exposing herself as well and her child who could be bullied at school or later in life. Parents must desist from having their pasts haunt their innocent children.

  2. zanupf fear me

    Shona boys impregnating always cry ‘ it wasn’t me ‘. Ask any zim girl duped by

  3. Zen

    And who forced her to sleep with him?She should also own up to her mistakes like a real and honorable woman.It takes two to tango.Women’s equality means also taking responsibility and not hiding behind men, b lo aming them and always expecting them to keep forking out money

  4. madlinduna

    If this is as said,the paramount issue here must be the well-being of the child,that was brought to the world by two people with no scruples.Again if our aspiring president can not keep a promise to a single woman and a blood of his own,what of millions of Zimbabweans!!ha!ha!

  5. pati

    It’s not about the adults but about the innocent child who was brought into this world by these two, their recklessness or infidelity notwithstanding. There’s an obligation on both parents to take care of this innocent soul. Tsvangirai’s monetary obligation to the child was decreed by the courts and he should honor it irrespective of his paramour’s sins. The sins of the parents should never be visited on a child.

  6. Zindoga

    Is this story coming from a Court reporter or a zanoid story teller or may b from Biti??well t he truth is Zimbabweans inside Zim dont listen to that,They are tired of the same story being recycled,is he the first man to impregnate a woman?who proved it ws his Kid?he just paid to silence that woman that time ,nw is the time she must go for Dna tests, why did she get pregnant ?there ws no family planning?she is just an iresponsible Woman Period.

    1. gogo sesikhona sizokulanda

      Is he medically fit? One wonders in the light of HIV prevelance in zim. No condoms between all these women. He should publicly under-go testing. Otherwise, charges of deliberate and reckless infection are awaiting him.

  7. mpeiwa

    No guys, lets face reality, the issue is not doing an good to Tsvangirai. Who doesn’t know men always lie to women. This woman believed Tsvangirai, when he proposed her, just like every woman she accepted his proposal cause she wanted to be married, now she discovered that Tsvangirai was a playboy, she gave him space but not for the child he gave her. Please Morgan look after the child. If Macheso, can look after his, why can’t u look after yours. The equation doesn’t involve Zanu Pf, its a simultaneous equation. Kkkkkk.

  8. thembani

    Idiotss will always ignore the child who is deprived by the man you want to lead you.We have suffered 30yrs under foolish leaders and we continue needing unworthy fools to lead us.Zimbabwe is good an example of the fact that the the popular leaders are through worst.

  9. LUCY

    Nicole Hondo what are you saying here…

    “Noone tricked him into sleeping with the women he slept with, noone held a gun to his head forcing him not to use protection.

    He did all this of his own free will and taxpayers’ money.”

    Did Tsvangirai use the tax payers money to sleep with these women??

    Enlighten me how does that happen???

    Nicole try and take your personal emotions out when reporting.No one wants to know your personal opinions. You started the report by giving your own verdict against Tsvangirai. Be more objective.

    You did injustice to this woman’s story.

    1. maita

      Lucy it is the moral standing of that small girl lying under the belly of that old man to the extend of falling pregnant. She is also morally bankrupt. Tsvamgirayi too must prove that the child is his and make sure the kid does not suffer his misdeeds. Vakadzi vauraya MDC vakomana, muchiuno umu.

  10. LUCY

    Dont get me wrong I do not condone people not supporting their children. I just have issues with your style of writing Nicole

  11. xoxo

    Chero composition ye O Level hainyorwi zvakadai. Problem is these people are paid by ZANU PF to write stupid stories….shame

  12. Operation Vote Well

    Nicole, yu must quit this career, its not yours. How did it find itself on this portal. You the readers an apology. A lot of PMs are looking for resident house maid. Go to cleaners

  13. Hlaba lungene

    Loreta is an embarrassment to Zimbabwean woman,how can she go around chasing sugar dadies as old as their father just for money?
    How can she close the door and switch off the light with someone as ugly as Morgan? She is is luck she did not get twins!

    1. Straight Shooter

      Dont be a fool. Who asked who first in this case? Its always the man that asks the woman for a relationship, not the other way round. A man who is over 60 is expected to be a responsible grand father – not some incorrigle fool who goes around poking his thing here and there at that late age in their life.

      Tswangirayi has a son who is now over 30, really what is he saying about his father – he must be extremely embarassed!

  14. wasu

    Hlaba lungene i agree with you 100% .she did this for the love of money . she has to look for another sugar daddy to take care of her .she is so so stupid

  15. Percy Malunga

    This prostitute should learn to zip up its stinking pussie. She should be sued for adultery. Zimbabwe does not cultivate prostitution and so she should be condemned. There are many bachelors roaming in the streets and why did she opt for a married man?

    1. Straight Shooter

      Wena you deserve to be arrested for verbal abuse of an innocent woman in the public media. In waht way is she a prostitute?

      You are a primitive victim of highly partriachal society. There is nothing wrong this woman has done. You poke without a condom – expect babies. Those are the laws of nature!!

  16. Morris

    It is sad that Morgan Tsvangirai is accused of having slept with Loretta Nyathi but Loretta Nyathi is not accused of having slept with Morgan Tsvangirai. It is sad that Morgan Tsvangirai is expected to contribute US$2 200.00 monthly but we are not told what Loretta Nyathi will contribute for the upkeep of the child. In the modern world it is wrong to suggest that responsibility for what happens in consensual sexual encounters is men’s. We have long moved from that world and women have to take full responsibility of their actions in line with the new understandings in human relations. Honestly US$2 200.00 is a lot of money; where was Tsvangirai expected to get that much. I am fully employed in SA and I do not get that much in a teacher’s salary, notwithstanding that I am employed by the government on the basis of a string of university qualifications. Why would a four year old need US$2 200.00 anyway? This smacks of a money making scheme by this woman.

  17. jobolinko

    While it is correct to say Tsvangirayi did not use protection ,Did Loreta use protection ? was she raped ?more so why is it a very intresting story to write about.Loreta must desist from the media ,What did she think she was doing sleeping with someone you are not married to , what morals are those?

  18. wenafela

    Tsvangirai is luck the world is full of people who choose to ignore reality. He has shown he can mess around with women at will with no consequences. Loretta is going what she can for the child. Her motives for falling for the womanizer is anyone’s guess. The fact is tsvangison must take responsibility. That some teacher in South Africa doesn’t earn as much is irrelevant. The child’s support must match with the absent parent’s financial ability. The child’s welfare must come first. And remember gone are the days when men would just go about irresponsibly impregnating women but shunning responsibility. Why do some people even stoop so low as to suggest a dna when tsvangison has not denied that the child is his. Zimbos must grow up and stop being stereotypes. If there was prostitution practised tsvangison will be found to have been practising it. Look at the chain of women he has been associated with simultaneously. What a shame.

  19. Morris

    Wenafela! You could be missing the reason for the comparison. US$2 200.00 is a lot of money which clearly Tsvangirai can’t afford. That money is around half of what an MP in South Africa earns. It could have been more reasonable to negotiate for what a person can afford. Tsvangirai is actually not gainfully employed in a high flying job. He is not getting what an average person thinks he gets. An average family is not far from Tsvangirai, so the lady’s expectations are an overkill. All the women that Tsvangirai bedded were in agreement so responsibility should correctly be apportioned to him and the women.

  20. pati

    He settled out of court, meaning he can afford it and the court registered the settlement. Thus he is obligated to pay that much. What he is to pay is not dependent on what is paid on average by everyone but is according his means. In this case the court did not even have to go that far, because according to the report he settled the claim out of court. If he cannot afford it, he can always go back to court and apply to have the amount he is obligated to contribute for the upkeep of his child changed. But what he should not do is to ignore his obligation.

  21. Straight Shooter

    ……and this is the same man some here are going crazy about, wanting him to be the next head of state – I shudder as just what is is that goes around in a black African mind.

    You simply fail or violate government laws over maintenance – and yet you want to be President – what a joke?

  22. kutongwa nonjazi

    I just wonder how much Character Assassins are paid per hour, and where they are employed…The more you ridicule MT, the more people love him. It just works that way, I don’t know why


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