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via LATEST: Lets Fight Corruption – Vice President | The Herald March 12, 2014 by Farirai Machivenyika

Lets Fight Corruption – Mujuru

VICE President Joice Mujuru today urged legislators to assist Government in fighting corruption and urged them to enact laws that facilitate investment to ensure successful implementation of the country’s economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation.

The blueprint was adopted by Government last year after Zanu PF’s victory in the harmonised elections and will run until 2018.

VP Mujuru said this while officiating at the two-day Zim Asset awareness seminar for parliamentarians at the Harare International Conference Centre.

“Zim Asset will succeed when we observe dignity at home and at corporate levels. Hunhu hunokosha. We should all shun corruption in all its forms. Government is unanimous in its resolve to eradicate this scourge, and I wish to urge legislators to support this effort. We may differ in the implementation but the objectives are the same,” she said.

“The thrust of the economic blueprint is to open up business opportunities in all sectors of the economy. As such it becomes our responsibility, as stakeholders, to ensure that we have a conducive legal framework that facilitates ease of doing business. This necessitates collaborative effort in eliminating structural and other barriers to business.”

Government has embarked on processes to rid public enterprises of corruption following publication of exorbitant salaries and flouting of tender procedures in most parastatals.

She added that it was important that Parliament plays its oversight role over the executive.

“In pursuance of Zim Asset objectives, the legislative, representational, public debate and oversight roles of Parliament become quite critical. As parliamentarians your oversight role in ensuring that Government policies, programmes and projects are successfully implemented to realise economic growth, development and prosperity for all Zimbabweans remains paramount.

“To that end allow me to say the quality of work coming from our two chambers is quite commendable. If we maintain that momentum, then real progress is guaranteed,” VP Mujuru said.


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36 comments on “Lets Fight Corruption – Mujuru| The Herald
  1. ZimJim says:

    Joyce, actions speaks louder than words.

    Do you remember when I “stepped in” at Belgravia to protect your daughter? That was action, and it worked…..

    Think about it.

    • NBS says:

      And so the breaking news on Zimeye is that files from the July 2013 election rigging are in their hands. Zimbabweans are so sceptical they are not believing it. More corruption and deceit. Methinks ZPF could be totally unmasked for what it really is as God will NOT be mocked.

  2. Tanonoka Joseph Whande says:

    Before I grew a beard a few months ago, she threatened journalists for exposing corruption. Now she is inviting legislators to fight corruption.
    Are journalists now welcome in this fight or should we file this under ‘political prostitution’?

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      @ Joseph Hwande

      If you started to growing the beard to get away from the CIO who are always hunting down Zanu PF critics; then do not shave it off. The corruption is getting worse and the big fish like Mugabe and Mujuru who have escaped so far are now being dragged into the scandals. And in panic, these big fish will be issuing orders to their blood thirst CIO thugs to shot to kill!

  3. mark longhurst says:

    This is about the lunatics taking over the asylum, why would anyone believe any garbage coming out of ‘spillbloods ‘dirty thieving mouth?

  4. John Thomas says:

    What a load of twaddle. Who in their right mind thinks this dim wit is presidential material?

  5. Jogo Bonita says:

    Shud be telling that to Jacob Mudenda the speaker pf parliament who is gaging parliamentarians for exposing the corrupt.

  6. DW says:

    Joyce can you tell us how much tax your late husband and his companies have paid over the last 30 years?

  7. Doris says:

    So, the way I see it…..arrest all corrupt officials from parastatals and the lowly MPs. That will leave more goodies for us to divide between us!! Sorted!!!

  8. Nyoni says:

    The FAT LADY SPEAKS AGAIN. A hot air balloon with lipstick .

  9. Sekuru Mapenga says:

    Please send me a sms when some big-wig gets arrested for corruption.

    • Zimguard80 says:

      Sekuru rest assured you won’t get none. We know the trend too well. It’s not gonna happen ma dhongi hasati amera nyanga!!!

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        I agree people like Mujuru and Mugabe will never be arrested, not as long as Zanu PF remains in power and control of the Police, Judiciary, etc. That is why in increasing number of Zimbabweans are now calling for democratic reforms and then free and fair elections. We need to end this criminal waste in material and humanity by this autocratic Zanu PF dictatorship now and not when “madhikwi amera nyanga”.

  10. zim reeper says:

    ZIMBABWEANS this is the type of speeches that have kept them in power for so long. They can spew any cr!@#p and you believe it.

  11. I am not the one! says:

    the feared amai ropa… fat stupid women

  12. farai says:

    Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t! Just maybe she has come on-board, does she not deserve the benefit of doubt?

    The bitter crowd will hear no good and see no good! That’s why they can claim with a straight face that the past 34 years have been all bad! Obviously if I was previously privileged, I too would believe them. But I wasn’t and I don’t!

  13. Stingray says:

    She should start by declaring her wealth and how she acquired it

  14. NBS says:

    Dear Amai Mujuru, let me share with you what will stop corruption. And I am quoting from a true story, “The key factor to their revival was repentance. When people realised that Jesus had died for their sins, and they truly believed, they began repenting, confessing sins out loud in front of large groups of people. They weren’t doing it for show. They were crying, moaning, sickened by their own sins but desperate to get it out. There was such a spirit of conviction there that some people there, as poor as they were, began repaying money they had stolen years before, or giving back eggs and animals that they had wrongfully taken. They were asking forgiveness from people left and right for things they had thought or said in anger and hate. Some people tried to keep their sins in but actually got physically sick until they confessed…” And that madam Vice President is true repentance; a repentance that needs to find its way into the whole of ZPF, the church in this nation and into each one of us. Then corruption will stop!

  15. NBS says:

    And this is a story from Africa!

  16. munzwa says:

    Yah right!!!!talk is cheap you hypocritical fool…

  17. Msizeni silwelani says:

    Let’s fight corruption says who fooling who.

  18. gorongoza says:

    …says she who claimesd 200% disability to loot the war victims compensation fund!

  19. Bafunda says:

    What you are ma’am is so loud that I cant even hear what you are say!

  20. gonzo says:

    just another robber talking rubbish again

  21. Wilbert Mukori says:

    “Zim Asset will succeed when we observe dignity at home and at corporate levels. Hunhu hunokosha. We should all shun corruption in all its forms. Government is unanimous in its resolve to eradicate this scourge, and I wish to urge legislators to support this effort. We may differ in the implementation but the objectives are the same,” she said.

    The trouble with tyrants is that they seek and exercise absolute power and after a while they really believe they have the supernatural powers of the Gods to command, dictate whatever and it is so.

    The Book of Genesis, which Mai Mujuru should be familiar with been a member of the Salvation Army (her commitment is open to conjecture give the disruption she has caused at Harvard Hospital), tells us “the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.

    Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

    Yes Mai Mujuru ZimAsset will succeed because you, the all power Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, have said so!

    She has reportedly amassed a fortune of $3 billion and her late husband amassed $9 billion. Mugabe has his Borrowdale “Blue Roof” mansion a select few had the chance to marvel at during the $10 million Bona wedding plus his 13 farms, etc. All the other Zanu PF leaders have too amassed vast fortunes. And it is all from corruption and looting!

    Zanu PF has denied that there was corruption for the last 34 years al-lowing this problem to grow into the juggernaut scourge it is today. Corruption has become so rampant that it can no longer be denied or ignored. The country’s economic melt-down is now self-evident and its consequences will be so far reaching it has forced the Zanu PF lead-ers to speak up but too late.

    If any of the Zanu PF leaders are serious about fighting corruption then they should know that it is them who are fathers and mothers of all the corrupt.

    Corruption is like weeds they are a problem the world over, that is true. But every good farmer will tell you the secret of their success is they sow their crops and from there on fight to keep the weeds from choking their crops. In Zimbabwe Zanu PF has been cultivating weeds because that is exactly what absolute power turns humans into wicked and corrupt tyrants.

    If Mai Mujuru is serious about ending the scourge of corruption and save the country from the economic crash fast approaching then Zanu PF must accept that the party’s dictatorship has failed. We must have meaningful democratic reforms and free and fair elections.

    The very idea that the nation can have human dignity and prosper and still hang on to the notion of holding elections in regime change is not allowed is ideological nonsense of infantile proportion!

    • NBS says:

      The bible teaches that great houses will be left desolate because of sin and woe to those who add house to house. Believe you me non of them “know” the bible. They read with blind hearts because if they really knew Christ all this would not be so. Does Mugabe think those rosary beads he clings to will save him. Big mistake. Only Christ saves and He comes with true repentance!

  22. @farai misses the point why people don’t believe Mujuru or anyone from Zanu pf. She like the rest of the tries to sing her own tune but when she is caught out becuase she’s told that the tune is not what the choir is singing she changes her tune and starts to lip sync what the rest of the choir is singing. Truthfully speaking this particular choir at this stage is totally out of tune and they continue to sing different lyrics.

  23. jobolinko says:

    Not long ago she said VANHU VANODA KUPWANYA NYIKA BY TALKING TO WEED OUT CORRUPTION so what has changed?same difference.

  24. Joe says:

    My my my, one day it’s this the other day it’s that. But no direction for the country no true leadership……… How do these people sleep at night

  25. Jono Austin says:

    yawwwwn-34 years to fight corruption and now this is an issue.

  26. Tapuwa Mukuruvambwa says:

    Action please. Mabamba’s secretary in Chitungwiza parceling out land to her family members in Unit G Extension.
    City of Chitungwiza said they have no power to stop that.

  27. David says:

    Mrs Mujuru’s words in the light of her past corrupt activities should be a reminder to ourselves just how easy it is for us to rationalize our own sins and preach what we are not practicing. ZANU has for so long believed they own Zimbabwe and have the rights to its wealth that they fail to see the hypocrisy in what they preach. Stop living in your sickening affluence, start caring about the poor rather than using them, and start arresting the looters and you might have some people listening to you. Until then, you will be labeled for what you are, “Corrupt like the rest of them.”

  28. Johnson@yahoo.com says:

    What the meaning of that?? Actions speak for themselves maam! Just get on with it…..kikikikikii. Sorry but I am not convinced by such a naive statement. This is not the time nor place for statement. We need 3 things ACTION, ACTION and MORE ACTION NOW!! We are aware that there are others embroiled in the salarygate case and you are also aware. What the Heck are you waiting for. GODDOT? KIKIKIKI

  29. Johnson@yahoo.com says:

    We are under the Corsa Nostra. A mafia has no conscience and no qualms. They know the consequence of their actions and worse they go on and on and on without end because we tolerate this nonsense!! How can sane people agree to be reduced from a regional powerhouse to stone age economics of beggars. Lets not even talk of God because God is not in this! There is satan in the Zimbabwe curse. How can people be so cruel and insensitive? cant they get sated? How can one eat forever without end while others starve? Why do we let such things continue? WHY? HEH? why? You guys are so naive. When a bully discovers that the victim is a small timid tramp when did he start to solace the victim? We are victims….the bully is unrelenting and bad and is gatherint resources for more dispossession…….What the heck!!! KIKIKII Kuseka nhamo serugare. I am deflated by the folly of it all

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