Tsvangirai unfazed by ‘renewal’ attacks

By | June 19, 2014

via Tsvangirai unfazed by ‘renewal’ attacks | SW Radio Africa. 19 June 2014   by Tichaona Sibanda

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who has in the last two months been the target of a concerted attack by the renewal team, is reportedly unfazed by the blitz against him.

Since January, Tsvangirai has weathered the verbal attacks, but recently the renewal team, led by former MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti has unleashed a new offensive, this time concentrating on his love life.

In the last two weeks, social media platforms and newspapers sympathetic to the renewal agenda have churned out editorials questioning Tsvangirai’s leadership style and his relationships with women.

But a trusted source close to Tsvangirai told SW Radio Africa on Thursday that the former Premier in the unity government is ‘unfazed’ by the attacks.

‘I met mudhara (Tsvangirai) this week and he was laughing about the media blitz against him. He said they are wasting their time and even described the disciplinary tribunal against him by the Biti camp as rubbish.

‘People in the party, family and friends worry of the scale of the onslaught that he is facing and the potential damage that it can do. But his apparent lack of panic makes the renewal team members panic more and think of others plots,’ said the source.

Charlton Hwende, a Tsvangirai loyalist and senior party member, said the media campaign against their leader is hypocrisy.

‘The attacks on Tsvangirai’s relations with women are hypocritical because those from the renewal team are not angels themselves. They are super-womanizers and I know it.

‘Recently I wrote on my Facebook wall threatening to spill the beans on members of the renewal team about their affairs and my inbox nearly burst with private messages from the same people begging me not to do it. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones,’ Hwende said.

SW Radio Africa is reliably informed that a popular UK based online newspaper has had to shelve a story, for now, on one of the top members of the renewal team after appeals that the article would ‘wreck’ his marriage and political career.


30 thoughts on “Tsvangirai unfazed by ‘renewal’ attacks

  1. woundedbaffalo

    Biti ndozvitaura wajaira manje uchamama yawakatanga iyikaiyi ,madzore chimboimba biti-biti mbiti tione kana ukateererwa

  2. chiremba wemberengwa

    Its not the renewal team which is championing the attack on Tsvangirai, but rather their supporters at Zimpapers (herald and Sunady mail. Zimbabweans need to wake up and smell the coffee!! If Tsvangirai is finished why this media attanetion from the public media? Tsvangirai will not be forgiven easily for defeating mugabe in 2008 and that is always going to be fact. He is also hated by ZanuPF for having shown in a short space of time he was in government that he could make a difference to the long suffering Zimbos. Even if we were to accept that the former Prime Minster has had multiple partners, what is more debilitating, ZPF’s destruction of the country’s economy or Tsvangirai’s perceived ‘many girlfriends’ The best American President to date, Bill Clinton had many girlfriends (from little rock as governor of Arkansas to the WhiteHouse intern, Luwinsky etc and yet he still got a secong term and is the most respected US President of our time, because he managed the American economy far better than the Bushes and the Reagans of this world!!! Tsvangson’s record on the economy (2009 -2013) is there for all to see and this will be forever fixed in the minds of Zimbabweans, right thinking Zimbos at that!!! Tsvangson is here to stay and will onlyn move after the demise of the dictatorship, and that time is fast approaching as the mismanaged economy will slowly but surely take out ZPF, particularly when the faction politics plays out shortly. Zimbabweans should expect Tsvangirai to take them out of this morass into Canaan! Zimbos should remain steadfast behind the man who is currently being vilified by the combined evil force of ZPF and Mbiti’s camp and it will for sure be Uhuru shortly.

  3. Momberume

    I think they should be exposed also,because Biti and his crew think that they are holier. That UK based paper must publish it. Cde Hwende,tell us please. We are waiting. !

  4. Nodi

    Don.t expose them. You will be campaining for them as they are doing for Morgen

  5. Dr Tapera

    I earlier respected colleagues who now label themselves the renewal team, but sadly, they have sunk Zimbabwean politics to a new low. They need to renew their strategy and delve into bread and butter issues, instead of the counter productive attacks on Tsvangirai. What grand coalition if you cannot even reconcile with your own inaugural leader!

  6. Zen

    If only Biti and his renewal team spent as much time and energy fighting Mugabe, the real enemy of all Zimbabweans…..

  7. NBS

    This is always the problem with our politicians. Unfazed??? Zim is dying. Each one of your should be repenting on his knees with tears before God for what you all do to this nation and its people. People are dying whilst you, MT, and Biti et al are unfazed and fighting. Truly I am disgusted!

  8. mark longhurst

    how ludicrous in a time when the zanulooters are cleaning out the coffers,we stand by and bicker about ridiculous issues to do with rumour, what about your fellow zimbo standing there with no job or money, who gives a sh!t about these guys personal lives ,lets fix the f2ken place

  9. dongondarimwe

    what about that Bit? his skin can tell anyone that he is sick ganda rakatetepa rinonyatsozvitaurira rega kuti aiwa ndavemugwandega. saka anotaura mudhara sei kuti vakadzi vakawandisa? ndozvinoita bhuru,rinokwira. tsvangira ganda rake rakakora chero ndebvu dzaka dzakakora kwete dzinoerera dzaana bit. tinomunyadzisa kana akada kuvhaira tinozviziva. pfungwa dzake dzinomunyegedza haana kwarity yekutonga zimbabwe uya ngaagare pasi zvake amwe mapiritsi ake zvakanaka araramewo nevamwe … kwete humbwa hwaanoda kutiitira uyo.

  10. Russell Moyo

    Will criticising a man who is not in government and thus not in control of anything solve our problems. Little critics popping up everywhere Morgan this Morgan that, if the man is finished and irrelevant as you all claim, why the attention on him why the criticism. Kicking a man while he’s down because hes a soft target doesnt make you a great fighter. Leave that Tsvangirai alone and focus on the real cause of the problem, if you dont know what that is, then please keep your mouths shut.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Welshman has been lambasted, criticised, pillorried – but is not in government. Is it because its Tswangirayi, now that you are concerned?

      The gukurahundi tribalist should just go!!

        1. Straight Shooter

          Just about every Shona above the age of 40 today has been a member, and worshipper of gukurahundi Mugabe and his party ZANU PF!!

          1. Russell Moyo

            I just wish a human condition and state devoid of superficial racial, ethnic or tribal classifications were possible, just how the issue of the Tsvangirai onslaught degenerated into a shona – ndebele issue as you now trivialise it I wonder.I similarly wish the people of Zimbabwe stop dwelling on petty issues that divide and fracture the country and instead focus on getting rid of the common enemy. Are we that stupid to fail to realise that our enemy is one. our destiny is one, our future and common good is one. Inkosi ayisoze ibusise ilizwe elingabambananga

            1. Straight Shooter

              Russel Moyo
              The day Zimbabwean politics is an open contest of ideas from each and every Zimbabwean of any shade, any race, any ethnic group and any region, without resorting to ethnic labelling is the day your wishes will indeed come true.

              Just read the story on “Prof Moyo’s meeting with Mugabe”, you will understadn where I am coming from.

              Just why and how his appointing a few editors from Matebeland suddenly becomes “tribal”, in a country in which, just about every senior position is occupied by a Shona, including the provinces of Mthwakazi is beyond me.

              I am afraid, I am going to continue disappointing some of you people by being a permanent thorn in the flesh, because I will never allow myself to continue living in cloud cuckoo-land, pretending we are all united and everything is hunky-dory.

              When it comes to Zimbabwe, just about in everything there are linkages – and everything talks tribalism, regionalism and racism.It doesn’t matter how its camouflaged.

              Call me what ever you want – you are most welcome!!

  11. Kanganwiro

    Biti and renewal team may be driven by noble intentions but their vicious fixation on destroying all things Tsvangirai may turn out to be their undoing.They run the risk of creating sympathy support for Tsvangirai, human beings tend to sympathise with a person who seems to be under excessive attack. Their obsession with Tsvangirai smacks of a jilted lover keen to ensure that if he can’t have the lady noone should, a jilted lover will go all out to denigrate his lost lady to make as unattractive as possible to any rival suitor this ensuring that she runs back to him. All this criticism stems from admiration for Tsvangirais charisma and popularity which is something they don’t have. To go as far as saying Mugabe is better than Tsvangi shows that these Biti is letting spite get the better of him either that or the man is in possession of the elusive high grade ganja I’ve spent my whole life trying to get hold off.

  12. biend

    Biti should be telling Zimbabweans how he intends to better their lives,he just like ZANU nothing to offer but very vicious and effective on attacking opponents

  13. Ngoto Zimbwa

    I totally agree with the above sentiments.
    The focus should be on ZANU.
    A ZANU that’s brought nothing but misery to our country.
    Morgan has many rough sides to him but who amongst them renewal guys is so pure they can cast the first stone?

    We should not, as a people be fooled by the many reports in the ZANU press regarding Morgan’s failings.
    These guys want to destroy the mdc, period.

  14. Straight Shooter

    Lies! lies! lies! liar Tswangirayi.

    The gukurahundi tribalist is indeed fazed down to the born marrow. Otherwise why did he get hospitalised? Its weighing down on him, but being a dictator like his father gukurahundi tribalist Mugabe, they will always pretend they are “unfazed”.

    Mugabe prefers to seek medical attention in Singapore because he is running away from prying eyes. If everything was ok and he had nothing to hide about the stress, why travel thousand and thousand of kilometres just for an eye operation?

    Lies – we know its affecting him. At 65 still with unrealised presidential ambitions he knows time is running out; and we will make sure it indeed runs out. We dont want him!

    Kasimfuni – maka hambe la abuya khona!!!

  15. Straight Shooter

    Tswangirayi’s hero-worshippers think their little god is untouchable. You can not tell us who to criticise and when. Who to focus on and when. It is us the anti-Tswangirayi brigade who decide, not you. If this means Mugabe survives by default, so be it – who cares!!

    1. Straight Shooter

      Believing in that only Shona leadership or only Shona-led parties should ascend to power in Zimbabwe is a preserve of the most primitive of primates on mother earth!!

      1. Ngoto Zimbwa

        I agree.
        Tribal affiliations have no place in the credentials needed for leadership qualifications.
        Hence J Nkomo enjoyed massive following amongst these gukurahundis, you talk about.
        You are either ignorant of that fact or are blind to it.
        Most likely, the later.

        1. Straight Shooter

          If you were born after 1990, you stand forgiven for your devastating ignorance.

          Joshua Nkomo for simply being from “Ngomo’s country” was their ultimate prize on platter my friend check the BBC news archives.

          With such “lessons-well-learnt” from gukurahundi ZANU PF’s tribalistic politics, most of these people have not deviated an inch from Mugabe’s teachings – nothwithstanding the fact that they now shout day-in, and day-out against him, as part of the so-called “democratic MDC-T opposition” outfit.

          Democracy has lost its meaning – I’m afraid!!

  16. Madlinduna

    Mixed feelings about men who used to be saint with all consecrations and sobriquet names before leading democratic forces to a kamikaze July 2013 pinnacle elections.I remember presciently telling my cousin Diliza a die hard MDC-T member that,if these guys lead us to another defeat by succumbing to Zanu’s arrogance on crucial reforms prior elections I will never forgive them.Let’s be principled,these two now factional leaders are neither saint.In conjunction they led us deep the abyss.At times people sympathise with you when you are robbed at gun point but,stupidly they label you,hence this wide berth from various corners.Going forward,a single man’s party will never succeed in Zim,but a people’s project like how the MDC was formed.Though as it grew it did symbolized by individuals political and personal at the helm,who might have jumped that confinement by now out of their ego and inept.But it was for all democrats in unison,and this must never be misconstrued.No one will own or take away the revolution and succeed alone.

    1. Straight Shooter

      MDC-T is no longer a people’s project. It is now a person’s project, a Tswangirayi’s project. He has said so many, many times – that “I am the MDC”.

      What more convincing do people want?


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