Chinese nabbed with 33,000 ammo rounds

Chinese nabbed with 33,000 ammo rounds

via Chinese nabbed with 33,000 ammo rounds 23 July 2014

POLICE have arrested a Chinese man in possession of ivory, gold and large quantities of ammunition, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Wongai Huo, 51, was arrested on Tuesday with 33,000 rounds of assorted ammunition at his offices in the capital Harare, according to police spokeswoman Charity Charamba.

“We arrested him yesterday and investigations are ongoing,” Charamba told AFP.

Huo was also found with processed ivory and three kilogrammes of gold.

State media reported the man could have used the ammunition for poaching.

Though the man had a gun licence, the large number of rounds in his possession typically is only found in military establishments, Harare province assistant commissioner Clement Munoriyarwa told the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

State media reported he owned a gold mine in Harare.

In recent years, Zimbabwe has seen an influx of Chinese nationals who own business interests in the construction, mining and retail sectors.

Poachers have targeted the country’s elephants, and more than 100 animals were poisoned with cyanide last year for their ivory tusks.


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    Shamhu YeNhanzva 4 years

    Don’t you just love our Chinese “friends?”

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    John Thomas 4 years

    Tho se ZRP thugs will squeeze the Chinese a bit and then back off in return for a large bribe. This is what they always do

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 4 years

    They will probably take the ivory gold for themselves and at the same time demand a bribe

  • comment-avatar
    Bambazonke 4 years

    Look east is what bob wants

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    mike paterson 4 years

    The only gold mine in Harare is in the ZANU PF head office – if you are a criminal that is.

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    He refused to pay bribes that why he was arrested, being honest does not pay in Zimbabwe.

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    tonyme 3 years

    The guys from the East are looking west for ivory and gold under the table.