Human rights lawyers sue Chihuri and Mohadi for torture

via Human rights lawyers sue Chihuri and Mohadi for torture | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu on Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) is suing police commissioner Augustine Chihuri and Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi for the alleged torture of two Bulawayo men by cops.

According to the NewsDay newspaper, Fungai Moyo and Gugulezwe Nxongo say they were attacked by about eight cops who were on a night patrol along Luveve Road, near the Entumbane Shopping Complex.

Moyo and Nxongo said on Sunday night the cops demanded IDs which the pair produced, but the officers proceeded to assault them without provocation. As a result the two are receiving treatment at Mpilo Hospital for the injuries sustained during the assault. The incident has since been reported at Entumbane Police Station.

The lawyers group condemned the incident saying these sort of attacks ‘cannot be allowed to continue.’ ZLHR Matabeleland representative Lizwe Jamela said they were taking up the case and ‘instituting a civil suit’ against Chihuri and Mohadi, under whom the police force falls.

Although ZRP provincial spokesperson, assistant inspector Abednico Ncube, has promised an investigation, it is unlikely that justice will be achieved. Police and state secret agents act with impunity.

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2 comments on “Human rights lawyers sue Chihuri and Mohadi for torture
  1. Zvichanaka says:

    Rightly so! and about time too. If there was the rule of law at all in Zimbabwe these lawsuits would bankrupt the country bacause there are so many of them. Good luck to the lawyers.

  2. Nyoni says:

    Lets see what happens now. The rule of law must stand.

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