IMBISA appeals to SADC to act on armed conflict and failed economy

via IMBISA appeals to SADC to act on armed conflict and failed economy May 2, 2014

IMBISA appeals to SADC to act on armed conflict and failed economy in some Southern African countries.

”Prevention is better than cure”, Catholic Bishops in the Southern African Region (IMBISA) urge SADC.

“Act now on a possible armed conflict escalation and failed economy in some Southern African countries. Why wait for the disturbances such as in Central African Republic, Nigeria and South Sudan”


IMBISA appeals to SADC to act on armed conflict and failed economy    

The people of Africa are on the move. Some are “moving ahead” and make progress. Some are on the move because they are fleeing hunger, poverty, war and armed conflict.

As bishops of the Interregional Meeting of Bishops in Southern Africa  (IMBISA – regional bishops’ conference, comprising Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Sao Tome e Principe, South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe) we regard the misery of our people crossing the border into Malawi because of military operations in Northern Mozambique or Zimbabweans crossing the Limpopo into South Africa or entering Botswana as economic refugees as  alarming.

Two forces clash: economic pressure drives people to the South, administrative pressure drives them back.

This is a transnational problem for which there are no national solutions. The whole region has to get together and tackle this enormous human problem. The countries that send migrants and the countries that receive them must talk to each other.

For all good governments people must come first. The protection of human life   is the first duty of any government which respects people and their families. The main causes for these movements of migrants are armed conflict and economic failure.

Together with the Bishops of Mozambique we, Bishops of the Southern African region, “appeal to our governments to unite their voice to the Mozambican people demanding an end to all violence and use of arms, to   strengthen all efforts of dialogue, thereby helping to create conditions for that dialogue and avoid any military involvement.” (November 2013, Gaborone/Botswana)

With the Bishops of Zimbabwe we want the country ”to put in place ‘a new economic model’ across all sectors of the  economy, an economic model that is inclusive, that draws from the abundant pool of expertise that [the country] is blessed with…and that transcends political and other boundaries” (Pastoral Letter 3 December 2013, ZCBC, Restoration and Peace in Zimbabwe following the July 2013 National Elections).

Impoverished refugees can only be stopped if they are given a chance in a restored economy to rebuild their lives at home.

The Bishops of Southern Africa are ready to enter into dialogue with all parties concerned.  In the eyes of the Church no one is excluded. No solution offered should be dismissed for merely ideological or party -political reasons.

The life of our people is at stake. Xenophobia has already led to the spilling of innocent blood. This was a warning. Ethnic hostility as a result of migration is not worthy of the people of Africa and their great Pan-African dream of a united continent.

For us as Christians welcoming migrants is like welcoming Christ our Lord himself. The Church will not tire of being at the service of homeless people on the move.

“Prevention is better than cure”. Action time is now. African leaders must not wait until the situation gets out of hand when foreign powers will come and act as policemen, so humiliating for Africa.

We appeal to our leaders to give work to all our people so they need not go into exile. That is our agenda for dialogue.

Archbishop Robert C Ndlovu of Harare/Zimbabwe

Secretary General of IMBISA


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13 comments on “IMBISA appeals to SADC to act on armed conflict and failed economy
  1. apolitical says:

    Journalists at it again, governments should change to accommodate those who are mal contents and opportunists who go from country to country.
    The easy way and most inexpensive is to jail them and let them work for food to put something into economies.

  2. Petal says:


  3. Petal says:


  4. Zvakwana says:

    Diamond money has allowed them to close their eyes and allowed this conflict to continue.

  5. Little dorrit says:

    Why doesn’t the Vatican just buy the region? I am sure a villa in Rome and an unlimited VISA card for the Roman fashion houses would do the trick.

  6. Owen says:

    Thank you Catholic Bishops…
    Time to think beyond the petty nationalism of the individual countries. Perhaps a SADC single country, with semi-autonomous states?

  7. Gondobwe says:

    Spot on Petal. IMBISA should just send emissaries to these countries and talk to them face to face. They must take the bull by the horns. IMBISA can also apply for a seat in SADC and AU as observers where they can present their position papers and talk to the leaders concerned.
    Izvi zvetsamba hazvichabatsiri (writing letters is a waste of time).

  8. Brian says:

    Could anyone please advise as to changes IMBISA has effected in Africa? Where were they during pre-election murder and torture by Zanu-PF of MDC activists in ZIM? The killing diamond fields? African bishops are complicit by their silence. When they speak it is in platitudes, but their bellies are full – unlike their “sheep”.

  9. Petal says:

    They should learn to be more Vocal follow in the footsteps of Bishop Desmond Tutu Come on IMBISA or get him on board

  10. Petal says:

    and IMBISA should get Baroness Valerie Amos the curren UN Chief of Humanitarian on board she will probably tell these bufoons as IMBISA said “Put the People First”

  11. Petal says:

    Who has first gone into the Crisis in North Africa FIRST. The French in CAR while the All Useless Club just stuff their big mouths- It should not have been the French to go in First it should have been the African Countries but they are always The All All Useless (AU) are just stuffing their faces and crying that they do not have funding even to Run the African Union Peacekeepers organisation. Before the Central African Republic issue it was another state in West Africa and the French went in FIRST before these All Useless (AU) peacekeepers remember watching a film and all these All Useless FAT Peacekeepers Generals from The West African Organisation if i am right it is called WACO (cannot remember the correct name – it is the West African armies combined) they just said they were short of funds to go in FIRST. The
    The question is is there an AUDIT taken of these USELESS ORGANISATIONS that are supposed to assist the ordinary people??

  12. Petal says:

    Go for it IMBISA Good Luck

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