Tight security as Biti unveils new colours

By | June 29, 2014

via Tight security as Biti unveils new colours – The Standard 29 June 2014 By Everson Mushava

MDC Renewal Team Secretary General Tendai Biti yesterday arrived at the team’s all structures meeting held at the Harare Show Grounds under heavy guard.
A team of bodyguards, apparently drawn from the party youths, stampeded to the huge off-road vehicle as Biti stepped out in the company of his political partner, Elton Mangoma making a human wall around him, before accompanying him into Mandela Hall where an estimated 1 000 supporters gave him a standing ovation.
The Renewal Team has apparently found identity in the form of the orange colour — an indication the group may be on its way to form a new party, and ditch the red colour associated with the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai. Senior officials of the Renewal Team, including their leaders Biti and some delegates at the meeting spotted orange regalia.
Biti and Mangoma went round the hall greeting supporters before being led to the high table that was decorated by oranges, which may have symbolised the faction’s likely new colours.
Team’s spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the heavy security around Biti was necessitated by what he called the “political immaturity” that has characterised Zimbabwe’s political landscape where people with opposing views were assaulted willy-nilly.
“There is political immaturity and national leaders can be assaulted by unruly elements from opposition quarters,” Mafume said.
About the orange colour, Mafume said orange was the colour used by social democrats around the world. He said by using orange, it signified the “ripening of the revolution. “The orange colour shows that the country is ripe for change,” Mafume said.
Biti said the meeting attended by about 1 000 people from Harare’s 24 wards, was meant to explain the team’s ideology and identify vacant positions to be filled.
The meeting came barely a day after the team’s tribunal handed a default judgement on “suspended” party leader Tsvangirai and national chairman Lovemore Moyo. The judgements will be announced tomorrow, according to Mafume.
This was despite a High Court interdict barring the internal hearing from going ahead until the courts have made a determination on Tsvangirai’s application seeking to be declared the legal custodian of the MDC-T.
Biti said people who attended the All Structures meeting made a clear statement, that they were tired of poverty and “sterility of ideas” by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF government and the leadership of Tsvangirai.
“Zimbabwe needs change and the people here have come to make a statement that Zimbabwe needs a restart and a revitalising movement,” Biti said.
He said Zanu PF owed the people an apology for throwing the country in a deep structural economic recession. He said Mugabe should repeal the Indigenisation laws that have failed to attract foreign direct investment for the country, while there was need for a technical transitional team to revive the country’s economy.
Renewal Team Harare province chairman Paul Madzore said the All Structures meeting would cascade to all provinces as the party aims to establish and fill in vacant positions in the structures.
“This is our first meeting after the Mandel meeting where we suspended our leader Morgan Tsvangirai. This is a follow-up to the Mandel meeting and it will cascade to all provinces. The meetings will issue out the team’s roadmap,” Madzore said.
He said all the people came to the meeting holding positions they previously held before the suspension of Tsvangirai. Madzore said the team would fill positions left vacant by people who have remained with the former prime minister.
Mafume said the meeting was the first step in interacting with the generality of the party’s followers.
He said the team would not be deterred by Tsvangirai’s court challenges which helped to prove he recognised the Mandel meeting that suspended him.
Mafume said the party proceeded to deliver a default judgement on Tsvangirai and Biti because they had not been served with the court order.
“We have not been served with the court order, so we had to proceed,” Mafume said.
He said Tsvangirai cited the wrong people in his application to stop the hearing.
“He cited Biti, Mangoma (former treasurer-general), Sekai Holland (leader of the party’s guardian’s council) and Samuel Sipepa-Nkomo. Tsvangirai cited the four in their individual capacities, and did not cite the tribunal, which proceeded with the hearing and gave him a default judgement,” Mafume said.
He said Tsvangirai remained suspended.
“The tribunal appointed in terms of the MDC constitution met on 27 June 2014 at Mandel Training Centre at 10am as had been scheduled from the earlier postponement,” Mafume said.
“The two individuals involved, Morgan Tsvangirai and Lovemore Moyo were in default and the consequences of default judgment followed.  A full judgement will be given by the chair of the tribunal Gift Nyandoro in due course.”
He said no court order had been availed to the tribunal to stop the proceedings.

23 thoughts on “Tight security as Biti unveils new colours

  1. Reverend

    This does NOT smell good at all…in fact it smells of the rot of zanupf. I can see that Biti has become an icon to himself and is going to split this country further and to widen the door for mugabe. Welshman Ncube did it and now biti is continueing the fasaade. We have another dictator in our midst…Watch.

  2. Wethu

    Where are courageous Mthwakazians….the iron is red hot, ready for striking while chaos reigns up north. Don’t miss this opportunity

    1. Chanisa

      Hey Wethu, romantic dreams are just dreams like any other. Tell the Ndebele boys in ZANUPF to evacuate first, then we can start a heart to heart talk.

  3. BaMatipa

    Founding parties are bound by an unshakeable ideology based on anti neocolonialism and empowerment which from time to time they use to rekindle the revolutionary spirit. All opposition parties devoid of any sound ideological identity have settled for the too obvious fad of change ;democratic change. Such an ideology has a sell by date. When the change takes long to come, voters suffer from fatigue and with no succession plan in place the house soon catches fire. The MDC is in worse turmoil, much worse than the factional battles that are threatening to tear apart the revolutionary party.

    1. Chanisa

      BaMatipa, I agree that the initial resilience of founding parties may be based on those lofty principles, but their continued hold on power is buttressed by a first-mover advantage and all the opportunities it brings for repressive frustration of competition when the ostensible reasons for domination have failed to materialise. When they go, they usually never rise again unless their civil societies are. Impoverished and amenable to petty manipulation.

  4. zanupf fear me

    The cult politics of zambesia. No wonder mugabeland is the worlds laughing stock. Pompous village idiots abound

    1. Chanisa

      There is nothing pompous about a grand debut to mark a turning point. Biti is intelligent and contemporary way beyond the dinosaurs that prey on peasants and misguided arm-chair intellectuals.

  5. mandy

    Please give the real facts. Nelson Mandela Hall has a seating capacity of 600 people and no more. By the arrangement displayed in some of the Nehanda Radio I would estimate no more than 300 people were in attendance at Biti’s conference. In any case in terms of the MDC constitution conference delegates are no more than 380. So where is this figure of close to a thousand people coming from.

    Simple and straight forward the so called renewal team has had a false start. It is the end of the road for them. This is apart from the fact that even at this conference Biti’s message was nowhere near expectation of its rushed delegates. Tsvangirai was the issue in his opening statement. Zimbabweans know that Tsvangirai is not the issue. Instead the issue is Mugabe who has failed to govern the country in a democratic way. How can the so called renewal team be so petty as to discuss Tsvangirai when the country is burning. Have these so called renewal people joined zanupf in blaming the failures of the country on Tsvangirai who does not have executive power in the country? What was the expectation of this renewal team of Tsvangirai? Did they expect him to go and remove Mugabe from power so that the renewal team can rule us? Zimbabweans do not want to be ruled by the way. Zimbabweans want to be led instead. That means Zimbabweans want to participate in any programme that concerns them and not to be dictated to as this so called renewal team is doing.

    Personally I am happy to see the back of this renewal outfit from the democratic movement. They are a bunch of the power hungry sharks who should just join Jonathan Moyo. Of course Nelson Chamisa should also just join them because he is of the same language as these so called renewal team. Good riddance

  6. Chanisa

    Why does the Renewal Team make you so unhappy Mandy? Really? Is it not our propensity to turn our leaders into chiefs that got Mugabe riding on us for such a long time? What has Tsvangirayi ever done for you except fail to dislodge the mounty, violate his party’s constitution, and treat women like chattels? How much leadership is that? Do any of those achievements relate to a movement for democratic change in your estimation?

  7. easily fooled

    My small question is, “could Lovemore Madhuku, the “Big Head” of Zunde be joining Biti; given that they share the same belief, principles and legal knowledge? How long is such marriage expected or projected to last?

    1. Chanisa

      The marriage will last for as long as they remain true to those principles. You can see that tsvangirayi’s marriages to Biti and others before him broke down because at least one of them broke vow. Don’t you agree?

  8. Rwatata

    Coup d’état is all what these Biti guys are attempting to do. If they feel the change is required, surely that’s why we have congress. Why can’t they compete for those positions at congress? A bunch of idiots who think they can hoodwink the people of Zimbabwe. Now they are shouting on every pulpit about Tsvangirai, but he is not the problem in Zimbabwe. Why are they not denouncing Mugabe. Quite surprising enough! Ah! because he is their master. Here they are, our diamond revenue now benefiting these bustards. We know you are being used and any sell-outs have never succeeded anywhere in the world. Just forget leading Zimbabwe. Enjoy the three pieces of silver. Well done Zanu, use these Biti fools to the maximum.

    1. Chanisa

      Oh come on now. You probably didn’t even vote because of apathy. Why not let those that stand for something play it out? Did you know that if you tuck a live chicken’s head under its wing and hold it there for a few moments you can afterwards leave it for quite a while and still find it in that brainwashed position? That’s what ZANUPF has done to most of us – forever hopeful that inaction will bring change. Shoving a boot in one’s mouth at every turn and other weak-minded escapades, as Morgen does, gets him stuck in that rut. Its politics. What does it take to know that life is too short to entrust the future to proven failures for so long, as we do with Robert and Morgen. Zimbos are an amazing people who now find puerile solace in cynicism. What a tragedy for a nation of ‘geniuses’, an oft-reported accolade quite akin to the chicken treatment above.

  9. Ed Mrehwa

    If Tsvangirai did not recognise his suspension how come he has seen it proper to fight it in court? Why waste time & resources on something you render a non event? It is this confusion with this man that is one of his many flaws, he has done a sterling job in the Zim opposition but I think its high time he hands over the button & assume the position on father figure.

    1. Chanisa

      [Sigh] Sanity at last Ed Mrehwa. Let’s thank Tsvangirayi for showing us how to take on Mugabe and then move on with our lives. He no longer has a viable role to play in our affairs. The sooner we realise that the less of our lifetimes are wasted by egomaniacs, casanovas, murderers, thieves, demagogues and populists.

  10. Davy Mufirakureva

    Leave mdct and go ahead with your party why waisting time about mdct affairs. We know there were 300 people who attended.

  11. machakachaka

    Did Biti expel or suspend Tsvangirai from MDC-Tsvangirai? May someone inform me please.

  12. Mahlaba

    Zim politics are nauseating! Biti has shown the he is just egocentric and no one can challenge his position. Why is Maduku, Ncube and AGO join Biti and rescue Zimbabweans? The answer is very simple. Non of these guys want to be led, that is why Ncube and Mtambara were on each other s throat until their party went to extinct. Morgan is MORE. Ongafuniyo Uyayekela!!!!!

  13. Joni

    Evryone fights tsvangirai.u r not a politician if u dont fight tsvangirai.wonder what dat guy has dat makes everyone fear him

  14. woundebaffalo

    Everyone fights tsvangirai ,mugabe,biti,madhuku,ncube,mutambara & etc is tsvangirai in control of this country? That shows kuti M Tsvangirai ndiye chete anokwanisa kutungamirira nyika ino. Even the whole world knows that, MORGAN IS MORE better life,foreign investiment,reengagement to internationa community and etc

  15. woundebaffalo

    Everyone fights tsvangirai ,mugabe,biti,madhuku,ncube,mutambara & etc is tsvangirai in control of this country? That shows kuti M Tsvangirai ndiye chete anokwanisa kutungamirira nyika ino. Even the whole world knows that, MORGAN IS MORE better life,foreign investiment,reengagement to the international community and etc tsvangie the man of heavy masses of grassroot support

  16. hondo

    Renewal Team Ndizvo, please tell them that the highest chair will be alternated just like in USA, UK etc

  17. Peter Jones

    So aBiti n them went ahead with their ‘declarations’ despite the court order? But Biti is a lawyer?!!!!!? The mind boggles. When the former finance minister who rightly never saw eye-to-eye with Gono represented the facilitator of corruption in court – I knew he was in the dictator’s pocket. Tichaabata hedu. Anditi chidhara chavo chaakufa? Kwai chakholapsa zve. We getting there.


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