How much longer should this suffering continue

via How much longer should this suffering continue, Cde President? – The Standard May 4, 2014 with Tangai Chipangura

It has now become abundantly clear that Zimbabwe’s economy is once again in freefall.

We have gone back into that frightful crisis of the pre-2008 era where grinding poverty reduced the people of this country into destitution — a crisis whose resultant misery has engulfed the entire population and for which no solution is in sight.

If there was any doubt that those from whom solutions are expected also have no clue what to do, recent statements by the country’s finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa that those that can help Zimbabwe out of this mess — the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund — are not willing to do so because our country is no longer creditworthy, take away those doubts.

Each time Chinamasa flies out of the country, hopeful Zimbabweans speculate that he has gone to look for money to bail us out.

But Chinamasa has come out in the open to say NO, he is not going to look for money but to try and negotiate terms of payment for our massive debts with those who we owe billions.

He returned without saying he had been successful. He, in fact came back to tell us that we are on our own and that we had better be innovative and find our own means of survival.

“No one wants to lend Zimbabwe money anymore because we have defaulted in the past. Whether we go to Zambia or to Malawi, it’s the same thing because we are indebted to these countries. We are on our own and we have to be more innovative,” said Chinamasa at the recently-held Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) business conference.

“There is a common misunderstanding that each time I am going out, I am looking for money. I am actually going there trying to arrange how to pay the arrears. We have to talk to China, India, Kuwait, the Paris Club creditors on how to service the loans so that we can get new lines of credit. Everywhere I go I am being asked about the payment plan and I don’t quite enjoy that question.”

What this means then is that our government is now unable to fulfill its obligations to the citizens of this country. The evidence is provided by government’s inability to pay civil servants as and when they should be paid and by the private sector’s equally frightful predicament.

Most Zimbabwean workers are now going without being paid in time, or receiving fractions of their salaries while a lot more are being laid off on a daily basis as companies are forced to shut down or to downsize drastically.

There is just no money in the country and government, whose obligation it is to avoid such a situation, does not seem to know what to do.

What the government is not doing is telling the people what its next plan is. Zim Asset does not appear to be taking shape at all. In fact, it seems just a delusion — a billion dollar figment of Zanu PF’s imagination. Creation of two million jobs and a multi-billion economy from mere paper work and rhetoric is in itself a dead end.

It appears our leaders are going to bed everyday hoping that the following day will bring with it some miracle.

The next elections are due in 2018 so, unless our government comes up with a solution to deal with this crisis, Zimbabwe must brace itself for a life under conditions that will deteriorate on a daily basis for the next four years — unless the government owns up, concedes failure and gives others a chance to take the country out of this economic cesspit.

How much should the people suffer before government owns up and accept that it has failed? What kind of miracle does President Mugabe hope his aged and tired government ministers will conjure up to save this country from this painful mess?

Once a government fails to provide its people with their basic needs it has failed to run the country. Zimbabwe’s state of decay demands serious governance reconsideration.

The President should make a state of the nation address to tell the people what government plans to do. The people are looking up to government to bring back life to this country.

On several occasions, President Robert Mugabe has spoken about failure by his government but what he has not done is take action as the man in overall charge.

The failure has not only been evident through inability by central and local government to take care of the welfare of citizens.

Zimbabwe has been sent to the cemetery by corrupt demagogues that hold high offices in government and politically connected private sector bosses whose avariciousness has perpetuated a vicious cycle of misery among Zimbabweans.

On the day he celebrated his 90th birthday at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera, President Mugabe spoke about corrupt government officials and inept leadership within his party saying he was going to have them removed from their positions and that the corrupt ones would be jailed. No such thing has happened.

On that day the President said his party leadership in Harare and Bulawayo had failed and should make way for fresh blood — something he should be saying on a daily basis about his own cabinet.

He said: “Let the leaders of these two cities, Harare and Bulawayo, open up . . . you cannot say Harare is for Zezurus only while Bulawayo is for Ndebeles only, they are a lot of tribes in these cities. The leaders who failed should give others a chance . . .you have failed.”

Should the same not be said about the government of Zimbabwe headed by President Mugabe?

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34 comments on “How much longer should this suffering continue
  1. nyoni says:

    If Robert cared about ‘his’ people we would be strong, proud of our countries achievements. But our school teacher is still teaching lessons from a text book from bygone days.

  2. Chaka says:

    Zpf r showing no signs of change even after admiting they have failed. Lets go the DIY way by cleaning streets n mending potholes n assisting each other where possible and wait to prepare for 2018. As a nation, we hv done no wrong. We r being abused n killed.

  3. Mlimo says:

    Each time Chinamasa flies out of the country, hopeful Zimbabweans speculate that he has gone to look for money to bail us out. That says it all. Why if you voted for Mugabe do you need money? Isn’t ” freedom” enough to live on? Free to pillage destroy murder steal and rape?
    Come on Zimbabweans why fly out. Isn’t there a printing press there to print all the money you want? As your Bass said the west can go “hang” why do you need bailing out? Zimbabwe has been wonderfully managed over 34 years isn’t that why you gave zanupf a landslide victory?
    You see Zimbabweans need to learn something – it’s called rule of law, it’s called good governance, it’s called respect of rights of tenure. It’s called good policy. Until there let Zimbabwe and Mugabe go ” hand” to quote your beloved leader.

  4. Mlimo says:

    Should read ” Mugabe should go “hang.”

  5. John Thomas says:

    There are no easy ways out.

  6. Senzachena says:

    Unless there is massive change quickly it is all over bar the shouting. Unfortunately there is going to be massive pain to bear before it starts coming right. That pain will not be felt by the chefs, unless we make it happen!

  7. Zimbabwean says:

    Zimbabweans leck critical thinking, an important element that is required if we are going to turn the ecomony around. Cars, cloths, food, shoes, TVs pretty much everthing is imported, we can`t make anything for ourselves anymore, During Smith`s time Zimbabwe hardly imported anything at all, if it could be made in Zim it was made in Zimbabwe. Country of lazy educated fools who`s aim of going to school is to get a cerificate to hang on the wall and brag about.

    • Doris says:

      Correction – a country of lazy “ignorant, uncivilised” fools who have learnt that it is O.K. to help themselves to whatever they want (i.e. steal) and they are then protected by the corrupt rule of law.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      You mean the forged certificate. Zanu, since 1980 ,has failed to put in place enabling environment for free thinkers to prosper . Any free thinking individual has been looked upon with suspicion and considered a threat to the party. This could either be in business[Masiyiwa] in arts[Mapfumo, Maerechera]in academia[Ghutto]. The list is long.
      Most of these free thinking people have left the country. Thats the brain drain thats talked about. Now we have idiots who are trying to force every one to be a farmer! Every one must be corrupt because the dear leader is corrupt. If you are not corrupt they throw you in jail[remember the Harare city council versus Chombo and Chiyangwa.
      For as long as these looters are in charge ,there will be no economic development .
      Looting and pillaging is in their DNA. has been horned for over 34 years, do not expect them to trans form.
      Zanu is doomed.
      Zanu is like a crab ,you can train it for a thousand years to walk straight, it will always walk sideways.

  8. Jrr56 says:

    Zimbabweans want change, then they should get off their lazy bottoms and do something for change. Revolt!!

  9. tariro says:

    This culture of accepting below standard service delivery must come to an end.We got to do something.We need REAL MEN, that is what is lacking in Zim. Our men behave like women, its a disgrace really.All they ever do is criticise our brave and courageous politicians who are trying to make a difference.Shame on you.If I was a man I would have acted on this surely.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      AAHH Tariro, good point ,bot do not accept below standard politicians as well. Chiluba comes to mind.

    • Saddened says:

      Sorry Tariro some of women have the courage to stand up to this regime i.e. WOZA so please don’t say the men behave like women. They behave like scared little children.

    • Gomogranny says:

      Tariro that is the most disgusting sexist comment I have read in years….in case you have not noticed it is WOMEN (of WOZA) who are the ONLY ones to have stood up and marched despite being beaten, jailed and vilified. If only the MEN would act like the women we might actually get somewhere – you horrid little patriarchal boy!

  10. Frankie Laine says:

    read Exodus 3:7. God is not asleep. He listens for the cry of His people. The slave masters refered to in that verse were carrying on as though everything would continue as before, but God had other plans. People of Jesus Christ and God our Father,pray and cry out to the Father. Cry out and then cry out some more. Ask God to raise up a leader who will take you out of the wilderness. Do not trust in mere man. Where has it ever benefitted any of us? Violence begets violence. Leave it alone. It destroys all who place their faith in it. Choose life and above all pray and cry out. Remember it is the annointing that breaks the yoke of bondage.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      Frankie thanks for the wise words .’Ask God to raise a leaders who will take”you” out of the wilderness’, what if God has given us a leaders and we have not taken up that opportunity. God helps those who help themselves . The miracle only happens when you work with God. I believe good leadership has been provided and its right under our noses but because of greed , corruption , fornication and out right murder ,we are too blind to see.

  11. Fred Hunidzarira says:

    It is disappointing to read just negative views expressed on this website about the economy of our country. Why is it that all comments are painting a gloomy and desperate picture. Please readers look at the situation and try and prize out opportunities to be had and they are plenty if only people look for them. Search and you will be amazed. Sorry if I do not buy in to the desperate and gloomy picture.

    • Roving Ambassador says:

      Yes my brother, there is opportunities everywhere you look, because ZANU destroyed everything. But here lies the problem, the road is full of thorns and vultures. If they don’t ask for their share now they will when everything is nice and Goldy.
      I know of a chap who considered himself lucky when they took all his chicken for aZanu rally.They did not realize he had pigs on the other side of the hill.
      Be warned or be with them. Its your choice.

  12. Gomogranny says:

    You “don’t quite enjoy that question” Mr. Chinamasa! We don’t quite enjoy you either! Greedy ignoramus.

  13. Petal says:

    The suffering should NOT continue- it has continued for FAR TOO long- but it will continue as long as these bufoons are in power, as long as the Southern African Dictators Club exists and the All Useless (AU). the slate has to be wiped clean of ALL these buffoons. people who know what they are doing should be on board to change the long suffering of the ordinary people that they are experiencing.
    the Southern African Dictators Club needs change to the Southern African Development Community and the All Useless (AU) must also change for the better where the African Leaders must hold those in leadership positions ACCOUNTABLE AND PROSECUTE THOSE CAUGHT SQUANDERING PUBLIC FUNDS – they need to take action- this is not happening right now.They must learn to have b…s and call a spade a spade and not a spade a pick just because Bob shouts when he is being corrected!

  14. Petal says:

    Right now these organisationS do not have high regard for the human suffering of the ordinary people on the Continent they are there for themselves and protecting those that should be DEALT WITH there is no transparency in these organisations and they are always putTing their hand out for money the PEOPLE WHAT ACTION NOT MEETINGS AFTER MEETINGS, THE COMMITTEE OF THE COMMITTEE! AND NOTING TRANSPIRES- PUT THE PEOPLE FIRST as IMBISA HAS STATED

  15. Petal says:

    made a slight mistake above;-
    Right now these organisationS do not have high regard for the human suffering of the ordinary people on the Continent they are there for themselves and protecting those that should be DEALT WITH there is no transparency in these organisations and they are always putTing their hand out for money the PEOPLE WANT ACTION NOT MEETINGS AFTER MEETINGS, THE COMMITTEE OF THE COMMITTEE! AND NOTHING TRANSPIRES- PUT THE PEOPLE FIRST as IMBISA HAS STATED

  16. Petal says:

    Get rid of the whole lot including Bob you cannot have a person like him uttering words like “Zimbabwe is Mine” the people have suffered alot because of him because he does not give a stuff about the ordinary and everything was be done according to the word of Bob

  17. Petal says:

    Bring all the people on board from all the communities and let them have a say and not excluding people from certain minority groups like BoB

  18. Petal says:

    oops have been dreaming have been in NEVERLAND where all good things are possible!!

  19. Straight Shooter says:

    The suffering should continue for the next thousand years until the Shona gukurahundis learn to vote nationally, not tribally!!

  20. Petal says:

    The continent is full of dictators not wanting to step down when they have run out of steam -just there for themselves and not the people
    the problem is that no one will have a fair trial on the continent and when an international organisation steps in the ALL USELESS ARE SHOUTING THEIR HEADS OFF

  21. Petal says:

    This man is hanging on like a spider clinging to its web!

  22. Petal says:

    Look at what he did to Matebeleland everything has gone because he thinks the country is his personal property and he can do as he pleases for reasons only unbeknown to himself
    Give Mat to one of the other neighbours!

  23. Petal says:

    SADC is full of Dictators
    from His Royal Highness the so called King of Swaziland who wastes the tax payers money taking a wife every year have lost count and allows the wives to go to places like Dubai to shop like Disgrace

    That is why Imbisa or an organisation that deals with Humanitarian needs requires a seat in this silly organisation

  24. Petal says:

    That Ghanaian Kofi Ananan who is now trying to make a name for himself as an ambassador for Africa was a USELESS a. H. when he was UN Secretary General he was always playing second fiddle to these african leaders – and what did his son do when his father holding this position- STEAL FOOD AID MEANT FOR IRAQI PEOPLE !

  25. Petal says:

    This Bob is a blatant RACIST AND TRIBALIST and his followers just follow like him

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