Government bars Tsvangirai from visiting flood victims

via Government bars Tsvangirai from visiting flood victims | SW Radio Africa   by Mthulisi Mathuthu on Friday, April 4, 2014 

Government has barred former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai from visiting victims of the Tokwe Mukosi floods, the MDC-T has said.

The MDC-T leader was due to visit the Chingwizi holding camp this week where he wanted to donate used clothes, blankets and food stuffs to the victims. But the government notified the former premier’s emissaries that he could not go ahead with his mission.

According to a statement from Harvest House, Provincial Affairs Minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti said Tsvangirai must leave his presents at the government offices in Masvingo where they will be transported to the victims. But the MDC-T said ZANU PF is so used to partisan food distribution that they may want to misrepresent all donations as coming from them. The party said it was criminal for ZANU PF to ‘take advantage of a national disaster for political capital.’

Spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said the opposition party was shocked that the government would bar a former premier, and leader of a party represented in Parliament, from undertaking such a humanitarian exercise.

Mwonzora said Tsvangirai was simply being ‘courteous’ by informing the government of his plans because there is no legal requirement for him to do so. He said: ‘He is a former PM and as such certain formalities are important to be fullfilled otherwise he is not bound by any law to inform anyone of such a mission.’

Mwonzora said the party will continue to negotiate with the government. He said Tsvangirai had delayed his visit as a way to ‘give the government a chance to deal with the flood situation on its own without tainting the situation with politics.’

About 4,000 people were evacuated from the flood risk area after heavy rains threatened the collapse of the Tokwe Mukosi Dam in the Masvingo area. Reports have said the flood victims are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance and the government is clearly failing to cope with the situation.


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33 comments on “Government bars Tsvangirai from visiting flood victims
  1. ZimJim says:

    ZANU PF “Aid Thieving”, as usual. They’ll probably use it to try and pacify the army, or other restless minions…. No way will it go to the intended beneficiaries.

    • Makotsi says:

      Your proposition is out of this world. How do secondhand clothes from Mupedzanhamo assist Government? This satanic move by Lucifer’s discipole Tsvangirai is but a ploy to gain political mileage over a situation. Government’s failure to give all the needed assistance is as a result of the very economic sanctions Tsvangirai sourced for Zimbabwe.

      • kutongwa nonjazi says:

        Saka vapiwa new clothes be Zanu handiti. Some people are not even ashamed . They think they own other people. Pasi ne Nanuu

      • kutongwa nonjazi says:

        Saka vapiwa new clothes ne Zanu handiti. Some people are not even ashamed . They think they own other people. Pasi ne Nanuu

      • BN says:

        Fool. What sanctions?

      • Godwin says:

        lets not learn to speak bad about other people bcause those had never speak bad about you

      • Jono Austin says:

        Zanu will steal the clothes like they have stolen everything else. They might just murder the survivors of the floods = no more problem. How many did they murder down there in Gukurahundi? 30000 so 4000 is nothing. And Makotsi who are you to even open your mouth you Gukurahundi supporter. We are not interested in what murderer supporters have to say.

      • Gomogranny says:

        Hey Makotsi I am still waiting for my reply from you regarding whether you believe any white person has a right to own land or a business in Zimbabwe. Why don’t you answer this question – it is not a difficult one. Unless of course you are an ignorant, racist bigot…then it is understandable why you would not want to make a written answer.

        So….Makotsi do you believe a white person should be allowed to own land or a business in Zimbabwe? ANSWER ME!

        • Nelson says:

          Gomogranny, I suspect you’ll wait quite some time for this Makotsi character’s response to your post; his online profile suggests very strongly that he’s just a troll planted here by his Zanoid paymasters. Same applies to Apolitical. Best course of action is to ignore them, they’ll soon go away.

      • Malcolm says:

        Shame on Morgan for trying to get political mileage out of old clothes. Should take a leaf out of ZANUPF and get more mileage by subjugating and murdering its own citizens, stealing elections, indulging in nepotism, favouritism, fraud, corruption, embezellment, banning free speech and press, and using every strong arm tactic possible via a patronage system in the judiciary, army and police. That how you do things Morgan.

      • Chara says:

        Makotsi uri kumashure isu tave kuseri uchiri kutaura zvemasanction makore ano. This Bhasikiti guy is a joke how can you deny needy people aid because of your political preference. I think uri bhasikiti remapepa

      • ZimJim says:

        Makosi… “This satanic move by Lucifer’s discipole Tsvangirai”


        You need psychiatric help… Or maybe just simple euthanasia.

  2. Zen says:

    What petty, vindictive and inhuman monsters we have for a government!Let’s get rid of them now by any means necessary

  3. Chanhuhwa Chidembo says:

    Hlf a loaf is better than nothing old clothes dzatouya hadzo ko imi mazanu murikushaya kana nedhende zvaro. Vanhu varikuda help not protocol

  4. Charlie Cochrane says:

    Naivety?NO…stupidity beyond comprehension!!
    Is Tsvangirai a moron, good boy or just a plain and simple imbecile!
    He informs the mugabe government that he
    intends to donate clothes etc to flood victims and he is shocked when they deny him tbe opportunity and tell him to drop the donations at a zanu office……..please tell me I’m imagining this? My goodness, he is more stupid than even I had imagined…….leave that monkey mugabe in power, Tsvangirai may be even more incompetent!

    • Malcolm says:

      Politics is like playing bridge – is a stupid play really one, or made to appear like one; and how is the opponent fooled and made weaker by it. There the allegory ends though, because unlike in bridge, politicians are permitted to openly cheat throughout.

    • Dr Wil says:

      I m not sure you understand how politics work in zim. He was right in asking if he had gone they were going to come up with a fun excuse to arrest him.

      he has actually played it wise, even if he next time goes without informing anyone.

  5. Nyoni says:

    Zanu only care for themselves. What government is there.

  6. shumba liverpool says:

    Confirmation once more of how ZPF fears ‘dead and buried’ Chematama. Winter looms and and noone cares. Asi dai ari mapresents emuchato Grace aiwaramba? Shame.

  7. roving ambassador. says:

    Tsvangirai should just go even in the middle of the night. You don’t need the press around you. The people will be grateful and the news will spread anyway.
    Just do it for the people.

  8. Germane says:

    Makotsi – gaining political mileage is what politicians do. It is their job. Only in dictatorships is this considered dangerous.

  9. Jogo Bonita says:

    Whats wrong with second hand clothes from mupedzanhamo?given a choice btwn those seconds and brand new from china i will go for mupedzanhamo.

  10. I really do not understand these MDC guys.
    What is this about asking for permission to donate?

    Are there any man-made laws againest “the grace of giving?”

    MDC is an opposition party. Why can’t it simply operate as an opposition party.

  11. I really do not understand these MDC guys.
    What is this about asking for permission to donate?

    Are there any man-made laws againest “the grace of giving?”

    MDC is an opposition party. Why can’t it simply operate as an opposition party?

  12. Mixed Race says:

    @Roving A and @Charlie C-brilliant comments.Why does MT wants to lower himself by asking for permission from those he knows have nothing to say to him? He should learn to be self confident and use his common sense if he has one.He claims that he does not have to inform them but he wastes time talking to them whilst the poor people suffer in waiting.
    He should be reminded that he is a Zimbabwean so he can go wherever he wants unless he is a prisoner who is limited within prison perimeter.PLEASE ACT LIKE A LEADER AND STOP BEING A PARASITE.If you are not careful they will limit your movements within your house ie which bedrooms to visit and which ones you should not.You have not broken any national laws to warrant this treatment.ANYBODY WHO SUPPORTS THIS TREATMENT IS NOT HUMANE AND REASONABLE.

    • Malcolm says:

      I cannot understand why people don’t grasp this one fundamental principle – until you build up a portfolio of repression, you haven’t a case to make. For example, Jenny Williams goes out to each demo knowing that arrest is likely, simply because it makes her allegations of the tactics of a despotic dictatorship appreciable in the public domain. MDC likewise have a substantial and increasingly impressive file of the numerous times they have been suppressed by the Mugabe empire.

  13. I don’t think any politician that is not in or with the present administration is free to go where they want. I think they are free to go where they let you. Whilst this is my opinion I will agree that there was no reason to ask for permission other than letting everybody know that I want to give you something but they won’t let me. This is what politicians seem to be all about these days.For example no one should ask the someone if they can use public amenities simply because that’s what they are there for. If you ask and someone says no your next action would most probably be confrontation.Why did he inform them in the first place as he knew they would refuse.Both sides are behaving badly. You would expect when there is a national disaster they would contact each other and forget their differences and think of the matter at hand. Look at the Political maturity between the political partys in the united kingdom during the recent floods there.

  14. NBS says:

    How petty and they are running our country. no wonder we are a spectacular mess. The Lord Himself will take them down

  15. John Thomas says:

    This should be a win win for MDC. If Tsvangirai is arrested it will only increase his stature. Why is he hesitating?

  16. Small axe says:

    Amazing, race agreeing with Charlie Cochrane…there is hope yet.

  17. Tiki says:

    Too little too late. Should have pitched up as the disaster unfolded and ensured govnt is reminded of its responsibility to look after the vulnerable in a disaster situation. Just like they must make very loud noise when a whole city uses soiled water and hospitals go without medicines, and Harare/Betbridge road is still the sorry thing colonial regime built for very few vehicles and now a permanent death trap.

  18. jono says:

    How does Tsvangirai manage to provide for these people when a government can’t. Where in the world has anybody seen an opposition leader going to distribute gifts to victims of a natural disaster. Even in America that is not possible, only the agency dealing with disasters is allowed to coordinate these things and as such Tsvangirai has been rightfully advised to bring his gifts to the disaster agency so they can deal with it.

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