Keep your ‘dirty hands’ off Africa – #mugabe

via Keep your ‘dirty hands’ off Africa – Mugabe | News24 2014-02-03

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has launched a scathing attack on Europe for trying to keep its “dirty hands” on Africa.

The Herald quoted Mugabe as saying Africa should avoid entering “horse and rider” economic arrangements that only benefited other nations while “leaving the continent poorer”.

The veteran leader was speaking during an interview with journalists at the just ended Africa Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mugabe who was appointed first deputy chair of the AU executive council criticised Europe for seeking to dictate to Africa what is should do, saying the Westerners should keep their “dirty hands” off the continent, said the report.

He said Europe and America would always regard Africa as “inferior” as they did not want to “recognise that we are a free people that can run our own affairs without them”.

Mugabe said Africa was a master of its own destiny and that the continent’s resources were not “resources for Europe anymore”. He added, “we’ve kicked you out of Africa. Take care of your own countries and leave us to take care of our Africa”.


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41 comments on “Keep your ‘dirty hands’ off Africa – #mugabe
  1. DL says:

    OK, then don’t go begging to the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, the British, the EU, nor the US when you can’t feed your own people!

    Maybe Mr. Mugabe should also be honest and tell the Chinese that…Africa should avoid entering “horse and rider” economic arrangements that only benefited other nations while “leaving the continent poorer”.

    • Chess player says:

      Hear Hear DL, the West have moved on. Mugabe should focus on looking for a nursing home to kick the bucket quietly.

  2. Lindy Lou says:

    Africa is poor because of evil,corrupt thieving “leaders” and unfortunately will remain that way for a long time to come.

  3. Joe says:

    Mugabe is obviously senile and so are his buddies in the AU

  4. nesbert majoni says:

    This Mugabe is a person of yesterday. Surely surely how can level headed African leaders listern to that old, frail, political dinosaur and expect to be led by him. The Gods must be crazy

  5. mujibha says:

    Mugabe, you should be ashamed of yourself, yes their hands might be dirt but have you ever checked how much dirt is in you hands comparing to theirs. Can you tell me if people are to choose between rhodesia and current zimbabwe how many do you think will say zimbabwe? If your hands r clean can you pls explain to the nation/justify happison muchechetere’s salary well over (20:000) per month comparing to a teacher who is working so hard and earn peanuts (450-00) per month. Then another idiot like mutasa come out and say the president is not aware that some people r earning well over 500-000 usd. How could someone run a country not knowing what is happening around him. This is why people r saying u r too old u need to go. Idiot.

  6. trevor garner says:

    all Africans/ zimbabwians need to rise up and take back what right fully belongs to them get rid of the fat cats.

  7. Todiyi Senseni says:

    What an idiot , the same resources you are talking about you are selling them to the west and east because that is where the market is. I am amazed that all African leaders can sit and get brainwashed by somebody who has let down his own people big time let alone the whole of Southern Africa . People must live by example. Not long ago the whole world gathered to mourn the death of Mandela , and we expect Africa to emulate and learn what true democracy is all about. Appointing Mugabe as the first deputy chair for AU is disheartening for this man has no vision for a prosperous and united Africa whin the global market . He is a frustrated and angry man seeking attention like a new born baby .

  8. John Thomas says:

    Zimbabwe is the horse and Mugabe is the rider. He is a jealous rider. As long as he is alive only he may ride. The fact that he rides worse than a spastic is not to commented upon as this unfair.

    • Bambanani says:

      Mugabe has been a rider ever since. If fact, he is a worse rider! He kills the horse instead of feeding it. He keeps his horses in quarantine instead of taking them to greener pastures

  9. Nyoni says:

    Mad man comments to the other mad man”HOW DO TURN OFF THE LIGHTS” . The other thinks for an hour or so and replies rather intelligently”TAKE OUT THE LIGHT BULB ”
    GET MY Drift fellow Zimbabweans . We are doomed.

    • Saddened says:

      Don’t lose heart shamwari we will overcome the present destruction and rise the heights we deserve. All good or bad things will pass.

  10. Ruramai says:

    African heads of state are like a bunch of kids who cheer this one idiotic kid called Robert Mugabe while he does his thing of ranting and raving against Europeans. No one takes him seriously because none of them emulate his antics.

    They laugh at him behind his back, celebrated while he destroyed his agriculture while they invited those he kicked off the land to farm in their countries and now sell food to the very country that used to feed them.

    Tragically, Mugabe relishes the limelight while his mates believe he is all a big joke. He doesn’t mind the horse and rider relationship as long as the rider is China.

    South Africa are happy to support his rigging of elections because he did them a great favour. Because Mugabe destroyed the only other competitive economy in Southern Africa they are now reaping the rewards. Zimbabwe is now a huge warehouse for South African products.

    So really, it would still be okay for African leaders if the summit doesn’t happen because they individually have good relations with Europe. So, keep the idiot happy by pretending to support him, reap the rewards and meantime continue to cultivate good relations with the West.

  11. Zimbali says:

    “Keep your dirty hands off Africa” I thought for a split second he was talking about China!! In 10 years time the new Zimbabwe president will be talking about China, that’s for sure. And by then the horse will have bolted out of the gate!!

  12. Rwendo says:

    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

  13. Farai72 says:

    Can he qualify to be called a “Diplomat”?

  14. Hameno says:

    Day dreamer, he should die and rot in hell

  15. Mthwakazi says:

    Good heavens!! Please Shona gukurahundi Mugabe – give us a break!!!!

    • Chess player says:

      Mthwakazi, in as much as we all despise this dictator, no tribal utterances please, they dont help solve our problems, actually they make them worse. We are all Zimbabweans so let us have constructive debate.

      • Mthwakazi says:

        Chess Player
        Nothing tribal here. This just about Shona gukurahundi Mugabe, not you Chess Player – so whats your problem?

        • timba says:

          Yeah right!!! & the otha day it woz gukurahundi tsvangirai this & that….. u don’t fool us mthwakazi…. GET A LIFE!!!

    • timba says:

      Everything and every shona is gukurahundi go you isn’t it?? You have become bofing nw, get a life!!!

  16. William Doctor says:

    Please, the west is tired of Africa.

    Better to deal with African countries on a one-on-one basis. So for example, the EU should engage Botswana, and South Africa separately to Zimbabwe. That way Zimbabwe will be isolated and Mugabe can keep his resources. Besides – Botswana has more diamonds.

    • timba says:

      Well, dream on coz dats nt wot’s happening nw iz it…2getha az 1

      • William Doctor says:

        @ timba

        Perhaps if you learned how to spell, the west will take you more seriously.

        And don’t think the Chinese are your friends. Just Google translate any Chinese discussion on Africa and you’ll see what they really think of you comrade.

  17. mujibha says:

    Mugabe, I doubt very much that u were a teacher, if its true you were a dull one. I think what Tekere said its true, that he used to teach you or do some work for u, bcause someone who bright as u call yourself does’nt do or say things which r reall senceless.

  18. Bambanani says:

    Bob’s statement is incomplete. Nturally due to memory lapse and mind instability due to old age.
    He should have said:
    “Europe keep your dirty hands off, I will use my own BLOOD-STAINED hands!”

  19. The other African leaders won’t say a word because they are using Mugabe as cannon fodder. Let him talk and they can do A SHAGGY AND SAY “IT WASN’T ME” The sad part is that as united as Europe is they are also divided.Mugabe has been given an official post , which means he speaks for them. The EU should call their bluff a cancel this meeting. They now have an excuse because they have been told by one of the high office bearers of the AU (MUGABE) to keep their dirty hands off Africa. They should comply.

  20. Jogo Bonita says:

    It is a pity that we have a madman for a president.When will this end?

  21. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Mthwakazi -With due respect this Mthwakazi is a sick animal , i doubt that he is a Zimbabwean if so then he must understand and refrain from tribalism .

    @Mugabe , his statement was too aggressive , we need to built than to continue destroying , looking at his age i think he talks anything because he is aware that his future is coming to end , he doesn’t mind .It is not his faulty but AU has given him that support .

  22. Mthwakazi says:

    Nothing could be dirtier than the Shona gukurahundi’s hands my friends, nothing!!!

    • timba says:

      & u were tryin to say u weren’t jus tryin 2 ride da tribalism card ha??? True colours showin ha? U sound very troubled, u need a shrink

  23. SA says:

    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    —Matthew 7:1-5

    And perhaps now bob will desist badgering the West to give him more money so that he can line his thieving pockets

  24. Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo says:

    Mugabe M u g a b e muuuuuugaaabe shut up!

  25. Johnny k says:

    Mugabe and his family are the ones with dirty hands. 34 years of Gukurahundi. Murambatsvina, stolen elections, stolen farms, massive corruption and unbridled greed. The latest is the Hong Kong house 6 million??? of taxpayers money Mazowe Citrus Estates, PSMAS, ZBC The Mugabe’s have the DIRTIEST HANDS OF ANYONE IN THE WORLD.

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