Whites anti-sanctions group backs EU

By | July 2, 2014

via Whites anti-sanctions group backs EU 01 July 2014 by Staff Reporter

AN all-white lobby group calling itself Whites Against Sanctions, which was formed early this year, has endorsed the European Union’s (EU) evolving policies towards Zimbabwe.

The EU imposed sanctions against Harare more than a decade ago, accusing President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party of human rights violations and election fraud, allegations denied by the Zimbabwean strongman.

But Brussels has indicated a willingness to re-engage with Harare and most of the sanctions have since been lifted in the period leading up to and after last year’s elections which were won by Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Addressing a press conference in Harare Tuesday, the anti-sanctions group, led by its chairperson Mathew Smith, commended the EU policy shift towards greater engagement and constructive interaction with the Zanu PF government.

“We would like to thank the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Baroness Ashton for making that historic decision in March to start the process of normalising relations with our country, we who live here approve of such a historic move,” said Smith.

“We, who live in Zimbabwe, know that all the issues our country faces today will only be solved through constructive dialogue and constructive engagement.

“For too long the international community has isolated Zimbabwe to the detriment of the ordinary Zimbabwean people – and to the detriment of those who live here. The time for mutual antagonism is over and the time to amend relationship is now.”

Smith added that the move by the EU investment bank to consider investing in local financial institutions would have a ‘revolutionary’ effect on the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans and local businesses.

Soon after reading his statement, Smith refused to entertain questions from the media and immediately dashed out of the room.

However, Taylor Mvududu, who claims to be a founding member of the Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Campaign and came back to Zimbabwe after having lived and worked in South Africa, said the country has struggled with the dwindling foreign direct investment due to negative image that comes with sanctions.

“It is important to add our voice in support of the current re-engagement efforts by the EU and Zimbabwe government because the country urgently needs aid and trade but I strongly believe that free and fair trade is more important for long term sustainability,” he said.

“We should not waste time talking about why sanctions were put in place or how they were implemented; sanctions have turned ordinary Zimbabweans destitute because they stopped dialogue from occurring”.

The group argues that they find it ironical that the advocates of sanctions were quick to suspend trade with Zimbabwe but did not suspend the interest on the country’s national debt.

Led by white businessmen and former Zimbabwe Cricket Team Captain Heather Streak, the group came out in the open early this year calling for the total and unconditional lifting of all sanctions against Zimbabwe.

They denied trying to protect the interests of the few remaining whites in the country, insisting they were apolitical, non partisan Zimbabweans who have been affected by the economic sanctions in a profound negative way whose full impact has never been told since the sanctions were first imposed.

The group called on the US president Barack Obama to repeal the ZIDERA Act and urged international financial institutions such as IMF and World Bank to change their policies on Zimbabwe

35 thoughts on “Whites anti-sanctions group backs EU

  1. Doctor do little

    I have no problem at all with asking for the removal of sanctions if they do exist. The question I would like to pose to Mr Smith and Mr Streak are you guys exempt from the 49/51% of the indeginisation program? If yes do you think the Deneke/ Evans situation is lawful? Why would the EU not use this as a lever to get rid of this discriminatory law that was just as bad as what Hitler was doing prior to the war. How will the EU send financial support that will benefit one because of the colour of his skin. Unless Smith and co are now honorary Zanu pf and the puppeteer is now moving the strings.

      1. publicprotector

        Of course do little doesn’t live here, cant you tell he’s just a loafer, mal-content doesn’t understand issues as all he knows are propaganda statements . – don’t worry about him, he is just a waste of time.

    1. Lulubell

      Dr Do Little, If you dont think they exist then I will quote from the ZDERA Act of 2001 S494 Sec 4(a) 1:”The people of Zimbabwe have thus been denied the economic benefits envisioned by the donors to such programs, including the United States”

      Thats not targeted. The targeted restrictions come under the Executive Orders. These are not acts of Congress but were allowed by the descretionary powers of the US President, in this case Bush.

      The ZDERA Act, which no one talks about is the Sanctions Bill effecting Zimbabwe. Read it, and then tell me there are no sanctions on Zimbabwe

    2. simple simon

      Isn’t it amazing how a few punch drunk whites can sing for their zanupf supper and get all this publicity on Zimbabwe Situation? These whites have no morals and they are totally disconnected from the increasing suffering of the black masses.

      The truth is that they hate blacks and are using zanupf to obtain lucrative rewards for making their disgusting noise.

      This proves beyond any doubt that any whites who toe the zanupf line in Zimbabwe have a far greater say in Zimbabwean affairs than the combined masses of suffering black Zimbabweans could ever have.

      It therefore begs the question: Why the hell is this website publishing and providing so much publicity to a very small handful of what can only be termed white trash?

  2. Bloody agent

    Ignore this. Are we to now forgive-and-forget three stolen elections and all the oppositions activists and farmers murdered over the last 14 years? No can do. Streak should leave the country – not side with the Mugabe regime.

  3. JRR56

    Zimbabweans White and Black used to have backbones and great courage. Seems those have left the country, remaining are happy to live under this Nazi regime.

  4. Zimbali

    Interesting to read that Mathew Smith made his statement and then ducked out of the forum to avoid questions. No backbone whatsoever. As for sanctions, look at how Rhodesia prospered with fully backed UN international sanctions imposed upon them whilst at the same time fighting a terrorist war. This sanctions smoke screen is and always has been a cop out by the incompetent Zimbabwe government. Time for change.

      1. DubboZimbo

        If you look carefully the idiots running the country fit the description pretty well.

  5. Doctor do little

    @Lulubell the way I see it is that if it was not for the corruption and theft and all that came with it Zimbabwe would not be asking for aid. With all the diamonds mineral wealth we would not be in this situation. As a Zimbabwean I can buy what ever I want and bring it into the country from Britain and other countries. We are in this position because of people that don’t know what they are doing running an economy to the ground. Zimbali has his own opinion but mine is that this was a liberation war so I will never refer to those that fought as terrorists. I will hasten to say that being black and not being vengeful by nature I prefer our history to remain History. I have said in the past that no one individual group in Zimbabwe has clean hands with maybe the exception of tribes like the Batonga and maybe some other really small groups. Having said that I still would like to see a Zimbabwe that is free of tribalism, racism and regionalism. Too many people are living by the grudges of yesteryear because we have a Government that wants to pretend they are squeaky clean when in actual fact for the past 20 years they have caused us all this mayhem.

    1. Lulubell

      No one is saying they are squeeky clean. The fact of the matter is do sanctions advance the Zimbabwe cause today? And the answer is no they dont. Its not a question of whether they were right in the first place, its do they help us today? They have been in place for 14 years and in reality all they have done is strengthened ZANU’s grip. If they are such a non event like every one says, then why allow them to remain in place and allow ZANU to keep hiding behind them? Maybe the tact and manner we have tried to improve things in Zimbabwe the last 14 years hasnt worked. Maybe a new approach?

      1. Don Cox

        “The fact of the matter is do sanctions advance the Zimbabwe cause today?”

        And will Grace being allowed to go shopping in London advance the cause ?

  6. The GBU

    Part of the Act that Lulubell reads as follows…

    (1) Through economic mismanagement, undemocratic practices, and the costly deployment of troops to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Government of Zimbabwe has rendered itself ineligible to participate in International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Monetary Fund programs, which would otherwise be providing substantial resources to assist in the recovery and modernization of Zimbabwe’s economy. The people of Zimbabwe have thus been denied the economic and democratic benefits envisioned by the donors to such programs, including the United States.

    Zanu pf can spin it like how they want the restrictions are there for them and those that have caused us suffering. If the country had a good monetary policies we did not need all this aid. Why we should be sending aid to countries like Rwanda. I am a proud African and I am ashamed that some of my fellow countrymen think that the begging bowl of aid is the way for Zimbabwe. Give us jobs and you will see what we do.Doc I am 100% with you on this. That is why 29 of them are stuck in China. They want restrictions on their shopping trips to be lifted.

  7. Dube

    Well The GBU just goes to show how spin can work. If you leave out the first part you would almost take it out of context. I have now read the ZDERA Act of 2001 and it does not say that Zimbabweans cannot trade or do business with the West. It seems to say that they were not prepared to give the particular administration aid that it would abuse.



    It is the sense of Congress that the President should begin immediate consultation with the governments of European Union member states, Canada, and other appropriate foreign countries on ways in which to–

    (1) identify and share information regarding individuals responsible for the deliberate breakdown of the rule of law, politically motivated violence, and intimidation in Zimbabwe;

    (2) identify assets of those individuals held outside Zimbabwe;

    (3) implement travel and economic sanctions against those individuals and their associates and families; and

    (4) provide for the eventual removal or amendment of those sanctions.

  8. Petal

    Heath is probably tying to make a name for himself.He has not suffered he does not know how it is to go to bed hungry it seems its all about coming from an advantaged background like him

  9. Petal

    Heath has probably not put himself in the shoes of others coming from disadvantaged minority groups . He played cricket others are struggling mixed race orphans etc who have had assistance rejected from local organisations. Heath should just concentrate on teaching others from disadvantaged backgrounds cricket

  10. Angela Wigmore

    Interesting to see, from this report, that Heath Streak has apparently undergone a gender change. I know nothing about Mathew Smith but I do know that Heath Streak comes from a farming family. Is this his way of kow-towing to Zanu in the hopes of keeping his family farm? If so, I suppose you can’t blame him but I can see it only ending in tears.

    1. Doctor do little

      Angela I know the family. I think you do too. I know Mbokodo the butcher. I know the Grants. I can go on. These are all white Ndebeles. I know that Heath and his sister speak ndebele better than me. What I cannot understand is why are these people now getting political. Are they maybe forced to comply?

  11. Angela Wigmore

    @Dr DL: that’s exactly what I meant. Perhaps Heath Streak and his family are being held to ransom. As for them speaking perfect Ndebele, one of my high-school peers (white) ended up teaching Ndebele in a black school. The one thing I think was wrong in our educational system was that whites were not taught the local lingo.

    1. Doctor do little

      Angela Wigmore maybe, just maybe, some of the younger ones read here and see their history. Most of those white Zimbabweans that remained were from a community that lived local life. The cities were different. Even some mixed race people could not speak the vernacular. But here we are, you and me from the old school. All we are asking for is honesty from the authorities. All we are asking for is for people to see each other as they are. Not as they were. I am no longer a young man but my heart feels for my people. Several years ago I was at Heathrow Airport waiting for an arrival. There were these two white men standing next to me. They started conversing in ndebele. They obviously thought I was an English black and could not hear what they were saying. I chuckled internally and enjoyed their conversation without them not even knowing. Angela I try to see people for what they are and in my long life I have seen the best of people. The Zimbabwean people.White and black, Shona and Ndebele.

  12. zanupf fear me

    Add lulubell to the targeted sanctions list. Those pro zanupf whites luxuriating in Mugabe’s paradise have forgotten what happens when you sup with the devil. There are no no no sanctions. Chete.

  13. John Thomas

    Acting as window dressing for ZANU is not honourable. Legitimising the illegitimate is not what good people do.

  14. Turdson Minor

    It’s too late baby, it’s too late

    Carole King

  15. munzwa

    Heath should concentrate on what has happened to Zimbabwe Cricket, shout about the corruption in the sport and try and make good there!!!No need to be an apologist for zanu. Mr Smith,Why are you afraid to take questions???

  16. Straight Shooter

    Debates about sanctions are outdated. Just lift whatever is in place against whomsoever; whether against the country or individuals. They have had no effect in improving things whatsoever, except to serve as excuses for the gukurahundi government failures.

    People should understand that imposing sanctions on a black government/individuals is not the same as imposing sanctions on a white government/individuals.

    Black society is generally inward looking compared to white society. In other words, African culture emphasises family and relatives; whereas white culture ephasises broader national interests, especially within the white community itself or nation.

    Whites look out for each other; blacks look out for family and relatives – this is the central problem of why Africa finds itself in such dire economic straits today than it was at the end of colonialism.

    So, imposing sanctions on a country or an African leader will mean nothing to him as long as he finds ways and means of cushioning his family and relatives from the negative effects of these sanctions.

    The fact that the rest of the African population could be suffering from these sanctions means nothing to these African leaders. On the other hand, white society will always be worried about the effects of sanctions on the broader economy and the general populace; especially their own white people.

    This is why under Ian Smith, they opted for import substitution and developed local industries to beat the sanctions. With whites, the economy is their bread and butter – they will never allow anything to temper with it. Blacks simply dont care, as long he and his family are just fine.

    With such a scenario, what exactly is the purpose of carrying on with measures which serve no intended purposes.

    I mean, look at the gukurahundi – his daughter has gone through University right up to Masters Degree level; she is now married – and as a family they are even far more filthy rich now than they were at the time sanctions were imposed.

    He gets treatment from the best health care facilities in the world in Hong Kong and he and his wife still dress like nobody on earth.

    So, what has been the effects of these sanctions, apart from businesses closing and job losses; Limpopo lions feeding on poor Zimbabweans escaping poverty to Mzansi; the now all too familiar pot-holed roads and the routine bus accidents that kill the poor African villagers daily?


  17. Doctor do little

    Straight Shooter Any debate is worth it if the response is like the one on this subject. I don’t think anybody needs to be told what they must debate on. If you don’t like it skip it and go to other debates that suits you. I’ve enjoyed this one and contributions from the others have made me a little wiser.The African population is suffering because of Zanu, not sanctions. For me there are no sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe except for the sanctions imposed by Zanu pf. If we all say “yes sir yes sir three bags full sir” then it is no longer a debate.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Doctor do little
      My concern is basically over whether these so-called sanctions have achieved their intended purpose, since they were imposed. Is the answer yes or no?

      In my view, I dont think they have. So the question is, why go on and on debating whether they should be lifted or not. Its a fruitless exercise.

      Its the ordinary man in the street who has suffered and is still suffering; whilst their intended targets; the gukurahundis that is are still sitting pretty. So why continue with them? why these non-stop academic debates, that quite frankly are serving no purpose?

      Just bite the bullet and let them go – relieve the suffering masses!!

  18. Straight Shooter

    Remember that, with an African, as long as he is not affected personally; all things around him can fall apart, it doesnt matter. So, as black people, we have a very big problem among ourselves – FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

  19. Doctor do little

    Straight Shooter The Sanctions have bitten the intended. They could no longer go on their shopping sprees with direct flights to London. Now they get lost in China whilst they shop. I just think that debates will always be done when you are interested in the particular subject. I’ve watched you debate. I don’t always agree with what you say but guess what, that is healthy because then we debate. You are one that I know on this forum from your debates. I don’t for one minute think you are stupid. On the contrary though I think you can be blunt at times, you come across as an educated somebody. That being the case I think your contributions are valuable here.I think the sanctions on the individuals have achieved the desired result which the Opposition politicians and us the populace failed to utilize.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Doctor do little
      Shopping sprees are nothing mfondini. We now living in a global village – you can get the same exact products in Hong Kong that you get at Harrods in London or New York.

      Bilateral sanctions that are not coordinated by the United Nations like those that were imposed against Ian Smith are useless. I cannot understand why you say the sanctions have achieved the desired results yet the gukurahundis are even more entrenched in power than they were in 2007. Mugabe still throws the usual tantrums as he pleases.

      The only reason why violence has stopped is not because of the sanctions – its because of the fact that the gukurahundis feel far much more secure in power than they were in 2008. They have a two thirds majority in parliament and no longer feel threatened by the opposition. The opposition is in turmoil.

      The EU is now reaching out to the gukurahundis simply because they are looking for business opportunities and are worried at losing out to China.

      Sanctions have achieved zilch my friend; lets agree to disagree.

  20. Sceptic

    The only way to get rid of ZANU is a total collapse and the liquidity crunch is bringing it a step closer,if the EU and others step in to help ZANU it will be a serious step backwards, much like the MDC going in to the GNU when ZANU was on the ropes!

  21. Sibanda

    I believe the only things targeted sanctions achieved was to curb a few shopping trips, embarrass king mugabe and a few of his acolytes, and shake the hornets nest. It’s given Mugabe too many excuses for zpf failings. Do you seriously believe removing sanctions will change anything on playing field in Zimbabwe?

  22. Sibanda

    The only things targeted sanctions achieved was to curb a few shopping trips, embarrass king mugabe and a few of his acolytes, and shake the hornets nest. It’s given Mugabe too many excuses for zpf failings. Do you seriously believe removing sanctions will change anything on playing field in Zimbabwe? By all means remove sanctions – nothing will change around here.


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