EU Ambassador Del’Arricia denounced

By | June 18, 2014

Zimbabwe Social Democrats denounce EU Ambassador Del’Arricia denial of leadership crisis and chaos in Zimbabwe.

Press Release Wednesday 18 June 2014.

On a panel discussion in Zimbabwe the EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Aldo Del’Arricia said there was no leadership crisis or chaos in Zimbabwe.

“If we had a leadership crisis there would be chaos. We still have a leadership, we still have a leader who manages to keep at bay and under control these forces that are very much contradictory,” said Ambassador Aldo Del’Arricia.

The Zimbabwe Social Democrats (ZSD) denounce the Ambassador’s statement as a denial of the truth to justify the EU’s continued re-engagement agenda with the Mu- gabe regime and promised reward from the regime of EU access to the country’s di- amonds.

These are some of contradictory forces Mugabe has faced and failed “to keep at bay and under control”:

a) The one thing that has keep Mugabe and Zanu PF united and in power is the political patronage system that has allowed Mugabe to reward party loyalists with jobs and looted wealth. This has been the greatest force that has driven Mugabe throughout his 34 years in government. But the downside of political patronage, the contradictory force, is that it has resulted in mismanagement and corruption and criminal waste of human and material resources.

Zimbabwe is in this economic mess precisely because Mugabe has failed to move with the times and accept that his stay in power should depend, not on political patronage, but his ability to deliver what the nation want and the free democratic will of the electorate. His reliance of patronage has allowed mis- management and corruption to grow and spread like cancer and now the na- tional economic is dying because of them.

The nation will never ever recover until these cancerous tumours now the siz- es of tennis-balls are removed!

b) Zimbabwe has held elections for the last 34 years in fulfilment of the constitu- tional requirement that the nation should hold regular elections. Mugabe has always wanted Zimbabwe to be a one-party state like China or North Korea but has failed to get the constitution changed. He has instead created a de facto one party state in which multi-party elections are held but the only re- sult allowed is a Zanu PF victory. Elections about electing either to stay with the same leaders/ government or to have they replaced. To therefore have elections in which change is not an option is an oxymoron!

 By denying democratic evolutional change Mugabe has per se chosen revolu- tionary and chaotic change because change is nature and no dictator can re- sist change for long.

c)  Mugabe needs his indigenisation policy now more than ever because his cro- nies, who were given the former white farms have failed to earn a living from the farms and they are back demanding more loot. But as long as the policy remains no foreign investor will set foot on Zimbabwe soil – not whilst the threat of being forced to take on a local partner – a parasitic tick the size of a monkey – remains.

d) ZimAsset has failed to raise the necessary funds not even the Chinese Muga- be was cock-sure would contribute have contributed a dollar for reasons a), b) and c) above.

“Zim-Asset is just a blueprint,” Ambassador Aldo argues. “It’s work in pro- gress and I think that the Government and particularly the Minister of Finance knows very well that the work is not completed and they are calling on the African Development Bank in particular, in order to provide technical assis- tance.”

Who is the Ambassador kidding? The regime has had a year already and the begging bowl still remains mockingly empty. This is supposed to be a five- year plan and Vice President Mujuru has already admitted the plan will achieve nothing in five years and that the nation will have to wait “30 or 40 years”!

Of course there is a very serious leadership crisis in Zimbabwe in that Mugabe has faced these opposing forces – all his own making – all these years and instead of the right thing has been kicking the can down the road. His bad decisions are the root causes all the nation’s problems. He is not offering a way out of the mess but will not give up power because it is not in the DNA of tyrants to give up power.

This nation is facing a simple choice, since Mugabe is incapable of change he must go. He is the one who has dragged this nation to the very gates of this hell-on-earth, it would folly to let him take the nation any further.

It is all very well for economist Dr Moses Chundu to say the regime change agenda was “an old, tired script overtaken by time and events”. The truth is the change that Mugabe has resisted and thought he would never ever have to face has caught up with him finally. The only matter to be settled now is whether it is peaceful change or chaotic change triggered by an outbreak of disease or by street rioting or worse!

It seem people like Ambassador Aldo Del’Arricia will only accept there is a crisis in

Zimbabwe when hundreds of thousands of people are dying of diarrhoea or cholera or some such diseases; the fact that every major city and town has had no running clean water for decades now is not enough to constitute a crisis of leadership. They would want to see rioting and fighting like in Egypt and Syria first to say there is crisis in Zimbabwe; the 85% unemployment rates and all the other negative economic measures are not enough.

Zimbabwe is subject to the same laws of thermodynamic and basic economic as every other nation. It is therefore nonsense that the Zimbabwe economy can somehow defy all the economic laws and common sense and recovery and even thrive regardless of the mismanagement, corruption, etc.

The sheer hypocrisy of the EU is really intolerable! The EU is forcing Greece to implement economic reforms necessary to get that country’s economy back on track and yet the EU’s policy on Zimbabwe is to encourage the mismanagement and corruption that has destroyed this nation to continue! The EU has its eyes on Zimbabwe’s diamonds and is glossing over everything the Mugabe government has done and is doing as long as it gets the diamonds.

The people of Zimbabwe have suffering the consequence of this Zanu PF dictatorship for 34 years; they cannot endure no more. No nation or regional grouping, regardless of its economic and technological prowess and dominance, has the right to belittle other people’s suffering much less to deny them the chance to end their suffering for selfish gain.


Mugabe has managed to stay in power for 34 years because he used the nation’s resources using political patronage to reward his Zanu PF cronies who helped him stay in power. The system has worked in that he has stayed in power for 34 years but the down side of it was that resulted in mismanagement and corruption the cancerous tumours now threatening to destroy the national economy. It is clear Mugabe does not want to end his patronage

system and lose power but it is equally clear the system must go and the cancerous tumour removed to save the national economy and the nation.


The nation has allowed Mugabe to have his way for the last 34 years now it is time for him to go! We at the ZSD are advocating for peaceful change but the window of such change will close soon. The EU’s re-engagement overtures are not helping because it is only encouraging Mugabe to drag his feet thinking he can somehow still avoid regime change.

It is time for Mugabe to go; he can go peacefully or pushed – but go he must and will!

Signed. Wilbert Mukori

Secretary General
Zimbabwe Social Democrats

30 thoughts on “EU Ambassador Del’Arricia denounced

  1. publicprotector

    It is quite clear that Wilbert Mukori must go or be arrested and imprisoned.
    Simply put for those a bit dim, Zanu won the election and has formed a government, an article like this is anti government and Zimbabwe and therefore terrorism. It has the effect of wrongly and untruthfully promoting that Zimbabwe government is unstable, so don’t invest – economic sabotage.
    We need media control and journalists and those who write this garbage locked up wjere they can be reintegrated into civil society as responsible citizens.

    1. Wilbert Mukori

      @ Publicprotector

      Someone has to speak for the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans whose lives are misery. Do know what it means to be unemployed for one month? Well millions have been out of work for ten years or more. Whilst Mugabe had the money to spend on a $1 million birthday party and two weeks later $10 million on his daughter’s wedding; there were 100 below the age of five dying of preventable disease every day because the health system has collapsed. Millions of Zimbabweans have lived for decades now without hope and human dignity.

      I think it is right that those of us who can speak should speak against such criminal waste of material resources and such tragic human suffering. Those people are not animals; I would not treat my dog with such heartless indifference as Mugabe has been treating Zimbabweans.

      Why should I be arrested and send to prison? I have never rigged elections and have never shed any innocent blood. We both know there are many people in high places in Zimbabwe whose hands are red with the blood of over 30 000 murdered since 1980! The wheels of justices turn very slowly; these murderers should have been arrested and punished decades ago!

      You call yourself public protector? You mean the ghost public that voted for Mugabe last year? No wonder Mugabe is refusing to release the voters roll, the smoking gun of the rigged vote. But you can be rest assured, the truth about that rigged election is going to be told, every small detail!

      Mugabe’s reign of terror is over and the wheel of justice is finally catching up with him and all his thugs. There is nowhere to hide; they will get to know what it means to be in jail – they so readily send others at a drop of a hat!

    2. biend

      I wonder what Zimbabwe you referring too because the whole world knows a different Zimbabwe,ask anyone on the street.You want Journalists to be arrested for telling the truth?Which century are living in?Are going to get Journalists in world arrested,for saying the truth?Wake up my my friend and smell the coffee

  2. Angela Wigmore

    These EU Ambassadors and the rest of the gang have no right to comment on the state of Zimbabwe, unless it were to say they regret and are sorry for their misguided belief in Mugabe and his Zanu-Unpatriotic Front. They just cannot publically admit they were wrong and, therefore, they are no better than Mugabe and Zanu UNPatrioticF.

  3. Roving Ambassador

    Its the Thabo Mbeki disease. See no evil ,hear no evil. I suspect ZANU is giving back handers again. The power of diamonds.
    This chap should just shut up if he has not got something better to say.

    1. Wilbert Mukori

      Former SA President Thembo Mbeki denied there was no crisis in Zimbabwe; “Crisis, what cri-sis!” he said. He has to eat his words as he chaired the negotiations that were to result in the GNU in Zimbabwe. I would like to believe that it was his mishandling of the Zimbabwe crisis that was to contribute to his early replacement as SA’s president.

      We all know that Europe, especially Belgium, is keen to re-engage with the government in Hara-re. Still, not even the starry eyed Belgians with their eyes on Zimbabwe’s diamonds would have soiled their reputation by denying there was no chaos in Zimbabwe when everyone can see that is a lie! Ambassador Aldo De’Arricia has gone too far this time; I hope the EU withdraws him from Zimbabwe and spare any nation of his disservice by retiring him from any active duties.

  4. NBS

    Ask him about the baby that was thrown into the morgue at banket hospital, found the next day and died two days later

  5. Bloody agent

    The EU has no balls. Thank god that the US maintains sanctions.

  6. Petal

    Has anyone from either Civil Society or ZHRL taken Aldo Del’Arricia on a familiarisation tour out of his comfort zone to see what is really going on? hope civil society will face him again and show him the realities of living of ordinary people and just not rub shoulders with those in positions probably made a courtesy call to the three storey mansion owned by disgrace.

    Could it also be the pressure from the geriatic who wants sanctions to be lifted and they are hoodwinking him? hope civil society and ZHRL and others will put pressure on him to see the reality and speak to the ordinary people

  7. Petal

    Does Aldo speak and understand english fluently? If not someone should get an Italian intepreter to tell him things are not right?

  8. Petal

    Does Aldo speak and understand english fluently? If not someone should get an Italian intepreter to tell him things are not right?

  9. Petal

    If push comes to shove someone from civil society should make a complaint to Aldo’s bosses he must have someone that he is answerable to

  10. Wilbert Mukori

    Yes Ambassador Aldo Del’Arricia can speak English. Even if he could not the rot and decay and abject poverty is everywhere in Harare, he does not have to be driven out of the city to see it! He does not need to ask or hear anything; his eyes and nauseating smell of rotting garbage and open sewers will tell him all he needs to know!

    1. Petal

      take photos of the sewers and rotting garbage and abject poverty and send them to his boss listing all the institutions that falling on the road side e.g. banks, local businesses etc am sure he will be suffering from severe migrane by the end of the day

  11. Petal

    the person on this forum who says that the likes of Wilbert should be arrested – are you on the gravy train?
    people are dying because of lack of medical care, industries are closing, banks are collapsing ,medicines have been discovered expired at hospitals while people cannot access them, no electricity, phones do not work, the post and telecommunications does not function,no electricity, the drinking water may be contanminated, money has been given to Mps for posh cars and an idiot MP like Mlisiwa are saying they are substandard etc.-surely to say this when all this is happening you are a person without a conscience

  12. Petal

    Members of civil society should pull Aldo by the ear and show him do not give up you will be doing this for all those who are struggling find a a way to speak to his boss failing this have another plan

  13. Petal

    OVER 50,000 children below the age of 14 are failing to access life-saving HIV drugs, according to shock new statistics by the Ministry of Health and Child Care. just read the article on this site
    Is this Aldo aware of this while medication is being either sold,left to expired or possibly payment is being demanded by the person who is dispensing the medication under the counter

  14. Petal

    50,000 children denied HIV drugs | The Chronicle
    that is the heading

  15. Dave

    My thanks to the administrator of this site for allowing the likes of “Pubicprosphincter” to air his views. It reminds me why I sent my, now highly qualified, children away from this pathetic country.

  16. Saddened

    I feel so angry to hear a so called diplomat who is supposed to be neutral say what was reported.As they say ‘words long forgotten spring to mind’ It is not his business to tell NGO’s how they should respond to this desperate bunch of losers. Is he blind and deaf or just stupid not to be aware of the unnecessary misery we face on a daily basis?

  17. Petal

    European Parliament
    Bât. Altiero Spinelli
    60 rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
    B-1047 – Bruxelles/Brussels
    Phone: +32(0)2 28 42111
    Fax: +32(0)2 28 46974


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