Local is lekker president!

By | May 23, 2014

via Local is lekker president! – The Zimbabwe Independent May 23, 2014 Editor’s Memo with Dumisani Muleya

MANY people who saw online British public service television broadcaster, Channel 4’s video footage showing President Robert Mugabe entering an upmarket private medical facility in Singapore could have pitied the panic-stricken Zimbabwean leader and his wife Grace as she helplessly protested against being filmed by journalists who had evidently ambushed them.

It was a somewhat pitiful sight to see an elderly president, a nonagenarian in fact, and his wife looking flustered, remonstrating weakly as they entered the exclusive Gleneagles Hospital, well-known for the best cancer and eye treatment in the world, while media hounds retorted rolling their cameras and capturing them.

The ambush produced the first published material on where exactly Mugabe receives his regular medical treatment for, at least officially, eye cataracts even though the clinic also treats other diseases, including cancer.

The video and attendant stories generated viral interest among viewers and readers around the world, causing debate on whether it was necessary and fair to film Mugabe.

Those who did not want him filmed said it was a breach of his privacy, a protestation widely dismissed by some who say since Mugabe is a head of state, he deserves public scrutiny, particularly when he is using public funds to fly to a far-flung destination to seek medical treatment.

While it is both human and humane to feel sorry for Mugabe, especially as an elder and in view of his visible health complications, it is also legitimate to say his condition is a matter of public interest given his position and that taxpayers’ money is used to fund his trips and medical bills.

As we have pointed out before, Mugabe’s health is genuinely in the public interest. His well-being or lack of it thereof has a bearing on how government and the country are run, which means in the final analysis it impacts on the welfare of Zimbabweans in general.

As such, there is no reason why Mugabe’s health and where he goes for treatment must be a secret.

There should have been transparency from the start and even updates on the issue from time to time to assure the nation he is fine — if indeed he would be — and all these stories and incessant speculation would not arise as an issue.

After all, going to a hospital or clinic is just a normal thing, especially for a 90-year old person. It might well be that Mugabe could actually have got a lot of sympathy and even prayers from the public like Nelson Mandela before his death.

Trying to hide the truth and to mislead the public is unhelpful, particularly in the digital and social media age.

The Zimbabwean government is taking too long to understand the dynamics of the technology-savvy world we are now living in. That is why some misguided officials have been trying to intimidate journalists and criminalise reports on Mugabe’s health.

But the reality is Orwellian information and news manipulation methods no longer work.

That said, it is interesting Mugabe, who likes portraying himself as a patriot and nationalist to the core, prefers foreign medical doctors and institutions to local ones.

Mugabe’s daughter Bona also went to foreign universities. Together with his family, they seem to enjoy globe-trotting in foreign lands for holidays and shopping, hoping to get better things from abroad — a cargo mentality of sorts.

Only recently, reports said they have an overseas mansion they are battling in the courts in Hong Kong to retain ownership of. All along we thought they love everything about Zimbabwe. But now it seems Mugabe and his family actually don’t believe local is lekker.

So much for patriotism!


20 thoughts on “Local is lekker president!

  1. John Thomas

    Since when did Mugabe respect anything about anybody? He waived his right to privacy when he became a criminal and a mass murderer. If you feel sympathy for this man you need help.

  2. nyoni

    Why should we feel sorry for him. If he and his clowns had not destroyed our country he would not be going overseas. The stupidity of it all and they brag about it is they see this clown going for treatment overseas but dont say how can we fix our own system just like it is overseas. Our people especialy the young and future Zimbabweans need a good service system. Basic common sense. But no spending our möney like he owns it. What a leech.

  3. Panda moyo

    If he behaved normally like other president,i.e,rule for a lesser time,appear in court ocassionaly like sata,name a successor,refrain frm having laws that say he should not be criticised,having the same scandalous cabinet for 34yrs, no rporter would be intrestd in him,they are only intrested in extreme ones.so if one does not want attention one must not call attention toi oneself.all old civil servants have retired by force n are in their farms or plots wathing sunsets not gallivanting up and down strssing their wives.gender violence atiid.mwana wevanhu awa nekugwisana nema journalist.

    1. Don Cox

      Normal presidents don’t name their successors. The party would elect a candidate for the election, and the retiring president’s views would have some influence, but only as one opinion among others.

      The other parties also elect their candidates, and one of them may well win.

  4. LUCY

    Mugabe never liked anything local even before the collapse of the economy he shopped wined and dined abroad in the West.Harrods, Saville Row and those shops in London whose names are only familiar with the rich ,that was his stompng ground. He would still be having tea with the Queen today if they had not shut their borders to him. He would never have turned East.He would be receiving treatment in the West too. I wonder how much of the beef with the West is personal (his own long tantrum and throwing the toys out of the pram so to speak episode) and how much is a concern for Zimbabwe.

    Can anybody say they have it on record that Mugabe ever shopped at West or Eastgate or Sam Levy or is as familiar with any of our hospitals as he is with foreign ones?
    Local definitely wans’t and never will be lekker to this man.

    1. Petal

      Know someone abroad who knew someone who worked at Harrods and the person said the way Disgrace behaved when she was at Harrods the staff could not stand her

  5. Senzachena

    I do not feel sorry for MUGABE, I pray that he is very ill and would like to be in a position to tell the world this news. The man is evil and millions of of Zimbabweans will rejoice when he eventuallyu collapses. I think that one of the news media companies should expended some money to buy the story relating to the actual reason for entering this hospital. They spend millions on other stories, why not this one which would go viral around the world.

  6. Mlimo

    Mugabe is a half breed his father not from Zimbabwe he has treated Zimbabwe its people like chattels . His heart had never been for the people just contempt he used the stupid war vets like cannon fodder to serve his own agenda and ends. When Josiah became a problem Josiah was done away with like everyone since. He uses Zimbabwe as his bank and when he goes his family will flee to use the stolen billions. Local is lekker specially when you are as stupid as the populace of Zimbabwe. It’s been a lekker free for all for Mugabe since day one all for his benefit at the expense of Zimbabwe.

    1. Don Cox

      “Mugabe is a half breed”

      That’s a racist expression.

  7. Petal

    The sins of Robert and Disgrace Mugabe are going to fall on to one of their children – there is a saying that the sins of the parents must follow the children

  8. Petal

    Late Madiba (Nelson Mandela)was confined to a LOCAL hospital not a FOREIGN hospital like Bob

  9. Petal

    apologies it should read:
    The theiving scumbag and his wife have SQUANDERED vasts sums
    real men do not behave like him

  10. nyoni

    Bob and co have made me so broke I am hoping he and grace can grace me and my people a little boers. A castle would do as well.

  11. Mlimo

    Don cox it is exactly that he is man from another country using Zimbabwe as his own. I am racist I dislike all people like Mugabe. If Mugabe was a true Zimbabwean like Josiah and myself I believe he would have chosen another path.

  12. munzwa

    And on top of all this he will be expecting to be buried in Zimbabwe, the only Zimbos worthy of his attention are the undertakers!!!!

  13. Straight Shooter

    Why should we feel sorry for him. He has never said sorry to Mthwakazi victims of his Shona gukurahundi campaigns. Let the bastaaard suffer!!


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