Hefty salaries for Zimbabwe army chefs

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Hefty salaries for Zimbabwe army chefs by Staff reporter 13 February 2014

Army generals are reportedly earning as much as $10,000 per month in basic salaries, in addition to a range of other eye-watering perks. Rank and file soldiers earn a monthly average of $370.

Sources in the ZNA Pay and Records Department revealed to The Zimbabwean that ranks of Lieutenant Colonel and above enjoy hefty perks and most of them are war veterans.

The lowest paid private soldier earns an average $340 before transport and housing allowances, and the next nine ranks to that of major are separated from each other by a mere $20 a month. While a major earns $470 the next rank above him, Lt Col, pockets $1,500.

“After benefits such as transport, housing, entertainment and communications are added, the officers take home over $2,000 plus service vehicles and free fuel,” said the source.

The salary difference widens with each senior rank. Generals enjoy salaries in the $5,000-$10,000 range plus fleets of modern vehicles.

Senior army officers have access to unlimited travel and subsistence allowances whenever they leave base, and sources said some of the trips serve no tangible purpose and are just an excuse for the bosses to get the money.

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35 comments on “Hefty salaries for Zimbabwe army chefs
  1. Let the fool’s keep polishing their shoes, ironing, their uniforms and saluting them when ever they drive around. Do we feel that pain? No. Until they realise that they have the power to change the tables, none of us can help them.They have got tools of the trade, as well as,the training that goes with it.

    • wami says:

      What some people fail to realize is that its not the junior soldier who is being shortchanged but its every Zimbabwean’s money that is being abused by these thugs. We can use that money elsewhere imagine if they were to get $600 a month and get issued with Mazda B2200s in place of their Navaras, how much, just how much medicine can we acquire? How many potholes can we repair,if not to resurface? What percentage of the country’s debts can we repay? HOW MUCH?

    • Tjingababili says:

      Robert Mugabe when will you ever learn! Is it age, maybe! Sharing the spoils! Go ahead. Make my day! From a chalk inhaling high school teacher to a billionaire!

  2. obert says:

    This proves that this country is effectively a military junta. The soldiers own the country. The so called government just follows what ever the uneducated fools in uniform say. Look at how the government has no idea of how to take the country forward. We bemoan the days of guys like Mutumbuka, Chidzero and Chris Ushewokunze. These Chinamasas and Mades who wait for direction from Chiwenga and Chinos will take us nowhere.

  3. Smart Talk says:

    It is fun. If the majority of them were used to rig, denying the people’s choice to run the country, then ngavamame vakadaro. There were taking turns to go and vote for ZANU PF and now they are being chased away from the barracks kwavaidya zvemahara. You are going to breathe fire from now on wards. Munoswera muchikavhira vakuru vanoguta ende vane zvakawanda. Hudofo hwakazara mumabhareta.

    • makotsi says:

      Section 67 of Chapter 4 to the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides for political rights to every Zimbabwean citizen, members of the defence forces inclusive. From this, members of security services of Zimbabwe enjoy freedom of choice regarding who to vote for in any election.

  4. mark longhurst says:

    Are you serious?, these are the most corrupt people in the country , they have blood on their hands , they lie to Zimbos every day about the West,while they keep you as slaves worse than the white man ever did- Wake up Zimbabwe, chuck these criminals out send them to CAR or Rwanda, where soldiers are really needed..

  5. obert says:

    Reporter,please get comparative figures for similar ranks in SADC

  6. Gomido says:

    There a general level of low intelligence in the population – the poverty is self inflicted. I dont understand how someone is promised a few dollars or beer to go and beat voters. THE PROMISED FEW DOLLARS OR BEER BARELY LAST A DAY BUT THE ACTIONS OF THESE FOOLS PUTS IN POWER A SYSTEM TO LIVE WITH FOR THE NEXT FIVE FIVE YEARS !i?%¥?

  7. chatove chigumegume kudya chewafa!

  8. Mlimo says:

    The reporter forgot the free farms … Each general has own multiple farms stolen.

  9. John Thomas says:

    Military types are always dubious. They are a burden that always has to be carried. On the scale of these things 10k per month is not too bad.

  10. Makotsi says:

    Little or no knowledge is not only dangerous to society but much more to the person who display such ignorance. Military service is not a profit making undertaking but a conduit for prosperity of any nation through affording a peaceful environment.

  11. Mutumbuka ushewokunze chidzero were part of our problems. Soon there will be many courts martial and lots soldiers doing target practice in the many public firing squad as we jeer

  12. Jonas says:

    Are they “earning” or are they “taking” as much as $10,000 per month? Let’s call it what it is.

  13. nesbert majoni says:

    The bark stops at Mugabe. He is the source of this country’s problems. Mugabe has always wanted this country to be a one party state for him to be a life president. When he realised that this idea was refused he forced it through the army and other military apparatus. He made it very sure that anyone in charge of any gonernment arm, department, quangos and in fact all his regimes’ adminisrations are headed by a ZANU pf fanatic. And this was done in a very clever way by appointments. When we realised it it was too late. Now he is what he wants with the country and we can do nothing and he knows it very well. From a village headman to the commander in chief who is Mugabe he knows the levers of power are unshakeble

    • Mukanya says:


    • Start by burning the one next to you. Make it brutal and fearful, create terror and havoc from just next to you. That is all it takes to drive the point home. Once started, you will need a multi-national force to bring order in Zimbabwe. Lack of inaction is not a solution. We have tried everything, including surrendering/subjecting ourselves to voluntary slavery to Mugabe and queen grace.

  14. mucha says:

    Is this news or the writer is just trying to create unnecessary dispondency wthin the Armed Forces. Army salary scales are not a secret and all soldiers know how much each one gets. After all, the monies are deposited in banks with a salary schedule.
    So whts the fuss here Mr Writer?

  15. Mixed Race says:

    @Makotsi- you seem to misunderstand freedom of voting and enforcing free voting.The constitution does not say the armed forces can campaign for a particular party and force people to vote otherwise.This is pure dictatorship and abuse of military strength and public resources.Let them remain in camps during campaigning and become true apolitical then they will get respect from the masses.

  16. Patriotic says:

    Myself I think $10,000 is not too bad if only the gaps were not that wide. My get that much when the poor low rank soldiers get peanuts

  17. Msizeni silwelani says:

    Hefty salaries in a non- existing economy like ours are nothing but absurd. If the chefs were patriotic, a living wage will suffice until such a time the abnormal normalises. Hopefully as i post this our dictator has announced his resignation, it could be a memorable valentine’s message.

  18. moyo says:


  19. Shuwa Moyo. One 57 year old ex-combatant said this to me yesterday “I regret insulting the missionaries and saying I was going to fight for freedom. Little did I know that I was going to create a heaven for people like Obert Mpofu and others while my daughters and sons would be scavengers in neighboring countries despite them being more educated that Obert’s children. Little did I KNOW THAT I WAS GOING TO FIGHT FOR THE CLOSURE OF A FACTORY WHERE MY MOTHER WORKED AND MANAGED TO PAY MY BROTHER’S FEES! Now I m seeing that reality I dont know what to do. I am a teacher myself and truly speaking a frustrated teacher indeed!”

  20. Bee says:

    Zimbabweans voted for Zanu PF simply as a twos up to the West and a twos up to the whites. How stupid. Where has it got them?

  21. Tongoona says:

    Salarygate is an inclusive deliberate omission by all ZANU PF meant to facilitate stealing of taxpayers’ money. I wonder whether ZANU PF, elite as they are, are not aware of what is called Work Study. Salary levels must not be pegged on the basis of thumbsucks but on the basis of productivity levels and value of the worker’s work per hour, per day, per week, per month and per year. The army is not a profit making organization. So how come the chef military personnel are earning such hefty salaries and how were these salary levels reached? What is the President and Commander-Inchief of the Defense saying about this glaring discrepancy between the so called chefs and the lower rank soldiers? With all due respect, the President and Commander In Chief is the accountable officer and we demand an explanation about this yawning discrepancy.
    We also question the involvement of the army chefs in Land Reform, Distribution and Resettlement in that they are multiple farm owners thus driving out the tom, dick and harry off the land their sons and daughters died for. If the Commander In Chief and the army chefs want to be farm owners, then they should resign from the army sooner than later. It is also common knowledge that the Commander InChief’s family are multiple farm owners against the one-family one farm policy. Virtually the whole of Mazowe district has been grabbed by the first family while most Mazowe people have had very little land. Multiple farm ownership by those in high offices is gross abuse of power and a mega criminality.

  22. Reader says:

    at the current exchange rate that’s ZAR120,000 plus perks a month i don’t think anyone in Sadc will earn that unless I am being stupid.

    ZRP, ZNA, Air Force all you squaddies you are being ripped by your bosses and you want to kill your family for wanting better living when your bosses steal from the mouths of your children.
    Gaw i feel sorry for you, you bribe the poor on the roads but salute the real thieves, you arrest the poor for trying to feed their families but ignore the thieves you call your bosses. Next time they issue you with weapons you know what to do arrst them for such theft and abuse remeber their hands are clean they never fired a shot they never attended a scene until after YOU did the killing so if anyone is charged with Murder it will be YOU lowly paid squaddies not the boss with his big bank account, Fat belly and Fat wives and children, and your children will suffer more.


  24. Ryan says:

    mbavha.i wish masoja ,mapurisa ,maair force,cio, maprison guards dai mari yanyatso shaika zvemachokwadi chokwadi kuti vamame nenzara.ndivo zuro riya waitirova ,kutirovera kuti tivhotere mashefu avoka saka zvaipei?

  25. Michael Saruchera says:

    these are the results of voting hohonwa yeharahwa yavakudzurwa nendove kumusana , we created this mess lets suffer quietly till 2018.

  26. LUCY says:

    •Hefty salaries for Zimbabwe army chefs
    •Zimbabwe Unable to Pay New Civil Servant Salaries

    Two headlines that shouldn’t be in the same edition

    Are these Chiefs not Civil servants?

    Why does the same Government get money to pay these not the rest?

    No I don’t need an answer I already know why

  27. Ndebvu Mukomichi says:

    Operation Warasika Papi:

    Zviri bhoo kuchengeta masoja edu zvakanaka. Iye anoda kuti vakompurene zvine bvungamupopoto ndiani? Yedu is the most professional army mucontinent- tengesayi mamwe madiamonds muvape mari from private to the top.

  28. Simbi kayigobi says:

    Wake up maZimbabwe its now more than thirty years why you are not learning? Same statement being used towards election, anyhow the ball is in our hands so we decide on how to play it. Vukani maZimbabwe.

  29. Mutirowafanzawekwamuziti says:

    Gogo ses, as much i agree that our country is going through some challenges, whose causes are varied,i find it terrifying that u profer such a suggestion.I dont believe you are serious to think this way because the most important thing is peace and all else falls in place.I think as patriotic zimbabweans, we should start coming up with solutions that move the country forward because we owe it to nobody but ourselves to extricate ourselves out of this sticky situation.

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