Mugabe’s mystery

via Mugabe’s mystery | The Zimbabwean 16 July 2014 by Jera

Robert Mugabe has come under severe criticism following remarks he made in the wake of Zimbabwe’s first successful conjoined twin surgery. Kupakwashe and Tapiwanaishe Chitiyo were successfully separated by a team of Zimbabwean surgeons at Harare Hospital.

“Our doctors are doing wonders in other countries such as South Africa, Australia and in Europe. Our people distinguish themselves, but this is distinction now, separation of Siamese twins right here in the heart of Zimbabwe, in this hospital, is God-given I must say. It’s something unbelievable that’s why I call it a mystery.”

If one looked up the word ‘condescension,’ it is very likely Mugabe’s speech would be listed as an example.

Did the man not know that his own doctors were capable of such work! He probably did not, which is why he flies out to Singapore each time there is the slightest ache in the joints of his pinkie finger. Perhaps now the president might cut down on his expensive visits to the Far East and face the germs of Parirenyatwa Hospital along with the rest of us.


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    Shamhu YeNhanzva 3 years

    It’s not just the local medical care these so called patriotic politicians don’t trust. It’s everything else; education, banking, clothing, etc. That’s why they send their kids to foreign schools. They like to go shopping in Paris, go on vacation in China & keep tons of money in Swiss accounts. Yet they chastise the thousands leaving the country to seek better opportunities. They are a bunch of HYPOCRITES!

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    John Thomas 3 years

    Bob cannot speak in public without making an fool of himself

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    LUCY 3 years

    Jera I say its time the old fool stopped making a mockery of our University Graduates. He does not deserve to cap any graduates at all. He should step down as Chancellor of the UZ or whatever title he gives himself. He has no respect for any of their achievements. He is a self serving old fool who undervalues and looks down on Zimbabweans.

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    Mbareboy 3 years

    Did you know that the Rhodesians had faith in every sector of their developments. There it be farming, industry, education, health, etc, the leadership of the government of the time used their own facilities. As a result, great strides in all sectors of the economy were achieved. Naturally if the leader uses the their own local facilities, that institution doubles the effort to produce the best. We call that -simple confidence in your own facilities and encouragement of better output. If our dear leader can not have his eyes attended to here, he should endevour to bring such expertise from abroad back home here for himself and everybody to use. If Bona attends UZ and facilities are not up to standard, then dear leader makes sure that the standards are up to scratch and the girl from Mbare also benefits on those same facilities. In this regard, Rhodesia did better than us because Rhodesian ministers’ children including Ian Smith’s son attended UZ. No wonder, these people ran this economy far much better than us. Simple. They had confidence in their people. Well done Rhodesia!

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    zanupf fear me 3 years

    Mugabe is effeminate. His hand shake is slimy like a wet fish and very insincere. The criminal has always manifested deep rooted psychological malaise

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    Who wants to join me eliminate this rotten thing in our community. What origin is it from?

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    Don Cox 3 years

    The origin of much of what is wrong with Mugabe is Marxism.

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    Zvichanaka 3 years

    Mugabe is a Malawian! No wonder

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    Mafuta 3 years

    Pu-leeze, Mugabe avoids doctors and surgery in Zim because he fears he night “accidentally” die or be castrated under anesthesia. And God help the surgeon under which he dies if in Zim. I’m sure they should flatly refuse, if they know what’s good for them. How sad, but considering his contempt for them and how he treats them, that Mugabe’s biggest fear is his own citizens.